Dutch Bros Secret Menu 2024: 37 Drinks To Try

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There's a lot to try on the Dutch Bros secret menu

Are you intrigued by the idea of the Dutch Bros secret menu? Would you like to learn more about what it is or how to order from it? The menu contains a selection of their broistas' (the brand’s quirky name for their baristas) favorites, and they are available to anyone!

Move beyond the regular menu and discover the secret menu Dutch Bros fans rave about. This list will start you on the road to unlocking the secrets you need to know and finding a new favorite drink worthy of sipping with friends or sharing on the Gram.

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Does Dutch Bros Have a Secret Menu?

The popular drive-thru coffee chain offers more than the classic mocha and refreshing Rebel energy drinks. As it turns out, a Dutch Bros secret menu also exists. The drinks on this menu make a great morning treat or spontaneous gift for a coffee-loving friend. To order from it, take some time to learn the names of the drinks and their unique flavor profiles.

The Dutch Bros secret menu includes a wide variety of drinks that run the gamut from sweet birthday cake to the coconut-infused Bob Marley. There are plenty of options for non-coffee drinkers as well.  However, the availability of a drink can vary depending on what ingredients they have on hand. 

There's a drink for everyone on the Dutch Bros secret menu
via Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Rebel Secret Menu

There are many Rebel drinks on the Dutch Bros secret menu
via Dutch Bros Coffee

1. Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel

This Dutch Bros secret menu drink tastes like a vacation in Hawaii. It contains the perfect blend of island fruit juice flavors, including peach, pomegranate, passion fruit and mango. The adult slushie has a kick of energy from the B12 in the Rebel energy drink base. To order, start with the Rebel energy drink base and add four syrups — peach, mango, pomegranate and passion fruit. The ingredients in this Dutch Bros secret menu favorite are mixed and served over ice. 

2. Aftershock Rebel

Bursting with berries with a hint of lime, the Aftershock Rebel is a fan favorite on the Dutch Bros secret menu. It fizzes like an Italian soda and is not short on sweetness. Enjoy this drink over ice by starting with the Rebel energy drink base and adding strawberry, blackberry and raspberry syrup. Finish with a dash of lime syrup. Ask for less lime if you want a sweeter Dutch Bros secret menu drink. 

3. Daydream Rebel

This Dutch Bros secret menu Rebel is available seasonally in springtime when other elderflower drinks are made. It is light and refreshing with a hint of honey. To order the drink, start with a Rebel energy drink base. Next, add passionfruit and elderflower syrups. Enjoy the citrusy sweet treat over ice. 

4. Dirty White Girl Rebel

The white chocolate and sweet blackberries in the Dirty White Girl Rebel create a fruity beverage. It tastes like a mille-feuille from your favorite French pastry shop. To enjoy this Dutch Bros secret menu energy drink, ask for a Rebel with added blackberry, almond and white chocolate syrups.  

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5. Gummy Bear Rebel 

If you are a fan of sweet and chewy gummy bears, give this Dutch Bros secret menu drink a try. It contains incredible fruit flavors and a bit of creamy and sweet white chocolate. Create this drink by starting with a Rebel energy drink base. Then add kiwi and lime syrups. Finish by drizzling in white chocolate syrup and serving over ice. 

6. Wookie Spice

This Dutch Bros secret menu Rebel differs slightly from the rest. The flavors and scents of apple cider waft through the air while you enjoy it. Begin with the Rebel energy drink base and infuse it with the flavors of Oregon Chai. The steaming process is what makes this energy drink truly unique. 

Dutch Bros Chai Secret Menu

Someone reaching for an iced chai latte in a cup that says Dutch Bros
via Dutch Bros Coffee

7. Chai Nog

Guests who enjoy eggnog with extra spice will love the Dutch Bros secret menu Chai Nog. It provides the creamy and rich eggnog goodness but with earthy hints of comforting chai. The chai nog is easy to make. Simply start with chai concentrate and your favorite milk. Then, add a few pumps of eggnog syrup. 

8. Raspberry Vanilla Chai 

This popular Dutch Bros secret menu drink is for patrons who love vanilla but with a fruity twist. It is a great choice when you want some morning caffeine but are trying to limit your coffee intake. To create it, start with chai concentrate and your favorite milk beverage. Finish by adding pumps of vanilla and raspberry syrup. Adjust the amount of syrup to your flavor preference. 

9. Sweater Weather Chai Picture Perfect 

For guests who need a spring in their step, the Dutch Bros secret menu Sweater Weather Chai ordered 'Picture Perfect' hits the spot. This beverage combines the spiced flavors of chai with white coffee. The picture-perfect finale adds an ideal dose of sweetness. Start by ordering the Sweater Weather Chai. The ‘Picture Perfect’ part is what makes it “secret.” It means the drink is topped with a caramel and dark chocolate drizzle, plus a whipped cream dollop. 

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10. White Zombie Dirty Chai 

A White Zombie Dirty Chai is simple, but you cannot find it on the regular menu. The beverage is primarily coffee-flavored with subtle undertones of chai accompanied by a delicate balance of white chocolate and vanilla flavors. Unlock this secret Dutch Bros menu item by asking for chai concentrate, your milk of choice, white chocolate sauce and vanilla syrup. Then, add a shot of espresso. Leave the whipped cream off if you want to cut the sweetness. 

11. Peach Cobbler Chai

Syrupy, sweet flavors of peach balance the intense chai flavors in this secret Dutch Bros menu favorite. Nutty undertones from macadamia nuts finish off the flavor sensation to create something truly unique. The famous Dutch Bros broistas make this secret menu chai by starting with a milk and chai base. Then, they add peach and chocolate macadamia nut syrup. The drink is topped with white chocolate sauce, and many enjoy it most when finished with a soft top. 

12. Strawberry Horchata Chai 

The Strawberry Horchata Chai is the drink to order on the Dutch Bros secret menu if you are searching for a prominent strawberry flavor combined with chai's robust earthiness. To order this item, start with a chai concentrate and milk base. To that, add caramel and white chocolate sauce, plus cinnamon and strawberry syrup. Mix and serve hot or over ice with a frothy soft top. 

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Coffee

There are iced and hot coffees on the Dutch Bros secret menu
via Dutch Bros Coffee

13. Iced Domingo French Toast Americano

If you love the smooth texture of an Americano, a lot of caffeine and the sweetness of chocolate and brown sugar, this is the Dutch Bros secret menu drink for you. To make this version of an Americano, start with three shots of white espresso. 

Next, add three shots of regular espresso. Combine that with white chocolate sauce and brown sugar cinnamon syrup. Six shots of espresso packs a caffeine punch but the white chocolate sauce creates a less bitter and more palatable coffee beverage. The drink is served cold and over ice. 

14. Fireball Dub Shot

The spicy and sweet undertones of the fireball dub shot give your usual coffee drink an interesting twist. Start with a Cubano shot to create this secret menu coffee beverage. Then, add a healthy dose of cinnamon spice and a second shot. 

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15. Bob Marley 

This cult favorite Dutch Bros secret menu drink takes island deliciousness of the Cocomo (coconut mocha) beverage up a level by adding banana. The addition of espresso helps keep you awake on those sleepy afternoons. To create the Bob Marley, ask for a blend of coconut and banana syrups with chocolate milk and a shot of espresso. The drink can be served hot, over ice or blended. Add a dollop of whipped cream to finish it off. 

16. The Fleck 

This creamy Dutch Bros secret menu item is sweet and nutty with a touch of island coconut, much like a favorite candy bar with a caffeine kick. To create The Fleck, start with a Breve — a latte made with half-and-half instead of milk. Then add white chocolate, hazelnut and coconut syrups. The result is a smooth, rich Dutch Bros secret menu classic. 

17. Golden Eagle 

Indulgent, salty caramel and rich, smooth vanilla balance the bold taste of espresso in this Dutch Bros secret menu cult classic. The Golden Eagle’s base is a traditional Breve. Then, mix caramel and vanilla syrups into the drink. Top it off with caramel drizzle and whipped cream. 

18. The Grasshopper 

If your favorite mocha met a Thin Mint cookie, this drink might be the outcome. Order the Dutch Bros secret menu Grasshopper for a refreshing minty treat with the pick-me-up benefits of coffee. To create a grasshopper, blend espresso, chocolate and your favorite milk or milk alternative. Then, add peppermint and vanilla syrups to the cup. Shake and serve hot, over ice or blended.  

19. The Grand Canyon

Satisfy your cravings for chocolate and nuts, and add a splash of salty caramel for good measure. This drink is the ideal Dutch Bros secret menu pick for anyone who likes their drinks sweet and extra chocolatey. Order the Annihilator White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve from the regular menu as your base. Then add caramel, and ask the baristas to cut the drink with chocolate milk. 

Dutch Bros Tea Secret Menu

The Dutch Bros secret menu has many tea drinks
via Dutch Bros Coffee

20. Electric Berry Green Tea 

Delight in delicious and healthy green tea enhanced by blueberry, raspberry and lime flavors. The Electric Berry Green Tea is a famous Dutch Bros secret menu item for anyone who enjoys sweet, tropical and colorful tea. To order this beverage from the Dutch Bros secret menu, start with an iced green tea base. Then add blueberry syrup, raspberry syrup and just a dash of lime syrup to help balance the sweetness. 

21. Cowboy Sunset Iced Tea

The red-toned fruit flavors remind you of the colors of a rich sunset when you sip on this iced tea. This Dutch Bros secret menu iced tea is made by filling a cup with ice and adding an iced tea base. Then pour in peach, passionfruit and grapefruit syrup. 

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22. Midnight Tea

This cool-looking Dutch Bros secret menu drink is dark in color and sweet in flavor. Enjoy it over ice for a refreshing treat. Start with a green tea base and plenty of ice. Then, add blackberry and pomegranate syrups. 

23. Ocean Water Tea

It is not salty, but it is blue. This Dutch Bros secret menu tea is packed with island fruit flavors and is simply delicious. Iced tea is your base for this drink. Then add blue raspberry, coconut and lime syrups.  

Dutch Bros Cold Brew Secret Menu

A person in a blue t-shirt holding three iced coffees
via Dutch Bros Coffee

24. The Cold Brew Kicker

Order an Irish coffee with a kick and extra creaminess when you pick The Cold Brew Kicker. It is minty, soft on the tongue and delicious. This Dutch Bros secret menu cold brew includes Nitro cold brew, half-and-half and Irish cream syrup. Enjoy it over ice or blended. 

25. The Double Torture

Fill your cup with two types of chocolate and a caffeine kick from this delicious cold brew. This is the type of torture that you just might enjoy! Start with a cold brew base, then add white chocolate and double chocolate sauces. The drink is served over ice. 

26. Molton Lava Cold Brew 

Fans of the Molton Lava Cold Brew describe it as chocolate cake deliciousness in a cup. The hints of cinnamon give this Dutch Bros secret menu cold brew a welcome spiced flavor and scent. Start with a traditional cold brew. Next, add chocolate sauce and cinnamon. Finish the drink with whipped cream, a shake of cinnamon on top and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. 

27. Strawberry Mocha Tuxedo

This Dutch Bros secret menu item was created for the coffee fan who loves chocolate-dipped strawberries. To make it, ask for your cup to be lined with strawberry and chocolate sauce. Then, add cold brew coffee to the cup. White chocolate sauce, chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup are mixed in before more strawberry and chocolate syrup is drizzled on top. The drink is finished with a soft top of frothy goodness. 

Dutch Bros Frost Secret Menu

A white milkshake with red and blue sauce in a Dutch Bros cup
via Dutch Bros West Valley

28. Bubble Gum Frost

Whether you are ready to blow bubbles or simply feel nostalgic for the super sweet flavor of bubble gum, this is the Dutch Bros secret menu drink to try. The Bubble Gum Frost combines vanilla syrup, bananas, strawberry syrup and ice cream. The ingredients are then blended to the perfect consistency. 

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29. Birthday Cake Frost

Pretend like you are celebrating a birthday by ordering the Birthday Cake Frost! This sweet and creamy Dutch Bros secret menu frost will have you looking to blow out the candles and make a wish. Make the frosty beverage by blending vanilla ice cream, whipped almond roca and white chocolate. Top the drink with fun and colorful confetti to finish it.

30. Cake Batter Frost 

If you took yellow cake batter and added extra almond extract, this is the Dutch Bros secret menu item you would land on. The creation is reminiscent of your favorite wedding cake. Start with an ice cream and milk base to create a traditional milkshake. Then add almond roca and a healthy portion of white chocolate syrup. Finally, top it with whipped cream and an extra drizzle of white chocolate, plus a sprinkle of almonds. 

31. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost

This Dutch Bros secret menu beverage tastes like a fresh helping of your favorite childhood breakfast cereal. There is lots of cinnamon goodness in each sip. Order this drink by asking for a milkshake base with added white chocolate, black sugar syrup and cinnamon syrup. The frost version does not have espresso. If you prefer a caffeine kick, order it as a freeze instead. 

32. Pink Flamingo Frost 

This Dutch Bros secret menu frost was formerly known as Skittles. Taste it and enjoy the burst of fruit flavor and sweetness of candy in a cup. Order a traditional milkshake with white chocolate sauce, strawberry and peach syrups. Everything is blended and this Dutch Bros secret menu frost is finished with whipped cream topping. 

Other Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks

Lemonades are also available on the Dutch Bros secret menu
via Dutch Bros Coffee

33. Palm Beach Lemonade

Sipping on this Dutch Bros lemonade secret menu beverage brings back memories of sitting on a tropical beach surrounded by the tastes and scents of island fruits. It is a great summertime beverage or perfect for any time you need a refreshing pick-me-up. Enjoy this beverage by asking your barista to start with the Rebel energy drink as the base. Then, add pomegranate and peach syrup with a layer of lemonade. 

34. Strawberry Dutch 

This Dutch Bros smoothie secret menu item might hit the spot if you crave a strawberry milkshake. It mixes the deliciousness of ice cream with the sweetness of strawberry for an indulgent fruity pick-me-up. To order, ask for ice cream, white chocolate sauce, strawberries and whipped cream. The ingredients are blended to create the creamy, refreshing Dutch Bros secret menu favorite. 

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35. Vampire Slayer Lemonade

Pick the Vampire Slayer Lemonade if you are searching for a sweet and tart drink that is perfect on a hot summer day. Start with a lemonade base over ice before adding strawberry and pomegranate syrups. 

36. Cookie Dough 

Order this Dutch Bros hot chocolate secret menu drink and experience the taste of cookie dough straight out of the tub. The sweet beverage has hot chocolate as the base and chocolate chip cookie dough flavoring. If you prefer your drink over ice, ask the 'broista' to make it with chocolate milk instead. 

37. Surprise Me 

Pick your favorite base — lemonade, Italian soda, chocolate milk or hot chocolate — and then tell the barista to “Surprise me.” They will choose a selection of their favorite syrups to add in. There is no telling what you will get, but it might become your new favorite Dutch Bros secret menu beverage!

A coffee, lemonade, Italian soda or chocolate milk treat is perfect for enjoying as part of your morning routine or an afternoon pick-me-up. The Dutch Bros secret menu offers so many favorites and almost unlimited ways to enjoy delicious beverages with their secret selections. Give these options a try or get creative and ask your Dutch Bros broista to create something uniquely your own. It might become the next secret menu drink fans rave about!

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