Online Cooking Classes

Online Paleo Cooking Classes

Best live Paleo cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Only $29!


Learn how to eat like the first humans did during these live online paleo cooking classes. Masterful chefs will virtually guide you through a radical shift in cooking with the creation of a well-balanced meal that eliminates highly processed carbs and dairy while still keeping you satiated. You’ll be implementing these newfound culinary skills at home in no time after discovering more about this high-protein, high-flavor diet.

World-Class Chefs Shot
World-Class Chefs

Master smart cooking techniques from the best in the industry.

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Fully Interactive

Ask questions and get feedback in real-time.

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Recipes can be modified to fit your needs.

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Get Social…Virtually!

Invite friends or join others from around the world.

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Private Classes: Planning a private party, team building or want to book for a larger group? Look for the Private Class option when booking.

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