Stuffed Dates Recipe

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Medjool dates are a treat on their own, but stuffed with caramel nuts and covered with a rum syrup, these stuffed dates become absolutely decadent. This is a simple recipe that makes a sumptuous and elegant dessert or an any-time delicacy.
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Originally from Mexico, Chef Annette’s career as a chef and cooking instructor has taken her to Dallas, Kentucky, Madrid, Sweden and Barcelona. She was formerly a pastry chef at a Michelin Star restaurant, a faculty member of a renowned Irish cooking school and has worked alongside Michelin Star awarded Chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Chef Annette has a passion for diverse ingredients that are versatile and locally sourced.


Medjool dates
3 tbsp
granulated sugar
3/4 cup(s)
almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts (or a combination)
pinch of salt
6 tsp
almond butter
batch of rum syrup, see below
1/3 cup(s)
granulated sugar
2 tbsp
dark rum
1/3 cup(s)

Directions 10 steps | 25 Minutes

Step 1

Prepare the dates. With a paring knife, make a cut along each Medjool date and remove the pit. Set aside.

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Step 2

Prepare the caramel. In a heavy-bottomed pan, evenly spread the granulated sugar. Turn the heat to medium. Let the sugar melt and create the caramel. Do not leave the sugar unattended, caramel can burn in a few seconds! Leave the sugar to slowly melt without stirring. You can swirl the pan around a little to distribute the melting sugar evenly around. The sugar will melt and turn from a clear liquid to a light honey color and then to caramel very fast. The caramel should be ready in 3-4 minutes. (See notes 1.)

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Step 3

Turn off the heat when the color looks like golden honey and immediately throw the nuts into the pan.

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Step 4

Stir with a wooden spoon or spatula until all the nuts are completely covered with the caramel. Add a pinch of salt to the nuts.

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Step 5

Transfer the nuts to a tray or cooling surface and separate them from each other using two forks. Don't worry too much if they stick together. Leave the nuts to completely cool down before touching them with your fingers.

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Step 6

While the nuts are cooling make the rum syrup. Place the granulated sugar in a small pot, add the rum and then add the water around the sugar so no granules remain on the edges of the pot.  

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Step 7

Bring the mixture to a simmer on medium heat without stirring. Once the bubbling starts, let the syrup simmer gently for 6 minutes and turn off the heat. The syrup should be warm but not boiling hot, so let it cool for 5-7 minutes before using.

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Step 8

Fill the dates. Spread ½ teaspoon of almond butter inside the date. Place about one tablespoon of caramel nuts in the date, pressing a little to keep them in place.  Be generous when filling and do not worry about over-filling the dates. 

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Step 9

Place the filled dates on a wire rack lined with a sheet pan. Spoon the warm rum syrup over the dates. This will give the dates a beautiful shiny finish. (See notes 2.)

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Step 10

Let excess syrup drip and transfer your stuffed dates to a serving plate. Serve and enjoy!

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  1. Be very careful while making caramel, it is extremely hot and sticky!  Never leave caramel unattended.
  2. The syrup could solidify if you let it cool for too long so make sure you use it while still warm.

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Carmela G.


19 Oct 2022

A simple recipe of Stuffed Dates. Absolutely delicious and will definitely be a hit when you serve it to your family or guests.

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