Frequently Asked Questions about Cozymeal

What is Cozymeal?

Cozymeal offers the best in culinary experiences by pairing local consumers with some of the nation's top chefs. Cozymeal chefs host guests from their own venues or from yours—you decide. Either way, you’re certain to enjoy an amazing meal, hear great stories, and - in the case of cooking classes or team building activities - learn new culinary skills.

No matter what the occasion is — a birthday party, an anniversary dinner or a company team-building event — Cozymeal is the place to find and book unique dining experiences.

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Who are Cozymeal’s chefs?

We work with professional chefs who have a variety of backgrounds, from working at high-end restaurants to providing private chef to teaching in cooking schools. Our chefs have years of experience and a deep love of cooking and interacting with guests. Before any new chefs join our site, we meet them in person, check out their venue, and taste their food. Only those candidates who have great food, a clean venue, and enthusiasm about engaging with our guests can join Cozymeal as a chef.

How can I book a chef for a private event?

You can always book a chef for a private event. Simply contact us directly.

What if I like an experience but cannot make it to any of the listed dates?

No worries! You can request a date by clicking the “Request your own date” link under the specific experience's date drop-down menu or by calling us at 800-369-0157.

I would like to give an experience as a gift to someone. Is this possible?

Certainly! You can simply purchase a Cozymeal gift card and give it to anyone. The benefit is:

  • Cozymeal gift cards never expire.
  • Cozymeal gift cards can be used for any experience at any location nationwide.
  • Cozymeal experiences currently include cooking classes, team building, food tours, private dining & farmers’ market tours.
  • The gift card recipients schedule their own class according to their own preferences.

How do I buy a Cozymeal gift card?

  1. Select the preferred value for your gift card at the top of this page.
  2. Select the delivery method. Gift cards can be emailed to the recipient by selecting "E-Card" or you can print out the certificate by selecting "Self-Printed Card".
  3. Scroll down the page for the option to write a personal message on your gift card.
  4. To purchase, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the orange button, "Purchase Gift Card", then enter your billing information.

Is there a minimum or maximum gift card amount?

$10 is the minimum amount. There is no maximum gift card amount - the sky's the limit!

What amount covers the cost of a Cozymeal experience?

$200-$250 covers the cost for two guests to enjoy most Cozymeal cooking classes and food tour experiences.

How do I receive my Cozymeal gift card?

You have the option to either print the Cozymeal gift card or email it to the recipient.

Will a Cozymeal gift card expire?

No, Cozymeal gift cards will not expire. Additionally, any remaining balance on a gift card can be used towards another purchase.

How do I redeem a Cozymeal gift card?

Select your preferred Cozymeal experience on the website by clicking "Book Now" to purchase. Once you have entered your billing information, click the "Gift card or promo code?" orange text and type in the "Gift Card #" indicated on your certificate.

Why do I have to enter in my credit card information when redeeming my gift card?

Cozymeal asks for your billing information in case the amount of the selected experience is more than the amount on your gift card. This allows us to ensure our chefs are compensated if additional guests of yours join your experience, if the experience is made private for a fee exceeding the value of the gift card, etc. The security of your information is our top priority. Cozymeal works with a PCI compliant payment processor, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Can gift cards be combined for a single purchase?

Yes. Contact us at 800-369-0157 x1 with the gift card codes you wish to combine and we will provide you with a new gift card code to use towards your purchase.

Is there a date I have to use my gift card by?

No. Cozymeal gift cards do not expire.

Are Cozymeal gift cards refundable?

Similar to other companies, Cozymeal gift cards are not refundable. However, our gift cards will never expire.

How can I use the remaining balance of my gift card?

Select your preferred Cozymeal experience on the website by clicking "Book Now" to purchase. Once you have entered your billing information, click the "Gift card or promo code?" orange text and type in the "Gift Card #" indicated on your certificate.

Do you recommend buying an experience or a gift card?

If you are purchasing a gift for someone, a gift card is the way to go; your recipient will have the convenience of choosing any experience they like (cooking class, team building or food tour) at their preferred date and time.

What if I need to cancel?

We completely understand when things come up last minute. You can cancel up to 48 hours before a booking without any fee. If you cancel less than 48 hours before a Cozymeal experience, you will be billed for the full amount.

Our chefs buy their ingredients fresh from the market and specialty stores and spend hours preparing for their meals and classes. We have this cancellation policy in place in order to honor their time and ingredient purchases.

Will Cozymeal come to my city anytime soon?

We currently have chefs working in 20+ cities, including

• Atlanta
• Austin
• Bay Area
• Boston
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Denver
• Houston
• Las Vegas
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• Philadelphia
• Portland
• San Diego
• San Francisco
• San Jose
• Seattle
• Tampa
• Washington, D.C.

We are quickly expanding to other cities. Feel free to leave us your contact information so we can notify you when we launch in your city.