25 Fun Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale for 2024

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There's no shortage of fun date ideas in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy

Are you looking for new date ideas in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy with your partner? Do you want to find something fun, fresh and memorable to do? Then you’re in the right place. This packed list of unique date ideas offers perfect options for every couple, from the first date to the hundredth. 

After all, the best dates with your favorite person are about spending quality time together while doing something you both love. Whether that’s cruising along the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale or discovering new places and delicious foods, we’ve got tons of inspiration ready and waiting for you. 


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Foodie Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

1. Join a Cooking Class

Cook up a delicious meal together with an expert chef to guide you at one of many cooking classes in Fort Lauderdale. This is a great way to explore new favorite recipes, tastes and cooking methods with your partner, along with sharpening those important teamwork skills in the kitchen. From savory sushi to sweet strawberry shortcake and everything in between, trying your hand at making different kinds of gourmet food as a date idea in Fort Lauderdale is sure to be memorable.

A cooking class is one of the best date ideas in Fort Lauderdale for foodies
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2. Experience a Private Chef Meal 

Impress your partner and yourself with a stunning, delicious meal by a world-class chef right in the comfort of your own home. All of the shopping, cooking and clean-up is done for you when you dine with one of the private chefs in Fort Lauderdale, so you can sit back and enjoy. Quell your adventurous spirit by traveling the world right from your dining room table with a carefully crafted menu prepared fresh by one of the talented private chefs. 

3. Enjoy a Sunset dinner 

Explore the fresh seafood scene in style with a scrumptious dinner at sunset, right by the water. Nestled on the Fort Lauderdale Strip are plenty of restaurants that offer top-class beachside dining experiences. When it comes to finding date ideas in Fort Lauderdale that satisfy your taste buds, this one’s definitely a clear winner. Book a dinner at a mainstay restaurant like Bo’s Beach to find great food and a lively, cheerful atmosphere, complete with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic. 

A romantic table set outdoors at sunset
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Date Night Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

4. Relax on Las Olas Beach

Plan a visit to Las Olas Beach for a fun-filled evening with your sweetheart. Located by tons of high-quality restaurant and entertainment options, this is one of many great date night ideas Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Start the evening by relaxing together on a picturesque beach of fine white sand and leafy green palm trees. After sunset, venture to the shops along the strip. The night is yours to design, making this a completely customizable date idea in Fort Lauderdale. 

5. Cheers at Happy Hour

Add an exciting event to look forward to on an otherwise normal day by visiting a happy hour with your partner. Get to know different neighborhoods and food options without the commitment of a full meal with this date idea in Fort Lauderdale. Restaurants like Tap 42 Craft Kitchen & Bar offer a great, easy way to find your new favorite small plates and drinks. Transform your usual weeknights into something special with this and other weeknight date ideas to keep in mind. 

Happy hour is a fun Fort Lauderdale date idea
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6. Listen to Live Music 

For a memorable Fort Lauderdale date idea, sit back and enjoy an uplifting live music performance with your partner. No matter the genre, there’s bound to be something to fit every music taste. This is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale for couples looking for an enjoyable night out. Dress to the nines and visit the Parker Playhouse for an evening of classical music or support talented local bands at smaller open mic events in the many bars or restaurants across the city. 

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7. Attend a Dinner Theater Show

Opt for a classic date with a twist by attending a mystery dinner theater show as your next date idea near Fort Lauderdale. Companies like The Dinner Detective offer a winning interactive experience when it comes to dining with a side of enticing entertainment. Share bustling laughs and intricate theories as you try to solve a mystery in real time alongside other guests, over a delicious meal. This is undoubtedly one of most fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale for couples. 

Mystery dinner theater show as your next date idea near Fort Lauderdale.
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Cute Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

8. Catch a Movie 

Turn back the clock with an old-school date idea in Fort Lauderdale — grabbing food together at a burger joint before catching a movie at the Gateway Theater by Paradigm Cinemas. Originally opened in 1951, this renovated theater offers a wide range of movies and staged shows for couples to enjoy. Cuddle up together for your next favorite film, whether it’s an action, indie or even Rocky Horror. As an added bonus for history buffs, it’s also a gorgeous historical landmark worth exploring. 

9. Go Café Hopping 

Take your partner on a relaxing city adventure by going café hopping as an afternoon date idea in Fort Lauderdale. Start with a local coffee shop in one neighborhood, like Wells Coffee in the heart of Flagler Village, then slowly make your way to other whimsical spots that catch your eye. From cozy cafés that double as bookstores to quaint open-concept spots by the water, you can get your caffeine fix and more while discovering the well-kept secrets of this city together. 

A Wells Coffee mug on a table.
via Wells Coffee

10. Take a Historic Home Tour 

Travel back to the past with a historic home tour, right within the city. This next cute date idea in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for history buffs and architecture lovers. There’s a wide variety of estate museums to choose from for your tour but Bonnet House is a local favorite. Visitors can enjoy a stroll together through the gardens before exploring the rest of this large and glorious 20th-century estate. Fun fact: this museum also doubles as a gorgeous wedding venue. 

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Romantic Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

11. Take a Gondola Ride 

Prepare to be charmed by one of the most romantic boat tours on this side of the Atlantic, accompanied by music, drinks and light snacks to set the mood. Las Olas Gondola boasts the title of the only authentic Venetian gondola service in Florida, which explains why it’s a popular option as a date idea in Fort Lauderdale for many couples. A great choice for celebrating a significant milestone or simply enjoying each other’s company on a slow, cozy ride. 

A gondola ride is a great date idea in Fort Lauderdale
via Las Olas Gondola

12. Walk Through An Art Gallery 

Take a walk through one of Fort Lauderdale’s many art galleries as a way to enjoy all kinds of art styles with your partner. For those well-versed in fine art collecting or those looking to start exploring its vast world, the MAC Art Galleries are uniquely impressive. Discuss and admire the expansive collection of contemporary art that this gallery has to offer as you walk through thoughtfully curated exhibits on this sweet and romantic date idea in Fort Lauderdale. 

13. Pamper Yourselves on a Spa Visit 

Pamper your partner and yourself with a mini staycation at the Heavenly Spa by Westin. After all, when it comes to fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale for couples, there’s nothing like a day of spa treatments between tea breaks and pool lounge sessions to melt away your troublesome worries found in day-to-day life. As for suggestions, enjoy some well-deserved quality time together with a relaxing and sensual side-by-side couples massage, which is also customizable for you and your partner.

A couple cheersing drinks in robes at the spa
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14. Sail off on a Sunset Cruise 

Sail off into the sunset with your partner on a cruise as your next date idea in Fort Lauderdale. Tropical Sailing, a boat charter company, offers custom outings for all kinds of special occasions. End the day perfectly with your sweetheart by coasting along on the water as the sun sets in a glorious myriad of colors. With lively music and a shaded bar, what more could you ask for? Add this to your list of great summer date ideas

First Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

15. Visit an Aquarium  

Immerse yourselves into an alternate world with an afternoon visit to the aquarium at the Museum of Discovery and Science. There’s nothing like learning exciting new facts together as a way to bond, especially in a fun setting of captivating waterscapes and majestic aqua life. Casual first date ideas like this one leave plenty of room for conversation to help you both get to know how well you truly mesh as potential partners. 

Going to the aquarium at the Museum of Discovery and Science is an exciting date idea in Fort Lauderdale
via Canva

16. Watch a Comedy Show 

Get ready for an evening filled with bursts of laughter when you visit a comedy show at the wonderful Fort Lauderdale Theater. With all kinds of offerings, including classic stand-up by talented comedians, multimedia interactive shows and more, there's something for everyone. This first date idea in Fort Lauderdale is sure to help break the ice and foster an open, easygoing mood for the rest of the night. If it’s going well, you can always grab a bite after to keep the good vibes going. 

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17. Go Thrift Shopping

Another of the fun date ideas in Fort Lauderdale is hitting the thrift shops. The variety of secondhand shops in this city is unmatched. They specialize in vintage consignment, antique furniture and other historic finds. Head to Oddballs Nifty Thrift for unique items that are sure to spark conversations with your first date. This date idea near Fort Lauderdale is not to be missed, especially for lovers of the past. 

Graffiti outside a thrift vintage consignment store
via OddBalls Nifty Thrift

18. Go Mini Golfing 

Try your hand at mini golf with your first date at Putting Edge. This first date idea in Fort Lauderdale has been a long-time certified classic for good reason. After all, there's nothing like getting to know someone new while enjoying some light competition in a vibey glow-in-the-dark atmosphere filled with lively, energizing music. Play a few rounds to learn more about how your competitive playing styles, general golf skills and unique personalities work together, as both potential teammates and future partners. 

DIY Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

19. Have a Wine Tasting Night 

Bring out the inner wine connoisseur in both you and your partner while relaxing in the comfort of your home with a sommelier-led virtual wine tasting session. This date idea in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to spend time together in a fun, relaxed setting. Sit back and learn about the nuances of various wines in detail and the best food pairings to go with them. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to choose the perfect wine for your next occasion. 

Two people drinking wine, one on a laptop and one in person
via Canva

20. Take a Mixology Class Together

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to craft perfect cocktails with your partner by attending an online mixology class. This hands-on idea is a favorite among locals when it comes to the many date night ideas Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Learn more about the art of making well-balanced cocktails from expert mixologists, all while staying cozy at home. Together, you can master the various drink-mixing techniques found in different parts of the world. 

21. Get Crafty at a Pottery Class 

Step into the world of pottery by taking a class with your partner as a date idea in Fort Lauderdale. Many studios, including Sarah Glass Ceramics, offer a range of classes at different skill levels to help you shape the ceramic creations of your dreams. If pottery has been on your mind, attending a class or course together is a great way to develop the skills to master this timeless creative outlet. The best part? Your creations are yours to keep. 

A wall of homemade pottery
via Sarah Glass Ceramics

22. Get Creative at a Paint and Sip Night

Bring your masterpieces to life together with a paint and sip night as your next date idea in Fort Lauderdale. There’s a reason why this activity has gained such popularity in recent years. After all, what better way to unleash your creativity than by painting? Whether you both choose to attend a guided class or freestyle your artistic creations, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up with a memorable evening spent together and two pieces of art you can frame. 

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Free and Cheap Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale 

23. Hike Through Hugh Taylor Birch State Park 

Hike through Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for free and try out the many different activities it offers as your next outdoor date with your partner. This and other outdoor date ideas help Fort Lauderdale couples reconnect with nature. Known as the city’s own version of New York’s infamous Central Park, this park has ample space for hiking, camping, picnicking and canoeing. When you’re ready, you can even hop down to the beach for a quick and refreshing ocean swim. 

Going to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is one of the fun date ideas in Fort Lauderdale
via Canva

24. Have a Picnic on the Beach 

Pack a picnic basket of both your favorite foods and drinks before heading for one of the many beaches that this city has to offer as your next date idea in Fort Lauderdale. Along with spending the day snacking and lounging on the sand, you could go for a swim or play beach games. This is one of many free and super fun date ideas Fort Lauderdale offers to its visitors, all year round.

25. Learn Something New at the Museum

Take a visit to the NSU Art Museum on the first Thursday of the month and enjoy free admission to this well-loved establishment. This date idea in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for those who want to experience the latest contemporary art exhibits without the fees. Stroll through the various exhibits and admire the beautiful art on display, hand in hand with your sweetheart. As an added bonus, you and your partner can also enjoy the 2-for-1 happy hour offered at the museum’s café.

This date idea in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for those who want to experience the latest contemporary art exhibits without the fees
via NSU Art Museum

No matter what stage you're at in your relationship, romantic dates are a great way to strengthen your connection with each other. Treat your partner to the lovely dates they deserve, featuring activities you both enjoy while exploring this Florida city. When it comes to date ideas in Fort Lauderdale, there’s definitely no shortage to choose from!

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