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19 Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC for 2023

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most romantic restaurants in nyc

Breakfast at Tiffany’s may a charming movie about love, but which romantic restaurants in NYC should you go to when you’re actually hungry? When you picture the most romantic cities in the world, New York City probably comes to mind. After all, what’s not to love about the luxurious sights, flirtatious nightlife and all the romantic restaurants in NYC? 

Valentine’s day, your honeymoon, anniversaries, date nights — there’s never a bad time to spoil your sweetheart. Next time you’re on the hunt for an incredible meal and warm, sensual atmosphere, dress up and head out to one of these incredible romantic restaurants in NYC. 


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Find the Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC

They say when you want something done right, you ought to do it yourself, so the best way to find romantic restaurants in NYC is to see them with your own eyes! Sign up for food tours in NYC and with the help of an expert guide, you’ll get to experience the beautiful atmosphere and unforgettable foods at some of the most romantic restaurants in New York City. 

19 Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC

1. Buddakan

Buddakan is a picturesque restaurant in the Meatpacking District that serves upscale Asian fusion dishes. Fans of the TV show Sex and the City will get an extra kick out of this romantic restaurant in NYC; this is where they filmed the scene for Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner!

The Vibe

The dining room at Buddakan is a must-see, with soaring ceilings, detailed wainscoting and four gorgeous chandeliers. Visitors may sit at one central, communal table or several of the surrounding intimate booths. Buddakan is one of the best romantic restaurants in NYC for when you want to impress your date. 

What to Order

Start by splitting an order of edamame dumplings or crispy cauliflower lollipops with truffle, sweet rice and cheese. For your main course, treat yourself to the glazed Alaskan black cod with chili eggplant and black bean relish or a Peking duck for two. Complete your meal with a bottle of wine and pistachio cremoso. 

Buddakan | 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011 | $$$$

tea smoked spare ribs from buddakan nyc
via Buddakan

2. Cadence

Nothing brings people together quite like Southern soul food. Cadence is one of the best romantic restaurants in NYC. Plus, their whole menu just happens to be vegan, organic and soy-free, so this restaurant is perfect for a date night in NYC for veggie-lovers and omnivores alike. 

The Vibe

Stepping into Cadence feels like walking into a cozy Southern speakeasy, but it’s actually a romantic restaurant in NYC. Inside, you’ll find studded velvet chairs, a glamorous white marble bar, dark walls and a plush, moody atmosphere perfect for hosting long conversations with your sweetheart. 

What to Order

Start by splitting their highly praised palm cake with chickpeas, heart of palm and chipotle aioli slaw. The Southern fried lasagna is another popular choice here, made with red wine Bolognese, pine nut ricotta and spinach. Finally, treat your date with the cadence cobbler, served with seasonal fruit and vegan ice cream. 

Cadence | 111 E. Seventh St., New York, NY 10009 | $$$

cadence is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via Cadence

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3. Per Se

Out of all the romantic restaurants in NYC, Per Se has one of the highest ratings with three Michelin stars. If you’re looking for a formal, decadent and upscale experience, Per Se has you covered and then some. 

The Vibe

Per Se has a large, structured dining room with tall, bright windows, white tablecloths, votive candles and a modern glass fireplace. There is a dress code here; business casual attire is preferred, as gentlemen must wear jackets and jeans aren’t recommended. Per Se is undoubtedly one of the classiest romantic restaurants in NYC. 

What to Order

Per Se offers a choice between a nine-course chef’s selection or a nine-course vegetable tasting menu. Each dish is inspired by luxurious French cooking techniques, with examples including oysters and caviar, duck foie gras and chocolate truffles. In all nine courses, no single ingredient is repeated, and you’re sure to feel delighted and satisfied with every bite. 

Per Se | 10 Columbus Circle, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10019 | $$$$ 

per se is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via Per Se

4. Gage & Tollner

Gage & Tollner has been serving delightful dinners in downtown Brooklyn since they first opened in 1897. One of the oldest romantic restaurants in NYC, this is an excellent place for well-crafted American food from ribeye steaks to oysters and mashed potatoes. 

The Vibe

The vibe at Gage & Tollner feels very traditional, old-fashioned and all-American. The dining room features a grand full bar, wood floors, leather seats and arched mirrored walls. Gage & Tollner is a great place to get that New York feel while enjoying a luxurious date, celebration or birthday dinner in NYC

What to Order

The NY strip steak is a classic here, basted with butter and served with garlic confit and seared lemon. Gage & Tollner also serves some incredible oysters Rockefeller and roasted halibut. Before you leave, satisfy your sweet tooth with their famous baked Alaska for two.  

Gage & Tollner | 372 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 | $$$$

raw oysters from gage and tollner in nyc
via Gage & Tollner

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5. Wayan

If you want a break from the typical American fare of romantic restaurants in NYC, take a trip over to Wayan in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. This one-of-a-kind romantic restaurant in NYC is sure to delight you and your date with their modern French-Indonesian menu. 

The Vibe

Wayan has a truly unique vibe, with white brick walls, Indonesian teak paneling, a full bar and plenty of live plants and natural wood elements. Walking into Wayan feels like walking into a tropical forest retreat. 

What to Order

Grab a plate of avocado “gado gado” to share, then choose between delicious options like lobster noodles with black pepper and Thai basil or black sea bass pepes with pea shoots and chili vinaigrette. If you’re planning a quick afternoon date before exploring things to do in NYC, Wayan also serves a delightful lunch menu with brunch on the weekends. 

Wayan | 20 Spring St., New York, NY 10012 | $$$

dishes from wayan in nyc
via Wayan

6. Le Pavillon

When you’re looking for the most romantic restaurants in NYC, not many can compare to Le Pavillon. Le Pavillon serves an upscale French menu featuring mostly seasonal seafood and vegetable-forward dishes. 

The Vibe

White tablecloths, blown glass chandeliers and a world-class view from Manhattan’s One Vanderbilt skyscraper await you at Le Pavillon. Le Pavillon has a very refined and luxurious atmosphere. Be sure to adhere to the dress code to honor the occasion. 

What to Order

Le Pavillon offers both a three-course and a six-course dinner menu option. For $135 per person, you can choose a starter, a main course and a dessert. If you’re overwhelmed by delicious options, visitors rave about the hamachi crudo and tartare, champignon comté and citron dessert. 

Le Pavillon | One Vanderbilt Ave., New York, NY 10017 | $$$$

le pavillon is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via Le Pavillon

7. Kokomo

The best romantic Valentine’s Day ideas should feel like an escape from the cold and dreary winter city. Take a trip down to Kokomo in Brooklyn, where you can sip on tropical gin and tonics and enjoy a fresh Caribbean menu. 

The Vibe

The atmosphere at Kokomo feels bright, colorful and zesty. Inside, you’ll find velvet seats and booths, tropical floral arrangements, a refined bamboo tiki bar and warm wood throughout one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC.

What to Order

The oxtail flatbread and wah gwaan flatbread are must-tries at Kokomo. For your main dish, look to the red peppa jerk chicken or vegan lentil meatballs in coconut curry sauce. Complement your meal with a fresh and fruity cocktail like the signature plantini. 

Kokomo | 65 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249 | $$

dishes and chilled champagne at kokomo in nyc
via Kokomo

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8. Hart’s

Although it’s one of the top-rated romantic restaurants in NYC, Hart’s is still somewhat of a hidden gem in Brooklyn. Hart’s Restaurant serves new American food, with fresh takes on classic favorites like sage meatballs and lamb burgers. 

The Vibe

Hart’s has a dimly lit dining room with a backlit wine bar, intimate tables and lovely storefront windows. This is a great place to take things up a notch with your date or get to know your significant other a little better. 

What to Order

Some of the most popular dishes at Hart’s include their lamb burger with mixed lettuce and optional anchovies and the clam toast with pancetta. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, Hart’s even hosts an annual “Love Stinks” set menu!

Hart’s | 506 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 | $$$

hart's is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via Hart's 

9. Raoul’s

With over 47 years in the business, Raoul’s knows how to impress their visitors with delightful food and pastries in an upscale yet urban atmosphere. Raoul’s serves mostly French cuisine, a reliable menu choice when you’re looking for romantic restaurants in NYC. 

The Vibe

Raoul’s is one of the best romantic restaurants in NYC for people craving something a little different in terms of atmosphere. This place has a somewhat funky vibe, with black tin ceilings, neon lights and vintage art posters. The club room upstairs offers a more refined experience for private parties. 

What to Order

Raoul’s is one of the best romantic restaurants in NYC to try French favorites like steak au poivre, foie gras and steak tartare. Raoul’s also serves a titillating brunch menu with options like pork belly egg sandwiches and soufflé pancakes with toffee sauce. 

Raoul’s | 180 Prince St., New York, NY 10012 | $$$

raoul's is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via Raoul's

10. Daniel

In addition to being located in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Daniel is also one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC’s Upper East Side, a wealthy and luxurious neighborhood with plenty of shopping and spoiling opportunities. Daniel offers a French-inspired new American menu, and is known to host some of New York’s most elite residents and visitors. 

The Vibe

The dining room at Daniel is spacious and bright, with several large chandeliers, white tablecloths and ornate columns. Like several other romantic restaurants in NYC, Daniel has a strict dress code requiring jackets for men and blouses or dresses for women. 

What to Order

Daniel serves dinners according to a prix-fixe tasting menu. Some featured dishes include Maine peekytoe crab “en aspic,” American red snapper with white polenta croquette, high plains bison and Bolivian dark chocolate dessert. 

Daniel | 60 E. 65th St., New York, NY 10065 | $$$$

daniel is a beautiful romantic restaurant in nyc
via Daniel

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11. La Grande Boucherie

When it’s too cold to go to Central Park, La Grande Boucherie is the perfect place to fulfill your sweetheart’s greenhouse dreams. This place undoubtedly has one of the most show-stopping dining rooms out of all the romantic restaurants in NYC. 

The Vibe

La Grande Boucherie is absolutely massive, with soaring ceilings and stained glass skylights rivaling the palace of Marie Antoinette herself. The vibe here is very feminine, bright and romantic, featuring French motifs, gorgeous live flowers and a bar that seems to go on forever. 

What to Order

When it comes to incredible escargots, there aren’t any romantic restaurants in NYC that compare with La Grande Boucherie. The tender escargots comes perfectly sauteéd with butter, parsley, lemon, garlic and shallots. If you’ve never had escargot before, this is the place to try it, but the steak frites and Boucherie burger are two other solid choices. 

La Grande Boucherie | 145 W. 53rd St., New York, NY 10019 | $$$

steak sandwich at la grande boucherie
via La Grande Boucherie

12. The Nines

If you’re looking to turn up the heat and inspire some passion on your next date night, The Nines is the place to go. This romantic restaurant in NYC serves up a new American menu, delicious cocktails and a seductive, intimate vibe. Guests are asked to come “dressed to the nines.” 

The Vibe

The atmosphere at The Nines feels moody, sexy and a little bit gothic. Live music rings out from the grand piano, plush velvet seats fill the room, leopard print carpets line the floors and the bar features red studded leather. This is certainly one of the romantic restaurants in NYC you’ll have to see to believe. 

What to Order

You’re practically guaranteed to love anything on the menu at The Nines. Some excellent choices include the mushroom pate, Scottish smoked salmon and 9’s club sandwich. Kick back and enjoy the music with a signature N˚9 martini in hand. 

The Nines | 9 Great Jones St., New York, NY 10012 | $$$

red lounge at the nines in nyc
via The Nines

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13. L’Artusi

Could anything be more heartwarming than pasta and wine at one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC? L’artusi is a sleek, two-story restaurant serving delicious Italian food and dozens of wine and cocktail options.

The Vibe

L’artusi is perfect for couples who want an intimate date in a sleek, minimalist atmosphere. This romantic restaurant in NYC has two dining areas with gray walls, a full bar, white chairs, wooden tables and sleek metallic and stone décor. 

What to Order

If you’re coming to weekend brunch at this romantic restaurant in NYC, you have to try the burrata crostone with roasted pear, fig and pine nuts or the roasted mushrooms with pancetta, chiles, fried egg and ricotta salata. For dinner, try the tagliatelle with Bolognese bianco and Parmigiano cheese. 

L’artusi | 228 W. 10th St., New York, NY 10014 | $$$

pasta from L’artusi in NYC
via L’artusi

14. Panorama Room

In addition to being one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC, Panorama Room is also one of the most stunning places to eat in NYC. Sip on handcrafted cocktails and enjoy bites like fresh oysters or caviar nachos as you admire the view of the east river. 

The Vibe

Panorama Room sits at the rooftop of the Graduate hotel, with a 360-degree view of New York from Roosevelt Island. At night, the dining room lights up with neon ceiling art and twinkling lights from the city below, making this one of the best romantic restaurants in NYC for a late-night drink. “Elevated chic” attire is requested. 

What to Order

Panorama Room is mostly known as a cocktail lounge, but you can certainly find a great bite to eat here too. Pair your favorite signature cocktail with avocado hummus, sea bean and poblano tartine or an order of truffle waffle fries with pecorino, truffle salt and espelette aioli. 

Panorama Room | 22 N. Loop Rd., Graduate Hotels, New York, NY 10044 | $$$

panorama room in nyc
via Panorama Room

15. Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern offers a really unique vibe compared to other romantic restaurants in NYC. Located in Flatiron, this restaurant serves amazing new American fare in a rustic, old-timey atmosphere.

The Vibe

If your date is into historical vibes or fantasizes about living in a country cottage, they’ll love this romantic restaurant in NYC. Dark wood beams stretch across the ceiling amid hanging fire-like chandeliers. Gramercy Tavern also has a full bar and tons of charming details like wall murals, teapots and copper pans. 

What to Order

Gramercy Tavern’s dining room menu offers a five-course seasonal dinner menu with some intriguing options like squash agnolotti, golden beet tartare and caramelized cheesecake. The tavern menu has dishes more typical of romantic restaurants in NYC, such as the tavern burger and grilled black bass.

Gramercy Tavern | 42 E. 20th St., New York, NY 10003 | $$$$

bacon cheeseburger from gramercy tavern
via Gramercy Tavern 

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16. The River Café

If you’re looking for peaceful and intimate romantic restaurants in NYC, The River Café is where you should go to spoil your sweetie. This warm and soft restaurant sits right on the banks of the East River, giving you a beautiful view at brunch or dinner. 

The Vibe

The vibe at The River Café is decadent and classic. The dining room features wood floors and wood slat ceilings, candlelit tables with white tablecloths and of course, a gorgeous view of the East River. There’s also a lovely garden perfect for walking and whispering sweet nothings. 

What to Order

You can’t go wrong with any of the menu options here, from roasted herbed rabbit to venison loin or Nova Scotia lobster. Commemorate your visit to one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC with the Brooklyn Bridge dessert, a dark chocolate Marquise with passion fruit ice cream, banana-macadamia ganache and banana spuma. 

The River Café | 1 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 | $$$$

the river cafe is one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc
via The River Café

17. Marea

A list of romantic restaurants in NYC just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Marea. As the name may suggest, Marea specializes in Italian dishes and unbeatable seafood, including known natural aphrodisiacs like fresh oysters and lobster. 

The Vibe

Marea has a very sleek and ambient atmosphere. The dining room feels modern and warm, with wood floors, intimate dining tables and glowing amber walls. Visitors often dress in smart casual or elevated attire here. 

What to Order

Awaken your appetite with an order of oysters to share, served with lemon and cucumber mignonette. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the elegant mezzaluna, squid-ink lobster tail ravioli with coral bottarga. The red wine braised octopus fusilli is another favorite among guests. 

Marea | 240 Central Park S., New York, NY 10019 | $$$$

sliders and dom perignon from marea in nyc
via Marea

18. La Grenouille

When you picture traditional romantic restaurants in NYC, La Grenouille is the perfect image. Established in 1962, this is the perfect place to relax after a long day of shopping, spoiling your partner and enjoying other indoor activities in NYC

The Vibe

La Grenouille has warm, inviting dining areas with white tablecloths, red chairs, glowing candles and extravagant floral arrangements. Coming to this romantic restaurant in NYC for dinner and fine wine is sure to set the mood for a very cozy evening. 

What to Order

La Grenouille offers a few different French-inspired menus based on the time of your reservation. Look forward to enticing dishes like warm lobster medallions, filet mignon, truffle mushroom soufflé and chocolate mousse. 

La Grenouille | 3 E. 52nd St., New York, NY 10022 | $$$$

elegant dining room at la grenouille nyc
via La Grenouille

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19. Oiji Mi

If you’re craving a break from typical romantic NYC foods like steak and lobster, Oiji Mi is a creative place to take your next date. Oiji Mi has a creative Korean menu, and their airy dining room makes them one of the must-see romantic restaurants in NYC. 

The Vibe

Oiji Mi’s dining room feels bright, refreshing and rejuvenating. The crystalline full bar has a long marble countertop and green tiling. Light filters down from linen lanterns and the whole space feels very clean and modern. 

What to Order

Oiji Mi is one of many romantic restaurants in NYC that serves a five-course prix-fixe menu. Some of the incredible course options include pumpkin soup, chili lobster ramyun and wagyu galbi. A la carte dishes are also available in the bar and lounge area. 

Oiji Mi | 17 W. 19th St., New York, NY 10011 | $$$$

oiji is one of the most romanti restaurants in nyc
via Oiji Mi

Treating your darling at romantic restaurants in NYC is a great way to create new memories and strengthen your bond. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable experience or an unexpected menu, the most romantic restaurants in New York City are sure to delight your senses and sweep you off your feet. 

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