23 Fun Date Ideas in Belfast for 2024

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You can find many fun and unique date ideas in Belfast

Being such a vibrant and historical city, it’s not surprising that there are lots of fun and out-of-the-box date ideas in Belfast. From having a romantic dinner to enjoying outdoor activities and visiting local landmarks, Belfast has something to offer every couple. 

Whether you’re strolling hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets of the Cathedral Quarter or embracing the city’s more modern side, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time exploring the city together. So, if you want to plan your best date yet, keep reading for the top 23 things for couples to do in Belfast.


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Best Date Ideas in Belfast for Foodies

1. Take a Hands-On Cooking Class

One of the most fun date ideas in the city is gaining new skills together at a cooking class in Belfast. Learn to whip up delectable dishes from expert chefs while sipping wine and getting cosy with your partner. From mastering local food to exploring international cuisines, these cooking classes promise to create lasting memories and delicious results. 

Taking a cooking class is one of the fun date ideas in Belfast
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2. Discover Culinary Gems on a Food Tour

Want to embark on a culinary journey through Belfast’s rich food scene? If so, joining a food tour in Belfast is an excellent date idea. During the excursion, a knowledgeable guide will lead you to hidden gems, from traditional pubs serving hearty Irish fare to trendy eateries pushing the boundaries of modern cuisine. Sample regional specialties and gain insights into the city's diverse food culture for a date idea in Belfast that will appeal to all food lovers. 

3. Dine in the Cathedral Quarter

Exploring the Cathedral Quarter is one of the best date ideas in Belfast for all types of couples. Boasting a massive selection of eateries nestled among the charming cobblestone streets, this is the place to be when planning a romantic meal. From cosy cafés and trendy bistros to award-winning Belfast restaurants, this lovely neighbourhood provides the perfect setting to indulge in Belfast’s culinary delights. 

A couple having a romantic dinner
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4. Explore the Vibrant St. George’s Market

St. George’s Market is a food-lover’s paradise and exploring the market with your other half is one of the most fun daytime date ideas in Belfast. This historic covered market boasts an extensive collection of artisanal goods, fresh produce, baked treats and locally sourced meats and cheeses. Sample the delicacies while soaking up the lively atmosphere and spending valuable time with your other half. You could even get some ingredients to make a date night meal at home or grab some prepared dishes and snacks for an impromptu picnic.

5. Indulge in Confections at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory! This fun and flavourful date idea in Belfast is ideal for those with a penchant for sugary treats. Watch skilled confectioners at work, sample mouthwatering fudge and chocolates and even try your hand at candy-making for a truly unique and memorable experience. 

Getting treats at a sweet shop is a fun date idea in Belfast
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Fun Date Night Ideas in Belfast

6. Challenge Your Wits at Timescape Escape Room

If you’re after an exciting and interactive date idea in Belfast, try an escape room experience with Timescape. Work together with your partner to solve puzzles, crack codes and escape the themed room before time runs out. 

These immersive adventures are not only thrilling but also great for fostering teamwork and communication — essential ingredients for a successful relationship! Tackling an escape room game is also an excellent double date idea for those looking to hang out with another couple. Best of all, the venue stays open until 10 p.m., meaning this activity works as an evening as well as daytime date idea.

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7. Listen to Live Music at Bert's Jazz Bar

Looking for a sophisticated yet laid-back date night idea in Belfast? If so, taking your other half to Bert’s Jazz Bar is a top choice. Located in The Merchant Hotel, this spot has a 1930s Art Deco vibe and features amazing live jazz music and a delicious menu of cocktails. The hotel also features a restaurant and a pub with food if you want to enjoy dinner together before the jazz show.

A jazz performance
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8. Laugh the Night Away at The Empire Comedy Club

Laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to bond with your date than by sharing a few laughs? You can do just that at The Empire, a renowned comedy club that hosts hilarious stand-up acts by both local and international comedians. Grab a drink, settle in and prepare for an evening filled with side-splitting jokes, witty banter and a lively atmosphere. 

9. Catch a Movie at The Avenue Cinema

Indulge in a classic date night idea with a twist at The Avenue Cinema. This stylish venue combines a boutique cinema with a chic bar and restaurant, allowing you to enjoy all the best elements of a night out for the perfect date idea in Belfast. Catch the latest blockbuster or an indie flick, then savour craft cocktails and gourmet bites in a cosy and intimate setting. You can get gastropub-style food and craft cocktails, plus other beverages, to your plush movie theatre seats as well.

Cocktails and popcorn on a small table
via The Avenue Cinema

First Date Ideas in Belfast

10. Play a Round of Mini Golf at The Lost City Adventure Golf

Putt your way to a memorable first date at The Lost City Adventure Golf. This unique venue in Belfast features themed courses that transport you to a lost world of ancient ruins and hidden treasures. Navigate through the challenging course while engaging in friendly competition and creating lasting memories together. 

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11. Spend the Day at Belfast Zoo

For a first date idea in Belfast that combines adventure, education and plenty of photo opportunities, visit the Belfast Zoo. This exciting attraction is home to a wide variety of animals, from exotic species to local favourites, making it the perfect destination for animal lovers and curious minds. Engage in conversations about the animals, their habitats and the importance of conservation efforts while taking the perfect opportunity to step out of the ordinary date routine. 

Going to the zoo is a cute date idea in Belfast
via Belfast Zoo

12. Pay a Visit to the Belfast Peace Wall

Uncover the powerful history of Belfast at the Peace Wall. Heading to this landmark is a thought-provoking first date idea in Belfast that offers a unique perspective on the city’s past. This iconic landmark serves as a canvas for powerful murals and messages of hope that teach visitors about the civil unrest better known as The Troubles in 1969. If you and your new partner like history, this is a first date activity in Belfast that you have to try.

13. Browse Rare Books at Linen Hall Library

Discover the charm of Belfast’s literary scene at Linen Hall Library. This is a fun and unique first-date idea in Belfast for bookworms and even architecture enthusiasts due to the building’s stunning design. 

Serving the community since 1788, Linen Hall Library is the oldest library in all of Belfast and houses an impressive collection of books, manuscripts and archives. Participate in stimulating conversations with your date while sharing your love for reading in one of the most visually stunning libraries around. 

A couple reading in a library
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Indoor Date Ideas in Belfast

14. Master an Online Mixology Class

While the weather in Belfast is always changing, indoor date ideas are necessary when it gets wet and cold. One of the most exciting indoor date ideas in Belfast that doesn't require leaving your house is taking an online mixology class. These fun and interactive sessions offer the perfect way to bond with your partner while developing new bartending skills and trying exciting cocktail flavour fusions.

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15. Learn About the History of the Titanic

Step back in time and learn about Belfast’s maritime heritage with a visit to Titanic Belfast. You’ll get the chance to wander through various interactive exhibits, which include a ride through the shipyard and a tour of the ship’s decks. You can also listen to stories of the Titanic’s passengers and crew while finding out more about the ship’s construction and ill-fated maiden voyage. End your date with a visit to the museum’s café or gift shop, where you can take home a souvenir of your memorable visit. 

Going to the Titanic Museum is a unique date idea in Belfast
via Titanic Belfast

16. Discover Art Exhibitions and Performances at The MAC

The Metropolitan Arts Centre, or The MAC for short, is a cultural hub in Belfast offering a diverse range of artistic experiences. Attending an event here is the perfect creative date idea in Belfast for arts and culture-loving couples. Explore the rotating exhibitions, attend a performance or participate in a workshop together that will leave you both feeling inspired.

17. Immerse Yourselves in the Ulster Museum’s Collections

Spending a culturally enriching day together at the Ulster Museum is another of the educational indoor date ideas in Belfast. With this activity, you and your partner can explore a wide range of exhibits covering art, history and natural sciences. As you walk through the museum’s galleries, you’ll encounter various exhibits, from those with ancient artefacts to contemporary art installations. Gain a new perspective and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the city with a date idea in Belfast that is both educational and intriguing. 

Two people looking at artworks in a gallery
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18. Go Behind the Scenes on a Game of Thrones Studio Tour

For fans of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, going on a Game of Thrones Studio Tour is a top date idea in Belfast. Step into the world of Westeros and explore the actual sets, costumes and props used in the show. Pose on the Iron Throne, walk through the iconic Winterfell and learn about the special effects and behind-the-scenes magic that brought this series to life. 

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Free and Cheap Date Ideas in Belfast

19. Stroll Through Belfast Botanic Gardens

Visiting the idyllic Botanic Gardens is an excellent date idea in Belfast for those seeking a tranquil escape amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Lose yourselves in the enchanting landscapes, where lush foliage and fragrant blooms create the perfect ambiance for intimate conversations and cherished moments together. Best of all, admission to this stunning attraction is free!

A conservatory surrounded by grass and colourful flowers
via Belfast Botanic Garden

20. Hike Through Cave Hill Country Park

Embrace the great outdoors and embark on an adventurous date idea in Belfast by exploring Cave Hill Country Park. Traverse the winding paths, admire the stunning panoramic views and let the fresh air rejuvenate your spirits. You could even pack a picnic and find a secluded spot to savour the tranquillity and each other's company. 

21. Admire the Stunning Belfast Castle

Planning a visit to Belfast Castle is a romantic and historical date idea in Belfast that’s sure to create lasting memories. Perched atop the slopes of Cavehill Country Park, this stunning 19th-century castle offers breathtaking views of the city and admission is free. Along with taking in the vistas, you can explore the castle’s beautiful landscaped gardens, enjoy a candlelit meal in the restaurant and admire the architecture for the perfect day out together. 

A fun date idea in Belfast is visiting Belfast Castle
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22. Tour the Historic Crumlin Road Gaol

Dive into the haunting history of Crumlin Road Gaol for a unique date idea in Belfast that will surely raise the hairs on the back of your neck. This former prison, now a museum, offers guided tours that delve into the lives of its infamous inmates and the harsh realities of incarceration in the 1880s through the 1980s.

Navigate the eerie corridors, learn about its history and maybe even encounter a ghostly presence. At just £14 per person admission, with discounts for students, this unique and educational date idea is also quite affordable. 

23. Relax at Holywood Beach

Looking for some of the best summer date ideas in the city? Then taking a romantic stroll along Holywood Beach while enjoying the warmer weather has to be on your to-do list. This picturesque stretch of golden sand provides stunning views of the Irish Sea, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely walk or a cosy picnic under the sun. 

Two couples having a picnic on the beach
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Belfast is a vibrant city that offers an array of unique and fun date ideas to suit every taste. From exploring the city's rich cultural heritage at landmark attractions to indulging in delectable cuisine at restaurants in the Cathedral Quarter, there’s something for every couple. No matter your interests, this list of date ideas in Belfast is sure to have something that appeals to you and your other half, allowing you to have fun and create lasting memories together. 

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