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Best live thai cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Only $29!

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Thai food is known for being fresh and full of flavor. Contrary to popular opinion, it's quite easy to make at home when you have the right guidance. If you'd like to create authentic Thai dishes from scratch, an experienced chef can help. With our Thai online cooking classes, they will show you how to make traditional Thai dishes in your own kitchen. From curries to salads to soups, there's plenty to explore.

World-Class Chefs

Master smart cooking techniques from the best in the industry

Fully Interactive

Ask questions and get feedback in real-time.


Recipes can be modified to fit your needs.

Get Social…Virtually!

Invite friends or join others from around the world.


No Special Equipment
Flexible Ingredients
10 Ingredients or Less
Pantry Friendly
Family Friendly
Plant-Based Optional
Gluten Free

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