Herb Rice Recipe

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This Persian herb rice is fragrant with fresh herbs and saffron. It features tahdig, a specialty of Persian cuisine, a crispy golden crust at the bottom of the pot where the rice is cooked.
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Chef Elham has been teaching her unique style of elegant cuisine for the past 16 years. She nurtured her gift as a teacher with Sur La Table as the manager of the culinary program. Her specialties include classic French dishes as well as beloved Asian favorites that entice the palate. Chef Elham is thorough, patient and loves to see her students making great food and having fun while doing it.


3 cup(s)
long-grain rice
1 1/2 cup(s)
coarsely chopped fresh dill
1 1/2 cup(s)
coarsely chopped fresh parsley
1 cup(s)
coarsely chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup(s)
chopped scallions
2 tblsp
sea or kosher salt
2/3 cup(s)
1/2 tsp
ground saffron dissolved in 2 tablespoons water

Directions 9 steps | 60 Minutes

Step 1

Rinse the rice in water 2-3 times, discarding the water each time.

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Step 2

Combine the chopped dill, parsley, cilantro and scallions in a bowl. Set aside.

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Step 3

Bring 8 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of salt to a boil in a large stockpot. Pour the washed and drained rice into the pot. Boil briskly for about 6-8 minutes, stirring gently to loosen any grains that may have stuck to the bottom.

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Step 4

Drain rice in a colander. Do not rinse.

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Step 5

In the same pot, heat ⅓ cup the butter. Place 2 spatulas full of rice in the pot and add one spatula full of mixed herbs. Repeat the layering of the rice and herbs in the shape of a pyramid, pulling the sides of the pot to the center.

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Step 6

In a small bowl, mix the remaining ⅓ cup of butter and saffron mixture. Pour the mixture over the rice. Do not mix.

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Step 7

Place a clean dishtowel or paper towel over the pot and cover firmly with a lid to prevent steam from escaping. Cook for 10 minutes over medium heat and 20 minutes over low heat. Alternatively, to create a "tahdig", you can let the rice steam for an additional 30 minutes. "Tahdig" is a Persian delicacy and refers to the crust that forms at the bottom of the pot from an extended period of cooking.

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Step 8

Remove rice from heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes without opening the lid. After 5 minutes, open the lid and remove the saffron-flavored rice on top and set it aside for garnish. Taking one skimmer or spatula full at a time, place rice in a serving platter without disturbing the crust - if one has been created. Mound the rice so the top sits high on the platter, creating a pyramid once again. Garnish with saffron-flavored rice.

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Step 9

Break the crust (tahdig) on the bottom of the pan into pieces and serve alongside the rice. Serve the Persian herb rice with braised chicken, beef or lamb. You can also serve plain yogurt on the side. Enjoy!

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15.9 g
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Jessica S.


29 Jul 2022

I was gifted some saffron a while back and was searching for the perfect recipe to use it in - this was it!! Super tasty!!

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