31 New Year's Party Ideas to Welcome 2023

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new year's even party ideas
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Whether you're planning a big bash with friends or planning a virtual event at home, New Year’s party ideas abound for groups of all types and sizes. It’s the year’s quintessential party night! The only question: What sort of celebration should you throw?

Below you’ll find 31 awesome New Year’s party ideas. From poker parties to private chefs, these ideas will ensure you’ll have a fun, unique and memorable New Year’s Eve. A new year is coming — start planning your party today!


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New Year’s Party Ideas for Foodies

1. Cooking Classes

What better way to kick off a new year than by learning a cool new skill? If you need a virtual event idea for a long-distance group, online cooking classes bring the fun right to your kitchen this New Year’s Eve. You and your guests will learn how to slice, dice, purée and sauté from a world-class chef — all in the comfort of your own homes. If you’d rather hit the town as a way to celebrate New Year's, in-person cooking classes are another excellent option. Explore cooking classes in Philadelphia, cooking classes in Atlanta, cooking classes in Milan and more cooking classes near you to get the party started.

cooking classes are a fun new year's party idea
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2. Fondue Party

Wondering what to cook for New Year’s Eve? Fondue is the New Year’s Eve party food idea for you! The best fondue pots are perfect for parties. Your friends will have a great time dipping bread into the cheese (or chocolate!) pot and drinking wine.

3. Midnight Breakfast Party 

What’s better than pancakes and bacon? Pancakes and bacon at midnight, on New Year’s Eve. Celebrate the new year by making breakfast at midnight (or for dinner, if you’re an early bird). This is a fun New Year’s Eve party food idea for people who love sausage, pancakes, French toast, bacon and hashbrowns. 

breakfast foods
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4. Winter White Dinner Party

White clothes, white tablecloths, white candles and fake snow: that’s everything you need to throw a winter white dinner party. If you love white decor, this is the perfect New Year’s party decoration idea.

5. Holiday Cooking Party

Spend your New Year’s cooking a medley of holiday season classics, especially if you haven't had the chance to celebrate with friends yet. Think turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. And maybe some Christmas cookies and pecan pie. A cooking party is all about whipping up scrumptious holiday foods with your friends. Cook anything and everything, even some traditional New Year's good luck foods!

making holiday foods is a fun new year's party ideas
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6. Comfort Food Party

Cook up a comfort food spread: fried chicken, mac and cheese, chocolate cake. Tell your friends to bring their favorite recipes, then cook your way into the new year. 

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7. Bite-Sized Food Party

Want to keep things simple? Throw a bite-sized food party! Assign each guest a classic finger food to bring: pigs in a blanket, jalapeño poppers, bacon-wrapped dates, mozzarella sticks and more. If you love finger foods, this is the New Year’s party idea for you.

jalapeno poppers
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8. Around the World Dinner Party 

Make dishes from all corners of the globe: South African braai, Indian rogan josh, Japanese sashimi. This is an amazing New Year’s party idea for foodies who love to cook. It allows them to have a go at cooking, and eating, an eclectic mix of cuisines. 

New Years Eve Party Ideas at Home

9. Private Chef Experiences

Pamper yourself this New Year’s Eve with a world-class private chef. They’ll bring the ingredients, they’ll cook up the meal and they'll even handle the kitchen cleanup; all you need to do is relax and eat. Private chefs are masters at their craft and bring the experience of a five-star restaurant right to you. This is an excellent New Year’s party idea at home for people looking for a glamorous, indulgent night in. Explore private chefs in Houston, private chefs in Los Angeles, private chefs in Ottawa and more private chefs near you.  

a private chef experience is a fun new year's party ideas
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10. DIY Your Own Ball Drop

No need to go to Times Square — build and drop your own ball this New Year’s Eve. If you love arts and crafts, this is a fun New Year’s party idea your friends (and even your kids) are sure to love.

11. Poker Party

This unique New Year’s party idea is a surefire good time. Set up poker tables, deal the cards and gamble the night away. Your friends will think they’re spending New Year’s in Vegas. Cha-ching, cha-ching!

four aces in a poker hand
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12. Board Game Party

This is a tried and true New Year’s party idea. Unpack the Monopoly, Jenga, Checkers and play the night away. In today’s screen-obsessed world, playing a good old-fashioned board game with friends and family is deeply cathartic. You can’t go wrong with this New Year’s Eve party idea.

13. Photobooth Party

Build a DIY photobooth complete with custom backdrop and props as a unique New Year's Eve party idea. All you need is your phone's camera to take memorable photos of your friends having a great time ringing in the new year!

a photobooth is a fun new year's party idea
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14. Champagne Bar

New Year’s Eve and Champagne are a match made for each other. Build your own Champagne bar stacked with a delicious assortment of bubbly. Your friends will get a kick out of this New Year party idea.

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15. Costume Party 

No need to wait for Halloween. Throw a costume party this New Year’s Eve! Any costume is a go here, so tell your friends to get creative or pick a theme!

adults dressed up for a costume party
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16. Dance Party

Dance your way into a new year! This is a great New Year’s party idea for groups of all sizes. You’ll need enough space to dance, some good-quality speakers and a rockin' Spotify playlist for everyone to groove to. Invite your friends to add their favorite dance tunes.

New Year's Party Theme Ideas

17. Virtual Happy Hour

Raise a toast to a virtual happy hour! Learn how to make scrumptious craft cocktails and mocktails this New Year’s with a live online mixology class. If you’d prefer something more in line with a tasting, try a virtual wine tasting. Each experience is led by an industry-renowned expert who can teach you the best tips, tricks and techniques behind enjoying each beverage.

a virtual happy hour is a fun new year's party idea
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18. Indoor Mock Snowball Fight

Did you grow up in the Southwest, Southern California or Florida? This New Year’s party idea is your chance to finally have a snowball fight. Buy some “snowballs” from Amazon, invite your friends over and live out your childhood fantasy this New Year’s Eve.

19. Spike Your Sweets Party

What’s better than cookies, candy and cake? Cookies, candy and cake spiked with alcohol. Eat your way into drunken bliss with this unique New Year’s party idea. 

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20. Holiday Movie Marathon

What better way to cap off the holiday season than with a holiday movie marathon? If you love It’s a Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause and Christmas Vacation, then this is the New Year’s party theme idea for you.

21. Drinking Game Party

It’s New Year’s Eve, so in all likelihood, copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed. Why not consume it while playing drinking games? Beer pong, Cards Against Humanity, Do or Drink — it’s up to you. This is New Year’s, so anything goes.

friends playing beer pong
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22. New Year’s Resolutions Party

The essence of New Year’s, aside from Champagne and balloons, is making resolutions for the year ahead. Most people don’t bother to think of any resolutions, much less share them or write them down. This New Year’s Eve, make a party out of it! Write your resolutions down, then share them with your friends or family. You’ll be thankful you did. 

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23. Wine Tasting Party 

This classic New Year’s party idea is perfect for wine lovers. Break out the chardonnay, the pinot noir and pretend you’re in Napa Valley with a wine tasting at home.

a wine tasting party at home is a fun new year's party idea
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24. France-Themed Party

Love everything French? Throw a France-themed party! French food, French cocktails, French decor, French coffee. This is a truly unique New Year’s party idea for the Francophiles in the group.

Unique New Year’s Party Ideas

25. Food Tours

This is an excellent New Year’s party idea for foodies. Spend the day with an expert local guide who will introduce you to the most delicious bites in town. Explore your own home neighborhood, or visit a city you've never been to before! Check out food tours in San Francisco, food tours in Boston, food tours in Paris and other food tours near you to pick your favorite.

corned beef sandwich on a food tour
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26. Write a Letter to Your Future Self 

This is a unique New Year’s party idea. Get your friends together and write letters to your future selves. Write whatever you want: goals, regrets, dreams, beliefs. This is a rousing way to get excited about the coming year. 

27. Be a Bartender Party

Everyone tries their hand at making and serving drinks with this fun New Year’s party idea. Set up a bar, begin the rotation and let the good times roll.

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28. Roaring 20s Party 

Put on the flappers and pinstripe suits, pop open the bootleg liquor and party like it’s 1922! You can’t go wrong with this New Year’s party idea — everyone will love it.

29. Murder Mystery Party

This is a unique, interesting and fun way to spend New Year’s Eve. Pour some Champagne and figure out who the killer is. If you like being creative, this is the New Year’s party idea for you. There are even apps, like Whodunnit, to make it easier for everyone. 

murder mystery game accessories
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30. New Year’s Time Capsule Party

Make sure you never forget New Year’s Eve 2021 by creating a time capsule. Fill it with photos, letters and other memorable knickknacks. Open it in 2031, and prepare to be amazed!

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31. Recap the Year Party

New Year’s is about reflecting on the past 12 months, both the good and the bad, and resolving to make changes for the coming year. So throw a recap the year party! Pour wine, pop Champagne, reflect on the past 12 months and make resolutions for the next 12. 

recap the year for a fun new year's party idea
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Hopefully one of these New Year’s party ideas caught your eye. When deciding on a theme, remember your guest list. What would they enjoy most? Small gatherings among close friends are best suited for intimate party themes, like a New Year’s resolution party or a board game party. Large gatherings among acquaintances are best suited for livelier themes, like a roaring 20s party or a costume party. If you’re planning to have a quiet New Year’s Eve with your partner, a private chef or a cooking class are excellent choices.

For more fun New Year’s party ideas, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal. 

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