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15 Fun Team Building Activities in Detroit for 2023

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Team building activities in Detroit are fantastic for business growth.

Michigan’s great capitol is bustling with plenty of fun team building activities in Detroit. Fondly nicknamed “Motor City,” the city’s recent establishment of the first electric-vehicle charging road has brought in exciting new businesses and cool team outing events in Detroit for locals to explore.

Are you looking for a fun way to engage with your team and increase employee productivity? Team building activities in Detroit are some of the best ways to bond with your team and boost employee happiness. Getting your team out of the office and into the city gives them a healthy break so they’ll feel more motivated when they return. The experiences they create with their coworkers will build lasting memories and deeper working relationships.

From interactive cooking classes to thrilling escape rooms, the city is packed with fun activities to boost morale. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of 15 fun team building activities in Detroit that will get your team raring to go.

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15 Fun Team Building Activities in Detroit

1. Team Building Activities on Cozymeal

Bond with your employees over a shared meal or drink. Team building activities in Detroit can engage your crew and boost morale with hands-on cooking classes. They can also enjoy delicious meals with private chef experiences or participate in gourmet tours or tastings. Your employees will improve their communication, teamwork and time management skills. World-class chefs, guides and culinary experts will inspire a bond in your team that will seamlessly transition back into the office.

Food-based team building activities in Detroit are a crowd pleaser.
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2. Cooking Classes

Learn a new recipe with your team in cooking classes in Detroit. As one of the best team building activities in Detroit, your team will work together to cook and share a meal. With the evolving food scene around town, Detroit’s menu and culture are quickly diversifying. Any foodie on your team will enjoy learning tips and tricks in the kitchen from the city's best chefs. From pasta making classes in Detroit to sushi making classes in Detroit, your employees will love to discover new dishes they can recreate at home.

a chef spoons diced yellow peppers onto appetizers
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3. Online Culinary Team Building Activities

If your team is remote or hybrid, there are tons of fun online team building activities you can engage in. Bond with your team over a new recipe in online cooking classes, or have fun watching your team practice their shake and stir methods in online mixology classes. You could always schedule an early office happy hour with virtual wine tastings. As one of the best team building activities in Detroit, there are plenty of fun classes for anyone on your team to enjoy.

Virtual wine tasting is an excellent team building activity in Detroit.
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4. Practice Axe Throwing

Throw some adventure into your day with one of the most exciting team outings in Detroit. When you opt for axe throwing, your team will engage in a little healthy competition and practice their swing with one of the most fun team building activities in Detroit. They’ll improve their listening skills while learning from expert axe throwers how to land the perfect bullseye.

an axe stuck into a wooden bullseye
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5. Indulge in Go-Kart Racing

Celebrate your staff with a thrilling day of go-kart racing. As one of the best team building activities in Detroit, this activity gives your team the opportunity to blow off some steam and have fun. With tunnels, winding tracks and unique bridges, they’ll get a boost of adrenaline and excitement as they race around the track. This will go down in history as one of their favorite team building events in Detroit when they head back to the office elated, refreshed and ready to work.

G-kart racing is an exciting team building activity in Detroit.
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6. Enjoy the Detroit Rolling Pub

Add to your employees’ list of favorite perks at work with one of the best group outings in Detroit. Special activities on the Detroit Rolling Pub Tour, like scavenger hunts and historical tours, engage your employees' problem-solving and communication skills. Add in the Bar Hop Tour, and this will be one of your employee’s most loved team building activities in Detroit.

a row of rolling pubs filled with customers along a side street
via Detroit Rolling Pub

7. Experience an Escape Room

Beat the clock in a thrilling escape room. Your team will work together to find clues, solve riddles and escape a mysterious location. This activity will inspire collaboration and strengthen their analytical skills. As one of the best team building activities in Detroit, this activity highly encourages the benefits of teamwork.

a perplexed looking team looks for clues out of an escape room
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8. Create at Arts & Scraps

Tap into your team’s creative side in one of the most unique team building activities in Detroit. In this hands-on activity at Arts & Scraps, your employees will create custom designs using recycled materials. You’ll be amazed by your team’s creative and analytical skills as they create beautiful artwork from repurposed objects. Have any unused materials lying around the office? The non-profit also accepts donations to contribute to artists’ creativity!

Arts and Scraps is a great venue for a creative team building activity in Detroit.
via Arts & Scraps

9. Do a Segway Tour

Explore the city with your team on a unique Segway tour. As one of the best team outing ideas in Detroit, your employees will enjoy the fresh air as they learn more about the changing city around them. This fun guided tour gives your employees the opportunity to stretch their legs and take a break from the office. This team building activity brings Detroit into focus in the best way possible.

a line of people in helmets ride segways beside a bridge
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10. Play a Game of Fowling

Why take your team bowling when they can engage in an exciting game of fowling? This unique game is a mashup of bowling and football. Your team will split into two groups as they attempt to knock down bowling pins by throwing a football. They’ll engage in some healthy competition and fun in one of the most creative team building activities in Detroit.

a football knocking into a bowling pin and causing it to fly
via Fowling Warehouse

11. Challenge Them at Paintball

Encourage leadership skills and teamwork with one of the most thrilling team building activities in Detroit. Split your crew up into teams to encourage collaboration and leadership skills, or have a fun game of solo play. This entertaining stress-reliever will encourage them to interact with each other in a fun, competitive setting. Make sure to capture a colorful team picture to hang around the office before you leave!

Paintballing is a classic team building activity in Detroit.
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12. Hang Out on Floating Tiki Bars

Sail away to paradise in one of the most fun team building activities in Detroit — a floating tiki bar. Engage your employees with some unique ice breaker questions to build rapport and deepen relationships as you glide along the water. As one of the best team outing ideas in Detroit, your team will feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back to work after spending the day on the water. Check out Aloha Tiki Tours and set sail!

a group of floating tiki boats filled with happy guests
via Aloha Tiki Tours

13. Take a Bike Tour

Encourage your team to practice communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills while exploring the city. With a variety of trails and tours, this fun team building activity in Detroit is customizable for any skill level. As one of the most fun group outings in Detroit, your team will love getting some fresh air and exercise for a break in their workday.

Bike tours are an active team building activity in Detroit.
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14. Join in Group Volunteering

Contribute to a good cause in one of the best team building activities in Detroit. Invite your team to help build communities with Habitat for Humanity or pack food with Chandler Park Food Distribution. Your team will build empathy and patience as they participate in group volunteering. This is one of the most memorable and meaningful team building events that Detroit has to offer.

two volunteers playing with a dog
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15. Participate in a Yoga Class

Boost employee happiness and productivity with an engaging yoga class. As one of the most relaxing team building activities in Detroit, your team will relieve stress, improve communication skills and enhance their health. They’ll appreciate the extra stretching exercises they can take with them back to the office.

A yoga class is a great team building activity in Detroit.
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Team Building Works for Every Team

Team building can encourage employee happiness and retention at your business for the long term. According to the World Economic Forum, giving your employees the opportunity to develop friendships with one another can make them happier and more productive in the workplace.

Team building activities in Detroit can bring your team closer together, build trust and improve their shared goals. When you get your employees out of the office for a team building activity, they can get to know each other on a deeper level. Bonding over fun events and shared interests in their personal lives will create a more meaningful connection. This factors highly in helping them work better together back in the office.

a multi-ethnic group chats together in a bright office
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Team Building Helps Your Business Succeed

Placing value in your employees is one of the best ways to help your business succeed. This is because engaging your staff in team building activities in Detroit can greatly improve your company image, and that’s vital. It’s no secret that employees today place a high value on positive company culture. 

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics mentions that placing value in your employees adds more positivity to the workplace and also strengthens employee retention. If a company is well-known for being a great place to work, word gets out, and that business becomes the place to send applications. The reverse is also true: Develop a reputation for bad company culture, and the talent will stay away in droves. 

Positive company culture can strongly grow your company and help it thrive long term. Many employees want to work for a company they feel proud of. By interacting with your employees in fun team building activities in Detroit, you’ll foster their respect and admiration for your business. This will also help attract potential employees and encourage quality employees to stay, which reduces the hiring and onboarding costs of training.

Team building activities in Detroit improve the company culture.
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Benefits of Team Building

There are many benefits of team building, including:

  • Encourages collaboration — By participating in teamwork activities, your employees will practice soft skills like communication, listening, public speaking and leadership.
  • Boosts productivity — Taking mental breaks to engage in some fun can help your employees feel more refreshed and motivated when heading back to work — a major boon to employee engagement.
  • Strengthens time management skills — In many team building activities, your employees will practice their organization and analytical thinking skills under a time limit. These exercises can help them become more efficient back at the office.
  • Increases creativity — Exploring a new location or engaging in a new activity opens up your team’s mind to new ideas. This helps them come up with fresh and exciting new suggestions for projects on the job.
  • Improves work friendships — Giving your employees the opportunity to connect at a deeper level will help them build trust, respect and confidence when sharing new ideas in the workplace.
  • Creates a fun environment — Employees value work-life balance. By providing a fun workplace and creative team building activities, you’re helping them look forward to coming to work every day.
a diverse group of smiling employees at work
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Bottom line: Team building is one of the best ways to build employee engagement in the workplace. Helping your team feel valued will boost their productivity and create excitement in their job. Getting them out of the office to have fun with their coworkers will deepen relationships and improve teamwork among multiple departments.

From virtual happy hours to a competitive game of axe throwing, there are activities that will help everyone to relax, have fun and create lasting memories. Not to mention that fostering a fun environment at work will greatly improve your company image and generate respect and pride from your employees.

For even more team building activities in Detroit and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

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