Chef Li

Chef Li

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With a solid background in the culinary industry, Chef Li's cooking expertise has taken her around the world. While previously living in Singapore, Chef Li led private and corporate events as a culinary instructor. Now, back in the U.S., she looks forward to sharing her authentic, international cooking styles and techniques. Chef Li prides herself on her ability to make Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine simple and fun to cook!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Li

Troy T.


06 Nov 2021

Chef did a great job. Highly informative. Had a great time.

Jacobin Z.


12 Oct 2021

Excellent class and teacher. I loved it so much I made the recipe again the next day just to make sure I had it down. Will look for more courses with Chef Li. Thanks for a great experience.

Pam S.


18 Sep 2021

It would be nice moving forward to have ingredients in Cups or ounces rather than grams Other than that, I really loved the class