Chef Mateus

Chef Mateus

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Food safety certified
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Brazil-born Chef Mateus brings distinct international flair to his corner of the culinary world. He's worked in kitchens around the globe, including in eateries in Australia, New Zealand, New York and California. He's also served as head chef at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. Chef Mateus currently owns and operates a meal prep and delivery service in NYC and is eager to share his knowledge with chefs of all skill levels.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Mateus

Archana M.


31 Mar 2022

Super entertaining, knowledgeable, patient teacher. Chef Mateus shared his cooking secrets and helpful pointers. Was a very enjoyable and intimate cooking experience with me and my Mom not to mention the food was amazing.

Alexander C.


22 Mar 2022

Mateus was an amazing teacher and taught us a lot! Delicious!

Emily R.


11 Mar 2022

Had an amazing time learning from and cooking with Chef Mateus. Great tunes, great space, great meal!