Fino Kitchen Milk Frother

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Get the richness of a frothy latte without the need for batteries or electricity with the Fino Kitchen Milk Frother. This game-changing glass milk frother is perfect for the latte lover on the go, or for anyone who just wants to avoid having to keep running to the store for batteries. Made of tempered glass with a non-skid base, it features an attached plunger and double-mesh aerator that make frothing any kind of milk incredibly easy and quick. Just measure out your favorite type of milk into the carafe with the aerator already inside and secure the lid. Then, pump the plunger for about 10-20 seconds or more, depending on how your desired consistency, and you’ll soon create a creamy, foamy froth on top. Finish by holding back the foam with the lid and pouring the un-frothed milk into your coffee or espresso before gently rolling the delicious foam over the top. This handy glass milk frothing pitcher is incredibly easy to use and makes creating café-quality beverages achievable for anyone. Plus, it’s much more compact and economical than a bulky espresso machine!


Capacity: 16oz

Dimensions: Length: 8.75”; Width: 3”; Height: 3”

Care & Use: Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rubber base is removable for thorough cleaning. 

Materials: Glass