Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 17 Best Pizza Places for 2022

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Enjoy these 17 spots for the best pizza in Brooklyn.
Last Updated on November 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

There are few NYC foods more iconic than pizza, and few titles more coveted than that of the best pizza in Brooklyn. Some people might argue that it’s difficult to make a bad pizza, but true pizza connoisseurs know a perfect pie when they taste one, and the competition is deliciously brutal when it comes to narrowing down the best pizza in Brooklyn. 

Whether you’ve lived in the neighborhood for generations or you’re visiting the Big Apple for the first time, Brooklyn is like a little slice of heaven for all pizza lovers. If you’re looking for things to do in NYC on vacation, you simply must plan to grab a slice of pizza before you go. Check out these incredible pizza places serving up some of the best pizza in Brooklyn! 


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Find the Best Pizza in Brooklyn

One great way to discover the best pizza in Brooklyn is to explore pizza tours in NYC. Food tours take you on a journey through the city’s most popular restaurants, local gems, urban legends and more. Learn about the history of pizza in New York, special recipes and tasty dining techniques when you book a food tour in NYC!

17 Best Pizza Places in Brooklyn

1. Chaos Pie at Di Fara

Di Fara is widely known as one of the most legendary pizza places in New York. Regulars and tourists alike have stood here for hours waiting to get a slice of the best pizza in Brooklyn. 

The Vibe

Di Fara’s pizza shops are small, intimate and affordable, like a typical neighborhood pizzeria, but bustling crowds signify the delicious secrets within their humble walls. 

What to Order

Di Fara’s offers a standard pizza menu with customizable toppings, as well as some house specialties like the Chaos Pie. Created to celebrate Di Fara’s 50th anniversary, this pizza features toppings chosen by the owner’s family, including sausage, meatballs, wild onions, fresh garlic and cherry tomatoes. 

Di Fara’s | Multiple Locations | $

Di Fara's serves some of the most famous Brooklyn pizza.
via Di Fara's

2. Brunch Pizza at Roberta’s

Roberta’s is another restaurant frequently said to have the best pizza in Brooklyn. Many New Yorkers love stopping here for brunch, lunch, birthdays and sunny celebrations. After enjoying plenty of indoor activities in NYC, be sure to relax on Roberta’s lovely outdoor patio. 

The Vibe

Roberta’s pizza shop offers an electric and somewhat grungey atmosphere perfect for dining in. They also maintain an urban garden on the back patio, where they grow fresh produce for their pizzas. 

What to Order

Nothing pairs better with a boozy Sunday brunch than pizza — a brunch pizza, that is. Roberta’s offers a few specialty brunch pizzas, including the Brunch White and Greens Pizza, with mozzarella, parmigiana, fresh greens and lemon. It’s one of the more unique options among the best pizzas in Brooklyn.

Roberta’s | 261 Moore St., Brooklyn, NY 11206 | $$

a vegetarian pizza
via Roberta's

3. Margherita Pizza at Juliana’s 

Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s have a fascinating history that is well-known among pizza-lovers in Brooklyn. After selling Grimaldi’s, which later moved, the owner came out of retirement to open Juliana’s in the same vacated space. Despite their intertwined history, both restaurants make a name for themselves with the best pizza in Brooklyn. 

The Vibe

Juliana’s pizzeria is subtle and classic, with checker-patterned motifs and tasteful red décor. Juliana’s is one of the best pizza places in Brooklyn for a casual dinner, intimate party or date night in NYC

What to Order

When dining at such a staple pizza restaurant in New York, you should stick to the classics. The Margharita pizza at Juliana’s is to die for, with plump tomatoes, fresh basil and plenty of warm mozzarella. 

Juliana’s | 19 Old Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY | $$

Juliana's is one of the best Brooklyn pizza spots.
via Juliana's

4. Brooklyn Bridge Pizza at Grimaldi’s 

Juliana’s infamous rival and nearby neighbor, Grimaldi’s is another hot contender for the best pizza in Brooklyn. Grimaldi’s prides itself on providing the freshest sauces and pizza toppings in Brooklyn. Which restaurant is better? You’ll just have to try both to decide for yourself.

The Vibe

Grimaldi’s proudly honors their Italian roots. Dine in to enjoy murals, art and cozy lighting in a casual Italian-inspired atmosphere. 

What to Order

Grimaldi’s pizzas are fired in a coal oven, giving them a delicate char and crispy texture while keeping the inner dough tender and soft. The Brooklyn Bridge Pizza is a perfect choice to complement this baking method, topped with red peppers, ricotta cheese and Italian sausage. 

Grimaldi’s | 1 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 | $$

an assortment of pizzas on a red and white checkered tablecloth
via Grimaldi's

5. Grandma Pizza at Williamsburg Pizza

Serving the best pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and beyond, Williamsburg Pizza is a mini-chain known for their low menu prices and quality ingredients. Williamsburg Pizza also offers a few vegan and vegetarian pizza options, and they’ve made news as one of the first pizza restaurants in New York to deliver via drone. 

The Vibe

Williamsburg Pizza is a great place to stop for a quick lunch or slice of the best pizza in Brooklyn. The atmosphere is quaint and clean, with minimal black, white and red motifs. 

What to Order

Williamsburg Pizza carries all of your favorite hot and cheesy favorites, as well as some unique pizzas like vegan pepperoni and apple bacon. The traditional Grandma pizza is a local favorite, with basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, olive oil, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce on a square crust. It’s a must-try for the best pizza in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg Pizza | Multiple Locations | $

Williamsburg Pizza carries all of your Brooklyn pizza favorites.
via Williamsburg Pizza

6. Funghi & Tartufo Pizza at Saraghina Restaurant

This wouldn’t be an honest list of the best pizza in Brooklyn if we didn’t include Saraghina. Located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy as the locals call it, Saraghina Restaurant serves up authentic wood-fired pizzas, pasta, salads and other traditional Italian fare. 

The Vibe

Saraghina is a classy yet rustic restaurant, bar and pizzeria, perfect for a casual date or birthday dinner in NYC. They offer takeout, but sitting on Saraghina’s patio is a one-of-a-kind pizza dining experience. 

What to Order

Saraghina Restaurant offers several unique and tasty specialty pizzas, but the Funghi and Tartuffo pizza stands alone as some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. Fresh mozzarella, pecorino, garlic and thyme set the stage for maitake, cremini and truffle mushrooms to shine. Don’t forget to browse Saraghina’s extensive wine list or cocktail menu as well!

Saraghina Restaurant | 350 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11233 | $$

assortment of pizzas on a wood table
via Saraghina Restaurant

7. Build Your Own at Lucali

Lucali likes to keep things simple, relying on quality ingredients and wholesome firing techniques rather than fancy topping combinations. Come in to build your own pizza or calzone, and stay for the cozy atmosphere.

The Vibe

Lucali has a very rustic dining area that will make you feel like you’re enjoying freshly-baked pizza in the countryside. Soft lighting, wood furniture and antique décor set the mood for some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. 

What to Order

Lucali is a great place to chow down on the best version of your favorite pie. Build your own pizza and choose from classic toppings like pepperoni, sweet pepper and mushrooms, then kick back and relax in the quaint dining room. 

Lucali | 575 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY 11231 | $$

a chef putting a pizza into a wood fired oven
via Lucali

8. Pepperoni Pizza at F&F Pizzeria

Two close friends turned business partners, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo founded F&F Pizzeria in a converted garage in 2019. Although F&F Pizzeria is a relatively new kid on the block, they’ve made a name for themselves by serving some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, NY. 

The Vibe

F&F Pizzeria embraces a personable, modern and casual atmosphere. Indoor standing tables are available if you want a quick bite of the best pizza in Brooklyn, and there are also outdoor tables nearby to enjoy a more relaxed meal. 

What to Order

F&F Pizzeria sticks to the classics, but they are anything but boring. For example, their pepperoni pizza is topped with Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano and Sicilian oregano. F&F Pizzeria’s menu also features designated vegan and vegetarian options.

F&F Pizzeria | 459 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231 | $$

F & F Pizzeria serves some of the best pizza in Brooklyn.
via F & F Pizzeria

9. Vegan Pizza at Paulie Gee’s

For people who love ample options, head over to Paulie Gee’s, a pizza restaurant with a notoriously extensive menu. Although they serve all kinds of pizza, Paulie Gee’s is an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians. 

The Vibe

Paulie Gee’s has a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Their open kitchen allows visitors to watch the fascinating pizza-making process and enjoy ambient light from the oven.

What to Order

Vegans and vegetarians can still enjoy a bite of the best pizza in Brooklyn at Paulie Gee’s. Paulie Gee’s offers 10 exclusively vegan pizzas, such as the Vegan Greenpointer, and many of their mainstay options can be made vegetarian by request. 

Paulie Gee’s | 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222 | $$

the rustic exterior of Paulie Gee's in Brooklyn
via Paulie Gee's

10. Kind Brother Pizza at Speedy Romeo

Looking for a break from typical food halls in NYC? Featured for many years on the Michelin Guide’s list, this pizza restaurant in Brooklyn is named after the co-owners champion racing horse, Speedy Romeo

The Vibe

The name “Speedy Romeo” may sound like a run-of-the-mill neighborhood pizza joint at first, but this establishment is rather classy and upscale. At Speedy Romeo, you can enjoy the best pizza in Brooklyn surrounded by art, aged brick and candlelight. 

What to Order

Speedy Romeo offers more than just some of the best wood-fired pizza in Brooklyn; there are also incredible steaks, fish and burgers. The Kind Brother pizza is one popular choice, with béchamel sauce, smoked mozzarella, wild mushroom, egg, sage and black pepper.  

Speedy Romeo | 376 Classon Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 | $$

a pizza with mushrooms, white sauce and an egg on top
via Speedy Romeo

11. Everything Pizza at Giuseppina’s 

This well-loved pizza restaurant in South Slope is actually run by the same people who own Lucali. However, Giuseppina’s delivers a slightly more modern dining experience with a shorter wait time. 

The Vibe

Giuseppina’s dark and simple décor is like many other pizzerias in Brooklyn, but they add a touch of class with candlelit tables and an ample selection of beer and wine. Giuseppina’s is a perfect place for a casual dinner or first date. 

What to Order

Why settle when you can have Everything in the best pizza in Brooklyn? Giuseppina’s popular Everything Pizza features their house tomato sauce, Buffalo sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, onions, shallots, peppers, portobello mushroom, fresh basil and garlic. 

Giuseppina’s | 691 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215 | $$

a half and half pizza
via Giuseppina's

12. Sicilian Square Pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens is one of the older pizza restaurants on this list, and with its age comes a legendary reputation as some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, NY. 

The Vibe

This famous pizza restaurant offers plenty of seating to accommodate its many fans. The vibe of L&B is somewhat casual and unassuming, with outdoor picnic tables and vinyl tablecloths, but don’t let the décor mislead you; these are some top-notch slices. 

What to Order

One of L&B Spumoni Gardens’ most notorious dishes is their square Sicilian pizza, ordered by the slice or all to yourself. Deliciously soft, spongey dough is topped with hot cheese, then bathed in tangy tomato sauce to create square slices of Sicilian perfection. 

L&B Spumoni Gardens | 2725 86th St., Brooklyn, NY 11223 | $

a square-cut pizza on a plate
via L & B Spumoni Gardens

13. Emily Pizza at Emily

Emily is a pizzeria founded by Matt and Emily, a young couple with a passion for delicious food. In just a few short years, Emily has become highly praised for serving up some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. 

The Vibe

No matter where you’re from, Emily will feel like home. The kitchen is quaint but welcoming, the patrons and staff are friendly and the pizza is always piping hot and fresh. 

What to Order

As the namesake pizza of the restaurant, the Emily pizza holds its own as some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. A white pizza topped with mozzarella, pistachios, honey and truffle sottocenere, Emily pizza offers one incredible combination you’ll never forget. 

Emily | 919 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11238 | $$

a young couple standing together in front of a pizza restaurant
via Emily

14. Colony² Pizza at Emmy Squared

Craving a Detroit-style pizza in NYC? You can have the best of both worlds at Emmy Squared. An offshoot of the wildly successful Emily restaurant, Emmy Squared offers more of the best pizza in Brooklyn with a delicious Detroit-style twist. 

The Vibe

Emmy Squared’s Brooklyn location is decorated in a modern, artistic style that embraces creative spirit. This restaurant is still as comfortable and relaxed as Emily, but with a more sleek side. 

What to Order

Emmy Squared is a perfect spot for lunch with a small group of friends. They offer many similar dishes to those served at Emily, including the Colony², a red sauce pizza with mozzarella, pickled chili, hot honey and pepperoni. Check out their list of witty cocktails, too!

Emmy Squared | 364 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 | $$

Emmy Squared makes some of the best pizza in Brooklyn.
via Emmy Squared

15. By the Slice at Best Pizza

If you’re going to call yourself the best pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’d better have the slices to back it up. Best Pizza lives up to its name with generous, tasty slices served up the best way — on paper plates. 

The Vibe

Best Pizza keeps things simple in their humble pizza shop. Customer-drawn paper plate art decorates the walls of Best Pizza, and the luminescent signage makes this place feel like a hidden gem. 

What to Order

You can try a variety of the best pizzas in Brooklyn when you order by the slice. Best Pizza offers big slices of cheese, pepperoni, white, Grandma and veggie pizza. For whole pies, opt for cheese or white with customizable toppings including anchovy, kale, caramelized onion, bacon and more. 

Best Pizza | 33 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 | $

a square slice of pizza on a green plate
via Best Pizza

16. Fresh Mozzarella Pie at Joe’s Pizza

Craving a greasy bite before you head home from the bar? Open until 3 a.m. on weekdays and 5 a.m. on weekends, Joe’s Pizza is one of the best places to eat in NYC late at night. 

The Vibe

Known for serving some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, Joe’s Pizza is a humble and friendly shop that welcomes customers at all hours of the day and night. Checker-tiled countertops and fun photo-clad walls will make you feel right at home as you treat yourself to a slice of midnight pie. 

What to Order

Sometimes the best things in life are simple, and the same goes for the best pizza in Brooklyn. A fresh mozzarella pie from Joe’s Pizza is like the cherry on top of a perfect evening. Pair it with a classic Coke and you’re as good as gold. 

Joe’s Pizza | 216 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249 | $

Joe's Pizza is one of the best pizza spots in Brooklyn.
via Joe's Pizza

17. Zucchini Pizza at Dellarocco’s Brick Oven Pizza

Dellarocco’s Brick Oven Pizza is still a lesser-known pizza establishment, but it is quickly rising in the ranks for the best pizza in Brooklyn. Located in the calm and lovely Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, Dellarocco’s offers a wide range of menu items with consistent quality. 

The Vibe

Dellarocco’s serves the best pizza in Brooklyn in a clean and open dining area. The interior design of Dellarocco’s is simple yet beautiful, with a full wine bar and bright, airy windows. 

What to Order

There are plenty of red and white pizzas to choose from at Dellarocco, including the Zucchini Pizza, a delightful white pizza with zucchini cream, smoked prosciutto, mozzarella and olive oil. In addition to their wide range of omnivore pizzas, Dellarocco’s also offers a few vegan pie options. 

Dellarocco’s Brick Oven Pizza | 214 Hicks St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 | $$

an assortment of pizzas and sides
via Dellarocco's Brick Oven Pizza

With its rich Italian heritage and plethora of pizzerias, you’re sure to discover some of the world’s best pizza in Brooklyn. From modern and classy pizza restaurants to Mom-and-Pop lunch shops, you can’t go wrong taking a chance on any pizza from Brooklyn. Grab a slice and savor each bite as you absorb all the bustling sounds of New York.

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