21 Best High-Protein Fast Food Options To Try in 2024

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high protein fast food

Looking for delicious high-protein fast food to gulp down? What if we told you there's a whole world of quick eats that keep you fuller for longer while supporting muscle growth and repair? You can have meals that not only satisfy your hunger but also fuel you with protein power. In a world where time is tight and cravings are real, why settle for the same old boring bites? 

Get ready for a taste sensation that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Whether you're a chicken lover or a veggie enthusiast, we've got something for everyone. So, are you ready to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body with these delicious, protein-packed options? Join us as we curate a list of the best high-protein fast food finds. 


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21 Best High-Protein Fast Food Items

1. Chick-Fil-A Cool Wrap

Who knew Chick-Fil-A's Cool Wrap was secretly a protein party? This high-protein fast food hero packs a whopping 43 grams of protein, all thanks to the lean grilled chicken breast filling. Wrapped in a flaxseed flour flatbread with a mix of melty Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, it's a flavor and protein combo that won't disappoint. Swap the mayonnaise-based sauces for a lighter option and you'll have a protein-packed lunch that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Who knew Chick-Fil-A's Cool Wrap was secretly a high protein fast food?
via Chick-Fil-A

2. Wendy's Cobb Salad

Ditch the fries and grab a fork at one of the healthiest fast food chains. Wendy's Cobb salad delivers a protein punch thanks to its grilled chicken and egg whites. The chopped tomatoes, cheddar cheese and smoky bacon add flavor bombs, making this salad anything but boring. To make it healthier, you can avoid the creamy dressing and still have a high-protein fast food salad that will satisfy your hunger. 

3. Dunkin' Donuts Wake-Up Wrap

Don’t have time to cook but need to fuel up those muscles? Dunkin' Donuts has a hidden high-protein fast food option for busy mornings: the egg white and turkey sausage Wake-Up Wrap. This breakfast hero packs a punch of protein between the lean turkey sausage and fluffy egg whites. It's a grab-and-go item that will keep you full and energized without losing track of your protein goals.

via Dunkin' Donuts

4. Panera Bread Green Goddess Chicken Cobb Salad

Panera Bread's Green Goddess chicken Cobb salad is a winner for when you're peckish and need protein power. This high-protein option starts with a bed of mixed greens and romaine, then gets loaded with chunks of grilled chicken, a classic high-protein topping. Add in crumbled bacon and a hard-boiled egg for more protein punches. The creamy green goddess dressing is delicious but if you want to reduce carbs, use it sparingly. It's a filling, high-protein fast food salad that will help you crush your day.

5. Arby's Classic Beef 'N Cheddar Sandwich

Arby's classic Beef 'N Cheddar is a true winner if you need some high-protein fast food. This item is piled high with layers of protein goodness, featuring thinly sliced roast beef and topped with cheddar. Elevate your meal by pairing this sandwich with a homemade side salad loaded with boiled eggs, chickpeas or black beans for a high-protein fast food option packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Arby's classic Beef 'N Cheddar is a winner if you need some high protein fast food.
via Arby's

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6. Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Bowl

Believe it or not, Taco Bell's Cantina Chicken Bowl is one the best options for protein on-the-go. Packed with slow-roasted chicken breast, this bowl is a protein powerhouse. It also comes with black beans for extra plant-based protein and creamy avocado ranch sauce for healthy fats. Skip the sour cream for even fewer calories and you've got one of the most satisfying, high-protein fast food meals that won't break the bank.

7. Shake Shack Protein-Style Burger

Shake Shack has a secret weapon for protein fiends: the Protein-Style burger. It's like a classic Shake Shack burger but instead of a fluffy potato bun, it's wrapped in cool, crisp lettuce. This Shake Shack secret menu hack means you can have a high-protein meal without the carbs. Just ask for it Protein-Style and unleash your inner burger beast with this flavorful, high-protein fast food option.

Low Carb, High protein - Lettuce Wrap Burger
via Canva

8. In-N-Out Protein-Style Burger

Craving a high-protein fast food option? Look no further than the In-N-Out Protein-Style burger. This low-carb option ditches the bun for a bed of lettuce, wrapping all the beefy goodness. The star is a perfectly cooked beef patty, a high-quality source of protein. Plus, you can add cheese for an extra protein boost. Just ask for the Protein-Style burger when ordering — an official In-N-Out secret menu favorite.

9. McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Find yourself yearning for a breakfast that's both convenient and bursting with high-protein? Enter McDonald's egg McMuffin. This beloved fast food gem boasts a tantalizing mix of flavors: a toasted English muffin, savory Canadian bacon, oozing cheese and a fluffy egg. But here's the kicker: it's loaded with protein, thanks to the egg and Canadian bacon combo. For a lean, high-protein fast food meal, just ask for it without butter. It's a morning win-win!

For a lean, high protein fast food meal, go for an Egg McMuffin.
via McDonald's

10. Starbucks Turkey Bacon, Cheddar and Egg White Sandwich

When it comes to a high-protein fast food on-the-go, this turkey, cheese and egg white sandwich hits the spot. Imagine savory turkey bacon, fluffy egg whites and melty cheddar cheese sandwiched between a wholesome wholegrain English muffin. It's a tasty way to fuel up with high-protein. Plus, choosing egg whites over regular eggs keeps it lean and mean, making it a satisfying and nutritious choice for busy days.

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11. Subway Oven-Roasted Turkey 

Ready to crush your protein goals without breaking the bank? Subway's oven-roasted turkey sandwich is your high-protein fast food weapon. This powerhouse is loaded with lean, sliced turkey breast. Skip the cream-based sauces to keep it light and pile on the veggies for extra flavor and fiber. You can always ask for double meat to increase the protein, keeping you satiated and energized.

Turkey sub from Subway with vegetables and guacamole.
via Subway

12. Chipotle Veggie Full Lifestyle Bowl

Chipotle's Veggie Full Lifestyle Bowl is your proof that meat isn't everything when it comes to protein. Skip the meat and load up on fajita veggies for a fiesta of flavor and fiber. Don't forget the black beans, your plant-based protein BFF. Top it off with guacamole and ditch the sour cream to keep it light. This high-protein fast food bowl is a party on a plate, showing you can crush your protein goals without any meat whatsoever.

13. Popeyes Blackened Chicken Tenders 

Popeyes Blackened Chicken Tenders are like the rockstars of fast food protein. Imagine tender chicken breast, jazzed up with a spicy blend and sizzled to perfection. Since these chicken tenders are neither breaded nor battered, they offer a high-protein option without the added calories. With their smoky goodness and bold flavors, these tenders are a strong choice when looking for a high-protein fast food option. 

Since these chicken tenders are neither breaded nor battered, they offer a high-protein fast food option without the added calories.
via Canva

14. KFC Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich

Sink your teeth into the KFC Spicy Classic chicken sandwich — a high-protein fast food powerhouse that's perfect for your on-the-go cravings. What awaits you is a tender chicken breast filet coated in a spicy crunch, nestled between soft buns with pickles and mayonnaise. For an extra protein punch, double up on the chicken and hold the mayonnaise. It's not just a sandwich; it's a tasty way to fuel your muscles while satisfying your hunger in a flash.

15. Panda Express Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

If you’re looking for a tasty, high-protein fast food meal, Panda Express' grilled teriyaki chicken is a great choice. It features succulent chicken breast, packed with protein and marinated in a delicious teriyaki sauce. You don’t need to tweak anything — just order as is for a tasty, protein-rich meal. It’s perfect for when you want something quick, healthy and flavorful.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
via Canva

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16. Sweetgreen Hummus Crunch

Dive into a bowl of Sweetgreen Hummus Crunch — a true treasure among high-protein fast food options. Fresh greens piled high with creamy hummus, chickpeas, white rice and green goddess ranch dressing — what more could you ask for? These plant-based ingredients aren't just delicious; they're loaded with protein, keeping you fueled and satisfied. Feeling adventurous? Add some grilled tofu or falafel for an extra protein boost. It's a customizable delight that packs a punch in both flavor and nutrition.

17. Saladworks Smoky BBQ Crispy Chicken Salad

The Smoky BBQ Crispy Chicken salad from Saladworks is a hidden gem among high-protein fast food restaurant options. Imagine crispy chicken slices mingling with fresh greens and veggies, all coated in a zesty barbeque sauce. Want to keep it lighter? Go for the grilled chicken instead of crispy. Each mouthful delivers a satisfying crunch and a burst of smoky goodness, making it a great choice to keep you energized and satisfied.

Smoky BBQ Crispy Chicken Salad is a hidden gem among high protein fast food restaurant options.
via Saladworks

18. Jack in the Box Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

The Jack in the Box Southwest salad is like a protein powerhouse in a bowl. It's got grilled chicken, black beans, corn and a mix of veggies, all loaded with protein. Skip the crispy tortilla chips to make it one of the best fast food salads. With mouthwatering chicken pieces leading the way, it's a tasty and filling option for anyone looking to get their high-protein fast food fix on the fly.

19. Chopt Classic Cobb Salad

The Chopt Classic Cobb salad is a winner if you’re looking for high-protein fast food items. Imagine a bed of crisp greens loaded with deliciously moist chicken, hearty hard-boiled eggs and savory bacon — all the protein builders you need. If you're aiming to fuel up, adding extra chicken is the way to go. Topped with creamy avocado and dressed in a tangy dressing, it's not just healthy, it's seriously tasty.

The Chopt Classic Cobb Salad is a winner if you’re looking for high protein fast food items.
via Chopt

20. El Pollo Loco Double Chicken Avocado Salad

If you’re craving a high-protein fast food meal on the go, try El Pollo Loco's Double Chicken Avocado salad. Assorted with double portions of delectable grilled chicken, it's a protein powerhouse. Fresh avocado, crisp lettuce, zesty pico de gallo and savory cotija cheese make it incredibly flavorful and nutritious. Best of all, you don't need to make any modifications — just order and enjoy. Treat yourself to a delicious, health-conscious meal on the go.

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21. Sonic Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Looking for a high-protein fast food option that doesn't compromise on taste? Try the Sonic Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Packed with a juicy grilled chicken breast, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and light mayonnaise on a soft brioche bun, it's the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition. Choose grilled over fried for a healthier, protein-packed meal that’s both delicious and convenient.

Grilled chicken breast topped with fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes and light mayonnaise served on a warm Brioche bun.
via Sonic

Learn To Cook High-Protein Food

While grabbing high-protein fast food is super convenient, there's something seriously satisfying about taking cooking classes near you to whip up your high-protein meals. Think about it — you can control what goes into your food and make it exactly how you like it. 

Taking online cooking classes can be a game-changer, too. They teach you handy techniques for making high-protein snacks or dishes, which is great for your health and keeps you feeling satisfied. So, why not mix it up a bit? Treat yourself to some fast food now and then, but also dive into the world of high-protein cooking at home. It's fun and delicious and gives you that extra boost of confidence in the kitchen.

Thanks to the rise of high-protein fast food options, you can now satisfy your cravings while giving your body the fuel it needs to run. From salads to mouthwatering sandwiches and wraps, these 21 top picks offer a perfect mix of convenience and health benefits, perfect if you're on a journey to a tastier and healthier lifestyle.

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