Chef Angela-Michelle

Chef Angela-Michelle

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Growing up on a family farm with chefs for parents, Chef Angela-Michelle learned how to cook at the age of six and bake at the age of eight. Now, Chef Angela-Michelle has become certified in plant-based nutrition, has a cookbook in the works, traveled the world to hone her craft, and is the founder and owner of her own successful cooking company that teaches others how to shop, cook, eat, and live well.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Angela-Michelle

Taylor T.


08 Sep 2020

Chef Angela-Michelle was great - she was very knowledgeable, patient and made our entire teams experience cooking pappardelle from scratch very enjoyable.

Marc W.


04 Sep 2020

Really enjoyed it. I learned a lot, and she kept it right on schedule. The whole team was really happy with the experience. Thank you!!



22 Aug 2020

Very nice instructor, the class was hard to follow though.