17 Taco Bell Secret Menu Items You Must Try in 2024

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Three hard shell tacos on a blue plate

Taco Bell has long been a favorite for fast food lovers, but did you know that there’s a Taco Bell secret menu? The restaurant chain’s sales have been increasing lately, partly because of some secret menu hacks that Taco Bell’s dedicated fans have discovered. 

Taco Bell has even been happily encouraging its customers to tweak and personalize their orders, and fans are reaping the rewards for it. If you’re wondering how to expand your options beyond the regular menu and excite your taste buds, getting familiar with the Taco Bell secret menu is the answer. This list contains 17 secret Taco Bell menu items to get you started.


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Does Taco Bell Have a Secret Menu?

Yes, just like many fast-food chains, Taco Bell has more than a few off-menu items and creations waiting to be explored on top of their extensive regular menu offerings. Although these unique options are advertised neither on the menu nor the app, you can craft your own combinations, request specific substitutions and tweak regular menu items to unlock a world of distinct flavors and delights.

If you're curious about how to access the Taco Bell secret menu, check out some of the suggestions below and order the specified items. Remember that certain customizations may require extra time to prepare, especially during peak hours, so approach the staff with patience and courtesy.

The Taco Bell secret menu has many options
via Taco Bell

Taco Bell Secret Menu Burritos and Tacos

1. Chili Cheese Burrito

Hot chili and melted cheese in a soft tortilla is a foodie’s wish come true! The Chili Cheese Burrito is an item from the Taco Bell secret menu that’s easy to order — simply ask for chili and cheese rolled into a burrito and enjoy.

The chili cheese burrito is a Taco Bell secret menu item that's easy to order
via Taco Bell

2. The Incredible Hulk

Do you love avocado? Then The Incredible Hulk is for you as there is no shortage of it inside this Taco Bell secret menu item. To order it, ask for a 5-Layer Burrito and request to replace the nacho cheese with guacamole.

A couple of burritos filled with guacamole
via Canva

3. The Superman

The Superman is one of the most popular burritos on the Taco Bell secret menu. To enjoy it, all you have to do is ask for a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito crammed with potatoes, tortilla strips, sour cream and guacamole. You’ll end up with a gigantic gooey, crunchy and filling meal. 

The Superman is the best burrito on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

4. Doritos Taco Shell

When Doritos were introduced to Taco Bell’s official menu, it made everything better. And the good news is, you can ask for the usual taco shell to be replaced with the Doritos one for just about any item on the menu. This secret menu Taco Bell hack is beloved by those who adore the iconic crunch and flavor of the infamous Dorito.

Three hard shell tacos, including a dorito shell taco
via Taco Bell

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5. The Quesarito

While the Quesarito first originated at Chipotle, it’s now a crave-worthy option that you can order from the Taco Bell secret menu. To get it, ask for seasoned beef, Latin rice, sour cream and chipotle sauce wrapped in a grilled quesadilla. Add nacho cheese to make it even better. 

The Quesarito is a popular item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

6.  BLT Tacos

This Taco Bell secret menu item is a fun twist on two popular staples — tacos and the classic sandwich —  that are fused into a crunchy phenomenon. Just ask for bacon instead of beef as a taco filling, then add lettuce and tomato and you’ll enjoy a tasty BLT Taco. Remember to request cheese if you like your BLT a little (or very) cheesy.

A hard shell taco with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes
via Taco Bell

7.    DIY 7-Layer Burrito

This item was discontinued from Taco Bell’s official menu board but is just too loved to be forgotten — especially for those who prefer to not consume meat. This vegetarian delight off the Taco Bell secret menu consists of beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, cheese and sour cream. To score this meatless treat, order a bean and cheese burrito, ask for it to be served fresco style and add tomatoes and guacamole. 

The DIY 7-Layer Burrito is a great vegetarian item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

Taco Bell Secret Menu Sauces and Dips 

8. Lava Sauce

Taco Bell’s lava sauce existed on the menu from 1995 to 2016 before being officially discontinued. Luckily, fans of the sauce can still find it on the secret menu. To easily recreate the original Lava Sauce and smother it on any of your favorite menu items, stir two or three packets of Fire Sauce into an order of nacho cheese, and boom — you’ve got lava sauce!

Packets of red fire hot sauce and yellow mild sauce
via Taco Bell

9. Green Sauce

If you like your Taco Bell order super spicy, then another item from the Taco Bell secret menu that’s bound to give you what you want is the Green Sauce. To request it, you simply have to ask for a packet of Green Sauce (or Verde Sauce) and add it to your favorite menu item. However, note that not every location will have the sauce, so this secret menu hack is mainly down to luck. 

Salsa verde is a spicy item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

10. Hot Chili Everything 

Did you know that you can order hot chili and add it to any Taco Bell item? While chili is a regular menu item, not a Taco Bell secret menu item, adding it to another order is an excellent (and delicious) hack. This lovely addition to your item of choice will make it extra tasty amongst a slew of beans and cheese. 

Chili nachos with cheese and tomatoes
via Taco Bell

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Taco Bell Secret Menu Drinks

11. Cloudy Skies

This item from the Taco Bell secret menu stepped into the limelight thanks to TikTok. An employee of the popular fast food chain shared his creation on the social media platform and the drink took the world by storm.

It’s simply a half order of Baja Blast, topped off with a splash of pink lemonade. The tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and mango perfectly marry with the citrusy hue of lemonade, making it one of the most refreshing items on the secret menu at Taco Bell that’s a must-try on a hot day. 

Cloudy Skies is a refreshing item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

12. Tie-Dye Freeze

The Tie-Dye Freeze is a gem on the Taco Bell secret menu and it is exactly what the name suggests — a sweet and icy mix of every frozen flavor your local restaurant has. Ask for a dollop of each flavor and you’ll have a beautiful rainbow of blended colors that look like a tie-dye creation. 

A few freeze drinks from Taco Bell
via Taco Bell

Other Taco Bell Secret Menu Items

13. Fresco Style

Taco Bell’s idea of "fresco" translates to taking anything that’s considered high in fat, like cheese and sauces, and replacing it with fresh tomatoes or guacamole. This Taco Bell secret menu trick is beloved by vegetarians and health-conscious individuals who still like to enjoy an occasional Taco Bell fix. No secret code is needed for this hack, all you have to do is ask for your favorite items to be made "Fresco Style."

Fresco style is a Taco Bell secret menu hack to make your food healthier
via Taco Bell

14. Double-Grilled Quesadilla

Easy to ask for and quick for staff to make, the Double-Grilled Quesadilla is another exceptional Taco Bell secret menu item. If you prefer a more sturdy and darkened quesadilla, simply ask the staff to grill it twice, and you’ll end up with a hot masterpiece filled with melted cheese and gooey goodness. 

Double-grilled meat quesadillas
via Taco Bell

15. Mexican Calzone

A spin on the official CrunchWrap Supreme, the Mexican Calzone is another gem on the Taco Bell secret menu that’s worth knowing about. To get it, ask for a CrunchWrap Supreme with your choice of protein, hold the lettuce and nacho cheese and ask for beans and Taco Bell’s three-cheese blend. This Taco Bell secret menu item is messy and arguably more delicious than the often sold-out Mexican Pizza.

The Mexican Calzone is a delicious item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

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16. Fiesta Potatoes Bellgrande

Indulge your potato craving with this Taco Bell secret menu trick. Order the Nachos Bellgrande, and reinvent them by asking for a layer of Fiesta Potatoes instead of traditional tortilla chips. Top with double beef and cheese. However, note that this can only be ordered in-store, not online or at the drive-through.

Cheese and bacon fiesta potatoes
via Taco Bell

17. The Cheesarito

Want to skip the meat and just have a snack? Then getting The Cheesarito, which was a beloved regular menu item before it moved to the Taco Bell secret menu, is the thing to do. To order it, ask for a Cheesy Roll Up, featuring a three-cheese blend in a flour tortilla, and add red sauce and scallions. 

The Cheesarito is simple item on the Taco Bell secret menu
via Taco Bell

Taco Bell has been a long-time loved food chain worldwide, with a creative menu that’s seen many items come and go over the years. Adored for its willingness to try new things and delight its customers, it’s no surprise that there is a Taco Bell secret menu. With the fun menu hacks and tweaks in this list, you can satisfy your craving for mouthwatering Tex-Mex food while trying something new.

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