95 Incredible One Pot Meals

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95 one pot meals

One pot meals can be lifesavers on busy weeknights, lazy weekends and any time you don’t feel like doing extra dishes. These convenient recipes minimize the hassle of juggling multiple pots and pans in the oven and across the stovetop. Everything is ready to eat at the same time and cleaning up is quick and easy. 

Are one pot meals all the same? With just one pot or pan, there are plenty of delicious meals to make from soups and stews to curries, stir fries, pasta and more. Helpful appliances like a slow cooker or pressure cooker can make one pot meals even easier to prepare for dump and go style dishes that require little effort or supervision. From skillet casseroles to satisfying soups, here are 95 of our favorite recipes for the best one pot meals. 


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Easy One Pot Meals

1. Estofado de Pollo

Estofado de Pollo is a traditional Spanish stew that effortlessly blends elegance and comfort. Tender, savory chicken legs are slowly braised with grappa-soaked prunes, leeks and potatoes.

Try our Estofado de Pollo recipe

estofado de pollo is an elegant one pot meal
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2. One Pot Lasagna

Ready in under an hour, this One Pot Lasagna brings the classic, comforting flavors in less time and with fewer dishes. The noodles simmer in a hearty beef and tomato sauce and are finished with dollops of creamy ricotta cheese.

Try our One Pot Lasagna recipe

3. Rasta Pasta

Spicy, creamy Rasta Pasta draws inspiration from the Caribbean with a bold kick of jerk seasoning and a colorful trio of bell peppers. Hearty one pot meals like this are great for family dinners and weekly meal prep. 

Try our Rasta Pasta recipe

rasta pasta is a hearty one pot meal
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4. Herb Rice

A perfect pair for one pot meals, this easy and versatile Herb Rice features fragrant herbs and saffron for a boost of color and flavor. Try the traditional tahdig-style technique for a crispy crust that gives this rice a unique texture. 

Try our Herb Rice recipe

5. Crispy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

One pot meals are not limited to soups and pasta dishes. Try this Crispy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza by A Simple Palate for an easy pizza night with minimal clean up.

crispy cast iron skillet pizza is perfect for an easy pizza night
via A Simple Palate

6. Spiced Lamb and Lentil Stew

While stovetop meals are easy and convenient, one pot crock pot meals can be almost effortless. This Moroccan-style Spiced Lamb and Lentil Stew by Every Last Bite releases the aromas of warm spices throughout the kitchen while it slowly simmers until the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender.

7. One Pan Weeknight Cottage Pie with Potato Puffs

Premade potato products are a great shortcut for easy one pot meals like this One Pan Weeknight Cottage Pie with Potato Puffs by Little Spice Jar. Made in an oven safe skillet, this meaty casserole is packed with vegetables and topped with a layer of crispy potatoes for a simple, yet satisfying meal.

one pan weeknight cottage pie with potato puffs is a simple yet satisfying one pot meal
via Little Spice Jar

8. Italian Baked Eggs and Meatballs

Versatile one pot meals like these Italian Baked Eggs and Meatballs by Plated Cravings can be enjoyed for breakfast, dinner or any time in between. Tender meatballs are simmered in a savory tomato sauce and topped with jammy, runny egg yolks perfect for dipping into with a piece of crusty bread.

9. Pork and Beans

Tender, saucy pork and beans have been a longtime staple of one pot meals for camping trips and budget dinners. These rich and savory Pork and Beans by Seasons and Suppers are an elevated take on the hearty dish that can be prepared in the oven or a slow cooker.

tender and saucy pork and beans are rich and savory
via Seasons and Suppers

10. One Pot Greek Chicken and Lemon Rice

This One Pot Greek Chicken and Lemon Rice by RecipeTin Eats amps up the flavor as the zesty, savory juices from the marinated chicken simmer with the rice in the oven. Featuring signature Mediterranean ingredients, this bright one pot meal is light yet satisfying.

11. Seattle Style Smoked Salmon Chowder

Inspired by the coastal markets of the Pacific Northwest, this Seattle Style Smoked Salmon Chowder by Little Spice Jar is smoky, briny and rich, setting it apart from its East Coast cousins. Like many one pot meals, the taste gets even better the next day after the flavors have had a chance to meld.

seattle style smoked salmon chowder is smoky, briny and rich
via Little Spice Jar

12. One Pot Brazilian Shrimp Stew

One pot meals are popular all across the globe. This One Pot Brazilian Shrimp Stew by Easy and Delish, also known as ensopado de camarao, is a bountiful dish of sauteed vegetables and shrimp in a coconut and tomato broth.

13. Herby Chicken Pot Pie with Easy Biscuit Crust

One pot meals like chicken pot pie bring back fond memories for many. This Herby Chicken Pot Pie with Easy Biscuit Crust from Feasting at Home offers an elevated twist on the classic casserole.

herby chicken pot pie with easy biscuit crust offers an elevated twist on the classic casserole
via Feasting at Home

14. Jamaican Chicken Curry

Inspired by the signature sweet heat of Caribbean cooking, this Jamaican Chicken Curry from Well Plated by Erin highlights regional ingredients like scotch bonnet peppers and Jamaican curry powder. Juicy chicken thighs are ideal for one pot meals with robust flavor profiles.

15. One Pot Beef Stroganoff

This creamy, meaty One Pot Beef Stroganoff from Jo Cooks is a convenient take on a classic Russian dish. A deep frying pan offers ample space for cooking the meat, pasta and sauce in just one piece of cookware.

one pot beef stroganoff is creamy and meaty
via Jo Cooks

16. Chinese 5-Spice Stewed Beef

The Chinese 5-Spice Stewed Beef from Every Last Bite is slow-simmered for impossibly tender meat in a thick, flavorful sauce. This vibrant and versatile dish is adaptable for paleo, dairy free, gluten free, and keto diets.

17. Tteokbokki

With a flourishing global interest in Korean dramas, pop music and beauty, Korean cuisine has also stepped into the spotlight. This Tteokbokki by Pickled Plum is an easy, homemade version of the popular Korean street food.

chewy and spicy tteokbokki is a popular korean street food
via Pickled Plum

18. Creamy Tuscan Chicken

The Creamy Tuscan Chicken from Jo Cooks features a classic combination of spinach and sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce draped over tender, browned chicken tenderloins. Serve this one pot meal over pasta, rice or with a side of vegetables.

Quick One Pot Meals

19. One Pot Mac and Cheese

With just five ingredients and fifteen minutes, dinner can be on the table fast thanks to this quick One Pot Mac and Cheese. Perhaps the world’s most comforting combination for one pot meals, tender pasta and buttery, gooey cheese sauce are a perfect match. 

Try our One Pot Mac and Cheese

one pot mac and cheese is covered in buttery, gooey cheese
via Cozymeal

20. Crack Slaw (Egg Roll Bowl) 

Crack Slaw, also known as egg roll in a bowl, is a go-to recipe for one pot meals that are quick, easy and keto friendly. This speedy dish can be made with almost any ground protein, including tofu, and is ready in under thirty minutes. 

Try our Crack Slaw recipe

21. Besciamella

While not a meal on its own, Besciamella is the rich, creamy element that transforms ingredients into a cohesive dish. This silky, buttery sauce can be layered into lasagna or casseroles, draped over meat or vegetables and stirred into pasta or soups. 

Try our Besciamella recipe

creamy and rich besciamella transforms ingredients into a cohesive dish
via Cozymeal

22. Easy Fried Rice

This fifteen minute Easy Fried Rice from Spend with Pennies is a convenient option for one pot meals. Starting with leftover rice, this quick meal can be customized with whatever is in the pantry or fridge.

23. Kimchi Ramen

This Kimchi Ramen by Live Eat Learn is a quick and easy way to elevate basic instant ramen. With nearly endless options for upgrades, instant ramen is a blank canvas for creating a wide variety of quick one pot meals.

kimchi ramen is a quick and easy way to elevate instant ramen
via Live Eat Learn

24. Mapo Tofu

Based on the popular Sichuan dish, this Mapo Tofu by RecipeTin Eats is a saucy, one pot meal that is ready in under fifteen minutes. The dish is prepared with readily available ingredients that might already be in your pantry.

25. One Pot Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup

Vibrant and fresh One Pot Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup from Ahead of Thyme showcases the delicate balance of spicy, sour, umami and sweet that is signature of Thai cuisine. With quick-cooking ingredients, this one pot meal is ready in just twenty five minutes.

one pot thai red curry soup is vibrant and well balanced
via Ahead of Thyme

26. One Pot Pasta Bolognese

While not a traditional spaghetti bolognese, this One Pot Pasta Bolognese by RecipeTin Eats creates a rich, thick sauce that beautifully coats the pasta and can be adapted to a variety of one pot meals. Although it might not quite reach the depth of flavor of a slow-simmered sauce, this recipe is worth a try for its convenience.

27. One Pan Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Shortcut ingredients like rotisserie chicken, canned sauce and pantry staples expedite the prep time of this One Pan Chicken Enchilada Skillet by The Girl Who Ate Everything for a hearty meal that can be on the table in just ten minutes. Quickly slice the tortillas into strips with the help of a pizza cutter.

one pan chicken enchilada skillet is a hearty and quick one pot meal
via The Girl Who Ate Everything

28. Easy 10 Minute Wonton Soup

That bag of wontons that has been sitting in the freezer blossoms into a light, yet filling meal with this Easy 10 Minute Wonton Soup by Ahead of Thyme. Enjoy this simple soup as is or add in some extra nutrients with quick cooking vegetables like spinach or mushrooms.

29. Chili Lime Peach Chicken

Poultry is a popular protein for one pot meals as it is a blank canvas that can take on a wide array of flavor combinations. This Chili Lime Peach Chicken by Feasting at Home highlights the ability of this lean meat to pair beautifully with savory, spicy, sour and sweet ingredients.

chili lime peach chicken is a complex quick one pot meal
via Feasting at Home

30. One Pot Gochujang Spaghetti

The best one pot meals excite diners with creativity and surprise in addition to inviting textures and flavors. This creamy, spicy One Pot Gochujang Spaghetti by Glue and Glitter turns the traditional spaghetti dinner on its head with a dash of fermented Korean chili paste.

31. 12 Minute Thai Chicken Peanut Noodles

Savory 12 Minute Thai Chicken Peanut Noodles from RecipeTin Eats are a fast and easy meal option inspired by the signature flavors of Thailand. Chicken mince and quick cooking noodles are helpful shortcuts for speedy one pot meals.

12 minute thai chicken peanut noodles are a fast and easy flavorful meal
via RecipeTin Eats

32. Cheeseburger Macaroni

This quick Cheeseburger Macaroni by Homemade Hooplah puts a tasty twist on the classic boxed dinner. On the table in just twenty minutes, this vegetable-infused version of popular store bought one pot meals is sure to become a family favorite. 

33. Quick Chicken Sweet Potato Kale Skillet

A celebration of cozy fall flavors, this Quick Chicken Sweet Potato Kale Skillet with Cranberries and Goat Cheese from Well Plated by Erin is a colorful, creamy and satisfying dish. Dancing the line between savory and sweet, each bite invites you to discover something new in this intriguing one pan meal.

quick chicken sweet potato kale skillet with cranberries and goat cheese is a colorful and satisfying dish
via Well Plated by Erin

34. Poached Salmon in Coconut Lime Sauce

Salmon is a hearty and versatile fish that can stand up to a wide variety of flavor profiles in one pot meals and other dishes. This Poached Salmon in Coconut Lime Sauce by RecipeTin Eats takes the nutrient-rich fish to the tropics with Thai-inspired ingredients like fish sauce, ginger and lemongrass.

Healthy One Pot Meals

35. Chicken Tortellini Soup

The warm comfort of chicken soup meets a cozy bowl of pasta in this hearty Chicken Tortellini Soup. Packed with lean protein and colorful vegetables, this satisfying soup will nourish both body and spirit. 

Try our Chicken Tortellini Soup recipe

chicken tortellini soup is comforting and packed with lean protein
via Cozymeal

36. Chipotle Chicken Stew with Chickpeas and Kale

This Chipotle Chicken Stew with Chickpeas and Kale by Little Spice Jar is a protein powerhouse rounded out with tender, leafy greens. This nutrient-dense dish can be enjoyed on its own as a light lunch or rounded out with some rice or couscous for heartier one pot meals.

37. Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Creative recipes like this Stuffed Pepper Casserole from Spend with Pennies reimagine classic dishes as nutritious one pot meals. Simple swaps can easily adapt this recipe to suit a variety of dietary needs such as changing up the protein or opting for cauliflower rice to make this a low carb meal.

stuffed pepper casserole is a nutritious one pot meal
via Spend with Pennies

38. Healthy Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

The Healthy Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles from Well Plated by Erin is a lightened up version of a rich, buttery classic dish. With the help of a spiralizer or vegetable peeler, squash noodles offer a low carb, nutrient-rich alternative to traditional pasta.

39. Low Carb Chicken Teriyaki

A good sauce can make or break one pot meals, but bottled sauces like teriyaki can pack a shocking amount of sugar. This Low Carb Chicken Teriyaki from Sugar Free Londoner brings the sweet and savory balance of Asian-style flavors with a simple, keto-friendly sauce.

low carb chicken teriyaki balances sweet and savory asian flavors
via Sugar Free Londoner

40. One Pot Chicken Cacciatore

A sturdy Dutch oven is the perfect vessel for creating this One Pot Chicken Cacciatore by Simply Stacie. Allow at least an hour for the chicken and vegetables to slow simmer, developing a rich depth of flavor in this cozy Italian dish.

41. Baked Haddock

This light and fresh Baked Haddock by Feasting at Home is an elegant option for healthy one pot meals. Aromatic herbs and fennel are enhanced by a bright spritz of lemon to elevate this simple seafood skillet.

baked haddock is light and fresh
via Feasting at Home

42. Super Low Cal Healthy Creamy Vegetable Soup

Some might think lots of heavy cream and cheese are required to make eating vegetables enjoyable, but they haven’t tried this Super Low Cal Healthy Creamy Vegetable Soup by RecipeTin Eats. A quick whirl in the blender transforms cauliflower, broth, vegetables and aromatics into a smooth, savory base for this creamy, comforting soup.

43. King Ranch Chicken

There’s no need for high sodium canned soups to make this King Ranch Chicken from Well Plated by Erin. This from scratch version of the popular Tex-Mex style one pot meal is brimming with lean protein, colorful vegetables and plenty of bold flavor.

king ranch chicken is brimming with bold flavor
via Well Plated by Erin

44. Garlic Shrimp with Quinoa

Fragrant and protein-rich Garlic Shrimp with Quinoa from Well Plated by Erin is a satisfying one pot meal that will keep you full without weighing you down. A touch of chili powder and cayenne gives this vibrant dish a subtle kick.

45. Garlic Chicken One Pot with Broccolini and Zucchini

Protein and vegetables are the basic building blocks of healthy one pot meals. Featuring lean chicken and nutrient-rich vegetables, this Garlic Chicken One Pot with Broccolini and Zucchini by Joy Filled Eats is a simple, yet flavorful dish that is both low carb and gluten free.

garlic chicken one pot with broccolini and zucchini is a nutrient-rich one pot meal
via Joy Filled Eats

46. Italian Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

Showcasing a colorful array of summer vegetables, this Italian Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry by Low Carb Maven is a light, yet satisfying meal. From classic Asian-inspired varieties to creative takes from around the world, stir fry dishes are a great option for nutritious one pot meals.

47. Egg White Frittata

Eggs are an excellent way to give one pot meals a nutritious boost. This Egg White Frittata from Well Plated by Erin is a nutrient-dense, high protein option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

healthy egg white frittata is a high protein one pot meal
via Well Plated by Erin

48. Fish en Papillote 

Fish en Papillote from Well Plated by Erin is a light and elegant dish that is surprisingly simple to prepare. En papillote is a French term that refers to a process of baking food inside a parchment pouch, usually with herbs, seasonings and other aromatics.

49. Simple Authentic Cioppino

This Simple Authentic Cioppino by Feasting at Home is a broth-based fish stew that comes together in one stockpot. With an abundance of seafood and aromatics, this light soup is best served with a piece of crusty bread to soak up the flavorful juices.

simple authentic cioppino is a broth based fish stew
via Feasting at Home

50. One Pan Braised Lemon Paprika Chicken with Sumac

Take your tastebuds on a journey with one pot meals inspired by the flavors of the Middle East like this One Pan Braised Lemon Paprika Chicken with Sumac by Healthy Nibbles and Bits. The tantalizing spice mixture dances between savory and zesty, smoky and sweet inviting you to take another bite.

Instant Pot One Pot Meals

51. Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

Silky smooth and delicately sweet, Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup is rich with cozy autumnal flavors. The crispy sage garnish gives this velvety bowl an intriguing textural contrast. 

Try our Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup recipe

instant pot butternut squash soup is creamy and velvety
via Cozymeal

52. Instant Pot Bone Broth

Instant Pot Bone Broth can bring deep flavor and an infusion of nutrients to savory one pot meals. Using a pressure cooker creates this nutritious broth and saves hours of time and effort.

Try our Instant Pot Bone Broth recipe

53. Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

Taco night is a cinch with these smoky Instant Pot Chicken Tacos. Pair with your favorite toppings and fillings like creamy avocado or a crunchy cabbage slaw and a squeeze of fresh lime. 

Try our Instant Pot Chicken Tacos recipe

instant pot chicken tacos recipe makes taco night a cinch
via Cozymeal

54. Instant Pot Salmon

Instant Pot Salmon is an ideal centerpiece for unbelievably quick, nutritious and nearly effortless one pot meals. Pair this buttery salmon with a side of fresh salad or steamed vegetables for a fast, healthy meal that doesn’t sacrifice taste. 

Try our Instant Pot Salmon recipe

55. Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup

The Instant Pot does all the heavy lifting to create this velvety smooth Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Simply steam the ingredients in the pressure cooker then puree and stir in the cheese for a silky, creamy way to eat your vegetables. 

Try our Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipe

instant pot broccoli cheddar soup is delicious way to eat your vegetables
via Cozymeal

56. Instant Pot Jambalaya

It’s hard to believe this New Orleans classic can be made in a pressure cooker. Instant Pot Jambalaya recreates the signature flavors of the Big Easy in just about twenty minutes. 

Try our Instant Pot Jambalaya recipe

57. Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

Layered with flavor, this Instant Pot White Chicken Chili is an excellent recipe for easy one pot meals to enjoy throughout the week. Savor a bowl of this hearty chili topped with fresh avocado and jalapeño slices or spoon leftovers over nachos, inside a roasted sweet potato or freeze individual portions for convenient future meals. 

Try our Instant Pot White Chicken Chili recipe

instant pot white chicken chili is a hearty and flavorful one pot meal
via Cozymeal

58. Instant Pot Potato Soup

Instant Pot Potato Soup is creamy comfort in a bowl. Loaded with smoky bacon, cheese and tangy sour cream, this irresistible soup is an ideal choice for crowd pleasing instant pot one pot meals.

Try our Instant Pot Potato Soup recipe

59. Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup with Spinach and Mushrooms 

A vegetarian take on a classic soup, this Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup with Spinach and Mushrooms from Feasting at Home is rich in nutrients, gluten free and vegan adaptable. This creamy stew showcases earthy mushrooms and root vegetables to complement the nutty wild rice.

instant pot wild rice soup with spinach and mushrooms are a vegetarian take on a classic soup
via Feasting at Home

60. Instant Pot Beef Stew

Rich and cozy Instant Pot Beef Stew from Well Plated by Erin is sure to warm bellies on cold, cloudy days. The pressure cooker ensures fork tender beef and vegetables with slow-simmered flavors in a fraction of the cooking time.

61. Instant Pot Chicken Pho Noodle Soup

Enjoy this almost-authentic Instant Pot Chicken Pho Noodle Soup by Little Spice Jar at home without spending hours over a stove stirring hot broth. While not the traditional preparation method for this iconic Vietnamese dish, a pressure cooker significantly reduces the time between the pho craving strikes and taking a slurp of delicious, homemade noodle soup.

instant pot chicken pho noodle soup is perfect for when the pho craving strikes
via Little Spice Jar

62. Instant Pot Chanterelle Squash Risotto

Risottos of all kinds are notoriously high-maintenance one pot meals, though often well worth the effort. Skip the painstaking process and enjoy silky, flavorful results with this Instant Pot Chanterelle Squash Risotto by Vegan Yack Attack.

63. Thai Mango Chicken

Bright, sweet and a little spicy, this Thai Mango Chicken from Flavour and Savour can be made in either a pressure cooker or crockpot. Make a double batch and freeze for quick and flavorful one pot meals whenever you need them.

thai mango chicken is bright, sweet and a little spicy
via Flavour and Savour

64. Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Perhaps the original one pot meals, tagines are traditional dishes from North Africa cooked in a clay cooking vessel often in the style of a stew or casserole. This Moroccan Chicken Tagine from Every Last Bite is aromatic, complex and can be made up to three days in advance.

65. Instant Pot Meatloaf

The Instant Pot Meatloaf by Spend with Pennies truly is a complete one pot meal. The potatoes cook along with the loaf for a hearty dinner with no extra dishes.

instant pot meatloaf is a complete one pot meal
via Spend with Pennies

66. Pressure Cooker Sweet and Sour Pork

We adore better-than-takeout style one pot meals like this Pressure Cooker Sweet and Sour Pork by Easy and Delish. This version skips the deep fryer and goes easy on the sugar for a lighter alternative to the traditional dish.

One Pot Vegetarian Meals

67. White Bean and Kale Soup

With buttery beans and hearty vegetables, this White Bean and Kale Soup is perfect for filling and nutritious vegetarian one pot meals. Serve with some crusty bread to soak up the light, yet flavorful broth. 

Try our White Bean and Kale Soup recipe

white bean and kale soup is filled with buttery beans and hearty vegetables
via Cozymeal

68. Mushroom Bisque

Rich and earthy Mushroom Bisque is an easy vegetarian soup made with simple ingredients that deliver complex flavors. This luscious soup showcases the versatility of the mushroom and can be made with whichever varieties you prefer.

Try our Mushroom Bisque recipe

69. Shakshuka

A staple one pot meal from North Africa, this Shakshuka by Minimalist Baker highlights the bright, saucy and smoky origins of this traditional dish sometimes called Eggs in Purgatory. The spiced tomato stew simmers in a cast iron skillet before eggs are nestled into the sauce and baked in the oven until set.

shakshuka is a bright and saucy one pot meal
via Minimalist Baker

70. Skillet Baked Huevos Rancheros

Whether it's the first meal of the day or breakfast for dinner, these Skillet Baked Huevos Rancheros by Feasting at Home are an easy, filling option for one pot vegetarian meals. In an oven safe skillet, layer saucy beans and vegetables over a tortilla then top with an egg before baking in the oven until the egg is set and the edges of the tortilla are crisp.

71. Potato Galette with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese

With crisp edges and a tender center, this Potato Galette with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese by Seasons and Suppers is a tantalizing one pot meal full of decadent flavors and satisfying contrast of textures. Use a mandolin for consistent, extra thin slices of potato to layer with the caramelized onions and soft, tangy goat cheese.

potato galette with caramelized onions and goat cheese have crisp edges and a tender center
via Seasons and Suppers

72. Tunisian Chickpea Stew with Carrots, Tops and Harissa

This cozy and colorful Tunisian Chickpea Stew with Carrots, Tops and Harissa by Feasting at Home celebrates seasonal produce enhanced with North African spices. Nothing was wasted in creating this nutritious stew with the often-discarded carrot tops adding another layer of flavor to the dish.

73. One Pot Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce

Some of the best one pot meal recipes are simple, yet satisfying like this One Pot Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce by Love and Olive Oil. Soft pillowy gnocchi are draped in a luxuriously silky sauce that requires no extra pots, pans or bowls.

one pot gnocchi with vodka sauce is simple and satisfying
via Love and Olive Oil

74. Stuffed Manicotti

Tender tubes of pasta filled with fluffy spinach and ricotta are buried under rich tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella in this Stuffed Manicotti by Jo Cooks. The pasta even cooks in the casserole dish, so there’s no need to drag out another pot just to boil some water.

75. Vegetarian Paella

With crispy rice and enticing aromatics, paella might be the ultimate one pot meal. This Vegetarian Paella by Ahead of Thyme is a meatless take on Spain’s signature dish.

vegetarian paella features crispy rice and enticing aromatics
via Ahead of Thyme

76. Tofu Drunken Noodles

Made in a large skillet or wok, these Tofu Drunken Noodles by Jo Cooks are a quick and easy one pot meal. To make this noodle dish vegetarian (or vegan), be sure to swap the fish and oyster sauces for hoisin and tamari.

77. Hashbrown Crust Asparagus Quiche

This charming Hashbrown Crust Asparagus Quiche by Seasons and Suppers is a delicate, yet filling option for vegetarian one pot meals any time of the day. A box grater makes quick work of transforming whole potatoes into shreds for the hashbrown crust, but be sure to squeeze out as much liquid as possible to achieve the desired crunch.

hashbrown crust asparagus quiche is a filling vegetarian breakfast
via Seasons and Suppers

78. Vegetarian Pad Thai

With a rainbow of vegetables and savory sauce, this Vegetarian Pad Thai from Well Plated by Erin is a bright, fresh twist on the traditional dish. Spiralized zucchini eliminates the need for an extra pot to boil the traditional rice noodles.

79. One Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils

With just a handful of staple ingredients, these One Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils by Pinch of Yum become a comforting meal. Opt for butter or oil to sauté the vegetables and swap in vegetable broth to make this one pot meal completely meat free.

one pot creamy spinach lentils are a comforting meal with staple ingredients
via Pinch of Yum

80. Eggplant Parmesan Pasta Skillet

Capture all the flavors of the classic dish in one pan with this Eggplant Parmesan Pasta Skillet by Cook Nourish Bliss. Layered with fresh, nutritious ingredients, this wholesome one pot meal is sure to be a welcome addition to the dinner rotation.

One Pot Vegan Meals

81. Vegan Split Pea Soup

This satisfying and versatile Vegan Split Pea Soup is a filling, nutritious dish that can be prepared on the stovetop, in a slow cooker or the Instant Pot. Save this cozy vegan recipe for one pot meals to savor on chilly days. 

Try our Vegan Split Pea Soup recipe

vegan split pea soup is a filling, nutritious dish
via Cozymeal

82. Vegan Mushroom Soup

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup is thickened with a combination of nutritional yeast (or a nutritional yeast substitute) and chickpea flour resulting in a rich, silky plant-based dish. This seemingly simple one pot meal is layered with deep, umami flavors. 

Try our Vegan Mushroom Soup recipe

83. Vegan Lentil Soup

This fragrant, spiced Vegan Lentil Soup is brimming with nutritious ingredients for a cozy, filling dish. Protein-packed lentils are ideal for building satisfying one pot vegan meals including soups, stews and curries. 

Try our Vegan Lentil Soup recipe

vegan lentil soup is protein packed and nutritious
via Cozymeal

84. Vegan Potato Soup

There’s no dairy needed to create this creamy Vegan Potato Soup. Rich coconut milk gives this savory soup its signature velvety texture.

Try our Vegan Potato Soup recipe

85. One Pot Spanish Rice and Beans 

Everyday rice and beans get a flavorful upgrade with these One Pot Spanish Rice and Beans by Connoisseurus Veg. Savory spices, tender kidney beans and briny olives come together to create this enticing one pot meal inspired by the culinary traditions of Spain.

one pot spanish rice and beans are an enticing one pot meal
via Connoisseurus Veg

86. Vegan Minestrone Soup with Couscous

The Vegan Minestrone Soup with Couscous from Vegan in the Freezer is a creative upgrade of the traditional Italian dish. The addition of couscous brings a unique flavor and texture to this version of the classic soup.

87. Vegan Congee

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Vegan Congee from Healthy Nibbles and Bits is a savory bowl of pure comfort. Choose a variety of toppings to give this one pot meal a dynamic contrast of textures.

vegan congee is a savory bowl of pure comfort
via Healthy Nibbles and Bits

88. Vegan Smoky Corn Chowder

With so many varieties to choose from soups are one pot meals for any season. This Vegan Smoky Corn Chowder from Vegan Yack Attack is a lighter, dairy free soup that is equally well-suited for breezy summer nights or cool, wintry afternoons.

89. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

There are probably just about as many versions of chili in the world as there are people, each with a custom blend of ingredients and spices. This Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili by A Simple Palate is a sweet and spicy plant-based offering of the ubiquitous one pot meal.

sweet potato black bean chili is sweet and spicy
via A Simple Palate

90. Easy Vegan Ratatouille

Inspired by the rustic French dish, this Easy Vegan Ratatouille from A Virtual Vegan celebrates a rainbow of summer vegetables. The French have truly mastered the art of one pot meals as is evident in this classic vegetable stew.

91. African Peanut Soup 

This bold African Peanut Soup from Feasting at Home celebrates the staple dish from West Africa. Known as groundnuts in many parts of the world, the peanuts in this recipe bring a creamy texture and hearty dose of protein to this beloved one pot meal.

african peanut soup celebrates the staple dish from west africa
via Feasting at Home

92. Veracruz-Style Fava Bean Stew

Inspired by a traditional fish stew, this Veracruz-Style Fava Bean Stew from Dora’s Table recreates the classic flavor profile and texture of the dish with plant-based ingredients. Buttery fava beans give this one pot meal a hearty base for the bright tomato sauce studded with olives, capers and pickled jalapeños.

93. Smoky Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas and Greens 

A holiday tradition in the American South, these Smoky Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas and Greens by Minimalist Baker are said to bring good luck if eaten at the start of the new year. This plant-based version omits the usual bacon in favor of a sprinkle of smoked paprika and a dash of liquid smoke.

smoky instant pot black eyed peas and greens omits the bacon for smoked paprika
via Minimalist Baker

94. Vegan Portobello Pot Roast

Pot roast is a longtime favorite for go-to one pot meals. This Vegan Portobello Pot Roast by A Virtual Vegan features meaty mushroom and tender vegetables in a savory gravy.

95. Aloo Gobi

With fragrant curries and a tradition of meatless dishes, India offers plenty of inspiration for one pot vegan meals. This Aloo Gobi from Simple Vegan Blog is a speedy take on the classic Indian dish ready in just about thirty minutes.

aloo gobi is a meatless, fragrant one pot meal
via Simple Vegan Blog

There are thousands of one pot meal recipes to explore, some drawing inspiration from cultural traditions and regional influences while others were created out of curiosity or necessity. Having a collection of one pot meals available for busy weeknights or one pot crock pot meals for days you don’t feel like cooking can minimize stress and help retain the joy of cooking.

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