In-N-Out Secret Menu 2024: 25 Items to Try

Published on December 18, 2023 | 1 Comments
There are unique things to order on the In-N-Out secret menu

Did you know that there’s an In-N-Out secret menu? That’s right, this popular West Coast fast-food chain is more than meets the eye. While the official menu is pretty low-frills and basic (albeit tasty), the In-N-Out secret menu adds some extra options, allowing you to truly customize your meal. 

But what’s on the In-N-Out secret menu? And how do you place your order to make sure you get what you want? Let’s talk about it! Read on to find out everything you need to know about the little-known In-N-Out secret menu. 


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Does In-N-Out Have a Secret Menu?

So what is the In-N-Out secret menu anyway? Is it a real thing? In short, yes. In-N-Out Burger is known for having a "Secret Menu." While not officially listed on their standard menu boards, In-N-Out offers a variety of customizations and “special orders” that customers can request. 

These "secret" menu items have become popular among regular patrons and In-N-Out enthusiasts. The In-N-Out employees generally know how to make these items, so while they’re “secret,” they’re still well-known enough to order guilt-free. 

There are lots of items on the In-N-Out secret menu
via In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Secret Menu Burgers and Sandwiches

1. Animal-Style Burger

This is probably the most famous thing on the secret menu from In-N-Out, so it’s not much of a “secret” anymore. Ordering your burger Animal-Style involves adding a special sauce, grilled onions, a mustard glaze (pre-grilling) and pickles to your burger. All you have to do is ask for it “Animal-Style” and the employees will know what you mean. 

The Animal-Style burger is the most popular In-N-Out secret menu item
via Unsplash

2. Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a unique, albeit simple In-N-Out burger secret menu item. It consists of two beef patties and two slices of cheese. What makes it distinctive is that it's served without a bun or any other traditional burger fixin. Essentially, the Flying Dutchman is a "burger" without the usual accompaniments, with the patties acting as a bun around melted cheese. Simply order it by name.

3. Grilled Cheese

Vegetarians rejoice. No, there’s no veggie burger to be found here, but you can order a grilled cheese from the In-N-Out secret menu. You can order it by name in many locations, but you can also make it simple and order a bun with lettuce, tomato, In-N-Out sauce, onions and two slices of cheese. Thanks to this secret menu from In-N-Out tip, you'll get a tasty meatless sandwich.

4. Mustard Grilled

Do you want your burger to have an extra zing? Order it mustard grilled. You can order any normal burger this way and the cook will coat the burger with mustard before grilling it, letting the flavor seep into the patty.

Burgers and fries in a takeout box
via Unsplash

5. Wish Burger

This is a tongue-in-cheek order for vegetarians who don’t want the grilled cheese. The Wish Burger is an independent menu item that simply comes with all of the vegetable toppings, like tomatoes, onions and lettuce, on a bun with no meat. We suppose you can order this Animal-Style if you like, but that sounds messy.

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6. Protein-Style Burger

Missing the lettuce? Instead of the Flying Dutchman, you can order your burger protein-style. Instead of the regular bun, the burger ingredients — beef patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato and any other chosen toppings — are wrapped in large, crisp lettuce leaves. This is a great low-carb alternative to a traditional In-N-Out burger that’s a bit more “burger-like” than the Flying Dutchman. Order it by name and the employees will happily get you your bun-less burger. 

The In-N-Out secret menu Protein-Style burger is a popular item
via Canva

7. Cheesy Wiki

Is your grilled cheese not cheesy enough? Hey, no problem! That means that the Cheesy Wiki is more your speed. When you order the Cheesy Wiki grilled cheese from the secret menu for In-N-Out, the employees will make your order with four slices of cheese instead of two. 

8. Doggy-Style Grilled Cheese

If you want to ditch the buns on your grilled cheese, you’ll want to order it “Doggy-Style.” What does this mean? Instead of the buns, you’ll get a lettuce wrap and fries surrounding your cheese. This one is worth trying for the fries alone.

9. Cold Cheese

This In-N-Out secret menu option is available for any cheeseburger. The “cold cheese” alteration simply means that the employees won’t melt the cheese on your burger. They’ll serve it cold. Arguably you could do this with the grilled cheese and make it into a cheese sandwich, but this seems to “officially” only be an option for cheeseburgers at this time. 

A cheese burge with lettuce and tomatoes
via Canva

10. Pup Patty

If you have a furry friend (or just a craving for some plain beef), order a Pup Patty off of the In-N-Out secret menu. It’s simply an unsalted beef patty that’s safe for your dog to snack on.

11. Tomato Wrap Burger

Do you love tomatoes and hate carbs? This In-N-Out secret menu item might be right for you. It’s the (messy) tomato wrap burger. It’s like ordering your burger protein-style, but instead of lettuce, you get two slices of tomato surrounding your patty (and optional cheese). This is tasty, but you may want to eat it with a fork.

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12. 3x3

Is a double cheeseburger not enough to satiate your enormous hunger? No problem. You can order a 3x3 (three by three) from the In-N-Out burger secret menu. Instead of one or two patties, you get a burger with three whole patties and three slices of cheese. You can order any normal burger as a 3x3.

A 3x3 burger is one of the In-N-Out secret menu items
via Unsplash

13. 4x4

Wow, a triple cheeseburger still isn't enough for you? Hey, we get it. Sometimes your hunger is just too intense. In that case, you can order this In-N-Out secret menu item: the 4x4. As you can likely assume after the 3x3, it consists of four patties and four slices of cheese. Allegedly this is the largest burger you can order, but some people claim you can also get a 16x16 (but how would you eat it?). You can order any normal burger as a 4x4.

In-N-Out Secret Menu Fries

14. Animal-Style Fries

Speaking of fries, have you ever ordered your fries Animal-Style? This In-N-Out secret menu item is similar to the Animal-Style burger but in fry form. You’ll get your tasty In-N-Out fries covered in onions, the secret In-N-Out sauce, and cheese. Once you have fries this way, you won’t go back to the regular version. 

You can get animal-style fries on the In-N-Out secret menu
via Unsplash

15. Roadkill Fries

Don’t let the name put you off. Roadkill Fries are perfect for anyone who wants both a burger and fries but knows they don’t have quite enough room for both. When you order roadkill fries from the secret menu for In-N-Out, you’re ordering a Flying Dutchman on top of Animal-Style fries.

16. Fries Light

Do you like your fries a bit soft? Does the idea of hot and crispy fries sound unappealing? Then order Fries Light. This just means that they don’t cook your fries quite as much as normal. 

Fries and ketchup on a table
via In-N-Out Burger

17. Two-Minute Fries

So we already mentioned “Fries Light,” but what if those fries are still too done for you? If you like your fries barely cooked, perhaps still a bit lukewarm in the center, two-minute fries are right up your alley.

18. Fries Well-Done

On the other hand, if you cringe at the very thought of undercooked fries and instead want all of your fries to be as crispy and crunchy as possible, you can order “Fries Well-Done” from the In-N-Out secret menu. The employees will give your fries extra time in the fryer, making them perfectly golden and crispy. 

You can get fries well-done on the In-N-Out secret menu
via Canva

19. Cheese Fries

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but many people don’t know about it. The secret menu for In-N-Out includes Cheese Fries. It’s just normal sliced American cheese melted over fries, but it’s a tasty upgrade to regular salted fries. 

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In-N-Out Secret Menu Shakes

20. Neapolitan Shake

For the Neapolitan Shake, employees either mix or layer (depending on their personal preference) vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes together. It’s pretty tasty and great for anyone who feels a bit indecisive.


Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshakes in paper cups
via In-N-Out Burger 

21. Around-The-World Shake

Do you ever just want all of the flavors at once in your milkshake? If so, the Around-The-World Shake might be what you’re looking for. When you order it, the employees will put a bit of every type of ice cream together to make your shake. It’s unclear whether or not the Around-The-World Shake is any different from the Neapolitan Shake, but we’ll include both for good measure.

22. Black and White Shake

Chocolate? Great. Vanilla? Also great. Why not blend them together? When you order a Black and White Shake from the In-N-Out secret menu, you’ll get a chocolate and vanilla combo that’s quite tasty.

A chocolate and vanilla shake mix is an In-N-Out secret menu item
via Pexals

Other In-N-Out Secret Menu Items

23. Lemon-Up

Want to upgrade your pink lemonade? You can add 7-Up to it with this In-N-Out secret menu item to turn it from still to sparkling. When you order a Lemon-Up, the employees will fill a cup halfway with 7-Up and fill the rest with pink lemonade. 

A pink lemonade and 7-Up mix is one of the In-N-Out secret menu items
via Canva

24. Chopped Chiles 

You can add these to anything. While it's a most common addition to burgers, there’s nothing stopping you from adding them to fries or grilled cheese. Ask for chopped chiles, not on the “real menu,” and the employees will add finely chopped chile peppers to your order for some extra heat. 

25. Root Beer Float

So what if you want a creamy drink, but a heavy milkshake isn’t in the cards? Did you know you can order floats from the In-N-Out secret menu? Order a half-cup of rootbeer (so it doesn’t overflow) and ask for a swirl of vanilla milkshake with it. When they mix together it will create a tasty Root Beer Float.

A root beer float in a plastic cup
via Canva

So which of these In-N-Out secret menu items will you try next time you visit the ever-popular fast-food joint? Whatever main meal you go for, don’t forget to wash it down with a root beer float or one of many tasty milkshake variations!

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In N Out E.

In N Out

08 Jan 2024

I work at in n out, first of all. Roadkill Fries, Doggy Style, Cheesy Wiki, and The Wish Burger are all bullshit. If you want more cheese, ask for it. The wish burger, ask for a veggie burger. The term "around the world" means when we are in the kitchen, we have an order of three shakes with 1 of each flavor, just order a Neapolitan, and fuck whoever made this article

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In N Out E.

07 Apr 2024

I wish I had read this comment before trying to order a cheesy wiki. The thousand yard stare I got is only seconded by the look of absolute horror I received when (trying) to order road kill fries. Seriously, fuck the person who wrote this article.