29 Perfect Pisces Gifts for 2024

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There are an array of perfect Pisces gifts to purchase
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What Pisces gifts are on your “to-buy” list this year? If you have a Pisces in your life, you know that they can be creative, spiritual and outdoorsy. They love to sit back and relax and they appreciate the value of self-care. 

What makes a great gift for someone like that? While all Pisces people are different, we’re here with a few of our favorite gifts for Pisces to make shopping a bit easier. Read on to learn more! 


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Foodie Gifts for Pisces

1. Interactive Cooking Class

People born under the Pisces sign tend to appreciate sensory hands-on activities and love to try new things. This makes classes of all kinds excellent gifts for Pisces. Conveniently, you can discover many cooking classes near you and your gift recipient that make a fantastic hands-on present that will also help your favorite Pisces learn something new and interesting. They may even use their new skills to cook for you.

  • Price: $65+
Cooking classes are one of the best Pisces gifts
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2. Private Chef Meal

Pisces tend to understand the value of self-care and relaxation. Even the best Pisces chefs want to take a break sometimes. This makes booking one of the private chefs near you a great Pisces gift. These fantastic chefs will handle gathering ingredients, cooking and even cleaning up. Your favorite Pisces will get a chef-quality meal without lifting a finger. 

  • Price: $49+

3. Food Tour

Born with a natural curiosity, many Pisces love trying new foods. However, they may find themselves settling into habits when it comes to local restaurants. Food tours near you can help with that. These food tours may take your gift recipient to places they’ve never tried before so they can be exposed to new cuisines and find a new favorite local restaurant or two. 

  • Price: $59+
People holding red baskets with tacos in them
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4. Foodie Gift Card

Not sure what to get a foodie Pisces in your life? A foodie gift card makes an excellent gift. With the gift card, they can choose their own cookware products or culinary experiences so you know they’re getting something they love.

  • Price: $10+

5. Interactive Online Culinary Experience

Is your favorite Pisces someone who would rather stay home and relax? Online classes and experiences make great Pisces gifts as well. Online cooking classes allow them to make chef-quality meals from the comfort of their own kitchen. Alternatively, online mixology classes can let them become their own favorite bartender. Virtual wine tastings are another excellent gift, letting them experience a fancy wine tasting without having to dress nicely or leave the house.

  • Price: $25+
Online culinary experiences are one of the great Pisces gifts
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6. Sushi Making Kit

As we mentioned, Pisces foodies tend to love sensory experiences. They also love getting creative with their food. A sweet sushi-making kit, like the AYA Sushi Lovers Set, will let them truly get creative with their sushi rolls at home.

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7. Ice Cream Maker

It’s not uncommon for a Pisces to have a sweet tooth. The GreenLife Scoop Express Ice Cream & Dessert Maker can help them make their dream frozen desserts. Whether it’s a Blizzard-inspired ice cream cup full of toppings or a “healthier” frozen yogurt, they’ll be able to make it at home.

An ice cream maker is one of the fun Pisces gifts
via GreenLife

8. Fancy Coffee Gadgets

Creative and self-care-loving Pisces foodies often have a penchant for fancy coffee drinks. They want to do their own latte art and make their own espresso drinks at home. Fancy coffee gadgets, like the Fino Kitchen Milk Frother, can help them do that. They’ll be an experienced barista in no time!

9.  Whiskey Club Membership

Relaxing with a high-quality drink is a favorite pastime amongst many Pisces foodies. A Flaviar Whiskey Club membership allows them to easily relax with high-quality spirits. They’ll get one full-sized bottle and several samples in each subscription box. You can even customize the subscription to suit their unique tastes.

A two glasses and a bottle of whiskey being poured
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Pisces Gifts for Her

10. Custom Star Map

Are you looking for a great Pisces gift for a girl who loves all things celestial? Capture the night sky on a significant date, like her birthday or an important milestone, with a custom star map. It's a celestial and sentimental gift. This is also a fantastic Pisces gift for a partner or parent as you can use the date you got together or the birth date of their child.

11. Essential Oil Diffuser

Need a Pisces gift for a special someone who loves aromatherapy? Enhance her space with a stylish essential oil diffuser. Choose calming scents like chamomile or sandalwood to complement her nurturing and serene personality (and make her home smell fantastic). 

An essential oil diffuser is an ideal Pisces gift for her
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12. A New Book

If your favorite Pisces loves reading, give her books by her favorite authors or explore novels that align with Pisces themes and preferences, such as fantasy or poetic literature. There are so many fantastic books to choose from, but you can’t really go wrong with a modern poetry book like "Good Bones” by Maggie Smith, a book that holds the titular poem that went viral. 

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13. Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

Pisces is associated with the water element. Because of that, when it comes to a great Pisces gift, you should consider jewelry inspired by the ocean, such as seashell earrings. Of course, keep her personal style in mind when you’re choosing her jewelry.

Seashell hoop earrings hanging on a wire with a beach in the background
via Julie Loves Jewels

14. Musical Instrument

Many Pisces are natural creatives and musicians. If she enjoys music, consider gifting her a musical instrument, like a ukulele or a set of chimes. This sweet and thoughtful Pisces gift will provide an outlet for her creative expression. 

15. Tarot Card Deck

Many Pisces women love all things mystical. If she has an interest in mysticism, a beautifully illustrated tarot card deck can be a captivating and meaningful Pisces gift. Some people even believe that all tarot card decks have to be gifted, and that makes it an even better gift. Choose a deck that appeals to her specific style; there are plenty of options. 

A black box with gold writing next to six tarot cards
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16. Personalized Astrology Jewelry

This is a simple Pisces gift that can even be great for someone you don’t know very well. Consider a piece of Pisces jewelry that reflects her zodiac sign. A gold or silver necklace or bracelet featuring Pisces symbols adds a personal touch and lets your giftee know you were thinking of them specifically. 

17. DIY Spa Day Kit

Pisces women tend to appreciate the value of self-care and the value of homemade gifts. Because of this, a DIY spa day kit makes a fantastic Pisces gift that she’s sure to love. Create a DIY spa kit with luxurious Maude bath salts, scented candles, a soft robe and other pampering essentials. It's a thoughtful way to encourage self-care.

Creating a spa day kit is one of the fun Pisces gifts for women
via Maude

18. Yoga Supplies or Classes

Many Pisces women enjoy the combination of self-care and spirituality that yoga provides. A yoga class subscription, stylish yoga mat or yoga blocks all make great Pisces gifts.

19. Art Supplies

Again, Pisces women tend to be creative by nature. Nurture her artistic side with a high-quality set of art supplies as a Pisces gift this year. This can include things like sketchbooks, paints, brushes and other tools to inspire her creativity. For new artists, a good “all-around” watercolor set is a great starting point. 

A watercolor art set
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Pisces Gifts for Him

20. Vinyl Record Player

Pisces men often appreciate the nostalgia of music. If he collects vinyl records from his favorite artists, a convenient and stylish vinyl record player makes a fantastic Pisces gift for him. Nothing plays quite like vinyl!

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21. Dreamy Male Fragrance Set

Many Pisces men enjoy aromatherapy and smelling nice. Therefore, a set of luxurious and dreamy fragrances makes an excellent Pisces gift. Including scents with notes of lavender, sandalwood, or sea breeze, this gift adds a touch of relaxation and indulgence to your giftee’s day.

A fragrence set is one of the Pisces gifts for men
via Commodity

22. Relaxing Hammock

Pisces men love the outdoors. Provide a cozy outdoor retreat with a comfortable camping hammock. It allows your favorite Pisces man to relax, daydream and connect with his tranquil side. Pick one that can easily hang on trees and that’s small enough to transport without a hassle. 

23. Trifecta Meal Delivery Subscription

Due to a love of trying many new activities, Pisces men can find themselves with little spare time to cook healthy meals. If that's the case with your Pisces gift recipient, give them a Trifecta meal delivery subscription. The plan can be tailored to his diet and preferences and he'll receive pre-prepared meals with high-quality ingredients and all the nutrition he needs for a busy day.

A Trifecta meal subscription is an excellent Pisces gift
via Trifecta

24. Astronomy Telescope

Many Pisces men are naturally curious about the great unknown. Fuel his curiosity about the cosmos with a high-quality astronomy telescope as a fantastic Pisces gift. It allows him to explore the night sky and indulge in his interest in celestial wonders.

25. Personalized Leather Journal

Pisces men can be quite creative and introspective. Encourage these sides of him with a personalized leather journal. This thoughtful Pisces gift provides a space for him to jot down thoughts, sketches or creative ideas.

A leather-bound journal on a sheepskin rug
via Tergusco

26. Wireless Sleep Headphones

Is your favorite Pisces partnered with someone who prefers a silent sleeping experience? Give him comfortable wireless sleep headphones, allowing him to listen to calming music, nature sounds or even guided meditations as he drifts off to sleep without disturbing anyone else in the house.

27. Artistic Puzzle Set

Pisces men tend to love all things artistic, plus any relaxing self-care activity. Due to this, a puzzle featuring a cool design is the perfect Pisces gift. There are many fun options to choose from, like this NASA moon landing 1000-piece puzzle. No matter which design you choose, he’ll have a great time relaxing with a creative yet challenging puzzle. 

A puzzle is the perfect Pisces gift for creative men
via MyPuzzle

28. Fishing Gear

Pisces is represented by fish, so this is a playful way to incorporate a man’s astrological sign into his gift. If he enjoys fishing, upgrade his gear with high-quality fishing equipment or tackle box accessories. Even if he’s not particularly interested in his zodiac sign, he’ll appreciate this thoughtful Pisces gift.

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29. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Many men prefer showers over baths and will resist the “home spa day” experience. That’s okay! Elevate your favorite Pisces man’s shower experience with aromatherapy shower steamers. Infused with calming scents, they turn a daily shower into a spa-like indulgence.


A box with small jars in it
via Mineral Me California

Which of these Pisces gifts are going on your shopping list? Remember that, despite their astrological sign, your favorite Pisces is still an individual. Pick a gift that best suits their unique and loveable personality. Whether it’s aquatic-themed jewelry or a relaxing at-home spa item, they’ll love it. 

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