The 13 Most Unique Experience Gifts Pittsburgh, PA Has to Offer

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There are many experience gifts in Pittsburgh to enjoy

Are you searching for experience gifts in Pittsburgh for that special someone who prefers unique experiences over receiving tangible items? Is your goal to be a more mindful gift giver and someone who considers the true impact of a particularly memorable gift? Finding the right gift option grants you the pleasure of making someone smile. You also have the potential to spend quality time with them. 

The task is challenging, but it certainly is worth your while. Whether you are looking for a fun class for a loved one, a real adventure for a risk-taker or an outside-the-box idea for a child, these experience gifts in Pittsburgh fit the bill. They are unique, fun and great options when you aim to gift something that provides lasting memories. Explore them all and find the perfect way to make someone’s day special. 


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Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Pittsburgh
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Best Pittsburgh Experience Gifts for Foodies

1. Learn New Skills in a Cooking Class

Cooking classes make for unique experience gifts in Pittsburgh. They provide opportunities for that special someone to learn new recipes and master essential culinary skills. Choose from various options such as Japanese or French cooking classes, comfort foods and pastry making. 

Cooking classes in Pittsburgh are available in person and virtually. It is easy to schedule a class that accommodates even the busiest schedule. There are options available for parents who want to cook with their children, couples who want to cook together and individuals who want to learn a new skill.

A chef in a Cozymeal apron preparing a dish
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2. Get Gourmet With a Private Chef 

Consider a private chef for one of the more intimate experience gifts in Pittsburgh. Gifting this is a great way to give someone a day off from kitchen duties. That frees up a lot of time and is something that any working parent or busy person will undoubtedly appreciate. You will also provide them with a pampering experience and an opportunity to enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of home. 

World-class chefs accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and food allergies. They do all the shopping, prep work and cooking. The experience also includes clean-up. Private chefs in Pittsburgh provide an experience gift in Pittsburgh that every recipient is sure to love. 

3. Partake in an Online Culinary Experience

When that special someone doesn’t want to leave the house, an online culinary experience fits the bill as a fun and unique experience gift in Pittsburgh. With these gifts, guests can experience virtual wine tastings, online cooking classes or online mixology classes

Booking a few online culinary experiences is also one of the best date ideas in Pittsburgh. As a result, this is the ideal experience gift in Pittsburgh for a new flame or a couple that has been together for years. 

An online cooking class is one of the fun experience gifts in Pittsburgh
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4. Give a Foodie Gift Card

A foodie gift card is a flexible experience gift in Pittsburgh. They are ideal for when you are undecided about what to give. Foodies on your list can use them for various culinary experience gifts, including online cooking classes. They can also purchase high-quality kitchenware, barware and cutlery from the Cozymeal Shop. Gift cards are available in any denomination from $10 to $1,000 per card.  

Book a Top Private Chef in Pittsburgh
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Experience Gifts in Pittsburgh for Sports Fans 

5. Tee Up for Golf Lessons

A unique experience gift Pittsburgh offers for sports lovers who want to get in the game is golf lessons. This gift provides opportunities to get outdoors and helps someone special to enjoy a hobby that can benefit them socially and even in the business world. There are options to discover the game for the first time or refine existing skills and try a new course. 

This experience gift in Pittsburgh is highly customizable as lessons are available to match every skill level, from beginner to advanced. Whether they have never held a club or have experience on some of the best courses in America, your gift recipient will find this present helpful, fun and educational.

A person having golf lessons
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6. See the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers Live 

Attending an exhilarating sporting event is one of the most fun things to do in Pittsburgh. This experience in Pittsburgh lets you enjoy the crowd's excitement, the adrenaline rush from watching the players on the field and the memories of spending time with family and friends. Purchase tickets to a Steelers game for a gift that any NFL fan will love. 

Many fans recommend purchasing tickets near the 50-yard line to make the experience more memorable. To add to this experience gift in Pittsburgh include cash or a gift card for the stadium. The sports fan in your life will appreciate the option to purchase snacks, drinks and souvenirs during the game. If your gift recipient prefers another professional sport, you could opt for Pittsburgh Penguins NHL tickets or Pittsburgh Pirates MLB tickets.

Experience Gifts in Pittsburgh for Art Lovers 

7. Invest in Tickets to a Show 

Theater tickets are a show-stopping experience gift in Pittsburgh for those on your list who love performing arts but might not be able to visit Broadway. The Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera offers several options for purchasing theater tickets that allow you to enjoy popular touring shows or performances by local artists. 

You can choose from individual tickets for Broadway productions or purchase a subscription package for an experience gift in Pittsburgh that the recipient can enjoy whenever they want. The subscription option offers admission to two or more shows throughout the season. The person you gift the subscription to can then request certain shows, dates and times, making this gift flexible for those with busy schedules.

Tickets to a show is one of the fun experience gifts in Pittsburgh
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Top-Rated Cooking Classes in Pittsburgh
Master the art of gourmet cuisine taught by Pittsburgh's best chefs.
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8. Become a Member of the Andy Warhol Museum 

For an artsy experience gift in Pittsburgh, consider a membership to the Andy Warhol Museum. It is home to a vast collection of works by one of the most iconic artists. The museum provides a unique perspective on the Pittsburgh native’s life and works of art. Here, you will find classics like the Campbell’s Soup Can artwork. Additionally, an entire floor contains a Warhol film and video gallery. 

To gain a chronicled perspective of the artist’s work, advise the recipient of this experience gift in Pittsburgh to start their visit on the seventh level and work down to the first. With seven floors, the museum is also a stop for touring collections from many famous artists. 

Experience Gifts in Pittsburgh for Kids 

9. Visit the Zoo

Help the children in your life to connect and engage with animals and the natural world around them with a visit to the zoo. The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is home to more than 8,000 animals. It is an awe-inspiring place to learn about conservation efforts and our environment. 

A trip to the zoo alone works as a fun experience gift in Pittsburgh, but there are also special events throughout the year, including Zoo Lights, Penguins on Parade and several Wild Encounters events. Backstage adventures are available for children who want to get up close and personal with their favorite animals. Give a day pass to the zoo, or better yet, purchase an annual pass as a fun experience gift in Pittsburgh that will last all year. 

A girl feeding a giraffe at the zoo
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10. Purchase a Children’s Museum Membership 

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is fun for kids to explore. A membership here makes for an engaging year-long experience gift in Pittsburgh. Children are encouraged to explore by playing and interacting with all the hands-on exhibits. They will experience tools, arts and crafts, a beautiful garden and more. 

Touring exhibits visit the museum regularly. It is also home to many educational resources for families or homeschool groups. The presentations are hands-on, appropriate for all ages and safe for children to run and play through. 

Book a Top Private Chef in Pittsburgh
Indulge in the finest fare Pittsburgh has to offer. Book a five-star private chef experience starting at $59/person.
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11. Sign Up for Art Lessons 

Art nurtures problem-solving abilities, teaches fine motor skills and promotes a deeper understanding of the world. It is also a lot of fun! These are some reasons art classes are ideal experience gifts in Pittsburgh for children of all ages. One of the best places to book an art session is Little House, Big Art, which offers pottery-making and painting. 

The child in your life will have a great time with this interactive activity as they socialize with other children and learn through playing. A few hours in an art class encourages self-expression and creates meaningful moments for you and your children. 

Art classes are one of the best experience gifts in Pittsburgh for kids
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Experience Gifts in Pittsburgh for Adventure Lovers 

12. Adventure Underwater With SCUBA Diving 

Adventure lovers who cherish the ocean, coral reefs and undersea creatures will surely enjoy this active Pittsburgh experience gift. SCUBA diving classes are a great way to get comfortable under the waves, glide through the water, swim like a fish and experience the world differently. It is also an activity that reduces stress and promotes physical and mental wellness. This experience gift in Pittsburgh benefits the person in many ways. 

If the person is new to SCUBA diving and underwater exploration, consider an open-water diver certification class. They will likely enjoy an advanced certification class if they are more experienced. Splash Water Sports in Pittsburgh is PADI-certified and a great place to start the adventure of underwater exploration. Lessons and equipment are provided for all dives, so SCUBA diving classes are all-inclusive experience gifts in Pittsburgh, PA.

13. Fly High During a Helicopter Tour

Consider a helicopter tour for a Pittsburgh experience gift that will have your loved one flying high in the sky. The views of the skyline from a helicopter are second to none. Many tours include flying over PNC Park, the Strip District, Heinz Memorial Chapel, Phipps Conservatory and more.

Several of the available helicopter rides are easy to customize if there is a specific spot you would like to view. Whether flying solo with an experienced pilot or as part of a small group, it is an exhilarating experience gift in Pittsburgh. 

Tours begin with a safety briefing and instructions, and a trained pilot flies the copter throughout the journey. The ride typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour from take-off to landing. Helicopter rides are a fun way to get introduced to enjoy incredible views of many of Pittsburgh’s iconic landmarks. 

A helicopter ride is one of the unique experience gifts in Pittsburgh
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When searching for experience gifts in Pittsburgh, PA, it is always helpful to consider the gift recipient's personality and preferences. Understanding these things will help you determine if the right option is a present for adventure lovers, children, sports fanatics or foodies. 

Gift-giving is always exciting, especially when you give the gift of fun times and great memories. Whatever options you hope to discover, ideas for great experience gifts in Pittsburgh are in high supply. Let this guide be your starting point. Then, get creative to find the perfect memory-making event for each person on your list. These are gifts your family and friends will cherish and discuss for years. 

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