51 Fun Double Date Ideas to Spice Up Date Night

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fun double date ideas

If you're tired of the same old date nights time and time again, have you considered double date ideas? Breathe new life into your date night routine by bringing your favorite fellow couple into the picture for a cute double date. If you’re unsure of things to do on a double date, the list below will help get you started. 

From foodie experiences to creative activities to free group outings, there are all sorts of fun double date ideas to explore. Each of these group date ideas offer their own benefits, so why not try to tick them all off the list?


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Foodie Double Date Ideas

1. Cooking Classes

If you and your partner like to cook, some hands-on group culinary classes are the ultimate double date idea. Whether you’re looking for cooking classes in NYC, cooking classes in Dallas or beyond, there are plenty of chef-led cooking classes near you to choose from.

cooking classes on cozymeal are fun double date ideas
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2. Online Cooking Classes 

You don’t have to go anywhere to learn the art of great home cooking! Enhance your culinary skills from wherever you are with online cooking classes. These live, fully-interactive classes are perfect for a long-distance or remote double date, or even if you're just in the mood for a laid-back stay-home date idea

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3. Food Tours

Food tours near you are a great way to discover the best of your city’s culinary scene, history and culture. Whether you’re interested in food tours in San Francisco, food tours in Chicago or elsewhere, guided food tours make fun double date ideas and offer something delicious for everyone.

friends enjoying a walking food tour
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4. Private Chef Experiences

Dine in luxury by booking a private chef as an indulgent double date idea. Private chefs come to you with all of the skills, equipment and ingredients needed to prepare a spectacular meal. You won’t lift a finger as they handle the cooking, serving and kitchen cleanup. There are private chefs in Los Angeles, private chefs in Houston and beyond — browse all private chefs near you to pick your favorite. 

5. Online Mixology Classes

Online mixology classes are one of the most fun double date ideas for any couple who loves the charm of happy hour, minus the crowded bar scene. Each guided class is led by a master mixologist who can show you how to make picture-perfect craft cocktails worth raising a toast to.

online mixology classes are a fun double date idea
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6. Whiskey Tastings

If you and your partner love bonding with your whiskey aficionado friends, there’s no greater double date idea than a hands-on whiskey tasting. You’ll get to learn the ins and outs of your favorite distilled spirit with the help of a renowned scotch steward, including cocktail recipes, food pairings and more.

7. Coffee Classes

There’s no simpler joy than a cup of coffee in the morning; except maybe learning how to brew your own café-quality coffee at home! Coffee classes are the best way to learn the ropes from world-class baristas and make fun double date ideas for all the caffeine lovers in the crowd. 

latte art in a mug
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8. Virtual Wine Tastings

You and your crew can learn the delicate art of wine tasting from home with a unique virtual wine tasting experience. With guidance from a five-star sommelier or chef, you’ll learn the basics of tasting and identifying an assortment of wines without even leaving home. Plus, you’ll get a lesson in gourmet food pairings to top off the night.

9. Winery Tours and Tastings

If you prefer an in-person wine tasting experience, a local tour and tasting is a great double date option. With a tour, you’ll get to see the winemaking process firsthand and get to try a range of different varieties along the way.

friends enjoying a winery tour double date
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10. Brewery Tours and Tastings 

Beer is just as complex as wine, but a brewery tour will help demystify the bubbly beverage. Why not explore the art of brewing and discover the difference between various types of beers?

11. Barbecue

If the weather’s nice at the time of your date, invite your fellow couple over for a backyard barbecue. There are few better ways to bond than over grilling sausages, corn or veggie burgers over an open flame. 

friends enjoying a double date barbecue
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12. Baking Day

If you’re after fun date ideas for sweets lovers, gather your partner and pals and whip up some baked goods for your next double date. You can even have a decorating contest! Baking days make for especially apt Christmas date ideas or Halloween date ideas for the sheer number of holiday-related shapes and themes involved.

Creative Double Date Ideas

13. Drink and Draw

If you prefer to hit the town while flexing your creative muscles, a wine and painting class is a fun, surefire way to help you release those pre-date jitters.

a wine and paint event is a fun double date idea
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14. Pictionary Night

A game of Pictionary is always a good double date idea. Just make sure that your pencils are sharpened and your paper is blank before the games begin! This is an especially fantastic weeknight date idea because it's so low-key. 

15. Ceramics Class

Do you have a knack for ceramics? Show off your skills and maybe even make a cute gift for your date with a guided pottery class.

a group ceramics class is a fun double date idea
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16. Vision Board

For long-term partners, there’s no better way to map out your future together than by making creative vision boards that outline your personal and relationship goals. Where do you hope life is taking you next?

17. Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got good organization skills, create your own scavenger hunt. They always make fun double date ideas and are sure to lead to lasting memories.

young couple playing a scavenger hunt
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18. Charades

Do you consider yourself much of an actor? Test your skills and see how well your partner and friends know you with a game of double date charades. 

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19. Gallery Tour

For a creative double date activity, check out the exhibits happening at your local art gallery and bond over your favorite pieces.

a gallery tour is a fun double date idea
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20. Photoshoot

Want to freshen up your photo album? Grab another couple and take turns snapping cute photos of each other and making memories on your next double date. This is a perfect last-minute date idea because it requires no prep-work or planning. 

Outdoorsy Double Date Ideas

21. Hiking

A day on the trails is always fun, but even better with friends. If you’re planning a double date soon, find your nearest hiking path and head off on an adventure.

group of friends hiking in front of a mountain
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22. High Ropes Course

Whether you’re already a high ropes pro or a novice that wants to overcome your fear of heights, there’s no better way to do a high ropes course than with your partner and friends by your side.

23. Beach Day

Live near a beach? Beach days are free and fun double date ideas that anyone will enjoy. Just don’t forget towels and snacks!

a beach day is a fun outdoorsy double date idea
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24. Ice Skating

Ice skating with a hot cocoa in hand is always a fun activity for couples. If you’re after fun date ideas, consider heading to your local skating rink for a group session.

25. Roller Skating

Alternatively, head to a roller rink if you prefer land to ice. It’s just as fun and a great form of fitness that you can do practically anywhere. 

person lacing up a pair of roller skates
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26. Go-Kart Racing

Does your partner always try to backseat drive? Let them be in full control by challenging another couple to a go-kart race on your next double date outing!

27. Sailing

If you’re searching for cute double date ideas, consider renting a boat and going sailing for the day. It’s a romantic activity you’re sure to remember for years to come.

sail boat on the water during sunset
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28. Camping

Got a long weekend coming up? Camping makes for a great extended double date idea with people you’re comfortable spending a lot of time with.

29. Cycling 

A bike ride is a pleasant way to bond with your friends on your next double date. Whether you’re road cycling or enjoying a leisurely beach ride, this makes a lovely date activity.

cycling is a fun double date idea
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30. Zoo

Animal lovers shouldn’t overlook the wonder of the zoo as a date venue. Zoos are fun double date ideas that will keep you entertained all day.

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Exciting Double Date Ideas

31. Laser Tag

Laser tag is always better in groups, making a double date the perfect time to play. See who can rack up the most points while you run around the course.

group of friends playing laser tag
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32. Escape Room

If you’ve never tried an escape room, a double date is the perfect opportunity to experience one and bond with your group in the process. You’ll have to work together to solve riddles, overcome obstacles and beat the clock.

33. Bowling

Whether you prefer cosmic or traditional, bowling is an exciting, engaging and classic date idea for couples and groups of all sizes.

group of friends bowling
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34. Amusement Park

Like roller coasters? Head to your nearest amusement park on your next double date. With games, rides and snacks, there’s plenty to keep you and your date entertained.

35. Concert

If you and your friends share musical taste, concerts make fun double date ideas. Make a night out of seeing your favorite act or check out a new performer you’ve never heard.

people putting their hands up during a concert
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36. Karaoke

Put your singing skills to the test! Hit up a karaoke bar on your next double date outing, providing the perfect opportunity for duets and serenades.

37. Mini Golf

Golf may not sound like the most exciting date activity, but mini golf sure is. If you enjoy putt putt, consider it for your next group date.

mini golf clubs, balls and score card on a table
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38. Sporting Event

Whether you prefer baseball, basketball, football or tennis, sporting matches are fun double date ideas for any sport lover. 

39. Rock Climbing

Athletic or not, rock climbing is an exhilarating double date idea. If you have a local climbing gym, book a few hours for a fun way to take date night to new heights.       

group of friends rock climbing in a gym
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40. Dance Class

Want to learn the art of ballroom dancing or perfect your hip-hop moves? Find your rhythm by booking a group dance class for your next double date.

Free Double Date Ideas

41. Beach Volleyball 

Cute double date ideas don’t have to cost money. Beach volleyball is a fun and free option, as long as you have a beach nearby to do it.

beach volleyball is a fun double date idea
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42. Trivia Night

Many bars and restaurants host free trivia nights, making this a cheap date idea as long as you’re willing to buy a few drinks. 

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43. Free Comedy Show

If you’ve got a comedy club in your area, it may offer free improv or stand-up nights, both of which make funny and fun group date ideas. 

laugh factory comedy club sign
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44. Walking Tour

Most large cities have free walking tours that will teach you the history and hidden secrets of the area. But if there's not one near you, you can always host your own as a group date.

45. Volunteer

Bond with your partner and fellow couple while doing good by volunteering on your next double date. From the animal shelter to the soup kitchen, there’s no shortage of ways to help.

volunteering is a unique double date idea
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46. Movie Night

If you have a screen to share, you’ve got all you need to host a movie date night. To make it even better, get each person to contribute their favourite movie snack that you can all share as you watch.

47. Picnic

Pack a basket of your favorite snacks and head out on a picnic for your next double date. They may be free, but picnic date ideas are always a blast regardless of budget.

group of friends enjoying a picnic
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48. Foraging

As long as you’ve done all your research beforehand, foraging outings are fun date ideas. Search for edible herbs, flowers and even fungi and cook up your findings once you’re done.

49. Video Game Competition

No matter your game of choice, a gaming tournament is a fun and slightly competitive double date idea that any video game lover is sure to enjoy.

a video game competition is a fun double date idea
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50. Public Museum 

Museums make fun date ideas as it is, but they're even better when they're free. Many museums offer free admission on certain days or times of the week. If there’s a free admission day coming up near you, grab your pals and plan to spend the day there on your next date.

51. Double Doggy Date

If you and your coupled-up pals have pups, include them in the fun by taking them to the park for a double doggy date.

yellow and chocolate labs on leashes
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As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun double date ideas to explore, from foodie double date options to creative dates to free double date ideas. No matter you and your partner’s interests or budget, there are great group date ideas to suit every couple. 

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