25 Fun Team Building Activities in Atlanta for 2023

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Here are 25 team building activities in Atlanta that your work team will love

With a compelling history in the Civil Rights movement, a vibrant arts scene and top-notch restaurants around town, there are plenty of fun team building activities in Atlanta. Whether it’s competing in a unique game of whirlyball or preparing a delicious meal together, your team will feel valued while engaging in a memorable experience.

Team building activities in Atlanta, Georgia may not come first to mind when determining ways to boost your employees’ productivity, but research shows that team building activities can boost morale, improve work relationships and even motivate your team in the workplace. Whether your team is back in the office or working remotely, team building activities in Atlanta are a great way to foster community and boost employee retention.

Need help getting started? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to some of the best team building activities in the Atlanta area.


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25 Team Building Activities for Work in Atlanta

1. Team Building Activities on Cozymeal

There are many team building activities in Atlanta that you can discover on Cozymeal. Prepare a meal together or duke it out with a little healthy cooking competition as your team is encouraged to work together, sharpen their skills and learn something new. Whether it's a charcuterie challenge, a sushi rolling class, or a world-class food tour, the best chefs and guides will facilitate your group activity as your team forms a bond outside of the office.

sliced sushi roll on a plate next to a bowl of soy sauce
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2. Cooking Classes

Help your team learn a new recipe as they discover cooking classes in Atlanta. Local chefs will guide your team through a diverse and enticing menu. Savor traditional Italian flavors in pasta making classes in Atlanta or explore the perfect sushi roll technique in sushi making classes in Atlanta. Whether you need vegetarian options or want to learn how to bake a delicious pizza crust, there’s something for everyone in these fun team building activities in Atlanta. After you finish cooking, your team will gather around the table to enjoy your meal together. Bon appétit!

3. Online Culinary Team Building Activities

Online team building activities are ideal for the hybrid or remote work environment. Connect with your team over a shared virtual meal with online cooking classes, or end the day by exploring distinct blends with virtual wine tastings. Engage your team’s creative side with online mixology classes during an office happy hour. These online team building activities in Atlanta are a great way to break the ice and get to know each other better in a casual environment.

people writing in notebooks while trying out a rose and a white wine
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4. Martin Luther King Jr. Tour

Pay tribute to one of the most influential figures in American history by journeying through locations that helped shape his life. On the Martin Luther King Jr. Tour, you’ll visit Dr. King’s office in the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. Your team will also visit his memorial site and pay tribute to his childhood home. During the 1.7-mile outdoor walk, your team will share an immersive journey through the Civil Rights movement. This is one of the most meaningful team building activities in Atlanta.

5. Ponce City Market

Explore the famous modern food market in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. From an expansive food hall to an amusement park on The Roof, Ponce City Market offers many team building activities in Atlanta, Georgia for your team to gather and play. With a unique panoramic view of the Atlanta skyline, The Roof also provides fun arcade games, classic cocktails and diverse dining experiences.

Visiting Ponce Market makes a great team building activity in Atlanta
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6. Solve a Murder Mystery

Cultivate teamwork while solving the mystery of whodunit. This fun team building activity in Atlanta is an entertaining, interactive experience that will strengthen your team’s communication and problem-solving skills. Have fun as your team works together to solve the mystery in this unforgettable experience!

7. Georgia Aquarium

Explore the vast ocean with your team through interactive experiences and hands-on exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium. Encourage education and passion for conservation through a variety of animal encounters. Your team can enjoy meeting dolphins face-to-face or even learn how to train a harbor seal. This team building activity in the Atlanta area will create lasting memories and deepen connections within your team.

two belugas swimming together in an aquarium
via Georgia Aquarium

8. Whirlyball Atlanta

What do you get when you combine bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball? Whirlyball! The sport is a team building game where up to five players on each team must work together to pass, defend and shoot a Wiffle ball into a small hole on a blackboard. This team building activity in Atlanta, Georgia helps boost morale, build trust and create teamwork in a fun, competitive environment.

9. Bicycle Tours

Get your team outside and book a bike tour around the city for a fun thing to do in Atlanta. Adding some adventure and fresh air to your company outing will improve employee happiness and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Tours can be customizable to meet specific fitness and interest levels for your group. This is a fun team building activity for work in Atlanta that your employees won’t soon forget!

Bicycle tours make a great team building activity in Atlanta
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10. Scavenger Hunt Around Town

Motivate your team to step out of their comfort zone as they work together to find the grand prize. Scavenger Hunt Atlanta is one of the best corporate team building activities in Atlanta. Experience the benefits of teamwork as your employees collaborate on problem-solving in a casual environment. The scavenger hunt can even be customized to include company logos or trivia questions.

11. Hang Out at The Camp

Host a party or a work anniversary at The Camp, a one-acre park with collaborative seating and playful architecture. As one of the more casual team building activities in Atlanta, spark conversation with some ice breaker questions to build rapport and create a relaxed environment as your team gets to know each other better. The Camp is also next to The Works in Upper Westside Atlanta, where your team can enjoy funky retail shops and local Atlanta food.

a speaker on a blue and yellow painted silo that says The Camp
via Chattahoochie Food Works

12. Kidbilly Music

Bring your team closer together through the power of music. Kidbilly Music pairs your team with Grammy award-winning songwriters. As one of the best team building activities in Atlanta, your employees will feel motivated and inspired as they write their own songs. There’s even an opportunity to perform or record their songs at the end of the session, but there’s also never any pressure to get onstage. Encourage your team to show up and be open to this team building activity in the Atlanta area. They’ll gain confidence and excitement as they collaborate throughout the guided session.

13. Volunteer at PAWS Atlanta

Boost morale while caring for animals at PAWS Atlanta. Your employees can play with cats, take a dog on a walk or even help with landscaping. Most of the volunteering takes place outside as your team is given the chance to socialize and play with the animals. Your employees will practice patience and empathy as they participate in one of the most fulfilling team building activities in the Atlanta area.

Team building activities in Atlanta can be volunteer trips to an animal shelter
via PAWS Atlanta

14. TopGolf

Perfect your golf swing with your team at TopGolf in the Midtown District. TopGolf hosts will guide your employees through a series of ice breaker games as they build trust and improve their strategic thinking. This fun team building activity in Atlanta can be as light or competitive as you’d like. You’ll likely build up an appetite, so make sure to leave time to check out the venue’s restaurant with fresh food and local brews.

15. Delta Flight Museum

Experience interactive flight exhibits in this team building activity in Atlanta. You and your crew will fly a Boeing 737 flight simulator, which provides a full-motion effect that will trick your team into thinking they’re actually in the air! Book a private tour for your team to have an in-depth experience with a guide and create conversation topics for your next meeting. Among all of the city's charms, this is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Atlanta

a decorated blue tunnel with a glimpse of an airplane beyond it
via Delta Flight Museum

16. Atlanta Motorsports Park

Get behind the wheel and give your team a boost of adrenaline in this team building activity in the Atlanta area. With two F1 race tracks and a corporate clubhouse, Atlanta Motorsports Park offers a variety of customizable and affordable options for this fun team building activity in Atlanta. Reward your employees as you combine work and play for a memorable experience they’ll be talking about for years to come.

17. Improv Comedy

As one of the most innovative team building activities in Atlanta, invite your team to step out of their comfort zone and get creative. Your employees will be broken into teams as they are placed in comedic scenes to stretch their quick-thinking skills. This low-pressure activity is perfect for boosting confidence, improving decision-making skills and maintaining employee retention.

a group of smiling people looking at the same focal point
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18. Break Out of an Escape Room

An escape room is a fun team building activity in Atlanta to work on collaboration or even to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Your team will collaborate as they solve puzzles, find unique clues and use their own personal skills as they race against the clock. Plus, a little friendly competition will foster employee engagement and create lasting memories.

19. Visit Piedmont Park

Enjoy a picnic or a potluck at the expansive Piedmont Park. Challenge your team to a game of basketball or participate in a gardening class to help your team develop a green thumb. The park is another great place to volunteer as your employees will get outside and support the community in this team building activity in Atlanta.

Piedmont Park trips makes a great team building activity in Atlanta
via Piedmont Park

20. Graffiti Workshop

As one of the more unique corporate team building activities in Atlanta, grab a can of spray paint and encourage your employees to get creative, “graffiti style.” At ATL Bench, your team will collaborate in a hands-on graffiti session as they work together to create artwork with a shared vision and message.

21. ATV Riding Trails

Immerse your team in the Atlanta wilderness on one of the most adventurous team building activities in the Atlanta area. Inspire your team while you experience the great outdoors together. After your ride, challenge your team to a game of disc golf or hang out by the fire pits at Foxhills Resort.

helmeted friends on ATVs smile toward the camera and give a thumbs up
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22. Action Painting Experience

Bring out your inner artist in a contemporary team building activity in Atlanta. Discover the history of the action painting art movement and get ready to splatter a little (or a lot) of paint. Your team will engage their colorful and creative side as they splash-paint their own masterpiece.

23. Goat Yoga

Stretch into child’s pose with a friendly, furry companion. Goat yoga is a fun team building activity in Atlanta that allows your employees to experience the stress-reducing benefits of yoga, paired with the joy and silliness of goats. After class, spend extra time cuddling the goats before going back to the office.

Goat yoga is a unique team building activity in Atlanta
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24. Center for Puppetry Arts

Encourage your team to engage with their imagination as they bring stories to life through puppetry. These exercises will help your team listen, trust and communicate with one another through scene work activities. All sessions are customizable so you can incorporate your company’s value or mission into the show in one of the most unique team building activities in Atlanta.

25. Bowling

Bond with your team over a little friendly competition in a game of bowling. This team building activity in Atlanta breaks down barriers and promotes employee happiness. With event catering, conference rooms and additional arcade games, many bowling alleys offer affordable and customizable packages for a fun team building activity in Atlanta.

a man in a red cap about to roll his bowling ball into the lane
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Why Do We Need Team Building?

Research shows that the most successful and retentive employees are developed in team building activities that take place outside of the office. By breaking the normal day-to-day routine, you can create opportunities for your team to engage with one another in a more natural and effective way. Team building activities can also close the gap between management and employees, helping everyone to see each other as coworkers working towards a common goal. This helps your team feel more comfortable sharing ideas and opinions in the workplace.

Choosing unique team building activities in Atlanta will encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones. They’ll build trust, respect and open communication that will transfer back into the office. They’ll also build confidence as they contribute their personal skills to a team activity. In addition, this will help them feel more motivated to take on new challenges at work.

Team Building Activities in Atlanta Will Grow Your Business

In today’s ever-changing work environment, employees are looking for more passion and purpose in their jobs. According to an article in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), placing value on your employees will improve their engagement at work and inspire them to stay with your company for the long term.

Team building activities in Atlanta are an important investment for your business. Research has proven that employees become more engaged in their work when they’re having fun. By focusing on employee happiness, you’re contributing to a healthy company culture and promoting employee retention.

Team building activities in Atlanta will grow your business
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Benefits of Team Building

Team building activities can have an impact on your company culture by:

  • Increasing motivation and productivity — Employees become more engaged in their work when they’re involved in fun activities. This engagement builds up their efficiency in the workplace.
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration —  By encouraging your team to work together to solve problems, they’ll feel more connected to one another and build trust for future partnerships in the company. Employees also get the opportunity to interact with others they may not work with very closely in the office.
  • Reducing conflict among peers —  By taking time out of the office to deepen employee relationships, you can alleviate any potential conflict. 
  • Building soft skills —  Team building activities provide great opportunities to strengthen soft skills such as communication, patience and decision-making. By helping your team to become more aware of their soft skills, they’ll feel more confident applying them in their jobs.
  • Helping employees feel more valued —  Today’s employees place a high priority on company culture. They want to work for a company where they feel appreciated and enjoy going to work every day. Investing in them helps them develop more respect and pride for your company.

Team Building Is Worth It

Engaging your employees with fun team building activities in Atlanta is one of the best investments you can make for your company. By making an effort to get everyone out of the office, you’ll help deepen your employees’ relationships, improve their confidence and practice training in their soft skills.

Valuing your employees through team building activities in Atlanta will increase their success and happiness in the workplace. This will also support the profitability of your business as you create a unique and fun work culture.

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