31 Fun Date Ideas in Toronto in 2023

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Looking for date ideas in Toronto? Here are 31 activities sure to get sparks flying.

Looking for fun date ideas in Toronto? You’re in for a treat. Ontario’s capital city and the largest city in Canada, Toronto is a bustling metropolis and cultural and culinary melting pot with plenty of green spaces sprinkled throughout the city. Whether you’re a foodie, sports fanatic or outdoorsy, there are plenty of cute date ideas in Toronto to shape everything from a first date to a 10-year anniversary and everything in between. 

We’ve compiled a list of date night ideas in Toronto (or date days!) to take the pressure off when planning your special night or weekend. Whether you’re a local or planning a romantic getaway, there’s no shortage of unique date ideas in Toronto. 


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Foodie Date Ideas in Toronto

1.  Get Hands-On With a Cooking Class

Show off your culinary skills or learn some new ones together with hands-on cooking classes in Toronto. Learn to make everything from traditional Venezuelan street food to decadent vegan desserts all at the lead of the best chefs in the city. If you'd rather enjoy a low-key night in, you don't have to venture far to find a cooking class near you: Check out online cooking classes from the comfort of home! Whether you’re already an ace in the kitchen or looking to pick up a few new tricks, these fun date ideas in Toronto are a great place to start. 

A cooking class together is a great date idea in Toronto.
via Canva

2. Private Chef Experiences

Maybe you’re looking to eat great food but would rather relax and chat instead of cook. In that case, a private chef might be just the thing for you. With tons of private chefs near you to choose from, this is a great date idea in Toronto that leaves plenty of room for customization. You and your date can choose the time, place and type of cuisine, and one of the many private chefs in Toronto will make sure it is a memorable night. They even handle all of the shopping and kitchen clean-up.

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3. Food Tours

Toronto is one of the best foodie cities, home to a number of diverse cultural enclaves with food from all over the world. A great date spot in Toronto is always at your fingertips! Food tours in Toronto let you pick your adventure. Go for dumplings in Chinatown, top-notch tzatziki in Greek Town or one of the many famed Italian restaurants peppered throughout the city. You’ll soon realize there’s no shortage of food-centered date ideas in Toronto.

two people sharing veggies and falafel on a bench
via Canva

4. Winery Tours and Tastings

Toronto is an international hub, and where there’s great food, there’s usually great wine. With plenty of swanky wineries and wine bars, create your own wine tasting tour for a fun first date idea in Toronto. 

5. Brewery Tours and Tastings

If wine isn’t your thing, check out one of the many breweries sprinkled throughout the city. This is the perfect date idea in Toronto because it can last as long as you want it to. Stop by one locale or hop from brewery to brewery for an extended experience.

a flight of variously colored beers
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6. Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a foodie-hub downtown and is the perfect date spot in Toronto to keep things low-key. You can wander the streets until you find something that catches your eye, whether it be a Montreal-style bagel or a street taco. This is a great date idea in Toronto that doesn’t involve all the pressure of a fancy dinner reservation but still checks the box for great eats.

7. St. Lawrence Market

Stroll through St. Lawrence Market and shop for artisanal meats, cheeses and more. This date idea in Toronto is a great precursor to the rest of the afternoon or evening. Maybe you’re inspired by the selection and pick up something fabulous to go home and prepare later. Or maybe you put together an impromptu charcuterie board picnic in one of the city’s green spaces.

ribs and meat pies on display at St. Lawrence Market
via Canva

8. Shop at the Splendid China Mall

You’ll need a car for this date idea in Toronto, but it’s well worth it. This mall is the largest indoor Asian shopping mall in North America and a visit is a super fun thing for couples to do together. It’s the best spot for authentic Chinese herbs and medicines as well as Chinese food and, famously, bootleg bags and DVDs. Hop in the car, explore the many shelves of amazing ingredients and let them inspire you before you head home to cook something special with your bounty. Of all the things to do in Toronto, this is one of the most unique.

9. Brunch at Free Times Jewish Café

Stop into the Free Times Café on Sunday for an all-you-can-eat brunch called “Bella! Did Ya Eat?” The owner, Judy, started the brunch extravaganza over 20 years ago, and she stands at the door and greets each and every customer. Come for the incredible food; stay because it feels like home. This date idea in Toronto is the perfect follow-up to a Saturday night date.

a plate of brisket and bread with sauces
via Free Times Jewish Café

First Date Ideas in Toronto

10. Enjoy a Drink From the Comfort of Home

Ditch the crowds and stay in for a cozy cocktail or glass of wine with your date. Master the art of the perfect mixed drink with an online mixology class or test your palate with a virtual wine tasting for an easy date idea in Toronto.  

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11. Romantic Picnic at High Park

When the weather is just right, there’s no better place than High Park to relax and enjoy the day. Put on your walking shoes and stroll hand-in-hand through the lush green space, or pack a picnic and blanket and enjoy the scenery and people-watching. Plus, you’re close to the High Park Zoo if you’re looking for another date idea in Toronto.

couples sitting together on the grass under a tree on a sunny day
via High Park

12. Visit the Distillery District

Once home to whiskey distilleries, the now pedestrian-only cobblestone streets of the Distillery District are the perfect date spot in Toronto. Filled with indie restaurants, art galleries and sculptures, this is a must-see spot. Great for a first date idea in Toronto as there’s space to walk and talk with plenty of options for a drink or a bite to eat after. 

13. Test Your Limits at CN Tower’s EdgeWalk

They say that doing something exhilarating on a date can make your connection stronger, so why not put that theory to the test? This date idea in Toronto is the perfect mix of danger and fun. The CN Building is one of the most iconic (and tallest!) in Toronto, and the EdgeWalk sits 116 stories up. Enjoy panoramic views from the safety of the pod, or check out the hands-free 360-degree walk around the building with the help of trained guides. This unique date in Toronto is sure to be one you both remember for a long time.

the view from CN Tower in Toronto
via CN Tower EdgeWalk

14. Enjoy a Rooftop Cocktail at the Drake

Toronto has no shortage of amazing views, and what better way to enjoy them than on a rooftop, cocktail in hand? For a cute date idea in Toronto, check out Sky Yard atop the Drake Hotel. This date idea in Toronto offers spectacular views, quick service and Instagrammable drinks and ambiance. 

Cheap Date Ideas in Toronto

15. Scarborough Bluffs

Fourteen kilometers of fun await along Toronto’s eastern shore at the Scarborough Bluffs. Regardless of the weather, the park offers gardens, hiking trails and scenic views to take in with your date. If you’re looking for a calm, romantic day, head for the gardens or beaches. If you’re seeking adventure, grab your hiking boots and head to the top of the grassy lookouts for a spectacular view. One location, multiple date ideas in Toronto!

Scarborough Bluffs make a great natural date idea in Toronto.
via Canva

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16. Karaoke Bar

If you’re feeling brave — or maybe just a little tipsy — head to one of many karaoke bars for cheap drinks and endless entertainment. This date idea in Toronto is a great way to test both your chemistry and the limits of fun. You can challenge each other to different songs, or if the night is going well, maybe you’ll end up opting for a duet. You could even invite some friends for a fun double date idea!

17. Stop and Smell the Flowers at Allan Gardens

Head over to the Allan Garden Conservatory, a free indoor public greenhouse, to enjoy the sights and smells of the blooming flowers. The greenhouse is nearly 16,000 square feet and home to flourishing orchids, succulents and more. This date idea in Toronto is perfect year-round, rain or shine.

the door to a lush greenhouse in Allan Gardens
via Canva

18. Check Out a Hidden Hindu Temple on the Side of a Highway

Whether you’re locals or new to Toronto, there’s a chance neither of you have heard of this incredible hidden Hindu temple. The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is completely free to enter, and you’ll walk right into a magical world of Italian marble and Turkish limestone crafted into intricate designs. This date idea in Toronto is the perfect new adventure and an opportunity for you and your date to experience something new together. 

19. Listen to Live Music at Horseshoe Tavern

This legendary dive bar opened in 1947 and has hosted numerous bands both big and small, including the Rolling Stones and the Ramones. This famously grungy dive bar smells like beer and the checkered floors could use a clean, but that’s all part of the charm. Enjoy some live music and a cheap drink on this date idea in Toronto.

Horseshoe Tavern is a cool spot for a date idea in Toronto.
via Horseshoe Tavern

20. Go Bird Watching at the Leslie Spit

Technically called Tommy Thompson Park, the Leslie Spit is an artificial peninsula made of decades’ worth of garbage — but give it a chance! The land evolved from an old landfill into a nature reserve starting back in the 1980s. Today, it’s famous for bird watching and is home to terns, gulls, snowy owls, herons and close to 300 other bird species. Grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy this outdoors-focused date idea in Toronto. 

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21. Explore the Toronto Public Library

Whether you need a break from the sun or the snow, the Toronto Public Library is a great date idea in Toronto. The city of Toronto has invested heavily in its libraries over the years, and the results are yours to enjoy. Step inside the sleek, midcentury modern Toronto Reference Library or the glassy but rustic Fort York Library.

a red armchair among statues and books in Toronto Public Library
via Toronto Public Library

22. Grab a Sweet Treat at Arctic Bites

Rolled ice cream has been sweeping the world as the latest craze, so why not see what it’s all about? Head over to Arctic Bites and enjoy this frozen Thai creation that’s prepared on a frozen “grill” that sits at -20 degrees Celsius. Whether a post-dinner treat or the whole meal, this date idea in Toronto is sure to hit the spot. 

Romantic Date Ideas in Toronto

23. Have a Fairytale Romance at Castle Loma

Castle Loma is an incredible Gothic-style castle with perfectly manicured gardens dating back to 1914, and while not currently inhabited by anyone, it is a functioning museum — just the spot for a unique date idea in Toronto. Take a romantic tour of the castle and the grounds, and when you’re done with that, dine at the on-site Blue Blood Steakhouse — the perfect end to a romantic and extravagant date. With its Gothic design, Castle Loma is also the perfect spot for an atmospheric Halloween date idea.

a grey stone, imposing Gothic mansion front
via Canva

24. Royal Ontario Museum

What’s a more unique date idea in Toronto than exploring ancient Egyptian tombs and larger-than-life dinosaur fossils with a cocktail in hand? Every Friday, the Royal Ontario Museum hosts a vibrant social event with changing themes, DJs, drinks and more. This means each Friday, the theme is different! This is the perfect date idea in Toronto to combine culture, history and good times. 

25. Toronto Botanical Garden

Similar to the Allan Garden Conservatory, the Toronto Botanical Garden offers beautiful blooming flowers for your enjoyment. The perfect spot for a romantic pre or post-dinner walk, this date idea in Toronto is sure to set the mood. Home to 17 themed gardens and a number of hosted events throughout the year, this makes for a picture-perfect date.

Toronto Botanical Gardens are a gorgeous natural date idea in Toronto
via Toronto Botanical Garden

26. Afternoon Tea at the Royal York

Looking for a romantic date idea in Toronto? The prestigious Fairmont Royal York hosts tea fit for the queen every Saturday and Sunday at noon, 12:30 and 2:30. Complete with fine china and an elegant menu full of dainty tea sandwiches and pastries, this date is sure to impress. A hit for locals and visitors alike, this date idea in Toronto will have you both feeling like royalty. 

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27. Enjoy the Ballet

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the performing arts or just looking for an enjoyable evening, check out the National Ballet of Canada. The largest ballet troupe in Canada, the company was founded in 1951 and performs all over the country and world. Their most notable ballet, Romeo and Juliet, is a fairytale date idea in Toronto. Other ballets to watch out for include Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Cinderella.

a dozen or so ballet dancers with bent legs, swaying to the side
via National Ballet of Canada

Outdoorsy Date Ideas in Toronto

28. Ride a Tandem Bike on the Toronto Islands

Catch a ferry ride and escape the city to the Toronto Islands, where there’s plenty to explore. Ripe for date ideas in Toronto, the islands are where adventure awaits. Check out the hedge maze, strip down at the clothing-optional beach at Hanlan’s Point and rent a tandem bike to experience it all! 

29. Pack a Picnic for Trinity Bellwoods Park

Stop at a grocery store or pack a picnic from home, and meet your date at Trinity Bellwoods Park. This picnic date idea in Toronto is a perfect way to explore the trendy Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood. Whether you’re practically married or just getting to know each other, it’s sure to be a pleasant day.

a path winding through pink Japanese cherry blossoms
via Canva

30. Watch the Blue Jays Play at Rogers Stadium

Whether a crisp autumn afternoon or a warm summer day, what better way to enjoy the weather than at a baseball game? The Blue Jays may not have a record like the Raptors or the Maple Leafs, but the tickets are fairly inexpensive, and this date idea in Toronto includes everything from good food to entertainment. You don’t have to break the bank inside the stadium either, as you can bring in pizza, wings or your outdoor food of choice to enjoy.

31. Visit Woodbine Beach

If the weather is nice, you can expect Woodbine Beach — often referred to as just “the beach” — to be packed. But with nearly 8 kilometers of shoreline, there’s plenty of space to spread out for a fun summer date idea. Bike over and enjoy sand volleyball, take a coastal bike ride or lay out on the sand. This date idea in Toronto feels like a trip to the ocean, even if the temps are slightly cooler than the tropics! 

Woodbine Beach is a beautiful date idea in Toronto
via Canva

Food lovers, travel bugs and sports fans unite! This city packs a punch and is the perfect location for your next date or romantic getaway. Now that you’ve got a solid list of date ideas in Toronto, it’s time to get started planning your adventure. No matter the weather, this capital city is full of great opportunities to make memories with the person you love.

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