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Ann Arbor is a small college town with a big food scene that rivals many cities. And in a state brimming with agriculture and a town teeming with academics, the food movement is both authentic and educated. Ann Arbor has deservedly earned a reputation as a gourmand’s paradise, with a thriving gastro scene that runs the gamut from cozy to upscale. Discover all there is to taste and see in Ann Arbor via cooking classes, food tours and more!

Experiences to Discover When You Travel

Boston, Las Vegas and NYC are among the top 10 travel destinations of Ann Arbor residents, according to our research. And luckily, local chefs, mixologists, tour guides and more offer culinary experiences in those cities! Now, you can book experiences in your hometown AND when traveling!

Host and Venue Opportunities in Ann Arbor

If you're a professional chef, mixologist and more, we want to hear from you! Cozymeal is looking to partner with the best local hosts for culinary experiences, food tours and more. And we're always looking for great venues.

Foodie Scene in Ann Arbor

There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and culture that thrives throughout Ann Arbor, so why not take the next step for your daily adventures and be a tourist, even if it is your hometown? Ann Arbor will treat you with science attractions and museums, bustling restaurants that boast sustainably sourced meals and a farmers market that runs all year. Sign up for walking tours, cooking classes and private dining and enjoy.