5 Best Fondue Pots for 2024

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best fondue pots
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From its humble beginning hundreds of years ago in Switzerland, fondue’s popularity has traveled through the ages and across continents and left many a gourmand wondering what is the best fondue pot to achieve smooth, melty fondue. 

Even heating is one of the key elements to creating smooth fondue, and the reason many of the fondue sets below made this list of the best fondue pots. You’ll also discover unique features like flameless heating, portable tea lights and sleek wooden pieces. From electric sets to trendy ceramic, the fondue pots below will fit almost any budget or taste.

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1. Overall Best Fondue Set: Cuisinart 13-Pc Fondue Set

The Cuisinart 13-Pc Fondue Set lands a spot at the top of the list of best fondue pots because it’s versatile, affordable and beautiful. The enameled cast iron fondue pot moves seamlessly from stovetop to stand, and the fuel dish keeps the pot perfectly warm while you and your guests indulge in melty cheese or chocolate. We rated this the best overall fondue set because it also comes with six forks, making it an ideal entertaining piece. And coming in at just $50, this set can be squeezed into almost any budget. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We chose this stunning fondue set as best overall for its beauty and efficiency. It's sure to be the talk of your next party!

  • Price: $59

Cuisinart 13-Pc Fondue Set
via Cuisinart

2. Best Electric Fondue Pot: Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set

The Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set makes fondue night easier than ever before. Designed with a built-in heating element, there’s no need to heat the pot over the stovetop, making it one of the best fondue pots for a party. Simply plug in the pot, set the temperature on the heating element, and melt or heat your fondue with ease. This sleek brushed-stainless steel pot also comes with eight fondue forks, perfect for your next fondue party.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We love the timeless appeal of the stainless steel design and the convenience of an electric fondue pot. You can take it just about anywhere!

  • Price: $89.95

the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set is one of the best fondue sets
via Cuisinart

3. Best Cast Iron Fondue Set: Twine Cast Iron Fondue Set

This elegant set is one of the best fondue pots made from cast iron. The Twine Cast Iron Fondue Set features an enamel-coated cast iron fondue pot, which distributes heat evenly and is safe for use on gas and electric cooktops. Along with its stellar performance, this beautiful set is finished with cream-colored enamel and features a wooden base and wood-handled fondue forks. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

Unbeatable craftsmanship and an elegant, classic design are reminiscent of traditional European fondue pots. It's sure to be a stunning sight on your table.

  • Price: $66.50

Twine Cast Iron Fondue Set
via Twine

4. Best Small Fondue Set: Staub Mini Fondue Set

At less than three inches tall, the Staub Mini Fondue Set makes the list of best fondue pots as the best small option. This small set still performs beautifully — Staub makes one of the best cast iron pans that distributes heat evenly and is safe to use on any cooking surface. Because the pot is cast iron, it also performs double-duty as an oven-safe pot up to 500°F. This little set comes with four color-capped fondue forks, a tealight for warming and a cast iron stand. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

No space? No problem! We picked this pot for its adorable space-saving profile that's a snap to clean up and store.

  • Price: $119.95

the Staub Mini Fondue Set is one of the best fondue sets
via Staub

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5. Best Ceramic Fondue Set: Boska Tapas Fondue Bianco L

The beautiful and affordable Boska Tapas Fondue Bianco L is the perfect set for the aesthetically inclined who want the best fondue pot at a great price. Made from sturdy ceramic, this elegant white fondue pot is set on a wooden base and features a tea light warmer with a star-patterned holder and four fondue forks. The smaller size is perfect for a stay-home date idea or dinner with a close group of friends, or even for keeping a dip warm until ready to eat.

  • Price: $43.99

boska Tapas Fondue Bianco L
via Boska


How do you use a fondue pot?

The way you use a fondue pot depends on what you are preparing. To prepare a classic fondue treat like cheese or chocolate, heat your fondue pot to the temperature outlined in the pot’s instructions. For chocolate, break it up into small pieces and toss it into the pot to melt. You may want to stir it occasionally to keep it from sticking. For cheese, add warm milk, butter or cream to the pot. Once warm, add shredded or cubed cheese to melt. 

How do you make chocolate in a fondue pot?

To make chocolate in a fondue pot, first warm your pot to 113°F. Then break up your chocolate into small pieces and add it to the warmed pot. Once the chocolate has melted, add your choice of milk or cream to the pot until the chocolate reaches your desired consistency. Set the pot to warm to keep the chocolate from hardening and then serve with treats to dip, like strawberries, marshmallows or pretzels. 

Where can you buy a fondue pot?

Fondue pots are a popular item and are available at most kitchen stores. They are also available at online retailers. Just search “where can you buy a fondue pot” online and many options will pop up for you to peruse.  

Can you make fondue in a Crock-Pot?

You can make fondue in a Crock-Pot, it just may take a little longer to prepare than it would in a fondue pot. To make fondue in a Crock-Pot or slow cooker, simply add your ingredients to the pot, set to high and cook for about 30-45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once your fondue is melted, set the Crock-Pot to warm and serve with your favorite foods for dipping. 

Can you use a slow cooker as a fondue pot?

You can use a slow cooker as a fondue pot. In fact, you use the same method as you would to cook fondue in a Crock-Pot. Add your ingredients to the slow cooker and set on high. Cook the fondue for 30-45 minutes, stirring occasionally to keep the fondue from burning or sticking. Once melted, set the slow cooker on warm and serve.

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How do you clean a fondue pot?

Cleaning a fondue pot usually requires some soaking and some elbow grease, but it’s not too hard to tackle. First, let the pot cool completely to avoid burning yourself while cleaning. Once cool, remove as much food debris as possible. Then, sprinkle a bit of powdered dishwashing detergent or liquid dish soap in the pot and fill it with water. Let soak for 10 minutes to 24 hours, depending on how stuck the food residue is. Then use a gentle rubber scraper and a gentle sponge to remove all remaining food and clean the pot. 

What can you cook in a fondue pot?

You may be familiar with melting cheese and chocolate in a fondue pot, but did you know that the best fondue pots extend well beyond these classic recipes? Heat oil in the pot to deep-fry meat, vegetables and more, heat water or broth for a night of hot pot with friends, or warm barbecue sauce and small weenies for a fun appetizer.

Can you put caramel in a fondue pot?

Caramel in a fondue pot is the perfect treat for your next party. When heating caramel in a fondue pot, don’t forget to add milk or cream to smooth out the fondue. 

How hot does a fondue pot get?

Most of the best fondue pots heat to about 350-400°F. The temperature setting on a fondue pot usually ranges from a warming setting to the highest setting, which can reach up to 400°F. 

Can you cook meat in a fondue pot?

Deep frying meat in a fondue pot is some people’s favorite use of a fondue pot! You can cook meat in a fondue pot by heating oil in the pot, skewering the meat, then frying it in the oil until cooked. You could also heat water or broth in the pot and cook thin slices of meat hot-pot or shabu-shabu style. 


Investing in a fondue pot is a simple way to add a little fun and flair to your kitchen and to your next dinner party. Whether gooey cheese is your jam or you could devour a pot of melted chocolate, once it’s part of your kitchen you’ll find yourself reaching for your little fondue set again and again.

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