Chef Bahr

Chef Bahr

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To say Chef Bahr is versatile in the culinary world would be an understatement. The chef, whose background includes working in private catering and hotels, enjoys creating Italian and Mediterranean menus as well as educating his guests on various cooking techniques. He is also the chef and owner of a two restaurants in New York City featuring Mediterranean cuisine and seafood.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Bahr

Kristina B.


12 Nov 2017

Wonderful! I'm a foodie, but have only basic experience in cooking. Chef Bahr was unfailing patient and good-humored, and took time to explain each step and technique. As for the menu, it was not only tantalizing to read, but proved absolutely delicious! This was my birthday gift, and I was so happy with the whole experience-thank you!!

Mike T.


10 Nov 2017

A wonderful experience start to finish for a birthday gift. Chef Bahr had the right mix of hospitality, demonstration, hands-on participation by us, appealing/accessible menu, inviting atmosphere. His colleagues were very helpful too. The dishes turned out as delicious and ample as we could imagine. He set the agenda early and stuck to it. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to create a memorable experience for themselves or others. MT

Andrea H.


13 Sep 2017

Chef Bahr was the perfect combination of host and instructor. Clearly explained and demonstrated everything while encouraging a fun atmosphere. Great venue for a beautiful late summer evening with windows/doors open, would be cozy in cold weather. Techniques learned will be useful in the future. He also discussed different varieties of oysters, types of fish to use for the various recipes, how to choose an oyster shucking knife, what to look for when buying fresh seafood, etc. Took "Handling Fresh Seafood" and will take another class soon.