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20 Best Gift Experiences They Will Remember Forever

Cooking, baking, and even mixology classes couldn't be easier thanks to Cozy Meal. Book a class, get the ingredients shipped, and log on for blast in the kitchen.    Aug 2022

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50 Gift Ideas to Celebrate One Year of Marriage

If food is your partner’s love language, look no further for the perfect gift. You can book a private, at-home chef with Cozymeal to celebrate your first anniversary.    Aug 2022

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Here are 4 delightful cooking classes in Dubai to try

Ever wanted a private cooking class from a professional chef in the comfort of your own home? Well, thankfully Cozymeal has made this possible.    Aug 2022

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How to Make Coleslaw, According to Professional Chefs

Christina Bailey, a Michelin-star restaurant alum via Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro and culinary instructor for Cozymeal, encourages people not to be afraid to spice up a traditional coleslaw dressing.    Aug 2022

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Teen Birthday Parties in Boston: Cool Party Places for Teens

Cozymeal offer cooking classes for your teen and their friends. They can choose from sushi, pizza, desserts, dumplings and other culinary delights from around the globe such as Japanese, Indian, and Italian.    Jul 2022

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Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer: Tips That Actually Work, According to Experts

Wrap herbs in a damp paper towel and seal them in an airtight bag, says Christina Bailey, a private chef and culinary instructor for cooking class provider Cozymeal.    Jul 2022

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50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Aren’t Cookware

your recipients can choose between a huuuuge assortment or in-person or virtual cooking lessons, mixology lessons, or wine tastings, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.    Jun 2022

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Stress-free side hustle? Make cash by renting out your car, boat, bike, or pool

Cozymeal partners conduct cooking classes and provide private dining experiences    Jun 2022

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21 last-minute Father’s Day gifts

If dad appreciates experiences, he might love Cozymeal, a local cooking class in which a chef teaches a small group how to make a dish of their choosing.    Jun 2022

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19 great gifts for the dad who insists he wants nothing for Father’s Day

If his "I don't want anything" comes from a desire to have more experiences, he might love Cozymeal, a service that lets him take a local cooking class.    Jun 2022

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These 7 Virtual Cooking Classes Will Bring Your Family Together on Father’s Day, or Any Day, For that Matter

There are virtually endless options for you to shop, allowing you to find a gift that’ll meet your Dad’s skills, expectations, and interests.    Jun 2022

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Last-Minute Gifts That’ll Arrive in Time for Father’s Day

Cozymeal has cooked up the perfect gift idea for culinary dads looking to hone their skills in the kitchen. Their new lineup of interactive online cooking classes start as low as $25.    Jun 2022

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14 Best Online Cooking Classes That Make Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Instead of offering up pre-recorded classes, Cozy Meal touts live one-on-one interaction with chefs and teachers, allowing participants to ask all their burning cooking questions (even if said question is, “Why is my dinner burning?”).    Apr 2022

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Ideas for Celebrating With Friends

Brush up on your culinary skills with Cozymeal, where you can take a class with a professional chef in your home or at the chef’s place.    Apr 2022

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Last Minute Gifts That Will Arrive in Time for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, Cozymeal has cooked up the perfect gift idea for pop-culture obsessed moms looking to hone their skills in the kitchen. Their new lineup of interactive online cooking classes start as low as $25.    Apr 2022

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5 fun activities for adults 55 and up

Cozymeal is a foodie staple and a popular spot for fun cooking events for date night, friends night out, family nights and more.    Apr 2022

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Redditors Are Guessing At What The Next Big Food Trend Will Be

According to Cozymeal, diners loved digging into plant jerky, exploring new herbs and mushrooms, enjoying extravagantly plated desserts, and exploring the edges of fusion cuisine.    Mar 2022

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Love in the time of COVID

You could have a professional chef guide you through the steps to up your culinary game. Websites like and allow you to do just that, booking a live session starting at $29-$39US.    Feb 2022

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Here’s how long-distance couples can make the most of their virtual V-Day

Cozymeal offers the best classes for long-distance couples.    Feb 2022

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20 remote team-building activities for employees

Get creative with dessert and cocktails, if that’s your thing. Set a theme if you like (Halloween? Oscar night?) and plan some after-dinner games. Cozymeal has some tips for organizing a virtual dinner.    Feb 2022

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13 last-minute Valentine's Day gifts that will have them convinced you planned ahead

Cozymeal has a whole library of online cooking classes, some of which can be booked on that very same day. It's a thoughtful, interactive experience that can still be purchased at the last minute.    Feb 2022

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The best stay-in date night ideas this Valentine's Day

Online Sushi Making Class with CozyMeal, $29 - A chef talks you through the process, and you get sent a shopping list beforehand so you can have everything delivered to your door.    Feb 2022

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12 creative Valentine's Day gifts that think outside the heart-shaped box

Offering both virtual and in-person options (safety and location permitting), Cozymeal teams up with expert chefs to teach participants how to make anything from sushi to gnocchi.    Feb 2022

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Have a Romantic Date Night This Valentine’s Day With These 6 Meal Delivery Services

Cozymeal’s entire site is packed with dozens of culinary experiences hosted by world-class chefs.    Jan 2022

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60 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make Him or Her Feel the Love

With this gift card (which you can get in any amount you'd like), your S.O. can choose between a huge assortment of in-person or virtual cooking lessons, mixology lessons, or wine tastings, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.    Jan 2022

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The Best Virtual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you binged Schitt’s Creek together during lockdown, this will be the perfect cooking class for you.    Jan 2022

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30 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Friends, family members, and lovers alike will enjoy Cozymeal's cooking classes, which are taught by professional chefs and cover everything from vegan Indian cuisine to pasta making.    Jan 2022

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20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Those You Love

Cozymeal has a host of online cooking classes taught by chefs from all over the world.    Jan 2022

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10 Best Foodie Finds in Dallas for the Next Week

While Dallas has many cooking classes to offer, this one is certainly unique.    Jan 2022

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Best Last-Minute Digital Gift Ideas You Can Buy Christmas Morning

For people that burn water and seasoned chefs alike, an online cooking class can teach you new techniques and recipes all from the comfort of your home.    Dec 2021

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What to Buy Someone Who Has Everything

Cozymeal has gift cards you can purchase for an array of virtual and in-person cooking classes. People can learn to make fancy appetizers, cook with wine, and even take some pop culture-themed classes.    Dec 2021

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Employee Gift Guide - 17 Ways to Beat the Supply Chain Blues

This Boston-based company offers live and online classes taught by world-class chefs and mixologists.    Dec 2021

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5 Virtual Holiday Ideas to Lighten Up Your Calendar

A fun way to prepare delicious treats for the whole family is to join a holiday cooking class. For example, you can visit a website such as Cozymeal to join a guided cooking class held over a Zoom call.    Dec 2021

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32 Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents That’ll Make ‘Em Cry Happy Tears

With this gift card (which you can get in any amount you'd like), your parents can choose between a huuuuge assortment or in-person or virtual cooking lessons, mixology lessons, or wine tastings, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.    Nov 2021

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21 Gorgeous and Useful Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Cozymeal Authentic Spanish Paella Cooking Class ($39). This 75-minute virtual cooking class will help your pal master the techniques of cooking real Spanish paella. Now that is a gift that really keeps on giving.    Nov 2021

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10 Must-Do Experiential Gifts

Cozymeal helps curate some of the best private chef experiences. With a wide range of menu choices, the chef will go grocery shopping, arrive at the home, cook the delicious meal, serve and clean up.    Nov 2021

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Best Cooking Classes in Washington D.C.

Local chefs on Cozymeal’s team help you improve your cooking skills and acquire new techniques through east instructions in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment.    Nov 2021

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Spend the Holiday Season Cooking with Cozymeal

Cozymeal is a culinary school in NYC with expert chefs that will teach you everything from cooking to mixology.    Nov 2021

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15 Online Cooking Classes for Extra-Delicious Date Nights at Home

If you and your partner are fans of sharing small plates, look no further than this live Spanish tapas class, which you can book as a private session or with a group. Cozymeal World-Famous Spanish Tapas online cooking class, from $39 per device.    Nov 2021

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The 9 Best Online Cooking Classes that Home Chefs and Bakers will Love

For a virtual class, Cozymeal's online cooking classes are a no-brainer. They are fully interactive, feature top-rated instructors, and cost between $29 and $49.    Sep 2021

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The 20 Best Gifts For Couples Who Already Have Everything

If they love to spend time in the kitchen (or could use a little assistance in the cooking department…) a good gift could be from chef-booking site Cozymeal. Classes can either be in-person or virtual, and start as low as $29.    Aug 2021

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Best Online Cooking Classes

Cozymeal offers more than 70 options for vegetarian-friendly cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Courses are fully interactive, so you can ask questions as you go.    Jul 2021

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80 truly unique gifts your girlfriend will love, from an art kit to an astrology necklace

With a Cozymeal class, they'll learn how to make anything from fresh pasta to Argentinian staple dishes from the nation's top chefs. In addition to cooking classes, Cozymeal offers food tours in various cities (when it's safe to do so).    Jun 2021

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Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples

Long-distance relationships are tough. Thankfully, virtual cooking classes provide a fun date night across the miles. Even if your S.O. is halfway across the world, Cozymeal is a great choice for cooking “together.”    Jun 2021

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84 gift ideas for everyone in your life — all under $100

Gifting experiences is on the rise. With a Cozymeal class, they'll learn how to make anything from fresh pasta to beautiful charcuterie boards. In addition to cooking classes, Cozymeal offers online mixology classes and virtual wine tastings.    May 2021

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 36 Gifts to Order Online Right Now For Mom

The variety, unlike other virtual cooking sites, is unparalleled, so there really is a class for everyone. Cozymeal also offers virtual wine tastings, mixology courses, and coffee classes if you’re not so kitchen-savvy.    May 2021

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Best Online Baking Classes

Personalized instruction and plentiful variety in chefs and class times—plus options for custom private classes—make Cozymeal a flexible choice for couples planning a date night.    May 2021

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14 virtual cooking classes featuring cuisines from around the world

Whether you're interested in making Southern-style comfort food or learning to roll your own sushi, Cozymeal offers online classes year-round in addition to themed classes throughout the year that are specific to holidays and celebrations.    Apr 2021

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These Virtual Mother's Day Cooking Classes Offer Tasty Gifts Mom Can Enjoy At Home

Have a dim sum Mother's Day brunch this year, thanks to this Cozymeal class. In this class, you'll learn how to make delicious dishes like crispy char siu pork puffs and fried soy rolls with shiitake mushrooms and chives.    Apr 2021

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide of Local Goodies

Gourmet chefs share their knowledge and experience in a welcoming environment to learn something new. Whether it's the art of macaroons or Italian comfort food, there is something for everyone.    Apr 2021

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30 Ideas for Mothers Day During Quarantine So You Can Celebrate Safely

If your mom is more of a baker than a chef, sign her up for a virtual baking class on or around Mother's Day. You can either join in on the fun, or give mom the space for her to zen out and enjoy some baking "me time."    Mar 2021

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The Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes for a Plant-Based Diet

Cozymeal is the largest provider of online culinary experiences, including vegan cooking classes with multiple chefs. The company was founded by Sam Nasserian, who previously worked at Upwork and Just Answer before starting the online cooking marketplace.    Mar 2021

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22 Brilliant Bachelor Party Ideas

Step up your food game with a cooking or mixology class from Cozymeal, which has pop culture-inspired classes led by renowned culinary professionals so you can recreate dishes from movies and TV shows like The Mandalorian, The Office, or Crazy Rich Asians    Mar 2021

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29 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

Cooking classes are fun, interactive experience and thankfully, they don't have to stop just because we can't be in person. Gnocchi 101, Essentials of Sushi Rolling, and Cooking with Wine are just a few of the informative (& relatively affordable) choices    Feb 2021

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11 Ideas to Celebrate a Very Different Valentine’s Day This Year!

Participate in an online cooking class, or channel your inner “Barefoot Contessa” and pretend to host your own cooking show!    Feb 2021

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Online cooking classes make for a great gift these days. Here are 7 tasty options

Cozymeal has hundreds of live group cooking classes that are held via Zoom, and many are between $20 and $40. This popular dark chocolate workshop, for instance, is just $39 and has loads of rave reviews.    Feb 2021

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8 Virtual Galentine’s Day Ideas For You & Your Long-Distance BFFs

Sign up for Cozymeal's sushi cooking class ($39 per device, Cozymeal) where everyone can learn how to make edamame, cosmos, and traditional rainbow rolls    Feb 2021

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The private chef boom: Pandemic boosts personal chef industry as more customers dine at home

Catering companies and websites like Cozymeal are some places to find a personal chef, or you can book directly with those operating their own business.    Feb 2021

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Treat your Valentine to an online cooking class. Here are 6 great options

Most Cozymeal classes have multiple dates you can book or buy a gift certificate and let them choose.    Feb 2021

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15 Great Boston Dates to Go On Right Now

Well, Cozymeal lets you book virtual cooking lessons with some of our great emerging chefs—no changing out of your (work from home) sweatpants required.    Feb 2021

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Hot Date Ideas for Valentine's Day in Detroit

Some of the options for you to choose for your virtual and hands-on cooking class, COZYMEAL.    Feb 2021

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The Best Virtual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Inspired by Crazy Rich Asians, you’ll make two traditional Singaporean dishes and drinks. Cozymeal offers loads of other other options, too    Feb 2021

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31 unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for everyone in your life

Friends, family members, and lovers alike will enjoy Cozymeal's cooking classes, which are taught by professional chefs and cover everything from vegan Indian cuisine to pasta making.    Jan 2021

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These Mandalorian Recipes are Baby Yoda Approved and Cook Them, You Must

Looking for something more on the fun side? You’ll want to check out Cozymeal’s pop-culture inspired classes.    Jan 2021

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These Pop Culture Cooking Classes Are Inspired By Food From 'Harry Potter' And 'The Mandalorian'

Cozymeal, the online cooking class platform, has introduced a new pop culture series, rolling out some new lessons inspired by your favorite characters and their diets.    Jan 2021

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25 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate While Safely Social Distancing

Take a virtual mixology class (check Fancy Sips, Cozymeal, Hollow Leg, Elixir to Go, Liberate Your Palate, Laylow or just hit up a bartender pal) and make your own personalized birthday beverage.    Jan 2021

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Prepare now to get these side jobs in a post-pandemic world

Another site, Cozymeal, specializes in booking cooks (and venues) willing to host cooking classes. As with similar sites, the particulars and pricing are up to you.    Jan 2021

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37 Winter Date Ideas that Heat Up the Romance on a Cold Night

Cozymeal has a ton of different themed classes if you need some options to choose from.    Dec 2020

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5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodies

The online platform Cozymeal offers a seemingly endless list of virtual cooking classes that are creative and engaging--not flat the way some online options can be.    Dec 2020

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Bring a chef into your kitchen with these virtual cooking classes

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Cozymeal hosted a class on how to prepare the perfect “Friends”-themed Friendsgiving — a spoof on the popular TV show.    Dec 2020

Press Shot 71

The Best San Francisco Cultural Experiences You Can Enjoy From Home

Cozymeal is still offering private in-person events with chefs, but if you’re not comfortable with a stranger in your home, you can take tons of interactive online cooking and mixology classes.    Dec 2020

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Don’t cancel the holidays: 5 virtual activities you can do this year

Check multiple things off your to-do list by hosting a virtual holiday gift-wrapping party. Each participant can choose exactly the kind of gift wrapping they like, and the culinary website Cozymeal suggests a way to put a festive, fun twist on it.    Dec 2020

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Teaching skills online is a way to make money while avoiding COVID

Online cooking classes are highly popular. In addition to the other teaching platforms, Cozymeal, a site that normally arranges in-person cooking classes, has pivoted to offer its classes online.    Nov 2020

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 27 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Cozymeal Online Cooking or Mixology Experience – Cozymeal, $29 | Choose from a huge selection of socially-distanced in-person cooking and mixology experiences, or live and interactive online classes led by top experts.    Nov 2020

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Join your family for Thanksgiving -- virtually -- with these online cooking classes

Online cooking class with Cozymeal. A professional chef will guide you through making a traditional Thanksgiving meal of vegetable and pumpkin stew, duck breast with cranberry relish and creamy corn pudding. The 75-minute class is fully interactive.    Nov 2020

Press Shot 76

Missing family get-togethers? These virtual cooking classes will keep you connected

With CozyMeal's online class you’ll be working right along with a chef to create a four course meal. Don’t worry if no one in your family is a formally trained chef, because the class is fully interactive    Nov 2020

Press Shot 77

33 sentimental gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list

Cozymeal lets you sign up for (online or socially distant) cooking classes to learn how to make everything from Italian pastas, to vegan soul food, to sushi for groups of one to 100 guests.    Nov 2020

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10 Online Classes To Expand Your Mind

Master everything from tapas to paella to sushi to tigrés cake with these approachable and fully interactive classes. The chef accompanies you through the entire process and attendees are encouraged to ask as many questions as they want.    Oct 2020

Press Shot 79

Stock Up: Three ways to take a virtual cooking class

Earlier this year, they began offering virtual cooking and mixology classes that you can take anywhere. Classes are taught by chefs from their home kitchens.    Sep 2020

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8 Global Online Cooking Classes for a Taste of Travel at Home

From sushi to gnocchi, Cozymeal connects would-be food travelers with chefs via Zoom for about $29 to $39 per class, with ingredient delivery available in some cases.    Jul 2020

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E-learning: 7 B.C. sources of online cooking lessons

Cozymeal is now offering live, interactive classes via Zoom. You can find everything from hand-made ravioli to pressure cooker risotto to fried chicken and waffles.    May 2020

Press Shot 82

13 Virtual Happy Hours & Cooking Classes This Week In Las Vegas

Cozymeal is offering new interactive online cooking classes. You can take a class in the comfort of your kitchen taught by world-class chefs.    May 2020

Press Shot 83

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Bay Area Moms

Cozymeal is offering a virtual $39 paella-making class or a $29 pizza-making class. You could also consider gifting a digital membership to The Assembly.    May 2020

Press Shot 84

Sharpen your skills in the kitchen with these Seattle-based virtual cooking classes

Cozymeal's plethora of upcoming Italian-inspired classes are a must try. Professional chefs experienced in the industry will walk you through 1.5-2 hour long classes, and at the end you'll have a delicious, homemade entree to enjoy.    Apr 2020

Press Shot 85

12 Bay Area online cooking classes you can take during the COVID-19 shutdown

Cozymeal is now offering classes hosted on Zoom. The 75-minute, interactive sessions range from family-friendly options (“Handmade Fettuccine for Kids”) to topics tailored for these times (“Immunity Boosting Foods”).    Apr 2020

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Here are the top 5 things to do in San Antonio this weekend

Browse Cozymeal's one-on-one classes and group demos focused on cuisines ranging from Mediterranean to Southwest fare. Online cooking classes start at $39 and include a grocery list after registration.    Apr 2020

Press Shot 87

The 8 Best Dallas Cooking Classes of 2020

Try the Sushi Rolls and Knife Skills class. For around $75 per person, this two-and-a-half-hour course teaches you important knife safety skills every chef should know, but presents advice in a fun way while you learn how to make three types of sushi.    Feb 2020

Press Shot 88

9 Experience Gifts for Valentine’s Day to Keep the Spark Alive

Cozymeal offers a range of cooking classes in cities all over the U.S. Some of the classes take place at the chef’s kitchen, but in some cases, you can opt to have the chef lead the class in your own home for maximum convenience.    Jan 2020

Press Shot 89

Best places around Atlanta to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Resolutions can be more easily achieved as well as more fun with others, so involve friends and family in the healthy eating venture by hosting a cooking class dinner party. Learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy recipes from a professional cook right at    Dec 2019

Press Shot 90

The 57 best products and services we discovered in 2019

You learn something new, it's intimate (perfect for a date or an anniversary gift), and it feels slightly more explorative and unique than going through a restaurant and joining a big group class.    Dec 2019

Press Shot 91

84 last-minute gifts for her — from classic cashmere sweaters to monthly wine subscriptions

If she values experiences more than things, she'll love the chance to take a cooking class led by a local chef. Put aside an afternoon to learn how to make pasta from scratch, create decadent desserts, and assemble sushi together.    Dec 2019

Press Shot 92

30 New York City Date Ideas For Every Stage of Your Relationship

You can pick how you want to do your CozyMeal cooking class: You can have the Michelin-rated chef come to your place, or, because you probably live in an NYC apartment the size of a shoebox, you can also go to their loft in Flatiron.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 93

84 cool and unique gifts for her — from classic cashmere sweaters to monthly wine subscriptions

If she values experiences more than things, she'll love the chance to take a cooking class led by a local chef. Put aside an afternoon to learn how to make pasta from scratch, create decadent desserts, and assemble sushi together.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 94

This $6,200 Food Tour Around NYC Serves up Caviar, Lobster, and the World’s Most Expensive Sundae

New York City is a food lover’s paradise. If you need proof of this statement look no further than the itinerary of the most extravagant food tour in the world. Put together by Cozy Meal.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 95

40 Best Gift Ideas For Mom

Treat mom to a Michelin-star dining experience for the holidays with one of Cozymeal's cooking classes. As the perfect holiday gift, a variety of class options are available from Italian, Holiday Pies and Tarts.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 96

33 sentimental gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list

Cozymeal lets you sign up for cooking classes to learn how to make everything from Italian pastas, to vegan soul food, to sushi for groups of one to 100 guests.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 97

You Can Take A 'Game Of Thrones' Cooking Class And Learn How To Make Marbled “Dragon Eggs”

Cozymeal, which describes itself as the Airbnb of dining experiences, has a GoT-themed cooking class listed on its website.    Nov 2019

Press Shot 98

The Coolest and Most Romantic Date Ideas in DC

Not the best chef? Maybe not yet, but you can earn some major cred, pick up new skills, and have fun doing it all by bringing your date to a cooking class. Check out sushi-making classes through Cozymeal!    Nov 2019

Press Shot 99

Cozymeal's Dining Experiences Are Rad Gift Ideas For You & Bae

The service offers more than 1,200 different classes you can choose from... It's a dream come true for couples who love spending time in the kitchen at the end of the day, or trying something new..    Oct 2019

Press Shot 100

The new home cooking: Cozymeal’s trained, award-winning chefs want to teach Boulder County how to cook

Though grown from the same kernel, Cozymeal differs from other digital-age food businesses in that it connects people to people through food (instead of just food to people, often from some obscure source)    Sep 2019

Press Shot 101

It’s the Thought that Counts: Memorable Corporate Gifts

Cozymeal pairs consumers with chefs for cooking classes at home or out. Guests learn how to make everything from Italian pastas, to vegan soul food, to sushi for groups of one to 100 guests.    Sep 2019

Press Shot 102


Our Cozymeal menu included dishes inspired by several restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. There was gazpacho from Spencer’s; a spinach salad with dates from La Quinta; fried squid rings with aioli from Justin’s; pork belly tacos and more!    May 2019

Press Shot 103

11 of the best foods to serve at a wedding, according to chefs

Phoebe Schilla, a San Francisco-based private chef who's also a Cozymeal class instructor, openly declares herself a bacon-wrapped date fan. She refers to these treats as "bacon candy.    Mar 2019

Press Shot 104

Forget Meal Kits—This Service Brings a Private Chef Right into Your Kitchen, Cozymeal is giving your kitchen the top-chef treatment.

Cozymeal’s bread and butter continues to be its private cooking classes and corporate team-building events. However, it will soon be offering food tours and expanding into 50 more cities both domestically and internationally by the end of 2019.    Mar 2019

Press Shot 105

Can this at-home chef booking redefine luxury dining?

I’ve landed Chef Pierre through Cozymeal, the rapidly growing on-demand cooking platform. The online cooking class marketplace has been compared to Airbnb, but unlike the home rental behemoth, everything has been thoroughly vetted to ensure quality.    Mar 2019

Press Shot 106

San Francisco | Top 5 Ways to Connect

Learn how to make hand-rolled Japanese sushi or Michelin-star desserts and hundreds of other dishes with Cozymeal    Feb 2019

Press Shot 107

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts that will strengthen your relationship

Whether your SO is a vegetarian, carnivore, dessert lover or an adventurous eater that loves to try new things, there is a class that will satisfy their taste buds. Attendees can choose from 500+ cooking classes and the location of their choice!    Feb 2019

Press Shot 108

How to make your bae swoon using the right love language this Valentine’s Day

Couillard recommends a cooking lesson to get the two of you working together (Cozymeal has options that are generally less than $100 per person).    Feb 2019

Press Shot 109

35 perfect last-minute Galentine's Day gifts to show your friends a little extra love

Find a list of great, affordable ways to gift an experience here - to taking a cooking class with one of the best chefs in the world on a Saturday morning with Cozymeal (like we did).    Feb 2019

Press Shot 110

This website makes it easy to book fun cooking classes in your area — we learned to make pasta from a professional chef

We used Cozymeal to book a pasta-making class and loved it — both the organized, easy-to-use booking process and the fun, educational class itself.    Feb 2019

Press Shot 111

Valentine's Gift Guide: The Sexiest Wellness Gifts

Book an interactive cooking class with one of Cozymeal’s local hosts who can teach the class at their place or yours. Classes can be filtered by dietary restriction, cuisine type and cover a range of themes.    Jan 2019

Press Shot 112

Skip Dinner for an Alternative Date Night

Cozymeal has options for various party sizes and all types of cuisine. Just don’t forget to kiss the chef.    Jan 2019

Press Shot 113

11 Useful Gifts For Someone Who Likes To Cook

Experiential gifts are all the rage these days, and the cook in your life will love the chance to learn how to cook a few new dishes with you. Find a great cooking class on Cozymeal.    Dec 2018

Press Shot 114

Shopping for a Foodie? Here Are a Few Gift Ideas

Cozymeal offers one-on-one chef-lead cooking classes... fun and food just in time for the holidays!    Dec 2018

Press Shot 115

Creative Gifts for the Person Who's Impossible to Buy For

CozyMeal – It’s not enough to just arrange for someone to have a great meal. These days, it’s also about the experience. CozyMeals offers private or shared cooking classes hosted by leading chefs.    Dec 2018

Press Shot 116

#FoodieFriday: Cozymeal, the Airbnb of Cooking Classes

Cozymeal is the country’s largest on-demand dining experience service offering private and shared cooking classes hosted by leading, even award-winning, chefs.    Nov 2018

Press Shot 117

Fun & Romantic Gifts for Newlyweds and the Newly Engaged

Cozymeal organizes cooking classes with professional—even Michelin-starred—chefs in over 20 cities, where participants can get one-on-one instruction on how to prepare everything from Spanish tapas to French pastries to sushi.    Nov 2018

Press Shot 118

8 “Experience” Gift Ideas You Can Register For Right Now

It’s possible to take a hands-on cooking class with your partner no matter where you live, thanks to services like Cozymeal (touted as the “Airbnb for cooking classes”). This is not a drill: You (or a loved one) can book an award-winning chef.    Nov 2018

Press Shot 119

Dinner Is Served

Cozymeal, available in select cities across the U.S., lets you book an at-home cooking class. The step-by-step tutorial by a professional chef will teach you and your family how to make anything from pasta to a chocolate dessert.    Oct 2018

Press Shot 120

Tasty Boston Skills: The Best Cooking Classes in Town

Cozymeal allows you to bring their chefs home with you. Simply visit Cozymeal’s website, enter your city and the style of cooking you want to learn, and Cozymeal will set you up with one of their local, world-class chefs!    Aug 2018

Press Shot 121

These Are The Most Popular Cuisines In 17 U.S. Cities

Cozymeal is a nationwide provider of culinary experiences with over 200 chefs (including some Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs).    Jul 2018

Press Shot 122

Learn How to Cook at these 5 Bay Area Spots

Cozymeal offers cooking classes around the city, led by a variety of chefs in a selection of commercial kitchens. Some of them are with chefs from new and buzzing restaurants while others are taught by private chefs passionate about a particular region or    Jun 2018

Press Shot 123

Is your child old enough to cut herbs? Crack eggs? Grate cheese? An age-by-age guide.

If your child finds herself wanting more, consider a cooking school (like) Cozymeal.    Jun 2018

Press Shot 124

Chefs Reveal Secrets For Wasting Less Food And Saving Your Money

Chef/cooking class instructor Jarvis Belton of Cozymeal Atlanta recommended that you “toss in leftover protein scraps of chicken or beef (no fat!)    May 2018

Press Shot 125

For Mother's Day, these restaurant gift cards offer big discounts

Just in time for Mother's Day…gift cards are one of the most requested gifts!    May 2018

Press Shot 126

Aging Chefs Find a Way to Serve, Instead of Slaving on Their Feet for Long Hours

I decided to create Cozymeal, an online marketplace that connects guests with some of the nation’s top chefs for intimate one-on-one culinary experiences.    May 2018

Press Shot 127

13 Last Minute Valentine's Day 2018 Gifts That Will Make Your Significant Other Swoon

For $100 or less, you can have a certified traveling chef come straight to your kitchen and teach you and your partner how to cook the cuisine of your choice!    Feb 2018

Press Shot 128

Interview with Samad Nasserian, Founder and CEO at Cozymeal

Cozymeal is an online marketplace that pairs some of the nation’s top professional chefs with local consumers to offer the best in culinary experiences. Using Cozymeal, guests can easily find and book cooking classes, team-building events and other experi    Jan 2018

Press Shot 129

23 Boston Winter Date Ideas That Aren't Just Drinks

Cozymeal lets you book an in-home cooking lesson with some of our great emerging chefs -- no changing out of sweatpants required    Jan 2018

Press Shot 130

The 26 Best Winter Date Ideas In DC That Aren't Just Drinks

Not the best chef? Maybe not yet, but you can earn some major cred, pick up new skills, and have fun doing it all (or embarrass yourselves in a self-deprecating, hopefully cute way) by bringing your date to a cooking class through Cozymeal    Jan 2018

Press Shot 131

Where Can You Find Good San Francisco Cooking Classes?

From creating a homey weekend brunch to cooking with a Southern accent, Cozymeal offers many intriguing and fun cooking classes for chefs of all abilities.    Dec 2017

Press Shot 132

2017 Holiday Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

Cozymeal is an awesome service that offers cooking classes in cities across the country.    Dec 2017

Press Shot 133

15 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles On Your Day Off

Cozymeal, another great option for cooking classes, corporate team building activities and catering with local professional chefs.    Nov 2017

Press Shot 134

13 Delicious And Fun Cooking Classes In Atlanta You’ll Love

Cozymeal connects food lovers with local professional chefs who offer cooking classes, corporate team building activities, and catering experiences.    Sep 2017

Press Shot 135

​The 'Uber' of chef experiences is now in Chicago

They connect, Uber style, people and companies with chefs — for experiences such as cooking classes, special dining, or corporate events.    Aug 2017

Press Shot 136


And local chefs are now partnering with Cozymeal ... The site allows guests to easily search a variety of chefs, menu offerings, price points and venue types.    Jul 2017

Press Shot 137

Healthy Living for Summer: Cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients

(Chef Yasmina) is a chef with Cozymeal in Los Angeles, and has been cooking since she was 6 years old.    Jun 2017

Press Shot 138

Making Sushi in a NYC Kitchen with a Professional Chef

It’s a great way to become a master chef and spend a fun night in for special occasions    May 2017

Press Shot 139

Startup Spotlight: Culinary Experiences

Cozymeal is running in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, and New York City. And there’s a ton more cities that Cozymeal is planting its forks and knives in.    May 2017

Press Shot 140

Cozymeal sends professional chefs to your home for a personal cooking lesson

Even those home chefs who consider themselves to be rather skillful can learn how to make grand meals with freshly sourced local ingredients.    Apr 2017

Press Shot 141

Spice Up Your Meals with these San Diego Cooking Classes

If you have eclectic taste and want to put it to work in your kitchen, a class with Cozymeal is perfect for you.    Apr 2017

Press Shot 142

Take a cooking class from top chefs

In two to three hours, users will be able to create and eat their own gourmet meals with help from local professionals hailing from culinary giants    Mar 2017

Press Shot 143

Cookery Classes to Take This Spring in Washington, D.C.

Cozymeal is a new way to take a cooking class    Mar 2017

Press Shot 144

A New and Fun Dining Option

Offering local food lovers personalized cooking classes, in-home culinary experiences and high-end catering options unique to your needs, Cozymeal connects professional chefs with dishes that span all over the globe and brings them to your table.    Mar 2017

Press Shot 145

Best Things To Do For Singles On Valentines Day In Los Angeles

Grab your friends and ditch the crowded, couple-filled restaurant scene this Valentine’s Day for a more unique, hands-on dining experience.    Feb 2017

Press Shot 146

What to Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Dine with strangers - you could always skip dinner altogether and learn how to make magical macarons on Cozymeal.    Feb 2017

Press Shot 147

Private Catering Gets Cozy

Cozymeal has launched its catering service in San Francisco and Los Angeles    Feb 2017

Press Shot 148

Meet Samad Nasserian of Cozymeal

Cozymeal connects food lovers with local professional chefs who offer cooking classes, corporate team building activities, and catering experiences.    Jan 2017

Press Shot 149

Take It Easy: Holiday Gifts for the Stressed

Cozymeal features classes from both local and traveling chefs. This can also make a great activity for a group of friends, adding a social component to the gift.    Dec 2016

Press Shot 150

Recipes for Team Building

The Cozymeal platform lets planners choose a culinary theme for team-building cooking classes, which can be held anywhere from a chef's home to an art gallery.    Dec 2016

Press Shot 151

Awesome Groom Gifts for Your Hubby-to-Be

Give him a Cozymeal gift card so he can choose his food experience, whether it's a cooking class for two or a catered dinner at your home.    Dec 2016

Press Shot 152

Top Holiday Cooking Classes in San Diego

Cozymeal connects foodies with professional chefs who offer both cooking classes and in-home cooking experiences.    Nov 2016

Press Shot 153

6 Expert Healthy Meal-Planning Tips for Cooking Beginners

Have friends who are more seasoned or culinary? Invite them over to cook together!    Nov 2016

Press Shot 154

Cozymeal offers cooking classes in the privacy of your own home (or the chef’s)

The service connects local chefs with people who want to learn to cook like a professional    Nov 2016

Press Shot 155

5 of the Bay Area's Best Cooking Classes

Cozymeal offers a variety of classes led by local professional chefs at venues throughout the Bay Area, from art galleries to the chef’s own home.    Nov 2016

Press Shot 156

Gourmands Rejoice: Cozymeal debuts its gourmet in-home feasts

A delicious meal complete with kitchen confidential stories from an experiences chef? Now that's something to be thankful for.    Oct 2016

Press Shot 157

New program lets you take cooking classes with a local chef

Cozymeal just launched in Seattle and it's a platform for local foodies and award-winning chefs to create a personalized in-home culinary experience    Aug 2016

Press Shot 158

On-demand chef startup Cozymeal launches in Seattle with custom cooking classes and catering

Cozymeal is the only platform that exclusively works with professional chefs and has vetted every single chef on the platform    Aug 2016

Press Shot 159

21 Bay Area date ideas for the young at heart

Learn to cook and bake    Apr 2016

Press Shot 160

Romance in San Francisco

Book a cooking class with Cozymeal    Apr 2016

Press Shot 161

Best Italian Cooking Classes In Los Angeles

When you want to get up close and personal with top professional chefs who have worked in some of the world’s top kitchens including Michelin-starred restaurants, Cozymeal is a foodie’s top choice.    Apr 2016

Press Shot 162

Cooking with Kids

Let a real chef show your child around the kitchen with a class from San Francisco-based Cozymeal    Apr 2016

Press Shot 163

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Raging & Relaxing in SF

Cozymeal is a great choice for brides who want something low key (especially if the party is a multi-day affair). Professional chefs can come to you or can go to them.    Mar 2016

Press Shot 164

6 Fantastic Bay Area Cooking Classes

The vibe: The Uber of cooking schools, Cozymeal matches professional chefs (from restaurants, culinary schools, caterers) with beginning cooks or those who want to up their game via hands-on classes or cooking demos.    Mar 2016

Press Shot 165

Turn up the Heat in the Kitchen: Cooking Date Tips

With Cozymeal, couples can skip the typical dining experience in favor of a more hands-on date night.    Mar 2016

Press Shot 166

3 Reasons You Should Cozy Up To SF’s Cozymeal

Cozymeal brings top chefs to your place, or invites you to their stylish homes – for upscale and haute home meals.    Mar 2016

Press Shot 167

Let's Get Cozy

With multiple new businesses dominating the trendy, sustainable food movement we found one that stands out above the rest in more ways than one, delivering local, sustainable and delicious elegance straight to your table.    Feb 2016

Press Shot 168

Cozymeal Offers Unique Team-Building Experience

Cozymeal works with top chefs, including some from Michelin-starred restaurants, and can host an event at the chef’s venue or come to yours.    Feb 2016

Press Shot 169

Small Cooking Classes in the Comfort of Home

Each lesson concludes with a multi-course meal at the table with your fellow classmates and plenty of Instagram braggadocio.    Jan 2016

Press Shot 170

Catch-on to Cozymeal!

A Cozymeal experience is perfect for first dates or anniversary celebrations, or for team building or work retreats. Cozymeal is also great for tourists who seek a deeper connection to the town they are visiting.    Dec 2015

Press Shot 171

Ready, Set, Chop! Bay Area Cooking Classes for Kids

Cozymeal brings the professional chefs to you! With locations all over the Bay Area, search for a cooking class near you and then read the chef’s background and reviews from prior class-goers to get the inside scoop.    Nov 2015

Press Shot 172

Foodies Inspire the Rise of Supper Clubs

This San Francisco-based business not only offers the cooking classes and dining experience in professional chef’s homes, but also a unique Farmers Market shopping trip, followed by a cooking class.    Sep 2015

Press Shot 173

Cozymeal: an online foodie facilitator

Here's an interesting idea for your next party or get-acquainted event: team building through food. Everyone eats. Everyone has opinions about food. Everyone can learn a few more cooking tricks.    Aug 2015

Press Shot 174

28 Great LA Date Ideas, Sorted by Commitment Level

Proposal Dates - hire a chef for a hands-on cooking class through Cozymeal.    Aug 2015

Press Shot 175

Culinary Adventures

The next wave of culinary enjoyment is here: personalized experiences.    Aug 2015

Press Shot 176

Learn to Cook in the Home of a Chef

Cozymeal touts access to non-touristy neighborhoods as one of its best benefits.    Jul 2015

Press Shot 177

Make New Friends and Eat with Locals

At this Cozymeal (dinner), with these new friends, I realized I had found a true community table.    Aug 2014