Blue Corn Tortillas Recipe

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Blue corn tortillas are made with anti-inflammatory blue corn masa instead of the traditional white or yellow corn masa. The antioxidant-filled blue corn tortillas are softer than white or yellow tortillas and best used to make soft tacos or quesadillas.
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Chef Sara has been teaching Indian cooking for over 30 years. When she first came to the U.S., Chef Sara noticed that restaurants prepared traditional Indian dishes using artificial flavoring and additives. Her mission is to educate both experienced and beginner cooks on the importance of whole food ingredients and the impact they have on the final product. She looks forward to teaching you how to cut, chop, mince, and mix your first set of Indian dishes.


3 cup(s)
blue corn masa
pinch of salt
1 cup(s)
cold water
4 tblsp
butter, melted

Directions 6 steps | 40 Minutes

Step 1

Prepare twelve 10x10-inch sheets of plastic wrap. In a large deep bowl, whisk together the blue corn masa and salt. (See notes 1.)

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Step 2

Mix in the cold water a little at a time until there is no more dry masa left. You may need more or less water depending on the masa and the humidity of the environment. The resulting dough should be moist, firm and not sticky.


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Step 3

Divide and shape the dough into six golf-sized balls and cover it with a damp kitchen towel. 


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Step 4

Grease a sheet of plastic wrap lightly with cooking oil to prevent dough from sticking to it. Place one ball of dough in the center of the plastic sheet and press with four fingers into a 4-inch round disc. Cover it with another greased sheet of plastic wrap and roll it gently with a rolling pin into a 6-inch tortilla. Repeat with the remaining dough.


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Step 5

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Gently remove both sheets of plastic wrap from the tortilla and place the tortilla on the preheated skillet. Cook the tortilla for 1 minute. Flip and cook the other side for an additional 15 seconds. Brush with melted butter and repeat with the remaining tortillas. 


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Step 6

Keep the tortillas warm by keeping them wrapped in dry kitchen towels or in a tortilla warmer until ready to use for tacos or quesadillas. Enjoy! 

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  1. If using a tortilla press to shape the blue corn tortillas, you do not have to use plastic wrap.
  2. Looking for a taco recipe? Check out our buffalo cauliflower taco or mushroom taco recipe for fun meatless options!

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14.7 g
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65.5 g


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Marie B.


01 Sep 2022

Really nice recipe! They taste amazing and are the perfect choice for an easy taco night.

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