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A Guide to Team Building Activities in D.C.

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your guide to team building activities in d.c.

Are you looking for team building activities in D.C.? You're not alone! As America’s capital city, Washington, D.C. attracts a lot of businessmen, government officials and international tourists. According to Destination D.C., over 24 million travelers made a trip to D.C. in 2019.

With so many visitors, it’s hardly a surprise that D.C. boasts numerous activities and events for groups. Whether your team prefers to treat themselves at a Michelin-starred restaurant, uncover historical gems or relax in nature, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in D.C.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to team building activities in the D.C. area. Keep reading for 21 unique ideas!

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1. Culinary Team Building Activities in D.C.

From chef-led culinary classes to food tours and private chef experiences, team building activities in D.C. offer unique team bonding opportunities. Centered around a universally loved topic — great food — these memorable experiences put a special twist on the typical team building exercise.

While colleagues work together in the kitchen or bond over a shared meal, they'll get to build stronger relationships, work on their communication skills and brush up on their creative thinking. Plus, this team building activity in D.C. provides a great way to get out of the office and have some fun! What could be better than an Office Fiesta Face-Off, complete with a guacamole competition, DIY taco lunch station, trivia and virgin sangrias?

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2. Hands-On Cooking Classes

Between government workers and tourists, D.C. is a truly international city, which means there’s delicious, authentic cuisine from all over the world just waiting to be eaten. If you want to get your hands dirty, consider signing the group up for hands-on cooking classes in D.C. that span the culinary gamut.

Whether the group wants to use their team building activity in D.C. to learn how to roll picture-perfect sushi or whip up homemade pasta on par with the best Italian restaurants, there's something for every palate and skill level.

sample cuisine from around the world for a fun team building event in d.c.
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3. Online Culinary Team Building Activities

Include the telecommuters in the fun with interactive online team building activities. These live, totally virtual events can be done from anywhere you have a computer or smart device, making them the perfect option for remote workers or folks who can't meet up in person.

You can learn new culinary skills from top-rated chefs with online cooking classes, or create perfect homemade craft cocktails in online mixology classes. Tastings are another great way for long-distance teams to connect; virtual wine tastings are available to put a fun spin on the traditional work happy hour.

woman chopping vegetables in an online cooking class
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4. Discover the Smithsonian Museums

With team building activities in D.C., you have your pick of world-famous institutions as a venue. One of D.C.’s most popular attractions, the Smithsonian Institute is an impressive collection of dozens of museums, libraries, research centers and a zoo.

If you have a team filled with curious creatives who like to learn, it’s hard to imagine a better destination than the Smithsonian Museums. Though they can be packed with tourists, these massive museums feature some of the largest and most eclectic collections in the world, making them a must-see for any teams visiting D.C. 

discover the Smithsonian museums for unique team building activities in D.C.
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5. Visit the International Spy Museum

D.C. is full of museums, but few are as intriguing — or mysterious — as the International Spy Museum. Dedicated to the art of espionage, this interactive museum features numerous high-tech gadgets, as well as stories and artifacts from the CIA, FBI and even fictional spies.

One of the highlights is James Bonds’ 1963 Aston Martin DB5 from the movie Goldfinger. This museum makes a great choice as a location for a team building activity in D.C. if your group loves movies, spy culture or gadgets.

visit the international spy museum for a fun team building activity in d.c.
via The International Spy Museum

6. Explore Dupont Circle

Although organized team building activities in D.C. can be a blast, some groups prefer to simply go out for a few drinks or a show. If that’s your crew, you won’t want to miss Dupont Circle.

This unique neighborhood has long been one of D.C.’s most vibrant areas, featuring countless restaurants, a lively nightlife scene and a handful of delightful museums. Some of the neighborhood’s most beloved venues include the D.C. Improv Comedy Club and the colorful Eighteenth Street Lounge.

take your team exploring in dupont circle for a fun team building activity in d.c.
via Washington.org

7. Chill Out in Rock Creek Park

You don’t have to travel far from D.C. to unwind in nature. Rock Creek Park is one of the area's natural highlights. You can also enjoy plenty of team building activities in D.C. while in the park. Options include hiking, picnicking and horseback riding. This massive park (which is more than twice the size of New York’s Central Park) makes for a perfect place for a team to recharge after a day of exploration.

chill out with your team in rock creek park for a fun team building activity in d.c.
via U.S. National Park Service

8. Go on a City Scavenger Hunt

One of the most unique team building activities in D.C. is participating in a locally themed scavenger hunt. From historic landmarks to hidden corners, there's always something to discover in America's capital. Plan a landmark-based scavenger hunt as your team building activity in D.C. and set your staff out on a mission to see who can spot the most famous sights first.

washington monument at sunset
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9. Stroll Through the National Mall

Easily Washington’s most popular attraction, the National Mall is the center point of the city’s massive network of government buildings and museums. Here, your team can admire the Washington Monument, walk the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or visit the Smithsonian Museums.

The National Mall is also the home of the beautiful reflecting pool, one of D.C.’s most recognizable landmarks. This makes it a great central point for any team building activities in D.C. that you have planned.

stroll through the national mall for a unique team building activity in washington, d.c.
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10. Visit the White House

Did you know that it’s completely free for any American citizen to visit the White House? While you can’t just show up and expect to be let in, your team can reserve a tour by submitting a request to your congressional representatives ahead of time. Not only can you view the seat of the American executive branch for yourself, but you’ll also get to see some iconic American art and history on this unparalleled team building activity in D.C.

visit the white house for a fun team building activity in washington d.c.
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11. Hop on a Pedal Bike Tour

While there are many team building activities in D.C., there are also great things to do in nearby cities, like Arlington. One of the best activities is booking a pedal tour with Pedal Saloon. This unique and fun team building activity in Arlington featurres 14-person pedal bars and gives you a chance to soak up the sights and views of the city.

Your team will pedal together, laugh and have the opportunity to play games such as scavenger hunts or Pedal Saloon BINGO. You create your itinerary and list of stops, which can be anything from landmarks to restaurants and bars! 

Pedal Saloon makes for a unique team building activity in D.C.
via Pedal Saloon

12. Explore the Eastern Market

Since opening in the early 1800s, the Eastern Market has been one of D.C.’s premier destinations for fresh food, handmade goods and people watching. These days, the market is still one of D.C.’s top commercial destinations, but it’s also become a popular event space and tourist attraction. Whether you’re buying or just window shopping, a trip to the Eastern Market makes for a delightful morning team building activity in D.C.

take your team shopping at the eastern market for a fun team building event in d.c.
via The Eastern Market D.C.

13. Attend a Concert at The Anthem

Over the years, D.C. has established itself as a music capital thanks to its numerous esteemed concert halls. One of the city’s top auditoriums, The Anthem, regularly attracts A-list artists and top-rated shows.

Best of all, The Anthem sits right on the banks of the Potomac just a few minutes from the National Mall, making attending a concert the perfect way to end a day of team building activities in D.C. Treating your team to a show or a concert is notably a great way to show your appreciation and spend some quality time together. 

catch a concert at the anthem for a unique team building event in d.c.
via The Anthem

14. Try an Escape Room

To challenge your team and get them thinking creatively, try a popular and trendy escape room experience. But not just any room: Escape Room Live is the top-rated escape room in both Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, VA. Complete with cocktails, board games and Hollywood-style sets, Escape Room Live improves morale and the ability to problem-solve while having fun. What more could you ask for in a team building activity in D.C.?

escape room live
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15. Catch a Capitals Game

Attending a sporting event is undoubtedly one of the most fun team building activities in D.C. Washington takes its sports seriously, and few teams have as devoted of a following as their NHL team, the Washington Capitals.

If you’re in town between October and April, it’s always worth trying to catch a home game at Capital One Arena. This arena is also home to the city’s beloved professional basketball team, the Washington Wizards. Both make great options as team building activities in D.C. for sports lovers.

catch a capitals game for a unique team building experience in d.c.
via NHL

16. Take a River Cruise

One of the defining features of D.C.’s topography is the Potomac River. If you’d like to explore this historic body of water for yourself, consider taking a riverboat cruise as part of your team building activities in D.C.

You’ll get to see a new angle on many of D.C.’s monuments in addition to having plenty of chances to socialize with your group. Many riverboat cruises also serve mouthwatering dinners and feature well-stocked bars, all of which makes this team building activity in D.C. a fantastic way to kick back and relax.

take a river cruise for a fun team building activity in washington d.c.
via Potomac Riverboat Company

17. Play Topgolf

Topgolf is an interactive golfing experience that’s growing rapidly in popularity — and you can experience it for yourself with this team building activity in D.C.! Going to Topgolf provides a fun way to work on your swing while playing games, experimenting with technology and socializing with colleagues in a lively environment.

play topgolf for a fun team building activity in d.c.
via Topgolf

18. Admire Artworks at the National Portrait Gallery

If your team appreciates art and culture, visiting the famous National Portrait Gallery is one of the best team building activities in D.C. You could explore in groups with an audio guide or opt for an informative guided tour. If you’re planning a more extensive team building activity in D.C., you can even book corporate events at the National Portrait Gallery.

19. Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing 

Play lumberjack for the day with your team at Bad Axe Throwing. Axe throwing is anything but your typical corporate team building activity in D.C. This event isn't just fun, it also povides your team a chance to learn a new skill. Bring your own food and drinks at no extra charge, or have your team building event catered. Bad Axe is perfect for every skill level, even true beginners, and provides trained professionals and coaches to walk your team through axe throwing 101.

try your hand at axe throwing with your Washington, D.C. team
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20. Get Out on the Water on a Boomerang Pirate Ship

One of the most fun and unique team building activities in D.C. is going on a boat tour. While you could go on a sightseeing cruise with Boomerang Boat Tours, why not try a Boomerang Pirate Ship tour?

You and your team will hop aboard a real-life pirate ship to sail down the Potomac River. Along with taking in the sights, you can enjoy drinks from an open bar while listening to music and playing team building games. It’s the ideal laid-back team outing that everyone at the office will be talking about!

21. Ride Roller Coasters at Six Flags America

If you’d like to get your adrenaline pumping, consider taking a day trip to Six Flags America for a super-thrilling team building activity in D.C. This massive theme park features some of the country’s top thrill rides, such as The Joker and Superman. You’ll also find plenty of kid-friendly attractions, making it a smart choice if your team wants to bring their families along.

ride roller coasters at six flags america as a team building activity in d.c.
via Six Flags America

Does My Team Really Need Team Building?

In our opinion, every team can benefit from team building activities, whether they’ve been working together for years or they’re all rookies. Team building exercises not only deepen the social bonds between people but also improve communication. These important skills translate back into the office and help to make teams more efficient.

Of course, not everything is about work — the team building activities in D.C. listed above are also a great excuse to have a bit of fun, boost morale and let your hair down. Your team will appreciate the chance to hang out with coworkers who aren’t in their immediate team, as well as socializing with executives and leaders in a stress-free environment. 

does my team really need team building
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Will Team Building Help Grow My Business?

The most important component of growing any business, regardless of the industry, is a solid team. Yet as many hiring managers have found, it’s not enough to simply onboard as many talented people as possible. You also need to facilitate a company-wide culture that inspires and motivates your employees. The best teams are filled with people who are eager to be there and earnestly believe in the team’s goals.

There are many ways to build a strong company culture and ensure employee happiness, but few are as effective as team building activities. Besides teaching your people valuable collaboration skills, team building activities also make employees feel valued and important. This increases long-term employee retention, creating a strong foundation on which to grow your company.

How Do I Find a Team Building Activity That Works for My Team?

Not all teams are created equally, and that’s a good thing! It’s important to celebrate the things that make your team unique. When planning a team building event, it’s important to consider employee engagement around inclusivity. In some ways, this should be pretty obvious: A team filled with vegans isn’t going to be a great fit for an evening of BBQ. 

However, inclusivity goes a bit further than that. Try to consider your team’s schedules and lives outside of work, and how the team building activity might impact that. Don’t be surprised if employees with kids or other jobs have limited availability — in fact, it might even make sense to plan the team building event during work hours, or go the online route with virtual team building activities.

Finally, try to choose a team building game or activity that gets people talking to each other. Sure, it might be fun to take everyone to see a movie, but it’s not likely to do much as far as strengthening your team’s relationships. Competitive activities, like sports or cooking classes, or activities that require group participation are a great way to involve everyone. 

find a team building activity that works for your team
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Additional Benefits to Team Building 

Team building can be helpful in a variety of ways, including:

  • Encourages creative thinking: Many team building activities challenge participants to think outside of the box if they want to succeed. This not only makes the event more enjoyable but also teaches valuable skills that translate back to the office.
  • Improves organization and efficiency: Whether you’re competing against others or the clock, chances are you’ll do better in your team building event with a bit of organization. Learning to use your time and resources efficiently is a valuable skill no matter who you are.
  • Builds friendships: Your team might not stay together for the entirety of their careers, but they can maintain relationships in the future. Giving your team the opportunity to transition from coworkers to friends can be hugely beneficial. 
  • Boosts happiness: Happier teams not only have better work-life balance but are also more productive. The University of Oxford reports that happy employees are as much as 13% more productive than unhappy employees.

Team Building Is Worth It

From improving relationships to learning communication skills to having some fun, there are a number of reasons why you might want to sign your team up for a fun team building activity in D.C. It’s not only rewarding for your staff, but also helps to improve your team’s efficiency back in the office. Bottom line: Team building is worth it.

Washington, D.C. has no shortage of exciting, engaging and downright fun team building events. And by taking these opportunities to bond with your team, you'll leave them reinvigorated with a boost in morale, productivity and creative thinking. Which activity will your team try?

Are you looking for more fun things to do in D.C.? Check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

Team Building in More Cities Near You

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