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Sitting pretty on the banks of the Ohio River, Louisville rolls out a warm welcome steeped in bourbon and Southern hospitality. Although traditional Kentucky cuisine still maintains a firm grip on the culinary lexicon, Louisville is full of surprising edible discoveries. Explore the most delicious pockets of town in food tours led by the best guides in the city or take a cooking class with some of the best chefs in the city. No matter what, pack an appetite, y’all.

Experiences to Discover When You Travel

Bay Area, Boston and Los Angeles are among the top 10 travel destinations of Louisville residents, according to our research. And luckily, local chefs, mixologists, tour guides and more offer culinary experiences in those cities! Now, you can book experiences in your hometown AND when traveling!

Host and Venue Opportunities in Louisville

If you're a professional chef, mixologist and more, we want to hear from you! Cozymeal is looking to partner with the best local hosts for culinary experiences, food tours and more. And we're always looking for great venues.

Foodie Scene in Louisville

Louisville’s food scene is a wonderful amalgamation of highfalutin manners and Southern survival ingenuity. It’s the home of many fine bourbon distilleries and the birthplace of the mint julep. High tea is served in local hotels. It’s also the place where pulled pork got its start, and it’s not hard to find a steaming bowl of burgoo, a stew originally made with squirrel meat. Explore the culinary wonders of Louisville with Cozymeal cooking classes, food tours and events.