Chef Jean Yves

Chef Jean Yves

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A winner of the esteemed MOF Pastry title, designating him a "Master Craftsman," Chef Jean Yves has served various political leaders and VIP clients. He specializes in traditional French pastry and the artistry of sugar, has owned several pastry shops in San Francisco, and published a French pastry cookbook. With over 40 years experience in pastry, Chef Jean Yves is ready to share his mastery of combining butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and chocolate to make unique desserts. Bon appétit!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Jean Yves

Gibson H.

13 Jul 2019

Chef Jean Yves is an amazing teacher! We had so much fun making some delicious pastries. He broke down the recipe and highlighted the key steps to making a truly yummy and beautiful cream puff. It's all about the science and texture. We will absolutely sign up for another class soon! Merci beaucoup!

Brandon Eng E.

20 Jun 2019

Chef Jean was so much fun! He was well prepared and taught us useful techniques to improve our baking. He is very knowledgable about pastry making and a very funny guy. You will definitely have a great time if you take a class with him!

Anne C.

19 Jun 2019

Chef Jean was awesome!!! So hilarious and fun!! We loved how he sprinkled in science while explaining how the flavors are harmonized and elevated! Truly a wonderful experience full of laughter, education, and yummy treats!

Johnny S.

31 May 2019

Chef Jean is a great time - wonderfully energetic as a host, clearly knowledgeable about his craft, and delightful to cook with.

BJ Kim

31 Mar 2019

Super fun, funny, and fabulously delicious