The Best Experience Gift Cards for Her or Him in 2021

Last Updated on September 22, 2021 | 0 Comments
The Best Experience Gift Cards for Her or Him in 2020
Last Updated on September 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Gift cards tend to get a bad rap, but experience gift cards flip the script. Far from impersonal, choosing an experience gift card requires a little bit more creativity. It is always more unique, more thoughtful, more fun and a fantastic catalyst for making unforgettable memories. 

Beyond the typical Amazon or Visa gift card, there are myriad ways to treat your friends and family to experiences they will never forget. And a word of advice: Leave the date and time open-ended for your experience gift. This gives the recipient some flexibility in deciding how and when to use their gift card.

Here’s a list of the best experience gift cards to give this year.


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1. Cooking Classes

Whether they have a new culinary obsession, are looking to discover the recipe for an old favorite or want to master the elusive dish they thought they could only get at restaurants, local professional chefs offer hands-on cooking classes that run the culinary gamut. You can get a Cozymeal gift card for any dollar amount to use toward a cooking class or other culinary experience on this list. And they never expire!

cooking classes make some of the best experience gift cards in 2020
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2. Online Cooking Classes

If the person you're gifting loves to cook at home, give them an experience gift card to online cooking classes taught by professional chefs stationed all over the world. They can take a class in the comfort of their own kitchen through an interactive, live-streaming virtual platform. They'll get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips and be able to ask all the questions they want. 

woman flipping pizza dough during an online cooking class
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3. Private Chef Experiences

Treat someone lucky in your life to a private multi-course meal prepared by a top-notch professional chef with a gift card for a private chef experience. No matter their favorite meal, there’s a private chef experience to please all palates (and budgets). They can choose the cuisine, date and time, and a local chef will source the finest ingredients and bring it all to their place to prepare an incredible meal with cleanup provided at the end.

give an experience gift card to a memorable private chef experience
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4. Online Mixology Classes

Give the gift of a crowd-free night in and the opportunity to master the art of cocktail making from home with professional-led online mixology classes. They'll learn all about the history of certain cocktails while receiving expert advice on stirring and shaking techniques, flavor combinations, perfecting how to pour, selecting tools and equipment, and more. An experience gift card for an online mixology class makes for a unique gift that will definitely shake things up.

bartender pouring a cocktail during a mixology class
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5. Virtual Wine Tastings

Bring a taste of the vineyard home with a live virtual wine tasting. The perfect experience gift card for your favorite wine drinker, these unique classes are led by some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the industry. Your recipient will get the chance to learn all about the history and process behind their favorite wines, plus gourmet food pairings the highlight the flavor notes of each selection.

friends enjoying a virtual wine tasting
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6. Virtual Whiskey Tastings

If you have a whiskey aficionado in your inner circle, an experience gift card for a virtual whiskey tasting is sure to be a hit. These live, fully interactive classes are led by talented scotch stewards with years of expertise in the field. Virtual whiskey tastings are an ideal way to learn about all things whiskey — including food pairings, details behind the distilling and aging processes, cocktail recipes and history.

bartender pouring whiskey cocktails
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7. Online Coffee Classes

The coffee lover in your life will love awakening their senses with fully interactive online coffee classes. Taught by talented baristas with a wealth of knowledge, this is an ideal way to learn in-depth techniques behind roasting your own beans, brewing the perfect cup and pouring an Instagram-worthy latte. Your recipient will also get to learn about coffees from around the world, different brewing equipment and accessories, and more.

online coffee classes are a great experience gift
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8. Food Tours

Treat that adventurous someone in your life to a cultural and culinary exploration of their city’s tastiest nook and crannies on a local walking food tour. By combining sweet and savory food tastings with fascinating stories, local culture, history and architecture, a food tour creates the perfect recipe for one of those one-of-a-kind experience gift cards.

food tours are great experience gift cards for foodies
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9. Sporting Event

No matter what their favorite sports are, there always seems to be a “big game” coming up, right? Whether it’s a big pro game or a small minor league game, tickets to a sporting event always make for great experience gifts.

football player holding the ball during a game
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10. Live Music

Whether a major arena tour or a local live show at a hole-in-the-wall dive, experience gift cards for live music events are a great gift for music lovers. Gift cards to a venue or ticket outlet are usually easy to find and often available online.

give the gift of live music with an experience gift card
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11. Fun Park

Spring for an experience gift card to a local fun park! Families and friends will enjoy rousing a little healthy competition on the go-kart track, mini golf course and batting cages. It’s more fun to go with a group, so make sure to give a dollar smouht that allows more than one person to go. 

drivers racing go-karts around a racetrack
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12. Spa

For that someone in your life who is always doing things for others, but never takes time for themselves and wouldn’t dream of treating themselves to a massage, a trip to the spa is an experience gift card that they will truly appreciate. 

experience gift cards to a spa are perfect for her or him in 2020
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13. Dance Classes

Think your friend can dance? Would they like to learn the samba? What about the waltz? Or the cha-cha? A gift card to a dance studio lets them decide! Give the gift of dance classes for a twirling good experience gift card idea. 

young couple ballroom dancing in the street
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14. Extreme Sports

Buckle your seat belt. In addition to ziplining and parasailing, you can find experience gift cards for skydiving, hot air balloon rides, whitewater rafting and more. The sky’s the limit!

an experience gift card to an extreme sports center is perfect for her or him in 2020
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Whether for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, engagements or just because, you can’t go wrong with these experience gift cards for him or her. Give the gift of an experience instead and help create memories that last a lifetime.

For more experience gift ideas for anyone and everyone in your life, check out other offerings on Cozymeal. Happy gift carding!

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