43 Best Pool Party Food Ideas for 2024

Published on July 2, 2024 | 0 Comments
There are many pool party food ideas to impress your guests

When planning a pool party, you can’t forget the pool party food. Putting out a selection of tasty treats for your guests to enjoy will make your outdoor event even more fun and memorable. Best of all, whipping up pool party snacks doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. 

If you’re ready to dive into all the different pool party food ideas you can use for your next event, then keep reading for our curated list of the best recipes. From finger foods to refreshing drinks and indulgent desserts, whatever your guests’ tastes are, this list offers something for everyone. 


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Easy Finger Food for a Pool Party

1. Fish Tacos

If you want to serve classic summer menu staples, fish tacos must be on your pool party food list for your next gathering. There are many options to choose from, including crispy beer-battered fish tacos and mahi mahi tacos with a chipotle crema. You could also go with simple cod fish tacos topped with a zesty cabbage slaw and spicy Sriracha crema. Fish tacos and pool parties go hand in hand, so no matter which recipe you try, you’re guests are sure to be impressed. 

Fish tacos are one of the best pool party foods
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2. Grilled Shrimp Tacos 

Another delicious pool party food idea that features tacos is serving up grilled shrimp tacos. This pool party food is made by taking a tortilla and filling it with delicious taco ingredients, like sour cream, sweet onions, perfectly grilled shrimp and a delicate sprinkle of cilantro. 

Biting into one feels light and fresh, which is just how summertime should be. To ensure they suit everyone’s taste preferences, serve all the taco ingredients separately and allow your guests to pick and choose which toppings they want.

3. Antipasto Skewers

Another great summer pool party food idea is to serve up delicious antipasto skewers. They combine the riveting variety of a charcuterie board with the sheer convenience of skewer food, incorporating Italian ingredients like tortellini and mini buffalo mozzarella balls. Simply prepare your preferred antipasto ingredients and then skewer them accordingly, creating a rainbow that’s ready for your poolside guests to devour. 

Anipasto skewers are an excellent pool party food
via Cozymeal

4. Crunchy Shrimp Rolls 

Similar to spring rolls in shape and concept, crunchy shrimp rolls are made by wrapping peeled and deveined shrimp in spring roll wrappers before frying them. With a crunchy texture and ample sauce options, shrimp rolls are one of the best party foods around!

5. Bacon-Wrapped Smokies 

When it comes to the perfect pool party food, bacon-wrapped smokies are a classic that everyone will love. This appetizer juxtaposes the softness of cocktail sausages with the crispness of baked bacon. You can also customize the recipe to your liking, with variations that add spicy jalapeños or sweet pineapple bits to the mix. 

Cocktail sausages with bacon and jalapenos
via Cozymeal

6. Garlic Butter Steak Bites 

Serving garlic butter steak bites is a delicious way to include a keto-friendly item on the menu. Each savory bite exudes flavors of minced garlic and fragrant, rich butter, making them a filling treat to snack on after spending time working up an appetite in the pool. This pool party food is also easily served with toothpicks, making for no-hassle clean-up afterward.

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7. Lobster Pizza 

One of the more decadent finger food options for your pool party food menu is lobster pizza. This elevated pizza is made with tender lobster pieces, sweet and juicy corn, flavorful tomatoes and a classic white sauce with cheese. Add something new and unique to your party with this classy crowd-pleaser that’s easy for guests to grab a slice of and enjoy.

Lobster pizza is an elevated pool party food
via Cozymeal

8. Korean Corn Dogs 

Ready to be the talk of the town when it comes to pool party food? If so, be sure to serve Korean corn dogs made from scratch and impress your guests accordingly. This crispy corn dog with a cheesy center and endless sauce options strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory and offers flexibility for variations to suit each guest’s preferences.

9. Green Goddess Dip with Veggie Sticks 

There are many types of food for a pool party that are as healthy as they are delicious! Health-conscious party planners will want to prepare a green goddess dip and serve it with crunchy, fresh vegetables or warm pita bread. This healthy snack allows your guests to easily gain back energy and nutrients before returning to the fun day in the sun. 

A platter of raw vegetables with a green dip in the center
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Other Delicious Food for a Pool Party 

10. Hawaiian Mac Salad 

Hawaiian mac salad is the pool party food dish to make when you want to whisk your guests away to the tropics. This unique pasta dish is made by mixing together fresh macaroni and vegetables like shredded carrots, diced red peppers and celery. It’s all coated in a tangy yet sweet mayonnaise sauce that adds a twist to the classic macaroni salad most of your guests will be used to.

11. BBQ Chicken Salad 

Bring out the grill to make this next pool party food idea: a BBQ chicken salad. This classic American staple is as versatile as it is delicious. Made with barbeque chicken pieces, chopped vegetables and Greek yogurt and seasoned with lime and salt, you can enjoy this salad on its own or as a side dish.

Making BBQ chicken salad is a tasty party food idea
via Cozymeal

12. Bow-Tie Pasta Salad 

Another excellent pasta dish to serve up at your next pool gathering is bow-tie pasta salad. This refreshing pool party food option is a great light starter, side or potluck option for buffet-style serving. It’s made with cute bow-tie pasta, vegetables and a homemade Italian-style dressing that combine into a light and highly flavorful dish. 

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13. Korean Potato Salad 

Another fun pool party food idea with a twist is whipping up Korean potato salad. It’s a delicious variation of potato salad that sees potatoes complemented by tart apples and summer vegetables, as well as sliced hard-boiled eggs and Korean chili paste to add an extra kick. This salad is always a hit with guests who like some spice with their dishes or enjoy trying new and unique flavor combinations.

Korean potato salad is a unique pool party food
via Cozymeal

14. Dill Potato Salad 

Looking for a pool party food that’s both filling and delicious? Then make a dill potato salad. This classic potluck staple comprises diced boiled potatoes and a scrumptious dill and mayonnaise dressing. It’s the perfect cold dish for any hot day, especially when you’re looking to feed peckish guests after time spent in the pool.

15. Avocado Corn Salad 

When planning a pool party food menu, you have to add at least one salad, packed with fresh summer ingredients. One popular choice is an avocado corn salad. This dish is bursting with gorgeous color and delicious flavor, with ingredients like avocado, corn and tomato tossed in a tasty dressing. It can be used as a side, a main dish or even a taco topping. 

Avocado and corn salad in a bowl
via Cozymeal

16. Cucumber, Tomato and Feta Salad 

You can’t go wrong with a classic cucumber, tomato and feta salad. This fresh and healthy dish is made with a simple list of ingredients, right in the name. The balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing add a lovely, fragrant finish for you and your guests to enjoy by the pool on a sunny day.

17. Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado Salad 

Another delicious and fresh summer salad to serve at your next pool party is cucumber, tomato and avocado salad. It features refreshing cucumber, creamy avocado and zesty tomato, all tossed in a light lemon vinaigrette dressing. This healthy option will quickly become your favorite pool party food as well as a summer al fresco dining staple! 

Cucumber, tomato and avocado salad is a refreshing pool party food
via Canva

18. Zesty Italian Pasta Salad 

Capture the spirit of the Italian summer by whipping up a zesty Italian pasta salad. This salad bowl is full of lively flavors, including sun-dried tomatoes, capers and feta cheese, all mixed up with fresh pasta. Top it with a dressing made from scratch and you’re good to go.

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19. Citrus Salad 

For guests who are fruit-inclined, consider making a citrus salad to add a light and zesty kick to your pool party food spread. This salad is full of healthy nutrients with ingredients like sliced avocado and multiple citrus fruits. It also features chopped dates and nuts on top to add a satisfying crunch to every bite. 

A citrus salad on a plate
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20. Tuna Pasta Salad 

If you’re looking for pool party foods that are easy to bring over as a guest or prepare last minute, consider making a tuna pasta salad. This one-bowl dish is made with fresh pasta, colorful vegetables and, of course, tuna. Toss all the ingredients together, then add seasonings like salt and pepper or mayonnaise to your liking for a perfect summer side dish.

21. Mango Avocado Salsa 

In the heat of summer, serving mango avocado salsa is a pool party food idea that everyone will get on board with! Prepared with creamy avocado, juicy mango and protein-filled black beans tossed in a tangy dressing, it’s as healthy as it is delicious. 

It notably makes an excellent topping for tacos, so if you’re preparing a poolside taco bar, this fruity salsa has to be included. While it’s called a salsa, this can also be eaten as a side salad.

A bowl of mango and avocado salsa surrounded by tortilla chips
via Cozymeal

Refreshing Pool Party Drinks 

22. Frose 

If you have a special occasion coming up and are ready to celebrate with the perfect pool party food and drinks, mixing up a sweet pitcher of frose has to be on your to-do list. Like the name suggests, it’s a gorgeously pink, super refreshing mixture of frozen strawberries and rosé wine. 

This drink works for all kinds of occasions, so whether you’re looking for backyard engagement party ideas or just a tasty treat for a poolside get-together with friends, a glass of frose won’t disappoint.

23. Margaritas 

A mainstay for any pool party food and drink menu, margaritas have always been a popular favorite for guests. There are limitless variations to try, from a zesty blood orange margarita to a sweet pineapple margarita. If you’re guests like a bit of heat with their tequila, a spicy margarita is sure to please.

There are many kinds of margaritas for your pool party food and drink menu
via Canva

24. Shark Bite Cocktail 

Looking for oceanic-themed pool party ideas? Then the shark bite cocktail is the perfect drink for you. This cerulean blue treat is made with blue Curaçao, vodka and rum, with a splash of grenadine for that bloody reddish kick. The boldness of this creative drink will make it a hit at any poolside event. To add a quirky twist, serve the drinks with cute plastic sharks as toppers. 

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25. Ranch Water 

Ranch water is a refreshing cocktail that pairs well with summer barbecues by the pool. With ingredients like tequila, sparkling water, fresh lime and lots of cooling ice, this is one of the best drinks around to sip on while lazing about in the afternoon sun by the pool.

Ranch Water is a great option for your pool party food and drink menu
via Cozymeal

26. Campari Spritz 

For fans of Italian bitters, a Campari spritz is the drink for you. As the less sweet cousin of the classic Aperol spritz, this drink is made with prosecco, Campari, ice and a refreshing slice of lime to top it all off. This beverage offers a great way to transport yourself to the Italian countryside while lounging by the pool.

27. Passion Fruit Mojito 

Sip on a refreshing passion fruit mojito with your guests this summer while enjoying the warm weather and the pool party vibes. When it comes to tropical pool party food and drinks, this recipe definitely tops the list with its bright yellow hues, tart passion fruit and cooling mint garnish. Served with regular ice or homemade fruit ice, your guests will feel like they’re on vacation in no time at all.

Passion fruit mojitos are a great addition to a pool party food and drink menu
via Canva

28. Jungle Bird Cocktail 

Did someone say jungle safari? The jungle bird cocktail may just be the next best thing! This drink blends up adventure with a side of tropical vacation, making it the best bet for those who crave a bit of both. It’s a strong cocktail made of rum and Campari, mixed with tangy pineapple and lime juice. Now, that’s refreshing. 

29. Raspberry Iced Tea 

Looking for something simple to serve to guests at your pool party? Look no further than raspberry iced tea, a refreshing drink with the main ingredients in its very name. This drink is also easy to make in advance by freezing it until it's ready to be served. This is additionally a fun and elegant beverage to serve if you’re looking for foodie graduation party ideas for guests under 21.

Glass jars of raspberry iced tea next to ingredients
via Canva

30. Dragon Fruit Smoothie 

Give your next pool party food and drink menu a beautiful yet healthy addition by serving each guest a dragon fruit smoothie. This delicious drink is full of nutrients, including antioxidants and fiber from the dragon fruit itself, plus protein from your favorite yogurt. It’s also naturally sweet with no added sugars, just pure fruit sugars, and is alcohol-free making it appropriate for all guests. 

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31. Frozen Lemonade 

When it comes to pool party food and drinks, nothing keeps guests satisfied quite like frozen lemonade. This simple yet delicious drink is a classic staple at any summertime event, but especially perfect for long days lounging by the pool. With ingredients like lemon, sugar, ice and mint leaves to taste, you simply can’t go wrong.

Glasses of frozen lemonade
via Cozymeal

32. Moscato Sangria 

Sit back and relax with your guests when you serve a gorgeous Moscato sangria. It’s a refreshing drink that’s highly customizable to your tastes. The classic version uses a variety of fruits like grapes and berries, plus pink peppercorns for a slight kick and fragrant rosemary sprigs. The Moscato adds a sweetness that brings everything together, creating a sangria that perfectly complements light and fresh summer pool party food. 

Pool Party Desserts 

33. Lemon Blueberry Boba Popsicles 

It’s a dessert. It’s a snack. It’s a beautiful tray of lemon blueberry boba popsicles made from scratch, just for your poolside guests. This intriguing pool party food option is the middle ground between classic milk tea boba popsicles and fruit popsicles. It uses tangy, refreshing lemons, blueberries, tapioca pearls and butterfly pea flowers to create a treat that’s as pretty as it is tasty. 

Purple popsicles with lemon slices around them
via Cozymeal

34. Banana Popsicles 

Ready for something sweet to enjoy? Then you have to whip up some banana popsicles from scratch for your guests. For this pool party food idea, you simply need to blend bananas, evaporated milk, a splash of vanilla and a sweetener like agave or honey. Then pour into popsicle molds and freeze to get perfectly formed, creamy desserts that you can enjoy under the sun. 

35. Lemon Posset 

Try your hand at serving each guest a lemon posset as a more elevated pool party food. Featuring fresh lemon juice and cream, whipped up and served in a hollowed-out lemon, this lemon pudding-like dessert is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The handheld size makes the simple and visually elegant treat perfect for grab-and-go poolside dining.

Lemon pudding dessert served in hollowed-out lemons
via Cozymeal

36. Rainbow Popsicles 

Want to impress your guests? They’ll be wide-eyed at these rainbow popsicles. This dessert gets its name from the many different shades used, each with its own unique fruit combination and a healthy amount of Greek yogurt to bring it all together. When it comes to pool party food, homemade popsicles like these are always a hit.

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37. S’mores Dip 

As the sun sets, keep the vibes of your party strong with this next pool party food idea. S’mores dip is exactly what it sounds like — the beloved campfire snack, reinvented as a pan of decadent marshmallow and chocolate goodness with sweet tortilla chips to dip into it.

A cast iron pan with a marshmallow dip next to tortilla chips
via Cozymeal

38. Oreo Cheesecake Bites 

A summer pool party food menu wouldn’t be complete without a dessert item like these classic Oreo cheesecake bites. These baked squares combine the traditional tried-and-true flavor of chocolate and vanilla Oreos with the creaminess of American cheesecake, creating a treat to behold by all. Be prepared for guests to return for seconds.

39. S’mores Cookies 

Looking to add a forest-like spin to your poolside gathering? Make s’mores cookies to serve as your next pool party food item on the menu. This sweet dessert is a variation of the classic s’mores snack, without the hassle of assembling each ingredient in real-time. The cookies look like a mouthwatering s’more, complete with a marshmallow at the center.

S'mores cookies are a fun pool party food
via Cozymeal

40. Creamy Fruit Salad

Creamy fruit salad is a popular Indian dessert that you can make at home with ingredients you probably already have on hand. As its name suggests, it’s a creamy treat packed with your favorite fruits that you and your guests can savor after enjoying a menu of pool party food. If you’re looking for a more decadent version of a summer fruit salad, this is the dessert for you.

41. Ice Cream 

Pool party food and dessert ideas don’t get much better than ice cream, a classic and timeless treat for all ages. Shake things up by exploring unconventional variations, like blueberry ice cream, ube ice cream or even avocado ice cream. You could also build a sundae bar, with everyone’s favorite toppings. There’s no limit to the possibilities!

Ice cream is one of the best pool party foods
via Cozymeal

42. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich 

What’s better than ice cream in a cone? A cookie ice cream sandwich, of course. This decadent dessert combines two favorite options into one, eliminating the need to decide and maximizing enjoyment for all. Make this pool party food option by combining homemade chocolate chip cookies with your favorite vanilla ice cream.  

43. Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich 

Impress your guests by serving each of them an elevated strawberry ice cream sandwich this summer. This sweet and zesty pool party food is similar to the classic cookie ice cream sandwich with a few added touches to make it more intricate, like the incorporation of strawberry-flavored ice cream, roasted pistachios for more crunch and a drizzle of caramel syrup to finish.

Three ice cream sandwiches stacked with one leaning against them
via Cozymeal

Fun Pool Party Food Experiences 

While one of the best parts of hosting your own pool party is making that perfect menu of pool party food, it can get hectic. Avoid the stress of preparing a menu, cooking and cleaning afterward by hiring a private chef near you. They’ll work with you to create the perfect pool party menu, whether you want a few snacks and canapés laid out or a more complete selection of dishes. 

If mixing tasty drinks is more of a concern, add a fun activity to your pool party by booking online mixology classes. Just bring the ingredients and you and your guests can have a memorable time learning how to mix delicious and refreshing poolside cocktails and mocktails.

Hosting a pool party is one of the most fun summer activities and deciding what food to serve is part of the excitement. By serving up some of the items on this list of pool party food, your next event is sure to be a blast! 

For even more special occasion ideas, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.