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The Best Chinese Food in NYC: 25 Top Spots for 2024

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best chinese food in nyc

When you’re in The City That Never Sleeps and you’re craving the best Chinese food, NYC won’t let you down. From Peking duck to wonton soup and hui mei noodles, New York City is bustling with restaurants and takeout shops that offer delicious Chinese cuisine. 

Are you on the hunt for hearty Hunan foods? Craving authentic spicy Szechuan? Whether you’re planning a romantic date, learning about Chinese culture or exploring all the indoor activities in NYC, here’s where you should go to enjoy the best Chinese food in NYC.

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The Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC

1. Dim Sum Palace

Ask almost anyone about where to find the best dim sum in Chinatown, NYC, and you’re bound to hear about Dim Sum Palace. Open from lunchtime to 11:00 p.m., this is a great place to enjoy a weekend dinner of the best Chinese food in NYC with a small group of friends or family. 

The Vibe 

Dim Sum Palace may not stand out to you from the outside, but inside you’ll find a spacious dining room with exposed brick walls and a classic wine bar. Dim Sum Palace has large tables and comfortable leather seats perfect for gathering small groups around the best Chinese food in NYC.

What to Order 

When you’re at Dim Sum Palace, you must try the dim sum! Despite feeling like a classy restaurant, prices here are very reasonable, so order plenty of shrimp dumplings, shu mai and pork and chive dumplings for the table. Be sure to ask your server for the best wine or beer to pair with the best Chinese food in NYC. 

Dim Sum Palace | 59 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003 | $$

dim sum palace is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Dim Sum Palace

2. Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant

This hidden gem in Queens serves the best Chinese food in NYC like you’ve never had before. Uyghurs are a persecuted minority group in China with a fascinating history. Their cultural roots in Islam inspire some very unique Chinese dishes with an Uzbek twist. 

The Vibe

Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant is a truly fascinating restaurant to visit if you aren’t familiar with Uyghur culture. Not only can you taste some of the best NYC Chinese food here, but you can also appreciate the unique artwork and musical instruments hanging on the walls of this casual diner. 

What to Order 

Try an order of Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant’s popular samsa, a savory pastry stuffed with tender lamb meat, then fill up on pearl noodle or chicken kawap. Nurlan Uyghar Restaurant also serves the best Chinese food in NYC for people seeking halal and vegetarian options.

Nurlan Uyghur Restaurant | 43-39 Main St., Flushing, NY 11355 | $$

3. Hao Noodle

Hao Noodle has two locations in Chelsea and the West Village. With a very spacious dining room and consistently delicious food, Hao Noodle is an amazing place to host friends for a birthday party or enjoy the best Chinese food during a romantic date night in NYC

The Vibe 

The name of this restaurant may not sound like much, but both Hao Noodle locations have truly impressive dining areas. Live plants, natural lighting and unique glasswork chandeliers adorn the space. You’ll feel like you’ve just transcended to a lively and delicious dimension. 

What to Order 

Noodles are the name of the game at Hao Noodle. The hotpot beef noodle soup is a favorite of many visitors, with rich, spicy broth, thin noodles, braised beef and cilantro. Don’t forget to complement the best Chinese food in NYC with a black sesame ice cream or rose jelly dessert. 

Hao Noodle | 343 W. 14th St., New York, NY 10014 | $$

noodle dish from hao noodle in nyc
via Hao Noodle

4. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, or Nan Xiang XLB for short, is known for serving up some of the best authentic Shanghai-style Chinese food and the best dumplings in NYC. With plenty of seating, Nan Xiang XLB is a great place to enjoy the best Chinese food in NYC with a large family. This spot can get crowded, so be prepared to browse the menu if you need to wait for a table.

The Vibe 

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao has a massive dining area with wooden tables, booth seating and bright windows. Inside, you’ll find lots of sculpted faux trees and traditional Chinese décor light paintings, paper lanterns and even a koi pond. 

What to Order 

Nan Xiang XLB serves the best Chinese food in NYC with something for everyone, from sauteed udon noodles to seafood noodle soup. If you’re coming here with a group, order an assortment of delicious dumplings to share like the lucky six soup dumplings or steamed pork and chive dumplings. 

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao | 39-16 Prince St., Suite 104, Flushing, NY | $$

5. Little Pepper

A bit plain-looking from the outside, Little Pepper secretly serves up some of the best Chinese food in NYC, especially in the college point area. Little Pepper specializes in unique Szechuan dishes and has an extremely broad menu. 

The Vibe 

Little Pepper’s storefront is unassuming, but inside you’ll find a roomy restaurant with colorful artwork, traditional dining chairs and several round dining tables. Little pepper is a great place to enjoy a small dinner with friends or a weeknight outing with your partner. 

What to Order 

If you’re into spicy Chinese food, Little Pepper is the place to go. They serve non-spicy options as well, but visitors frequently rave about the delicious quality and balance of ingredients in their spicy dishes and claim this is the best Chinese food in NYC. Order an extra portion of scallion fried rice to cool your palate. 

Little Pepper | 18-24 College Point Blvd., College Point, NY 11356 | $$

little pepper is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Little Pepper

6. Friendship Foods BBQ

For grilled, fried and meaty NYC foods, head over to Friendship Foods BBQ. This intimate little restaurant is well-known for creating some of the best Chinese food in NYC — with a decidedly meaty flair. Perfect for chowing down with friends, Friendship Foods BBQ is sure to satisfy.

The Vibe 

Friendship Foods BBQ has a modern industrial décor style, with a long wooden bench in the center of the dining area and smaller tables throughout. Pendant lamps, murals, neon lights and subway tiles decorate the space. 

What to Order 

Get your fill of classic Chinese BBQ here and share tasty bites of the best Chinese food in NYC with your friends. Popular options on Friendship Foods BBQ’s menu include lamb skewers, grilled wagyu, hot pot and garlic eggplant.

Friendship Foods BBQ | 136-76 39th Ave., Lower Floor, Flushing, NY 11354 | $$

7. Málà Project

A heaping serving of spicy dry pot is just the thing to cure your rainy-day blues or a Monday morning hangover. Málà Project has three locations across the city where you can find some of the best Chinese food in NYC and a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

The Vibe 

The interior design may vary slightly between locations but Málà Project’s overall vibe is always cozy. Each restaurant features small, intimate tables and warm lighting, perfect for a casual date or small group outing to savor the best Chinese food in NYC.

What to Order 

Málà Project makes their hot pot, some of the best Chinese food in NYC, with 24 medicinal herbs and spices for the perfect umami, numbing and fragrant bowl. Choose your spice level and a wide range of ingredients including vegetables, chicken, pork and more. 

Málà Project | Multiple Locations | $$

mala project is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Málà Project

8. Birds of a Feather

If you’re looking for the best Chinese food in NYC with some unexpected twists, add Birds of a Feather to your must-try list. Open from 12:00 to 3:30, then 5:00 to 10:00 p.m., Birds of a Feather has some of the best NYC Chinese food served Schezuan-style. Be sure to make a reservation if you plan to visit on peak nights. 

The Vibe 

The dining area at Birds of a Feather feels classy but approachable and clean. Spacious oak tables set the stage for beautifully ornate white and blue plates. At Birds of a Feather, you’ll share a long communal table and feel like part of the family while you savor the best Chinese food in NYC.

What to Order 

Birds of a Feather’s spicy cumin lamb is one of the most popular dishes. Served in delicate slices with bell pepper, onion, cumin, ginger, garlic and spicy miso, this dish is sure to titillate your taste buds. Pair with a house-made lime iced tea for the best Chinese food in NYC.

Birds of a Feather | 191 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 | $$

9. Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods describes their menu as “Western Chinese cuisine.” In addition to some of the best Chinese food in NYC, Xi’an Famous Foods also offers dishes with a Chinese twist, such as their stewed pork burger. Because of their affordable and unique offerings, Xi’an Famous Foods is a great place to eat when you can’t decide where to go for dinner. 

The Vibe 

Vibes may vary by location, but Xi’an Famous Foods has a casual dining atmosphere. Inside, you’ll find simple steel tables, oak wood seats and overhead menus with pictures. Xi’an Famous Foods may not be the most exciting atmosphere, but you’ll find some of the best Chinese food in NYC here. 

What to Order 

The hand-ripped noodles are a must-try at Xi’an Famous Foods. Choose from savory options like Mt. Qi pork or spicy cumin lamb to enjoy during your lunch break or after a long day of exploring things to do in NYC.

Xi’an Famous Foods | Multiple Locations | $$

noodle dish from xi'an famous foods
via Xi’an Famous Foods

10. Atlas Kitchen

If you’re looking for the best Chinese food in NYC with good visual presentation, Atlas Kitchen has you covered. This trendy spot is perfect for enjoying a peaceful dinner with friends or treating yourself to delicious food and drinks after a long day. 

The Vibe 

Atlas Kitchen’s dining room is trendy and totally Instagram-friendly with warm neutral décor, white marble tables and a cozy, contemporary atmosphere. Delicate Chinese watercolor art and gold details are sprinkled around the room, and the general vibe is very clean and calm — a welcome break from the busy city.

What to Order 

Grab a “Chilled Out” cocktail to sip on while you wait for the best Chinese food in NYC, made with white wine, yuzu fruit and osmanthus. The sliced pork belly with garlic sauce is a fun-looking appetizer perfect for sharing with the table. If you’re planning a special occasion, be sure to check out the chef’s secret menu a day in advance. 

Atlas Kitchen | 258 W. 109th St., New York, NY 10025 | $$

11. Uluh

Uluh takes serving the best Chinese food in NYC very seriously. If you’re ready to take your tastebuds on a journey, Uluh offers Chinese foods from all across the region, including Schezuan, Northern Chinese and Cantonese dishes. 

The Vibe 

The interior design at Uluh is moody and clean with dark walls, unique Chinese art and warm recessed lighting. This is an excellent place to enjoy traditional tea and the best Chinese food in NYC with a small group or on a date night. 

What to Order 

Visitors rave about the quality ingredients at Uluh and declare that nearly everything tastes perfect. If you’re overwhelmed with awesome options, try the brown sugar glazed Peking duck, served sliced with garnishes and rice wraps, one of the best Chinese foods in NYC. For dessert, try the mango juice sago pomelo with mochi. 

Uluh | 152 Second Ave., Suite A, New York, NY 10003 | $$$

dungeness crab served at uluh in nyc
via Uluh

12. Yun Nan Flavour Garden

This quiet Yunnan restaurant is a staple in Brooklyn serving up some of the best Chinese food in NYC. Yunnan borders countries on the southeastern edge of China, so many dishes are reminiscent of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian foods. 

The Vibe 

This humble restaurant is a great place to chow down on delicious Chinese food with your friends or family or pick up some takeout to go. The dining area is clean and simple, with large round tables, wooden chairs and touches of Chinese décor. 

What to Order 

Crossing-the-bridge noodles are essential at any Yunnan restaurant, and Yun Nan Flavour Garden is an excellent place to try them and learn about the rich history of one of the best Chinese foods in NYC. If noodles aren’t your style, grab some sour dumpling soup or sweet and sour wontons. 

Yun Nan Flavour Garden | 5121 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220 | $

13. Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon has two locations in the East Village and West Village, and either one is an excellent place to enjoy Szechuan food for lunch or dinner in a funky and modern atmosphere. In addition to serving the best Chinese food in NYC, Spicy Moon is also one of the best vegan places to eat in NYC

The Vibe 

Spicy Moon feels like an artsy neighborhood cocktail bar with fascinating wall art and colorful LED lights. Guests can sit at a stylish booth, table seating or outdoors, depending on location. Spicy Moon is an awesome place to catch up with a friend over cocktails or treat yourself to plant-based versions of the best Chinese food in NYC. 

What to Order 

Spicy Moon’s dan dan noodles are the perfect thing to satisfy your savory carb cravings. This classic noodle bowl is topped with meatless Beyond Beef and a generous pile of green onions. If you’re feeling something heartier, the mapo tofu is another unforgettable choice. 

Spicy Moon | Multiple Locations | $$

spicy moon is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Spicy Moon

14. Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck

Looking for a break from standard food halls in NYC? Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck is a very highly-rated new restaurant serving the best Chinese food in NYC. Come for the classy and innovative dining experience and return for the adorable desserts. 

The Vibe 

The atmosphere at Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck is refined and classic, yet minimal. Inside you’ll find gray plush leather chairs around tables with white tablecloths. The simple and bright environment allows you to focus all five senses on the beautifully plated best Chinese food in NYC.

What to Order 

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck serves a variety of well-crafted dishes like tender pastry-wrapped beef ribs and of course, Peking duck. After dinner, you have to order one of their adorable chocolate dessert molds in shapes like teddy bears, baby bunnies or bulldog puppies. 

Chef Huang Jian Bing & Peking Duck | 635 Second Ave., New York, NY 10016 | $$$

15. Blue Willow

Blue Willow is where you can find the best Chinese food in Midtown, NYC. This charming restaurant serves contemporary Szechuan cuisine and incredible cocktails in a uniquely vintage atmosphere. 

The Vibe 

The interior design perfectly marries traditional Chinese elements with old-timey New York charm. Think grandfather clocks, a full cocktail bar, wooden room dividers and antique lamps. Blue Willow is a good choice for a warm, romantic dinner or birthday celebration. 

What to Order 

The mapo tofu with minced pork and sichuan peppercorn at Blue Willow is one of the best Chinese foods in NYC, and it can be made vegan. For drinks, order the traditional pearl dragon jasmine tea or a signature cocktail like the silk lantern, made with Suntory Toki, plum wine, ginger syrup and dried ume.  

Blue Willow | 40 W. 56th St., New York, NY 10019 | $$$

blue willow in nyc
via Blue Willow

16. Seng Seafood Restaurant

When you’re looking for the best Chinese food in NYC, Chinatown ought to be at the top of your list. When you’re looking for the best Chinese food in NYC with seafood, add Seng Seafood Restaurant to the top of your list! This spacious restaurant serving the best Chinese food in NYC’s Chinatown is well-known for their seafood items caught fresh from the ocean. 

The Vibe 

Seng Seafood Restaurant’s dining area is like a large banquet hall. Historical features of the building blend nicely with the traditional Chinese décor and ambient red tray ceilings. Seng Seafood Restaurant is ideal for enjoying the best Chinese food in NYC for large parties and corporate events. 

What to Order 

Popular dishes at Seng Seafood Restaurant include the shrimp dumplings, fried shrimp, ginger scallion lobster and chicken feet. This restaurant also serves a reliable variety of dim sum and Cantonese favorites. Be sure to catch them during lunch for special deals!

Seng Seafood Restaurant | 39 E. Broadway, Second Floor, New York, NY | $$

17. Buddakan

The best of the best Chinese food in NYC can be found at Buddakan, a Chinese fusion “clubstaurant” in Chelsea. This gorgeous and grand restaurant in NYC was used as a filming location in the first movie based on the popular 2000’s TV show, Sex and The City

The Vibe 

The dining hall at Buddakan is absolutely stunning, with soaring high ceilings, ornate chandeliers and long, elegant tables. If you’re hoping to impress a special visitor or a date with the best Chinese food in NYC, Buddakan is the place to do it. Buddakan’s website doesn’t mention a dress code, but guests typically dress up when dining here.

What to Order 

Treat yourself to a fine meal of edamame dumplings, glazed Alaskan black cod with chili eggplant and black bean relish. For dessert, try the crying chocolate, a malted ganache with Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Don’t forget to ask your server for the perfect wine pairing to complement your classy meal. 

Buddakan | 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011 | $$$$

elegant dumplings at buddakan nyc
via Buddakan

18. Chuan Tian Xia

Visitors frequently recommend Chuan Tian Xia for their remarkable staff and perfectly spicy and authentic dishes. The menu at Chuan Tian Xia is mostly Szechuan-leaning, with some unique options like pineapple fried rice and Chongqing sour fish. 

The Vibe 

Chuan Tian Xia is a laid-back Chinese restaurant with a colorful and urban flair. Vibrant art and colorful masks line the walls, and there’s a pleasant mix of traditional décor with unexpected colors and textures. All in all, Chuan Tian Xia is a reliable place to go for lunch or dinner with friends. 

What to Order 

Chuan Tian Xia serves really wonderful spicy food, if you can handle the heat. The Hongyun chopped pepper fish is absolutely worth the splurge. Other interesting favorites include the wasabi jellyfish, Chengdu cold noodle and mapo tofu. 

Chuan Tian Xia | 5502 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220 | $$

19. Spicy Village

A well-kept secret among New York’s foodies, Spicy Village serves recipes from the Hunan region of China, with hui mei noodles acting as a staple in most of their dishes. If you’re looking for authentic, homestyle meals, Spicy Village has the best Chinese food in NYC. 

The Vibe 

This is your classic Chinese restaurant with vinyl chairs, wood paneled walls and photo menus. Spicy Village is a perfect spot to grab the best Chinese food in NYC for weeknight lunch or dinner. The tables at Spicy Village are small, but there’s a lot of love in every bite. 

What to Order 

If you’re going with a group, you have to try the spicy big tray chicken, a massive platter of shareable chicken served with numbing Szechuan peppercorns and hui mei noodles. For smaller portions, try the lamb soup noodles or spicy beef brisket. 

Spicy Village | 68 Forsyth St., Suite B, New York, NY | $$

spicy village is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Spicy Village

20. Wo Hop Next Door

Another spot to find the best Chinese food in NYC’s Chinatown is Wo Hop Next Door. This restaurant has been serving authentic Cantonese dishes since 1976 and has earned its place as a staple restaurant in the community. When you’re craving takeout classics like lo mein, wontons or fried rice, hop on over to Wo Hop Next Door.

The Vibe 

Wo Hop Next Door feels authentic, through and through. The dining area features red booth seating, multiple wooden tables and photographs of Chinese sights. If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable place to get the best Chinese food in NYC, you’ve come to the right place.

What to Order 

Wo Hop Next Door serves Chinese comfort food that feels familiar to most American palettes. Chow down on filling and savory lo mein, classic egg rolls, wontons, hot and sour soup and anything else your heart desires. 

Wo Hop Next Door | 2018 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 | $

21. Kong Sihk Tong

People craving the authentic flavors of Hong Kong know that Kong Sihk Tong hits the nail on the head. This café-style restaurant offers some of the best Chinese food in NYC with a focus on foods from the Hong Kong region. Stop by to warm up on a rainy day with golden lava French toast or imitation shark fin soup. 

The Vibe 

Kong Sihk Tong feels like a familiar and cozy café. Inside you’ll find multiple small tables, exposed brick walls, live plants and fun patterned flooring. Kong Sihk Tong is a great spot to enjoy tea or grab a bite before your New York shopping spree. 

What to Order 

Kong Sihk Tong has a lot of tasty teas and specialty drinks, including Hong Kong style milk tea, taro milk tea and red bean ice with coconut milk. For brunch, order the golden lava French toast or a corned beef and egg sandwich. Prices are very reasonable here, so this is the place to go all out!

Kong Sihk Tong | 65 Bayard St., New York, NY 10013 | $

kong sihk tong is one of the best chinese restaurants in nyc
via Kong Sihk Tong

22. Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty is a mini-chain restaurant offering the best Chinese food all across NYC. Han Dynasty’s menu focuses on Szechuan, noodles and go-to classics like kung pao chicken. With several locations, Han Dynasty makes it easy to pop in for lunch or order dinner takeout. 

The Vibe 

Individual locations may vary, but in general, Han Dynasty has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Dim lights, wooden tables and chairs and sometimes a full bar can be found inside the restaurants. Every location has unique artwork, so it’s worth giving all of them a visit!

What to Order 

Dan dan noodles and cumin lamb are both popular choices at Han Dynasty. For small bites, try the spicy crispy cucumber or pork belly in sweet garlic chili oil. This is also a good place to enjoy the best Chinese food in NYC on a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, as menu items are clearly marked. 

Han Dynasty | Multiple Locations | $$

23. Hunan Slurp

On a chilly day in the big apple, nothing quite warms you up like a fresh pot of soft tofu and rice noodles. Hunan Slurp has some of the best Chinese food in NYC and a soothing environment to boot. This is the perfect place to plan a quiet date or eat dinner before a girls’ night out. 

The Vibe 

Hunan Slurp has a dining area that feels contemporary, warm and feminine. Brass accents, exposed pendant bulbs and curvy bamboo details make the restaurant feel clean and inviting.  

What to Order 

As the name might suggest, Hunan Slurp is the place to satisfy your cravings for hot and savory soups and broths. A big bowl of their spare rib rice noodle soup can’t be beat. If you’re not into soup, order the winter melon, mala duck tongue or pig trotter with noodles. 

Hunan Slurp | 112 First Ave., New York, NY 10009 | $$$

noodle dish from hunan slurp in nyc
via Hunan Slurp

24. Lucky House Kitchen

For the best Chinese food in NYC’s Bed-Stuy area, you have to go to Lucky House Kitchen. This highly-rated spot is your classic Chinese takeout corner shop, perfect for ordering tons of food and enjoying a cozy night at home. 

The Vibe 

All the Bed-Stuy locals know and love Sue, the woman behind the scenes at Lucky House Kitchen. This small take-out restaurant has walls covered with photos and descriptions of its delicious offerings. When you’re ready, talk to Sue at the window and she’ll ensure your food is cooked hot and fresh ASAP. 

What to Order 

Order heaping platefuls of takeout to bring home or back to your hotel room — you’ll thank yourself later. Some of Lucky House Kitchen’s most crave-worthy bites include shrimp fried rice, barbecue rib tips and sesame chicken. 

Lucky House Kitchen | 343 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11233 | $

25. Silky Kitchen

Another highly praised mini-chain in New York, Silky Kitchen is known for serving some of the best Chinese food in NYC and cafeteria-style soups and noodles. Silky Kitchen has your lunch break covered if you need a quick fix of tasty favorites like hot and sour chicken, dry noodles or beef and daikon dumplings. 

The Vibe 

The vibe at Silky Kitchen locations feels sleek and minimalist. Like many restaurants in NYC, they’re working with limited wall-to-wall space, but the simple concrete floors, oak finishes and white walls keep the restaurant feeling open and airy. Pop into the East Village location to appreciate their cute wall mural!

What to Order 

The hot and sour fish soup at Silky Kitchen is like no other. Choose your spice level and toppings like fried egg or pickled string bean. Other popular dishes include the hot and sour chicken gizzard and pig ear salad. 

Silky Kitchen | Multiple Locations| $$

We’ve carefully selected these restaurants as the best Chinese food in NYC, but the best way to discover more is to explore. Pay a visit to the restaurants on this list, but don’t be afraid to pop into local spots near you. You might just stumble upon the best Chinese food in NYC!

dishes from silky kitchen in nyc
via Silky Kitchen

26. Nom Wah Tea Parlor

First opened in 1920, Nom Wah Tea Parlor is the first and oldest tea parlor in Chinatown. This staple restaurant is an absolute icon of the city, and for over a century they’ve been serving up some of the best Chinese food in NYC. Nom Wah Tea Parlor is a classic choice when you’re hungry for fresh dumplings and dim sum, but be prepared to wait for a table. 

The Vibe 

Nom Wah Tea Parlor hasn’t changed much since its founding, although it has moved locations once. The dining room has classic vintage tile floors, pendant lamps, red vinyl seats and painted tin ceilings. The humble and beloved restaurant has been used as a set in a few movies and TV shows, including Reversal of Fortune, Premium Rush and Law and Order.

What to Order 

The original “O.G.” egg roll is a must-try at Nom Wah, stuffed with chicken, vegetables and mushrooms and fried in a homemade batter. Other popular dim sum choices include the house special roast pork bun and the shrimp and snow pea leaf dumplings. Finally, sip on hot oolong or jasmine tea while you savor the best Chinese food in NYC.  

Nom Wah Tea Parlor | 13 Doyers St., New York, NY 10013 | $$

We’ve carefully selected these restaurants as the best Chinese food in NYC, but the best way to discover more is to explore. Pay a visit to the restaurants on this list, but don’t be afraid to pop into local spots near you. You might just stumble upon the best Chinese food in NYC!

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