53 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Published on November 15, 2023 | 0 Comments
Gifts for men range from cooking classes to golf and tech gifts
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Are you looking for the best gift for a man who has everything? We’ve all been there; coming up with the perfect gift year after year can be stressful. Men in particular can be hard to shop for, even when other men are doing the shopping. What do men want, anyway?

To help with your perfect gift search, we’ve come up with a list of 53 unique and diverse gifts for men there’s sure to be something for every man in your life. Read on and start making your gift shopping list.


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Best Experience Gifts for Men

1. Cooking Class

Cooking classes near you can make an excellent gift for a man in your life. It’s a great gift for young men who may not know how to cook on their own yet, but really, it can be a fun gift at any age. Whether he’s making pasta at cooking classes in Portland or pizza at cooking classes in Toronto, he’ll love learning a new skill. 

  • Price: $65+
A cooking class is one of the memorable gifts for men
via Cozymeal

2. Food Tour

If a man in your life loves to try new foods, a food tour may be the perfect gift for him. He’ll get to try multiple restaurants that he may have never chosen on his own. Luckily, food tours are available in cities all over. He can go on diverse food tours in NYC, Southern food tours in New Orleans or any local food tours near you.

  • Price: $59+

3. Private Chef Meals

Going out to dinner is always fun but you can make it even more special by hiring a private chef to cook for the man in your life at home. No matter where you live, you'll find an array of private chefs near you who can cook him a professional meal he'll always remember.

  • Price: $49+
A person cutting tropical fruit
via Cozymeal

4. Virtual Culinary Experience

If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas for a man in your life, a virtual culinary experience is a great option. He can enjoy the gift from the comfort of his own home.

Online cooking classes are great for any man who’s looking to improve his culinary skills. For men of legal drinking age, virtual wine tastings led by expert sommeliers can be great for introducing them to the diverse and fascinating world of wine. For men who’d love to learn how to craft their favorite cocktails or mocktails, online mixology classes are perfect.

  • Price: $25+

5. Goldbelly Subscription

A subscription is an experience gift for men that keeps on giving! Goldbelly subscriptions have something for every man in your life, from monthly cookie subscriptions for those with a sweet tooth to savory pizza or BBQ subscriptions. 

A Goldbelly subscription is one of the most unique gifts for men
via Canva

Best Food Gifts for Men

6. Foodie Gift Card

Looking for gifts for someone who has everything can be incredibly frustrating. In that case, give the man in your life a handy foodie gift card. This gives him access to whatever Cozymeal experiences or shop items he wants, so he can choose his own gift.

  • Price: $10+

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7. Pizza Stone

Homemade pizza just isn’t the same without a pizza stone, but it’s something many pizza lovers never choose to buy. A pizza stone is one of our favorite cooking gifts for men this year. There are many excellent pizza stones to choose from, but we recommend the Fante’s Pizza 13” Stone as a great starter stone.

A pizza stone is one of the best gifts for men who like to cook
via Fante's

8. Tabletop Grill

There’s nothing quite like going outside on a hot day and grilling up some burgers or hot dogs. During the winter, however, using the grill isn’t quite as fun, and not everyone has the space for a big grill. To solve this problem, a tabletop grill, like the CuisineArt Griddler Grill and Panini Press is a great gift for men who yearn to grill from the comfort of their kitchens.  

9. Knife Set

A simple and high-quality knife set is a fantastic gift for a foodie man, especially one who’s always bought second-hand cutlery and supplies. A sharp knife makes a big difference while cooking. The Henckels Solution 15-Pc Knife Block Set is a chef-approved (and visually stunning) set that makes a great gift.

A wooden knife holder with knives in it
via Henckels

10. Pasta Maker 

Fresh pasta? Yes, please! Sure, dry pasta is fine most of the time, but nothing compares to fresh. The Anolon Gourmet Prep Chrome Plated Pasta Maker turns making pasta into a far easier task. It’s a great gift for men who want to upgrade their pasta night game.

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11. Zwilling Sorrento Double Wall Tumbler

Whiskey aficionados will be thrilled to receive a set of Zwilling Sorrento Double Wall Tumblers. These unique and stylish glasses feature a "wall" around the main glass which keeps whiskey at an optimal temperature for as long as possible.

A whiskey glass on a table next to a bottle of whiskey
via Zwilling

Best Gift Baskets for Men

12. Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

Harry & David makes some of the best gift baskets around, and several of them made their way to our list. The Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Box is the most luxurious option and one of the ideal gifts for men that will appeal to almost everyone. It even comes with its own cutting board. Baskets like these make great Christmas gifts for men.

13. Bacon Gift Basket

For a unique gift for a man, a bacon gift basket is a great choice. Sure, not all men are bacon lovers, but if you have a real “meat and potatoes” kind of guy in your life, you can’t go wrong with this. The Bacon Crate comes with bacon jerky, seasoning, peanut brittle and even jam.

A bacon gift basket is one of the unique gifts for men
via Man Crates

14. Snack Gift Basket

If there’s a man in your life who’s always snacking, you can’t go wrong with a snack gift basket. It’s full of all of the crunchy, sweet and salty snacks that he loves. The Snack Lovers Gift Basket will have enough delicious snacks to keep him occupied for a while.  

15. Pampering Gift Basket

Yes, men need pampering sometimes too, but they may not want to buy their own pampering kits. The men’s self-care gift set is full of self-care items that don’t read as too “feminine,” meaning even the toughest guy can treat himself. 

A selection of beauty products
via SpaLife

Best Gift Sets for Men

16. Fragrance Set

Does a man in your life need to improve his fragrance game? A fragrance gift set is one of the excellent gifts for men who love to smell fantastic but may not know where to start. It’s a good idea to gift a small sampler so he can try a variety of fragrances and choose the one that works best for him.

17. Male Grooming Set

Many men like to look well-groomed. If you know a man who always wants to look his best, a grooming gift set full of tools for his hair and skin makes an amazing gift. This gift for men also comes in a handy travel case, so he can take it with him wherever he goes.

A grooming kit is one of the best gifts for men
via Royce New York

18. A "Manly" Gift Set

If the idea of a manly gift set seems silly, that’s intentional. The Man Box is a gift set for men, full of all kinds of unique items. It has soap, a knife, a candle and even a fire-starting kit (among other things). It’s an amusing gift set that the recipient should love. 

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19. Spice Set

Do you know a man who loves to spend time in the kitchen? A smokehouse spice set is an excellent gift for him! High-quality spices can elevate his cooking in a real way. If you’re lucky, he’ll show off those new spices by having you over for a meal. 

Two rows of glass bottles with spices in them
via Thoughtfully

Best Small Gifts for Men

20. Multi-Tool Pen

Is it a pen, or is it something more? A multi-tool pen is an excellent stocking-stuffer gift for men, especially if they seem to have everything. It’s a pen, a ruler and so much more. It’s perfect for slipping into a pocket or small bag because you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

21. Mini Arcade Machine

Everything is cuter when it’s tiny, and this mini arcade machine is no exception. It’s the perfect gift for men who used to spend countless quarters at the arcade. It’s even desktop-sized, so it can fit anywhere.

A miniature arcade game machine
via My Arcade

22. Portable Espresso Machine

Men on the go value their caffeine. If a man in your life is always drinking energy drinks, give him another option with a portable espresso maker. He can enjoy a great cup of espresso (or even a nice mixed coffee drink) wherever he is.

23. Flashlight Gloves

If the man in your life is always fixing things or working on projects, he may benefit from flashlight gloves. They’re perfect for home tasks in dark places, painting miniatures, building things and so much more.

Flashlight gloves are one of the unique gifts for men
via Hinshark

Best Gifts for Young Men

24. Leather Wallet

Many young men are still in the “cash in pockets” phase of their lives. A sleek and stylish wallet, and even a simple leather tri-fold wallet, makes an excellent gift for men who are still in the early stages of adulthood. 

25. Stylish Trainers

Shoes can be both comfortable and stylish. Many young men want to be fashionable in a “casual” way, so they may struggle with unique and stylish footwear. Leather lace-up trainers make an excellent addition to any casual and chic wardrobe. They’re comfortable and stylish, but not too stuffy. They’re perfect for lounging around, running errands or even going on a date. 

A pair of black sneakers
via Marks and Spencer

26. Phone Camera Lenses

Do you know a man who is always taking photos with his phone? Whether they’re selfies, nature photos, photos of his car or anything else, you can upgrade his phone photographer game with a phone camera lens kit. His future photos will really pop.

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27. Beard Oil 

Beards are still in fashion. If a man in your life is trying to grow out his facial hair, beard oil will keep it looking and feeling smooth and healthy. It also smells fantastic. This is a great gift for young men who are still learning how to manage their beards.

Beard oil is one of the useful gifts for men
via Striking Viking

Best Luxury Gifts for Men

28. High-Quality Bag

Men deserve nice bags too. Whether he’s traveling for fun or work, the man in your life will love a fashionable leather weekend bag. It’s a nice upgrade from your average travel bag, that’s for sure. It’s also a perfect carry-on. 

29. Fine Whiskey

There’s nothing wrong with a bottle of Jack Daniels, but if the man in your life appreciates luxury, why not give him a whiskey tasting box? The Flaviar whiskey tasting boxes feature multiple kinds of carefully selected whiskey, sure to please whiskey lovers new and old. Other spirit-tasting boxes as well as single bottles of high-quality spirits are available from Flaviar as well. 

Two glasses of whiskey on a table
via Canva

30. Craft Meats

If you’re looking for a gift for a man who appreciates a fine meal, a nice cut of meat may be perfect for him. This isn’t your common everyday steak. A wagyu sampler will give him access to several delicious and high-quality steaks to throw on the grill.

31. Designer Watch

Watches never go out of style. For a man who loves to look put-together (and who always wants to be on time), a designer watch is an excellent gift. Try to choose a watch that suits his personal style so he can get the most use out of it. For example, someone with a minimalist style may want a stylish Swiss quartz black leather watch.

A watch is one of the classic gifts for men
via Movado

Best Golf Gifts for Men

32. At-Home Putting Green

You don’t need to be on the golf course to practice your putt. An at-home putting green is an excellent gift for a man who never stops trying to improve his golf game. Best of all, he can practice from the comfort of his living room. 

33. Golf Accessories Kit

A true golfer can never have too many golf accessories. A golf accessory kit will be perfect for his practice games. He’ll never have to go hunting for a ball or tee again!

A golf accessories kit is an excellent gift for men
via Jiksan

34. Golf Bag

A golf cart bag is another excellent gift for golf enthusiasts. This is where your golf-loving friend will store all of his clubs and other golf-must-haves. Find one that’s spacious and comfortable to carry around for long days on the golf course. 

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35. Backyard Golf Game

This isn’t a golf gift per se, but it’s an excellent gift for men who are golf enthusiasts. This golf-themed cornhole game is the perfect backyard activity for cookouts and other gatherings. No, it’s not real golf, but it’s a great way to have fun and bond.

A game with green nets, balls and a green bag
via Volcano Sports

Best Tech Gifts for Men

36. Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging station is a super convenient gift for a man who always needs to make sure that his devices are well-charged. There are many different charging stations to choose from, but make sure the one you pick is suitable for the types of devices your friend uses.

37. Tile Mate

Is a man in your life always losing things? We all know that guy. Give him a hand with a Tile Mate. He can attach this little device to whatever things he loses most and the app will help him find them. Hopefully, the thing he loses most isn’t his phone!

A Tile Mate is one of the best gifts for men that lose things
via Tile Mate

38. Mini Drone

A mini drone with a camera is an excellent tech gift for men. It’s great for tech lovers, photographers, people who love to make videos and more. This is notably one of the best “entry-level” drone gifts. 

39. Mini Projector

If the man in your life is always looking at his phone, why not give him a bigger screen to stare at? A mini phone projector is a unique gift for men that will allow him to watch all of his favorite things on a much bigger screen. 

A cellphone projector
via Xinteprid

Best Travel Gifts for Men

40. Packing Cubes

We can not overstate the convenience of packing cubes for travelers. They’re perfect for hikers, backpackers, people who travel for work and even casual weekend travelers. This gift for men can help the man in your life save space and stay organized when he’s on the go.

41. Travel Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes for everything these days. It stands to reason that there’s a travel subscription box as well. The Nomadik box comes full of travel gear for any worldly outdoorsman. You can even tailor this gift for men for specific adventures. 

A Nomadik box is one of the good gifts for men that like the outdoors
via The Nomadik

42. Packing List Notepad

This is a cute stocking stuffer for a man who loves to travel but hates to pack. If he’s always buying last-minute essentials at the airport, he’ll love (or at least be amused by) this handy packing checklist notepad. He can then pack the notepad (if he remembers!) to ensure he has everything back in his case for the trip home.

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43. National Parks Poster

Speaking of outdoorsmen, this is a great gift for one. The National Parks are some of the best treasures that the United States has to offer. A scratch-off National Parks poster will let the man in your life track his travels with ease. Crossing off that final park will feel like a huge accomplishment. 

A National Parks poster next to a rolled-up poster
via Bright Standards

Most Unique Gifts for Men

44. Smartphone Paper Airplane Kit

This is such a unique gift for a man who loves to have fun. You can upgrade a simple paper airplane with the power of your smartphone. The smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit brings tech and a simple childhood activity together for hours of creative fun.

45. Building Brick Mug

No one really grows out of building, right? If a man in your life is a lifelong brick builder, this cute building blocks mug will be perfect for him. He can use some of the bricks he already has to customize his mug every morning.

A green Lego brick mug next to other Lego pieces
via Fubarbar

46. Hot Sauce Advent Calendar 

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: hot sauce? Yes, that’s right. This year, why stop with one gift when you can give a whole season of gifts? A hot sauce advent calendar makes an excellent and unique gift for a man who likes things spicy.

47. Pet Portrait

Does a man in your life have a furry friend that he cherishes? This is an excellent handmade gift that he’ll love. Immortalize his companion with a custom pet portrait that he can display with pride.

A pet portrait is one of the best gifts for men with a companion animal
via RiverryStudio 

48. Personalized Whiskey Barrel and Whiskey-Making Kit

This is a great gift for any whiskey lover in your life. A personalized whiskey barrel and whiskey-making kit is a perfect gift for a man who appreciates the finer things and the effort and thought that goes into a personalized gift. Along with the personalized barrel, this gift comes with everything needed to age his own whiskey.

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Best Gifts for Men Under $50

49. Insulated Mug

An insulated mug, like the stackable mug from Yeti, is a good gift for a man who always has a cup of coffee or tea in his hand, especially if he loves camping. This mug will keep his beverages warm even if he’s out on a chilly morning in the wilderness.

A mug with a lid and a Yeti logo
via Yeti

50. Reusable Shopping Bags

More and more people are making sustainable choices. If you know a man who’s trying to go green, encourage him with this stocking stuffer. It’s also one of the most convenient gifts under $25. Reusable shopping bags come in countless styles and patterns, so you can choose some that match his vibe.

51. Tabletop Fire Pit

If you know a man who can’t resist a perfectly toasted marshmallow, a tabletop fire pit might be the perfect gift for him. He can stay warm and cozy and pretend he’s camping from the comfort of his desk.

A tabletop fire pit is one of the best gifts for men

52. Insulated Lunch Bag

There are few things more disappointing than a cold lunch. This Carhartt deluxe insulated lunch bag will stop that from happening. It will keep your giftee’s lunch at the perfect temperature until he’s ready to chow down. 

53. Scratch-Off Date Ideas

If you’re buying a gift for a partner, this is a fun one! This set of scratch-off date ideas offers a unique way to reignite the spark in a relationship and come up with fun activities that neither of you would have thought of on your own. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

A box that says
via It's a Date!

So which of these gifts for men are you adding to your to-buy list this year? With 53 gifts, there’s sure to be at least one for every man on your list. Whatever you get him, he’s guaranteed to love it! 

For even more gift ideas for men, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.