The 15 Best Experience Gifts Seattle Has to Offer

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You can find experience gifts in Seattle for all types of people

If you’re looking for experience gifts in Seattle, there are an array of options to choose from. Many people prefer experience gifts because while they might not be left with a physical item, the memories they create will last a lifetime.

Seattle features a vibrant arts scene, beautiful outdoor spaces, and many attractions, which means there are tons of incredible experience gifts in Seattle for all types of gift recipients. Whether you want a gift for a food-lover, art lover or an outdoorsy friend in your life, you’ll find a memorable experience gift for them. To make finding the perfect gift easy, check out this list of the best experience gifts in Seattle for your loved one. 


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Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Seattle
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Best Seattle Experience Gifts for Foodies

1. Enjoy a Cooking Class

For new and seasoned cooks alike, signing up for cooking classes in Seattle is a thoughtful and useful gift idea. Expert chefs trained in a variety of cuisines will guide the class through making specialized dishes from across the globe. This experience gift idea in Seattle will allow your friend or loved one to roll their own sushi, bake up fluffy croissants from scratch or stir-fry classic Thai street food favorites. If you're a little outside central Seattle, you're guaranteed to find cooking classes near you as well that will impress your gift recipient. 

A person grating cheese onto a plate of gnocchi
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2. Hire a Private Chef

There’s no shortage of talented private chefs in Seattle who will craft you a beautiful meal in any style you like. Booking a personal chef is the ultimate experience gift in Seattle for a loved one or partner to enjoy a special evening together. Choose from a a range of options, including a delectable steakhouse menu, gourmet dim sum or French delights. You can find private chefs near you in many of the areas surrounding Seattle as well.

3. Stay Home With Online Culinary Experiences

You don’t have to leave the house to enjoy a special experience gift in Seattle. Thanks to online mixology classes, online cooking classes and virtual wine tastings you can learn new skills from the comfort of your home. Discover the right way to sniff, swish and sample wines or how to mix up a cocktail that’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Your favorite immersive cooking lessons can be taught using your own equipment in the comfort of your home. 

Online wine tasting is one of the unique experience gifts in Seattle
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4. Give a Foodie Gift Card

Not sure what the culinary artist in your life would like? Get them a foodie gift card so they can choose their own experience gift in Seattle. Select the amount you’d like to gift and your beloved home cook can choose from immersive culinary experiences to top-of-the-line cookware and more. This way you don’t have to guess whether they’d rather take a cooking class, hire a private chef or enjoy some new chef-approved cookware. 

Book a Top Private Chef in Seattle
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5. Stroll Through Pike Place Market

This iconic Seattle market is a colorful melting pot of flavors from all over. Known for its fresh seafood and small, independent businesses, shoppers can support one of over 500 local vendors. 

To treat the Seattlite or visitor to Seattle in your life, give them a Pike Place Market gift card. They can experience the bustling, one-of-a-kind market while also receiving some spending money to treat themselves to whatever catches their eye. Fun events are also hosted throughout the year at Pike Place Market. If the events have an admission fee, you could purchase tickets for your loved ones. 

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Best Experience Gifts in Seattle for Art Lovers 

6. Unwind at a Candlelit Concert

This might be one of the most romantic things to do in Seattle with your partner — a candlelight concert. Whether you’re into Vivaldi’s best hits or festive Christmas music, there is a wide selection of musical genres to choose from with this thoughtful experience gift in Seattle. 

String musicians play in a number of gorgeous musical venues throughout Seattle. You can even find performers that pay tribute to modern musical legends like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, along with classics like Hans Zimmer.  

7. Take a Dance Class

Dancing is a unique art form that will get your blood pumping. Sign up for dance classes in Seattle next time you’re looking for a special way to spend the afternoon with your best friend or partner. This experience gift in Seattle will boost your gift recipient’s confidence in their rhythm and dance moves. Dance classes improve confidence as well and are a fun and unique fitness activity. 

A dance class is one of the most fun experience gifts in Seattle
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8. Create Art at a Paint and Sip Session

A paint-and-sip class is the ultimate relaxing experience gift in Seattle for art lovers. It also makes a fun date idea in Seattle! No art experience is necessary, just a reservation. Everything needed to create a masterpiece is provided, including inspiration. Whatever colorful creation your gift recipient paints, it can become a homemade reminder of their thoughtful experience gift. 

Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Seattle
Master the art of gourmet cuisine taught by Seattle's best chefs.
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9. Snap Photos at a Photography Class

Photography is a unique art form because you can create a masterpiece from just about anywhere. Whether in the backyard, out on a hike or in the kitchen, you can capture special moments up close and in detail. 

If your gift recipient isn’t sure how to capture those spectacular shots seen on Instagram, sign them up for a photography class at the Photographic Center Northwest. This unique experience gift in Seattle will teach them all the basics, allowing them to take photos like a pro in no time. 

A person doing food photography
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10. Go Glassblowing

Another unique experience gift in Seattle is creating glass art at the Seattle Glassblowing Studio. This special experience gift in Seattle is ideal for art lovers who want to explore a new medium. The studio offers seasonal classes to make things like glass pumpkins or holiday ornaments. However, they also have year-long classes, like those on making beautiful vases, bowls, glasses and more. 

Best Experience Gifts in Seattle for Adventure Seekers 

11. Get Outside With a Kayak Tour

You can’t think about outdoorsy experience gifts in Seattle without thinking about Puget Sound, right in Seattle’s backyard! If your loved one enjoys the outdoors, rent kayaks at NWOC for them to do a self-guided tour of Lake Union, which allows them to take in the beautiful Seattle skyline. If you’re looking for a little more of an adrenaline rush, you can drive about three hours to San Juan Island to kayak while possibly watching whales and paddling amongst the orcas. 

Kayaking is one of the fun outdoor experience gifts in Seattle
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12. Race a Sports Car

Know someone with a serious need for speed? This experience gift in Seattle will be just what they’re craving. Book a supercar thrill ride with Xtreme Experience so someone special to you can rip around the racetrack in a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a ride they’ll never forget.

13. Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get up high above the city or the countryside in a hot air balloon for a super special experience gift in Seattle. Seattle hot air balloon rides offer the best way to see a sunrise or sunset over Mt. Rainier with a close friend, partner or family member. 

A colorful hot air balloon over a greenery-covered hill
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14. Train Like a Circus Performer

Emerald City Trapeze offers a special experience gift in Seattle: circus performance classes or private lessons. Jump around on trampolines and fly through the air like a trapeze artist, guided by the experts. Guests will get to experience a whole range of circus activities regardless of their athletic abilities. 

Book a Top Private Chef in Seattle
Indulge in the finest fare Seattle has to offer. Book a five-star private chef experience starting at $59/person.
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15. See the City From Above on a Helicopter Tour

Whether you’re gifting someone visiting Seattle or someone who’s called it home for years, getting a new perspective on the city can boost your appreciation for it. A helicopter tour is the ultimate experience gift in Seattle for a memorable date night or a special birthday gift. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you love to feel the thrill of heights and speed, it’s a view you’ll never forget. 

A helicopter on the grass next to the water
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Utilizing the natural beauty and abundance of the Pacific Northwest, there are a million great Seattle gifts to give to someone special that offers them a greater appreciation for their city. Rather than a physical item to show your love or affection, an experience gift idea in Seattle will create special memories to last a lifetime.

This gorgeous coastal city has everything you could want for a memorable afternoon out. Stunning panoramic views, an international melting pot of culinary influences and plenty of opportunities to get an adrenaline rush. Next time you’ve got a special occasion coming up, consider giving an experience gift in Seattle instead of a physical item; your gift recipient is sure to be impressed!  

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