Halloween Punch Recipe

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Have a cackling good time with this non-alcoholic Halloween punch. A ghostly iced hand floats in a vat of lychee eyeballs and gummy worms to make an enticing macabre brew.
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For the Iced Ghost Hands
powder-free rubber gloves
filtered water
For the Lychee Eyeballs
15-oz. cans of lychee
2 cup(s)
blueberries or blackberries
For the Punch
64 oz
100% unsweetened cranberry juice, cold
32 oz
pomegranate juice, cold
32 oz
apple cider, cold
2 l
ginger ale or ginger beer
reserved lychee syrup, to taste
gummy worms, for garnish

Directions 9 steps | 495 Minutes

Step 1

The day before serving, prepare the iced hands. Put on one pair of gloves and thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. Flip gloves inside out. Repeat with the other pair. Fill the gloves with water and tie the ends with either rubber bands or twist ties. Do not overfill. The fingers of the gloves should be able to move.

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Step 2

Line a baking sheet with paper towels and place the prepared gloves on top of the towels. Freeze overnight or until completely frozen.

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Step 3

On the day of serving, make the lychee eyeballs. Drain the cans of lychee and reserve the juice. Stuff a blueberry (or a blackberry) into the hollow center of each lychee. Repeat with the remaining lychee.

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Step 4

In a punch bowl, pour in the cranberry juice and pomegranate juice.

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Step 5

Stir in the apple cider and ginger ale (or ginger beer).

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Step 6

Stir in one cup of lychee syrup and taste. If desired, add more for sweetness.

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Step 7

Stir in the lychee eyes.

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Step 8

Remove the gloves from the freezer and run under hot water for 10 seconds. Cut the ends of the rubber gloves and remove the ice from the glove. Add two or three iced hands to the punch bowl. If using the gummy worms, stir them in and drape extra along the edges of the bowl if desired.

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Step 9

Serve the punch ladled into a cup with a couple of lychee eyeballs. Enjoy!

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Fred M.


07 Jul 2022

Why can't Halloween be every month? I will for sure be drinking this year-round!

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