Refried Black Beans Recipe

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Refried black beans are the number one choice of side dish for Mexican food. They're simple, delicious and super nutritious. You can make a large batch and use them in several ways. Healthy, tasty and smooth, refried beans are family friendly and prefect for party snacks.
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Originally from Mexico, Chef Annette’s career as a chef and cooking instructor has taken her to Dallas, Kentucky, Madrid, Sweden and Barcelona. She was formerly a pastry chef at a Michelin Star restaurant, a faculty member of a renowned Irish cooking school and has worked alongside Michelin Star awarded Chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Chef Annette has a passion for diverse ingredients that are versatile and locally sourced.


1 lb
dried black beans
1 1/2 l
water, plus more for soaking
garlic cloves
slice of onion
1/2 cup(s)
olive or vegetable oil
large onion, chopped
batch of black beans, see above
1 tbsp

Directions 6 steps | 65 Minutes

Step 1

Prepare the black beans. Cover the dried beans in water and soak for at least 20 minutes or overnight. (See notes 1.)

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Prepare the black beans.
Step 2

Drain the soaked black beans from the soaking liquid. Place the black beans in an Instant Pot along with 1½ liters of water, garlic cloves and a slice of onion. Cook on manual high pressure for 30 minutes. Let the pot naturally release the pressure. (See notes 2 and 3.)

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Drain the soaked black beans from the soaking liquid.
Step 3

Prepare the refried black beans. In a large skillet over medium heat, heat the olive or vegetable oil. Add the chopped onion to the oil and stir fry until browned, about 6-8 minutes.

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Prepare the refried black beans.
Step 4

Drain the cooked beans from the liquid. Add the drained beans to the skillet and start mashing them with a potato masher while they fry and mix with the onions. (See notes 4.)

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Drain the cooked beans from the liquid.
Step 5

Add the salt and keep mashing at medium heat. If the beans start drying too much and sticking to the pan, add a little of the bean broth. You can also add more oil if needed. The refried beans should have the texture of mashed potatoes but you can always decide how thick you like them. Once cold, the refried beans will become thicker. Taste and adjust seasoning, if needed.

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Add the salt and keep mashing at medium heat.
Step 6

Serve and enjoy! (See notes 5.)

Refried Black Beans Recipe: Serve and enjoy!


  1. Soaking the beans will soften the skins and hydrate the flesh for proper cooking.
  2. If you do not have an Instant Pot, you can:
    1. Cook the black beans in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes.
    2. Cook the black beans in a regular pot for 1½ hrs. Add one cup of hot water to the pot every 30 minutes until the beans are soft and fully cooked.
  3. Do not add salt to the beans at this point. The skin of the beans will harden if salt is added while cooking.
  4. You can reserve the bean broth for another use such as vegetable soup.
  5. Serving suggestions:
    1. You can use the refried beans as a side dish or you can serve topped with guacamole, salsa and corn tortilla chips.
    2. For a delicious snack, spread generously on a halved baguette, add grated cheese on top and grill in the oven for a couple of minutes.
    3. Prepare enfrijoladas by adding more liquid to the beans so you can spoon the mixture over rolled corn tortillas. Top with crumbled cheese such as cotija, sour cream, cilantro, shredded lettuce and salsa.

Nutrition Per Serving
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17.3 g
16.7 g
50.1 g
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