Product Reviews

How do I submit a rating and a review for a product?

Thank you for taking the time to review products that you've purchased from Cozymeal. To write a review, go to the product page and click "Log In to Write a Review." Once signed in to your account, click to rate the item from 1 to 5 (one is the lowest rating and five is the highest). Write your comments regarding its quality, performance and ease of use. Please be as specific as possible in describing what you did or did not like about the product. Once you have written your review, hit "Submit".

When will my rating and review appear online?

It may take three to five business days before approved reviews appear on the site.

We reserve the right to withhold reviews that include:

  • Obscenity, discriminatory language or wording inappropriate to a public forum.
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  • Comments that are critical of other posted reviews or their authors.