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15 Best Team Building Activities in Mississauga for 2023

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Team building activities in Mississauga help your team shine.

There are plenty of exciting team building activities in Mississauga to help engage your team. As famously beautiful as this city is, it should come as no surprise that there are countless experiences for the whole team to enjoy here. With the unique businesses around town and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, you’re sure to find activities in Mississauga that will interest everyone on your team. 

Indeed mentions that team building activities are one of the best ways to help your employees work more efficiently throughout the day. Whether you want to invite them to a culinary challenge or a lesson in improv, there are tons of activities to add excitement to their workday while increasing productivity.

Are you looking for help planning your next team event? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best team building activities in Mississauga.

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15 Best Team Building Activities in Mississauga

1. Culinary Team Building Activities in Mississauga

Whatever food-related team building activity in Mississauga you choose, your team will love enjoying a unique culinary experience. Discover exciting hands-on cooking classes with your team, or enjoy a local food tour in your city. Invite your team to compete in delicious cooking competitions and learn about their culinary skills in the kitchen. Are you looking for a more laid-back activity? Experience beverage tastings with your team, or have a private chef cook an incredible meal for your crew to enjoy together. 

Foodie team building activities in Mississauga are fun and tasty.
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2. Cooking Classes in Mississauga

Invite your team to level up their cooking skills with cooking classes in Mississauga. Whether they’re a pro or a beginner in the kitchen, they’ll feel confident when under the guidance of an expert chef. Learn how to prepare fresh pasta with pasta making classes in Mississauga, or work together to discover how to roll the best sushi rolls with exciting sushi making classes in Mississauga. With tons of fun cooking classes available, any corporate team will love improving their cooking skills for one of the best team building activities Mississauga has to offer.

A chef in a Cozymeal apron grates cheese over a pasta dish.
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3. Online Culinary Team Building Activities

If your team works remotely or in a hybrid environment, there are plenty of online team building activities to help them connect. Learn new recipes together with online cooking classes. Expert chefs lead your experience in a live, interactive setting so everyone can ask questions and enjoy quality time together. Spark your team’s creativity with online mixology classes or expand their palates with virtual wine tastings. No matter where your team is located, these live, virtual events provide excellent team building activities for Mississauga crews.

Virtual wine tastings are great team building activities in Mississauga.
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4. Bowling

Add a little healthy competition to your team environment with this fun team building activity in Mississauga. Your team will have a blast challenging each other to an exciting game of bowling in a low-pressure environment. With some bowling alleys incorporating carnival food and a variety of games, this is also one of the most fun corporate team building activities in Mississauga.

Bowling is a great team building activity in Mississauga.
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5. Glass-Blowing Classes

Discover your team’s creative side in one of the best team building activities in Mississauga. Expert glass blowers will guide your team in safely melting, molding and shaping glass. Your crew will create fun projects they can take home, such as beautiful glass bowls or ornaments for the Christmas tree. Your team can work together or individually to practice their communication and accountability skills. Glass-blowing classes are a unique activity your team will never forget!

a man doing glass blowing
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6. Bike Ride

Get some fresh air with your team while riding a bike along the beautiful Great Lakes Waterfront Trail. No matter your team’s skill level, a patient tour guide will lead you down a paved trail where you’ll observe the breathtaking lake and trees. Invite your team to bring their lunch, or stop at one of the many restaurants in the area for one of the best team building activities in Mississauga.

Biking in nature is a great team building activity in Mississauga.
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7. Treetop Trekking

Experience one of the most adventurous team building activities in Mississauga. With a variety of trails and skill levels, everyone will love climbing, swinging and zipping from the treetops. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, engage your team in several wilderness games to develop new skills and strengthen bonds with co-workers.

two people zip lining high in the trees
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8. Mirage VR

Create a memorable experience with virtual reality in this team building activity in Mississauga. In a multiplayer experience, your team will throw on VR glasses to immerse themselves in an engaging virtual world. Invite your team to work together as they face a fire-breathing dragon or fight zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Help them build communication and teamwork skills they’ll no doubt take back with them into the office.

a man playing a virtual reality game
via Mirage VR

9. Pursuit OCR

As one of the most exciting team building activities in Mississauga, your team can explore over 30,000 square feet of indoor obstacle courses. No matter their strength or agility level, these courses are designed for play and fun. Build trust and deepen work relationships with this playful team building experience. Encourage your team to work together, or invite them to race against each other through the course.

An obstacle course is a great team building activity in Mississauga.
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10. AXED Blue Mountain

Bring your team together for some good old-fashioned axe throwing. As one of the best team building activities in Mississauga, your team will be instructed by an entertaining guide on the safety and tips for the best axe throw. Invite your team to wear matching flannel, and don’t forget to snap a team photo! Then, face off in traditional bullseye or tic-tac-toe for a thrilling team bonding experience.

an axe throwing alley
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11. Branch Out Theater

Shine a spotlight on your team in acting workshops for this team building activity in Mississauga. Build trust and communication skills between teammates with PowerPoint Improv classes at Annex Improv. No matter their skill level or experience, this activity will build trust, encourage teamwork and boost their confidence. Your team will work together to improve their public speaking and team presentation skills using classic improv theatre techniques.

two co-workers take part in an improvised presentation together
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12. Peak Wellness

Invite your team to sit back and relax with one of the best team building activities in Mississauga. Schedule a class in mindfulness to help your team melt away workday stress and feel more present. Book a virtual yoga session to enjoy a nice mid-afternoon stretch. Or practice group meditation to improve your team’s focus back at the office. This team building activity is perfect for in-person, remote or hybrid teams.

A wellness class is a relaxing team building activity in Mississauga.
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13. Jack Darling Memorial Park

Throw a team picnic at Jack Darling Memorial Park. Invite your team to bring their favourite meals to share. Bring along a list of intriguing ice breaker questions to help teammates get to know each other on a deeper level. If you’re looking to throw an annual event, this park is also an excellent spot for one of the best corporate team building activities in Mississauga.

people picnicking at a park
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14. Art Factory

Encourage your team’s creativity in one of the most unique team building activities in Mississauga. A professional artist will guide your team through painting a beautiful masterpiece, no matter their skill level. Whether they’re painting a stunning sunset or colourful flowers, they’ll learn a variety of creative skills in this relaxing activity.

A painting class is a great creative team building activity in Mississauga.
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15. Ignite Tech Fun

Help your team grow their analytical skills in one of the best team building activities in Mississauga. Invite your team to challenge each other in robotics or encourage them to work together to create a robot. Your team will then compete in an obstacle course for bragging rights for the most high-tech and creative robot. Foster your team’s spirit as they play in this unique team building activity.

a group of co-workers work on a robotics team building event
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Does Every Team Need Team Building?

Whether you own a corporate company or a small business, it’s essential that team building is part of every work environment. Most people associate team building with generic ice breaker questions or quick exercises in team meetings, but the more creative your team building activity is, the better the results for your crew and your company. Get your team out of the office for a fun team building experience that goes beyond trust falls and sticky-note games, and reap the rewards. 

Not only does fun, relaxing team building improve co-worker relationships, but it also helps your team feel more valued. LinkedIn describes a recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) that linked employees’ value to their job performance. The research strongly suggests that employees are more productive and successful in their job if they feel valued. Fun team building activities are one of the best ways to help validate them as a valuable employee.

Every team needs team building activities.
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Team Building Helps Businesses Thrive

Not only does team building help each employee feel valued, but it can also help your business thrive. Forbes mentions that team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. 

Effective team building keeps your employees engaged and builds loyalty within your company. The more loyal your employees feel towards your company, the longer they will want to continue working for you. Employee loyalty helps build employee retention and decreases the costs associated with hiring new employees. Creating a fun experience for your team building activity in Mississauga is essential to helping your business thrive.

happy employees discussing an idea at work
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Benefits of Team Building

There are countless benefits team building can have on your business and employees. Some of the most valuable aspects are:

  • Improving morale — Most team building activities incorporate fun and games. Adding this excitement to the workday will help create a positive work environment where crews feel valued.
  • Increasing productivity — Several team building experiences will encourage your employees to work together towards a common goal. This attribute can easily translate back to the office.
  • Enhancing communication skills — Involving your team in collaborative exercises will help them develop a more natural communication style that can carry over into their working relationships. These skills will help them feel more confident when brainstorming new ideas.
  • Inspiring teamwork — Inviting your team to work together will build trust and friendships among co-workers. These relationships will create a more secure work environment where your employees will feel confident and comfortable.
  • Connecting remote teams — With many teams working remotely, introducing a fun activity into the workday will help your employees relate on a deeper level. Having a basis of friendship among your team will improve effective working relationships.
Team building activities in Mississauga benefits companies and employees.
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Team building has immense benefits that help your business thrive. By showing appreciation for your employees, you’re improving their work performance and building loyalty to the company. From engaging cooking classes to thrilling axe throwing, there are plenty of unique activities you can incorporate into your workday for a fun, memorable team building activity in Mississauga.

For even more team building activities in Mississauga and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

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