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Mixologist Anthony

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Mixologist Anthony, also known as Professor Baker on Instagram, has been honing his skills behind the bar for the past several years in many a Manhattan hot spot. He has perfected the art of crafting timeless cocktail favorites and is also adept at creating elaborate concoctions that push the limits of molecular gastronomy. Currently a Cocktail Professor and Bartending Instructor in NYC, Mixologist Anthony loves sharing his passion for mixology while shaking, stirring, and sipping drinks in his interactive classes.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Mixologist Anthony

Angela M.


13 Jun 2021

Anthony was fun, creative and a true connoisseur of his craft! We had a great date night. Plus he did what he said he would. He changed my mind about Bourbon and Whiskey! In an hour. Thank you Anthony!

Peter B.


13 Jun 2021

Professor Baker is a pro

Allison L.


12 Jun 2021

We loved the bourbon class and look forward to taking more of his classes!