39 Romantic Gifts Your Special Someone Will Love

Last Updated on July 22, 2022 | 0 Comments
romantic gifts
Last Updated on July 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Discovering romantic gifts that your significant other will love can be quite the challenge. Even if the occasion isn’t an anniversary, it’s important to find gifts your partner adores. After all, gift-giving is one of the five love languages. Nothing says “I love you” louder than a thoughtful gift.

Are you looking for romantic gifts for your spouse? Do you need an amazing gift for the holiday? Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect present for your partner's birthday. Whatever you’re shopping for, this guide is filled with plenty of romantic gift ideas from memorable experiences to items that will ignite happy tears. 


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Romantic Gifts for Wife

1. Private Chef Experience

Book a gourmet private chef near you as an unsuspecting and romantic gift. Select a chef who specializes in your wife’s favorite cuisine, then let them handle everything from grocery shopping to cooking to kitchen cleanup. Check out private chefs in Los Angeles, private chefs in Austin, and other cities for the perfect experience. 

  • Price: $59+

a private chef experience is the perfect romantic gift
via Cozymeal

2. Picnic Basket for Two

If your wife loves nature, buy her this picnic basket set for two. Cook or pick up her favorite meal, grab a blanket and surprise her with a picnic in a park, garden or even your own backyard. She’ll never forget the thoughtful afternoon you planned, and she’ll love her new basket.

  •  Price: $48.99

3. Spa Set

Does your wife unwind after a long day with a hot bath? This bath and beauty box is absolutely stunning and includes a bath bomb, lip balm, soap, body oil, a candle and more. 

  • Price: $67.50+

bath and body gift set
via CONCRETEdecor

4. Stackable Personalized Rings

These delicate rings can be engraved with “I love you” or another message, or you can buy multiple and have each engraved with the names of your children or pets. She’ll wear them every day. 

  • Price: $19.87+

5. Scrapbook 

This gift is sure to bring tears to her eyes — in a good way! Print photos, and gather ticket stubs, letters and anything else that signifies your relationship. Then buy a scrapbook. Add everything you compiled as well as doodles and messages. This is the most romantic anniversary gift money can’t buy.

  •  Price: $16.99

a scrapbook is a great romantic gift
via Fibron Store

6. Scroll Box

Romantic anniversary gifts can be hard to find, but this scroll box is unique. The wooden jewelry box is filled with scrolls, each holding a love quote. This is a great gift if you struggle to find the right words to express your admiration.

  •  Price: $56 

Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend

7. Online Coffee Classes

Give your girlfriend one of these online coffee classes led by world-class baristas. She can learn how to make delicious pour-overs, espresso, cold brew and coffee mocktails from home.

  • Price: $25+

homemade latte in a coffee mug
via Canva

8. Virtual Wine Tastings

These virtual wine tastings led by top-rated sommeliers and chefs vary from wine and cheese pairings to multiple courses. Whether your girlfriend loves red, white or sparkling wine, this ultimate wine gift offers the perfect tasting for her.

  • Price: $29+

9. Sparkling Rosé Kit

This Brooklyn BrewShop Sparkling Rose Kit is the perfect gift for any girl who loves bubbly rosé and getting a little experimental. After she’s made her wine, you can enjoy it together on your porch with a cheese board. 

  •  Price: $70

a Sparkling Rosé Kit is a fun romantic gift
via Brooklyn BrewShop

10. Handmade Candles

Check out these handmade candles to find the perfect romantic gift for her or a thoughtful Christmas gift for girlfriends. These rose-scented "Love" candles are hand-poured, vegan and beautifully minimalistic. 

  •  Price: $17

11. Plants 

Plants are the new flowers, and, unlike flowers, they don’t die after a week. Plants make great romantic gifts for her because she can watch them grow alongside your relationship. Visit your local nursery, or explore a curated succulent set

  •  Price: $22.99

succulents in a glass terrarium
via Canva

12. Robe

This lightweight robe will leave her feeling like she’s at a five-star resort in her own home. You can select this robe in her favorite color or stick with the classic white or a useful cozy gift

  • Price: $23.49+

13. Fun Book for Couples

This engaging paperback activity book for couples is filled with questions and games for you and your partner. Impress your girlfriend with your desire to delve deeper, whether you’ve been together a few months or several years.

  •  Price: $12.99

The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples book cover
via LovityNote

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her 

14. Cooking Classes

Whether she loves sushi, dumplings or enchiladas, you can book a class to learn authentic recipes together. There are cooking classes in Boston, cooking classes in D.C. and more cooking classes near you waiting to be explored. If you prefer a night in, check out online cooking classes to be connected with talented chefs all over the world.

  • Price: $29+

15. Foodie Gift Card

Searching for romantic birthday gifts can lead to an overwhelming number of options. If you’re unsure, purchase a foodie gift card that never expires for a useful romantic gift. Gift cards can go towards cooking classes, private chef experiences, tours and tastings, or even be used in the Cozymeal Shop

  • Price: $10+

a foodie gift card is a thoughtful romantic gift
via Cozymeal

16. Nice Sheets 

Nothing is more romantic than snuggling in bed together. Make her more comfortable with these incredibly soft bed sheets. They have an 1,800 thread count and come in different colors.

  •  Price: $29.97

17. Tea Cup Set

If your partner enjoys hot tea, check out these vintage mismatched tea cups. Buy one cup for her or several cups and a teapot. This is a romantic gift that is both useful and decorative.

  •  Price: $24.95+

elegant floral design tea cups
via TheDelicateDish

18. Floating Plant Pot

If your partner is a certified plant lady, she’ll love this levitating planter. Plug the base into an outlet and balance the pot on the magnet. Watch it float like magic. This pot will look great on her desk or bedside table.

  •  Price: $53.99

19. Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker

Does your wife or girlfriend spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting her makeup? If so, she’ll love this vanity mirror with Bluetooth capabilities. She can play music while she gets ready, and both of you can practice singing in the shower. 

  •  Price: $36.99

a lighted mirror with bluetooth speakers is a romantic gift for her
via BeautifyBeauties

20. Film Roll Keychain

This personalized photo film roll keychain is the gift she will carry with her every day. Choose from 10, 15 or 20 pictures to feature in this pull-out film roll that is sure to bring a smile to her face. 

  •  Price: $20.99+

Romantic Gifts for Husband

21. Food Tour

If your husband enjoys learning about culture through local eats, then a food tour is the perfect romantic gift for him. Consider taking a trip to a new neighborhood and checking out food tours in San Francisco, food tours in NYC and beyond, or book one of the food tours near you to explore your own city.

  • Price: $59+ 

people enjoying a walking food tour
via Cozymeal

22. Beer Making Kit 

Your husband will have a blast with this Brooklyn BrewShop Everyday IPA Making Kit. This kit comes with everything he’ll need to create IPA brews at home, and the equipment is reusable so he can produce endless batches.

  •  Price: $48

23. Cast Iron Grill Pan

This Finex 10” Cast Iron Grill Pan will excite any grill enthusiast, as it brings out the best flavors in foods. If your husband spends his weekends in the backyard by the grill, this is one of the best cast iron pans money can buy. Price: $160

Finex 10 Inch Cast Iron Grill Pan
via Finex

24. Back Massager 

Is your husband always complaining about back and neck pain? Maybe he works a laborious or stressful job. This back massager will help alleviate all his aches. He’ll appreciate the relief as well as your thoughtfulness.  

  •  Price: $49.95

25. Song Lyrics Art

If you and your husband have a special song, get him some song lyric art that he can hang in the home or in his office. 

  •   Price: $27.15+

song lyrics art print
via Wandering Rabbit Print

26. Lingerie Nightgown

To really surprise your husband, check out some elegant lingerie and select something that will make you feel amazing. Then take some boudoir-style Polaroid pictures and compile them in a secret envelope for him. 

  •  Price: $20+

Romantic Gifts for Boyfriend

27. Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Does your boyfriend love a good scotch or bourbon drink? Consider booking him one of these virtual whiskey tastings where he can learn from experts how to make advanced whiskey cocktails while sipping on some excellence. This also makes a great Christmas gift for men in general!

  • Price: $25+

a virtual whiskey tasting is a thoughtful romantic gift
via Canva

28. Online Mixology Class

If your boyfriend doesn’t prefer whiskey, check out these online mixology classes. These classes cover everything from elevated brunch cocktails to drinks made with ice cream to how to craft the perfect nightcap. Learn the techniques of the best bartenders, and enjoy your creations. 

  •  Price: $29+

29. Long Distance Touch Bracelet

While many people believe technology divides us, couples in long-distance relationships know technology also brings people together. This set of two touch bracelets is a gift you’ll both enjoy. Every time you touch your bracelet, your partner’s bracelet vibrates and lights up, letting him know you’re thinking of him. 

  •  Price: $108

bond touch long distance bracelets
via Bond Touch

30. Wallet Card

These wallet cards make inconspicuous yet romantic gifts for him. Personalize the card with a message in your handwriting, and add a picture on the other side. 

  •  Price: $20.69

31. Couple Game

The Ultimate Game for Couples is a great romantic gift for him. Bond like never before with this card game that asks you to guess your partner’s answers to questions. Some cards also feature dares. You can even play with other couples, so invite a few friends over for a fun double date idea!

  •  Price: $24.99

the ultimate game for couples
via The Ultimate Game for Couples

32. Sound Wave Art

This wooden sound wave art is a romantic birthday gift that looks good in any space. Choose your boyfriend’s favorite song, a song that reminds you of him or a recording of your voice to be imprinted in the wood. This would also make a wonderful first anniversary gift or even a thoughtful wedding gift for couples if you know their favorite love song.

  •  Price: $80

33. Journal 

Gift him the journal he could never buy himself by purchasing a Moleskin notebook and writing messages on each page. Include things you love about him, inside jokes, quotes or even prompts. You can add stickers or doodles, but make sure you leave plenty of space for your boyfriend to write. 

  •  Price: $21.95

a moleskin journal is a thoughtful romantic gift
via Canva

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Him

34. Double Hammock

Hang out with your man like two peas in a pod in this comfortable hammock for two. Select one in his favorite colors, and make sure to get tree straps. 

  • Price: $69.95 

35. Face Moisturizer 

Let’s face it, men aren’t always the best at skincare. Gift your guy this face moisturizer for men that doubles as aftershave and works on all different skin types. He’ll appreciate feeling pampered, and you’ll appreciate his softer skin. 

  •  Price: $24.95

rugged and dapper skincare
via Rugged & Dapper

36. Portable Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is great for any music lover and can be used at the beach, in the gym or for impromptu dance parties around the house. It has a long battery life so you won’t have to worry about it shutting off in the middle of your fun.

  •  Price: $39.99

37. A Nice Watch

Buy your boyfriend or husband a tasteful watch, and he’ll cherish the romantic gift each time he wears it. A nice watch enhances any outfit, and he’ll take pride knowing it was gifted from someone he loves. Shop Michael Kors for watches to match any style. 

  •  Price: $130+

michael kors gold mens watch
via Michael Kors

38. Matching Yoga Mats

This yoga mat is a romantic gift that is sure to get your hearts pumping, literally. Purchase two mats if you don’t have one, and practice yoga together to bring more peace and balance into your relationship.

  •  Price: $24.99

39. Boxer Briefs Three-Pack 

Nice undergarments aren’t just for women, and oftentimes men won’t splurge when it comes to something like underwear. This set of Calvin Klein boxer briefs will have your man feeling like a king. 

  •  Price: $45

calvin klein boxer briefs are a romantic gift for him
via Calvin Klein


What is a good romantic gift?

A good romantic gift is something the recipient wants or needs but wouldn’t get for themselves, either because they haven’t thought of it or because of the price. A romantic gift is thoughtful, considerate and specific to the receiver. It can be an activity, experience gift or item that brings you closer together.

What are good sentimental gifts for your boyfriend?

Sometimes men try to act like they aren’t sentimental, but deep down they are. Sentimental gifts for your boyfriend are discrete, yet thoughtful. Amazing gifts for him are an experience or an item he will use daily and think of you. Personalized or handmade gifts often make the most romantic gifts. 

What are romantic gifts for your girlfriend?

Think about your girlfriend and who she truly is. What are her hobbies and interests? What is something she always talks about wanting to try? Romantic gifts for your girlfriend answer these questions. Whether she’s into cooking, home decor, beauty products, art, plants or something else, a good romantic gift caters to her personal desires.

Now that you have plenty of romantic gift options for your significant other, it’s time to get shopping. Whatever you choose, your loved one is sure to adore it, because after all, the thought is what counts.

To find even more romantic gift ideas or gifts for others in your life, check out experiences and cookware on Cozymeal. 

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