101 Fun Things for Couples to Do Besides Dinner and a Movie

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fun things for couples to do
Last Updated on September 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

Discovering fun things for couples to do that are different from the norm is one of the best parts of date night. It’s easy to get tied up in the same old and mundane activities. Trying something new together will only strengthen your bond and help you learn more about each other. 

Whether you’ve got kids and need an adults-only night out, or you’re looking to spice things up, there are plenty of exciting date ideas for couples. Here is a list to help get you started! 


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Foodie Things for Couples to Do 

1. Cooking Classes 

Experience the joy of cooking together when you take cooking classes near you. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a total beginner, you'll find cooking classes in New Orleanscooking classes in Chicago and beyond. There’s a little something for everyone, with classes for every skill level and taste.

cooking classes are fun things for couples to do
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2. Food Tours

Guided food tours near you are an easy way to explore your city’s local food scene and make for great day date ideas. Try food tours in Seattle, food tours in San Francisco and more to find new cuisines that’ll send your tastebuds soaring! 

3. Private Chef Experiences

Put a spin on a dinner date with a five-star meal courtsey of private chefs near you. Each experience includes your very own personal chef to shop for and cook a variety of elegant dishes. Kitchen cleanup is even provided at the end! Discover private chefs in San Diego, private chefs in NYC and more. 

4. Winery Tours and Tastings 

Wineries let you savor a variety of wines all in one day. Take in the atmosphere while strolling through the vineyards if you’re looking for fun things for couples to do.

couple enjoying glasses of wine on a wine  tour
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5. Brewery Tours and Tastings 

Learn how beer is made when you join a brewery tour and tasting. You’ll get to explore new types of beer while getting a vast education on different varieties. 

6. Chinatown 

San Francisco has one of the most famous Chinatowns in the U.S., but several other cities have their own versions. Discover new foods in your city by taking an excursion.

7. Berry Picking 

Depending on where you live, strawberry, raspberry or blueberry fields may be open to the public for a fee. Fresh berries are a neat way to incorporate organic food into your kitchen. 

berry picking is a fun thing for couples to do
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8. Pizza Challenge 

Eating multiple pizzas make for a fun thing for couples to do. From deep-dish to NYC-style thin crust, you’ll be surprised at the varieties! 

9. S’mores Night 

Hosting a s’mores night in the backyard is a fun, laid back thing for couples to do. Mix and match different chocolate flavors and marshmallows for a sticky, yet lovely mess. 

10. Frozen Yogurt Shops

Mix up your own frozen yogurts at a self-serve yogurt shop. These popular places have an assortment of exciting toppings and typically charge by the weight of your cup at checkout. 

young couple laughing and eating frozen yogurt
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11. Cookie Exchange 

Exchanging family cookie recipes with friends are fun things for couples to do. Whip up a dozen of your favorite cookies and plan a cookie swap with your best buds for a fun double date idea

12. Cake Walk 

Like a walk in the park, a cake walk will bring friends and family together and makes for good old-fashioned fun. 

13. Make Pizzas 

Homemade pizzas always make for fun things for couples to do. Electric pizza makers can be found online, while your oven at home will also do the same.

young couple making homemade pizza in their kitchen
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14. Rent a Cotton Candy Machine 

Rent an at-home machine that lets you create your own cotton candy cones from scratch. Bring a taste of the fair home for some unforgettable fun! 

15. Ice Cream Sundae Night 

There’s nothing like making a hearty sundae. If you’re looking for fun things for couples to do, this will take the cake.

16. Make Cupcakes 

Sweets are always a special treat. Bake up a batch of fluffy cupcakes and decorate them as a fun thing for couples to do. 

making cupcakes is a fun thing for couples to do
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17. Gingerbread House Decorating 

Holiday season or not, building gingerbread homes is a creative thing for couples to do. Make it a competition and see who wins the most votes on social media. 

18. Make Breakfast Together 

Start the morning off right and make your favorite breakfast dishes for each other. This is a charming thing for couples to do. 

19. Barbeque 

Fire up the heat and get grilling. A backyard feast is always a fun thing for couples to do and will put your BBQ skills to the test. 

young couple grilling together on the barbecue
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20. Mix Up Smoothies 

For a healthier way of life, smoothies add vitamins to your everyday diet. Get healthy with your partner and start blending. 

21. Homemade Snow Cones 

Whether you have a snow cone machine or a blender, a cold cone is the perfect way to enjoy a summer day. Mix your favorite syrups to make a creation of your own. 

22. Recreate High End Dishes

Turn your kitchen into a fine dining restaurant for half the price! Dress up and enjoy a classy dinner at home with homemade meals. 

gourmet dinner with vegetables and lamb medallion
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23. Play Blindfolded Taste Testing 

See who can guess the most items around the kitchen while blindfolded. You’ll really send your tastebuds into a frenzy. 

24. Learn Icing Techniques 

Baking is always a fun thing for couples to do but learning how to perfect icing techniques can add to your creations. Look up videos on how to create roses, lettering and more for homemade cakes, or learn from the experts in an online cake decorating class.

25. Go Vegan 

For a healthier lifestyle, try going vegan and planning some plant-based dishes together. You’ll be surprised at how many of your traditional meat dishes can turn into vegan classics using fresh ingredients. Look up a few creative recipes yourself or get a live lesson in an online vegan cooking class.

going vegan is a fun thing for couples to do together
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Fun Things for Couples to Do at Home 

26. Online Cooking Classes 

Learn how to cook like a master chef without ever leaving your home! Live online cooking classes will guide you through creating decadent dishes and favorite recipes for a fun night in. For a more romantic spin, check out online cooking classes for couples.

27. Online Mixology Classes 

Create crafty cocktails of your own with online mixology classes. Whether you’re looking for a new date night idea or a unique thing to do together at home, each class is designed to help you discover your best bartending skills. 

28. Virtual Whiskey Tastings

A simple glass of whiskey is a great way to end the night. Virtual whiskey tastings are fun things for couples to do while learning all about the bold flavors of whiskey. You’ll get recipes for whiskey cocktails plus suggestions for food pairings that complement each glass.

whiskey old fashioned with citrus peel
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29. Online Coffee Classes

If you’re a fiend for caffeine, online coffee classes are a fun thing for couples to do and spend some time together. Learn how to grind beans and brew the perfect cup for any breakfast with your special someone.

30. Virtual Wine Tastings 

From pinot grigio to merlot, discover the unique tastes of wines with help from a world-class chef or sommelier. Savor rich flavors while learning about gourmet food pairings, tasting notes and more in virtual wine tastings.  

31. Upgrade Your House 

If you’ve got a few DIY projects to tackle, get them done together. Renovating is a fun thing for couples to do at home. 

couple painting the walls of their home blue
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32. Play Card Games 

There’s no way you know every card game. Learn the rules of a few more together so that maybe next time you’ll win big at the casino. 

33. Do a TikTok Challenge 

Doing a TikTok challenge is a fun thing for couples to do. Who knows; you might become famous!

34. Read the Same Book 

Read the same book, then take time to discuss it afterwards. This will lead to insightful conversations. 

reading the same book is a fun thing for couples to do together
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35. Attend a Virtual Concert 

Experience a concert from your living room. Sit back and enjoy the show without the inconvenience of large crowds. 

36. Play 20 Questions 

Create a list of 20 questions to ask each other and dig deep into each other’s thoughts. This will help create a stronger bond. 

37. Conserve Energy

Turn off all the electronics and simply enjoy each other’s company. Use flashlights and get creative. 

conserve energy for a fun thing for couples to do
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38. Look at Old Vacation Photos 

Reminisce on some of your favorite past vacations. Pour some wine and browse old videos and photos. 

39. Research Your Family History 

Discovering your family tree is always a thrill. You never know what you’ll uncover. 

40. Karaoke 

Turn your living room into a karaoke bar. Crank up the tunes and try your best impressions. 

girls singing karaoke in their home
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41. Learn a New Language 

Whether you love travelling or learning new things, mastering a new language will help in many forms of life. Devote one night a week to practicing together. 

42. Draw Each Other 

Take your best shot at drawing a self portrait of your loved one. It’s interesting to see things from their point of view. 

43. At Home Spa Day 

Treat each other to foot rubs, back massages, facial treatments and more. Creating your own spa at home is much cheaper than going out and more romantic. 

an at home spa day is a fun thing for couples to do
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44. Play Twister 

Spice things and play an adult version of Twister with less clothes. This game is a fun thing for couples to do and lets you get creative. 

45. Create Nicknames 

If you already don’t have interesting pet names, now’s the time to make them. Craft funny and sweet nicknames to call each other that no one else will know about.

46. Pull an All-Nighter 

Sleepovers were the most fun when trying to stay up all night. Challenge each other to see how long you can last stay awake. 

couple laughing in bed trying to stay up all night
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47. Sleep Under the Stars

You don’t need to leave home to go camping. Pitch a tent in the backyard and grab some sleeping bags. 

48. Create a Romantic Bedroom 

Sprinkle some rose petals, run a bath and light some candles to turn your home into a romantic destination. This will spark up your typical date night. 

49. Plan Your Next Trip 

If you’re getting the itch to travel, start planning your next getaway. It’s a fun thing for couples to do together. 

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Hobbies for Couples 

50. Knitting 

Make homemade things in no time. Once started, you’ll discover how fun it is to knit scarves, blankets and more! 

51. Bucket Lists 

Create a bucket list and have fun marking off items together. Bucket lists are fun things for couples to do and make memories to last. 

52. Painting 

Painting is a soothing way to enjoy time together. Create beautiful works of art using watercolors, acrylics or oils on canvas. 

couple painting on canvases together
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53. Board Games

Learning and playing new board games are fun things for couples to do. You can also share the fun with family and friends. 

54. Coloring

Adult coloring books are easy to find and provide hours of relaxation. Spend an evening coloring together and unwind after a long day.

55. Museums 

Visiting different museums is a fun thing for couples to do. Plus, you’ll get to travel the world by taking up this hobby. 

visiting museums is a fun thing for couples to do together
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56. Repurposing furniture

Turning trash into treasure is a fun hobby for couples and also very rewarding. Seeing the finished masterpiece will leave you wanting to do more. 

57. Scrapbook 

Start a scrapbook and add your favorite memories. Keep adding to it as the years go by. 

58. Make Pottery 

Pottery classes are a hands-on learning experience. They also make fun talking pieces for your household. 

couple making pottery together on a throwing wheel
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59. Play a Musical Instrument 

From guitar to piano, making beautiful music together is a fun thing for couples to do. Try writing a song of your own.

60. Make Each Others' Favorite Recipes 

Make it a point to try something new in the kitchen and try to recreate each other's favorite dish. Even if you’re not an experienced cook, it will be exciting. 

61. Play Chess 

Learn how to master this intellectually challenging game together. It’s an easy way to pass time. 

playing chess is a fun thing for couples to do
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62. Tie-Dye 

Get groovy and tie-dye away. This makes for a fun thing for couples to do and creates art for others to enjoy. 

63. Collect Something 

From rocks to coins, collecting is a fun thing for couples to do. See how long you can build your collection. 

64. Volunteer 

Giving back to your community is always a great feeling and a fun thing for couples to do. 

couple volunteering at a park cleanup
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65. Listen to New Music 

Jamming to new tunes is a fun thing for couples to do. You’ll learn something new about each other’s taste in music. 

66. Crossword Puzzles 

Crossword puzzles are a fun thing for couples to do and help pass the time. It’s always interesting to see who finishes each puzzle. 

67. Meditate 

This calming practice is a fun thing for couples to do. Rebalance your chakras and find inner peace to a healthier relationship. 

meditating is a fun thing for couples to do together
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68. Photography 

Do you have the eye for photography? Learning new photography skills is a fun thing for couples to do and could lead to a business one day. 

69. Sewing 

Repair your favorite clothes or make new ones when you learn to sew. This skill is always a fun thing for couples to do and comes in handy. 

70. Swimming

Whether you’re a good swimmer or a beginner, swimming is great exercise and makes a fun thing for couples to do together. 

couple having fun swimming in a lake
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71. Thrifting

Stumbling across a good find is always exciting. Thrifting is a fun thing for couples to do together, especially in small towns. 

72. Tarot Cards

Get spiritual and tell your fortune. Tarot cards make for fun things for couples to do and are even great to bring out at parties. 

73. Dancing

There’s nothing more romantic than a good dance partner. Dancing is a fun thing for couples to do and helps polish your skills for the next wedding you attend. 

middle-aged couples slow dancing outdoors
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74. Bowling

Hitting up the bowling alley is a fun thing for couples to do who are looking for something new. This classic game can become a weekly hobby. 

Outdoorsy Things for Couples to Do 

75. Hiking  

Getting some good exercise while also taking in some nature views makes hiking a fun thing for couples to do. Find a trail and go explore! 

76. Campout 

Camping makes for making memories that will last a lifetime. Pitch a tent and snuggle up around the campfire. 

camping is a fun thing for couples to do
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77. Mini Golf

Hit the green and see who can score a hole in one for a classic and fun thing for couples to do. 

78. Fly a Kite

Head out of the house and enjoy an activity from your childhood. Flying a kite can be adventurous depending on where the wind takes you. 

79. Have a Picnic 

There’s nothing quite like planning a picnic date idea in a park. This simple, yet classic activity is a fun thing for couples to do. 

couple toasting glasses of wine while having a picnic
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80. Fishing 

Grab a fishing pole and head down to your local waters! If you’re a real pro, you’ll catch dinner. 

81. Waterpark 

Have a little fun in the sun and head out to your closest waterpark. Water rides always make for fun things for couples to do. 

82. Beach 

If you’re more into natural waters, a day at the beach is an equally fun thing for couples to do. Soak in the sun, go surfing or build a sandcastle. 

going to the beach is a fun thing for couples to do
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83. Farmers Markets 

Support local agriculture and grab some fresh produce at a farmers market. This is also a great way to learn about small businesses in your area.

84. Garden 

Gardening can be therapeutic and makes for a fun thing for couples to do. Plus, you’ll always have fresh veggies for the dinner table.  

85. Exercise 

Get up and get moving together. It’s easier to reach your fitness goals when you have someone supporting and encouraging you. 

exercise is a fun thing for couples to do together
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86. Road Trip 

Explore the open road and take a road trip. Roll the windows down and take in the scenery across state lines. 

87. Ride Bikes 

Take your bikes out of storage and ride around the neighborhood. A bike ride makes for a fun thing for couples to do. 

88. Kayaking 

Try your skills on the water and go for a peaceful kayak ride. If you don’t own one, you can easily rent them at most waterside spots. 

couple kayaking on a river
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89. Bird Watching 

This old school activity is one that could become a lifelong hobby. Identifying bird species is a fun thing for couples to do. 

90. Antiquing 

Mastering the art of antique shopping is a fun thing for couples to do. Start by scoping garage sales or outdoor markets. 

91. Yoga 

Yoga improves health and mental wellness. Embrace the great outdoors while enjoying your practice. 

middle aged couple getting ready to do yoga
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92. Watching the Sunset 

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with your loved one. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. 

93. Learn a New Sport 

Practice makes perfect! Polish up on your gym class skills and try a new sport together. 

94. Skiing 

Hit the slopes and enjoy some fresh snow. You don’t have to be an expert skier to have fun, there’s slopes for beginners to pros. 

skiing is a fun thing for couples to do together
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95. Go Glamping 

If you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, glamping adds that little touch of nature. Enjoy first-class amenities without “roughing it.” 

96. Take a Day Trip 

Take some time to visit a new city. There’s always plenty to explore that you haven’t seen before. 

97. Visit a Zoo 

Grab some fresh air and get a beautiful view of exotic animals at the zoo. Try to spot as many animals as you can for a fun game.  

two colorful parrots at the zoo
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98. Explore a New Neighborhood 

An evening stroll around a new neighborhood is an easy way to get some fresh air. Besides, you might even find your next dream home. 

99. Visit Botanical Gardens 

Botanical gardens offer an array of exotic floral and greenery. They’re tended to by professionals for a picture-perfect scene every time. 

100. Hot Air Balloon Ride 

For something a little more daring, book a hot air balloon ride. It’s one sure way to take in the great outdoors. 

hot air balloon rides are a fun thing for couples to do
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101. Walk the Dogs 

Sometimes simpler is better. Take the dogs for a quick walk to get some fresh air.  

Although we’ve given you plenty to choose from, try selecting your top five to tackle this month. The more things you do as a couple, the more you’ll learn about each other. 

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