Chef Jean Yves

Chef Jean Yves

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A winner of the esteemed MOF Pastry title, designating him a "Master Craftsman," Chef Jean Yves has served various political leaders and VIP clients. He specializes in traditional French pastry and the artistry of sugar, has owned several pastry shops in San Francisco, and published a French pastry cookbook. With over 40 years experience in pastry, Chef Jean Yves is ready to share his mastery of combining butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and chocolate to make unique desserts. Bon appétit!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Jean Yves

Steven F.

19 Jan 2019

Chef Jean was very knowledgeable and very fun. We enjoyed his yummy and happy educational session very much.

Jeffrey T.

14 Jan 2019

This was a birthday present for my fiancee, she loves baking and creating a layer cake would add a new level to her baking. Chef Jean Yves exceeded all expections. He brings 46 years of experience where it's not just about the recipe and measurements but technique and feeling. He is truly a gem!

Estee E.

29 Oct 2018

A truly wonderful experience! I took my 10 year old niece to a chocolate baking class with Chef Jean Yves and she was simply delighted. He was so patient with her and spoke to her like she was a confident adult, rather than a kid.... and in turn, it made her more confident. She was so proud to share what she learned with her parents and loved having the family taste the delicious chocolate torte she made!

Nader C.

21 Oct 2018

I did the lava cake and floorless chocolate cake with my girlfriend. Chef Jean was highly entertaining, and the desserts were delicious (coming from a guy who is picky about sweets). We had a lot of fun with him, and would highly recommend this experience!

Varsha C.

20 Oct 2018

Good Experience. Loved the small size class- we were only 3. even though it was an observation class we got to do some stuff. Now need to try at home.