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What Is a Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out Burger?

Published on July 5, 2024 | 0 Comments
The Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out is a popular secret menu item

Are you thinking about trying the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out Burger? This popular In-N-Out secret menu item is a unique alternative to the chain’s classic burger. It’s perfect for customers who have specific dietary preferences, such as being on a low-carb diet, and a must-try for In-N-Out enthusiasts who want to explore the depths of the secret menu. 

If you’re interested in trying the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out but don’t know what it is or how to order it, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out, including variations on the secret order, how much the burger will set you back and nutritional information.  


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What Is an In-N-Out Flying Dutchman?

The Flying Dutchman is an In-N-Out secret menu item that essentially consists of two beef patties and two slices of cheese. This bare-bones burger doesn’t come with a bun or any of the classic burger fix-ins, making it ideal for purist carnivores who want a quick high-protein snack and other customers who want to avoid carbs for dietary reasons. 

While the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out definitely has its place, it’s not recommended for people who appreciate the accouterments that typically accompany an In-N-Out burger, such as the bun, the lettuce, onions and the chain’s legendary spread. But if you’re at In-N-Out and just want to enjoy the simplicity of ground beef and cheese, the Flying Dutchman has exactly what you’re looking for.  

The Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out features two patties grilled with two cheese slices
via Cozymeal

How to Order a Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out

The Flying Dutchman is a unique twist on one of the best fast food burgers around, but how do you actually order it? While the Flying Dutchman isn’t an official menu item, almost all employees will know it by name because it's a highly popular item on the chain’s secret menu. On the off chance that the employee has no idea what you’re talking about, the Flying Dutchman is simple enough to explain, it’s just two patties and two slices of cheese grilled together. 

What Is the Grilled Onion-Wrapped Flying Dutchman?

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra flavor to the Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out, try the Grilled Onion-Wrapped Flying Dutchman. This iteration on the secret menu burger features grilled onions in place of a bun, adding a flavor-packed element to the original Flying Dutchman that doesn’t change the low-carb, gluten-free nature of the dish. The deliciously charred grilled onions complement the beef patties and cheese perfectly, and they also make the burger a little easier to eat with your hands. 

Burger patties and cheese wrapped in grilled onions
via Cozymeal

How to Order an Onion-Wrapped Flying Dutchman

If you want to order an onion-wrapped Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out, you can more often than not just order it by name. This particular variation of the Flying Dutchman has hit a wave of popularity on social media, especially TikTok, so there’s a solid chance that employees will know exactly how to make it. If they don't know what the item is, simply ask for two burger patties and two slices of cheese to be grilled together and then sandwiched between grilled onions.

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What Is a Flying Dutchman Animal Style?

Combining two of In-N-Out's most treasured secret menu items, Flying Dutchman Animal Style transforms the Flying Dutchman by adding spread, grilled onions, pickles and a mustard glaze to the patties. This In-N-Out Animal Style variation definitely adds plenty of flavor to the Flying Dutchman, and it’s a great way to elevate the carb-free, gluten-free option. 

If you really want to take things to the next level, you can also order Flying Dutchman Animal-Style Fries. Also known as Roadkill Fries, this secret menu item features a classic Flying Dutchman on top of an order of Animal Style Fries. This meal is perfect if you want a burger and fries but aren’t quite hungry enough to eat a full burger with the bun. 

You can get Flying Dutchman In-N-Out Animal Style Fries
via Cozymeal

How to Order a Flying Dutchman Animal Style

If you want an Animal Style Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out, you won’t have a problem making that happen. Almost every In-N-Out employee will know this secret menu item by name, so ordering it should be a simple exchange. This is true for Flying Dutchman Animal-Style Fries as well. If they are unsure what the order is, simply relay the ingredients listed above. 

Flying Dutchman In-N-Out Price

Now that we’ve covered what this secret menu item is, how much is a Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out? The price of a Flying Dutchman can vary based on the location, but ordering a Flying Dutchman typically costs about $5. This appears to be true for both the Flying Dutchman and the Onion-Wrapped Flying Dutchman, with there currently being no extra cost for the addition of onions. 

Some customers claim that if you order two patties and two pieces of cheese (without mentioning the Flying Dutchman by name) you can potentially save about $1.50 on your order. However, because of the Flying Dutchman’s popularity on TikTok, especially the grilled onion version, the simple burger tends to sell for a flat fee of around $5, even if you ask for the ingredients instead of for the dish by name. 

If you want to enjoy your Flying Dutchman Animal Style, this typically won’t lead to a higher price unless you add additional burger patties or cheese slices. 

The price of Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out varies by location
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Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out Calories

While this menu item may sound great, looking at the In-N-Out Flying Dutchman's nutrition information before ordering is always a good idea. Due to the lack of a bun, the Flying Dutchman is considered one of the best low-carb fast food options. With a traditional Flying Dutchman, you can expect your meal to be around 380 calories.

The Flying Dutchman also has around 30 grams of protein thanks to the beef patties, but it also has close to 30 grams of fat. If you want a filling low-carb, gluten-free snack that’s high in protein, a classic Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out is a great option.

When adding other items, such as grilled onions or getting the Flying Dutchman Animal Style, the calories and fat will increase. This is especially true with the Animal Style version that features In-N-Out sauce. One packet of this sauce has 80 calories and nine grams of fat, increasing the fat and calorie content of the dish quite significantly when added in large quantities.

Burgers on a grill
via Canva

The Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out is a great option for low-carb diners and those who want to explore the In-N-Out secret menu. Whether you go for the classic option, wrap it with a grilled onion or add it to an order of Animal Style Fries, the Flying Dutchman is a burger that offers a blank canvas for delicious possibilities. 

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