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41 Delicious Denver Foods to Eat in 2022

Published on July 1, 2022 | 0 Comments
41 delicious Denver foods to eat 2022
Published on July 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

The best Denver food reflects the city’s storied past and vibrant future, with its sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains and deeply-rooted spirit of adventure. Although Denver food is bold and diverse, outsiders don’t seem to know much about the city’s signature culinary delights. Other than omelets and Rocky Mountain oysters, what food is Denver known for?

From the long-held traditions of travelers and native peoples to newcomers and innovators offering their unique contributions to the city’s food scene, Denver food brings together an intriguing collection of cultures and tastes. Here are some of the most iconic Denver foods to try while visiting the Mile High City and the best places to eat in Denver, Colorado.


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Get a Taste of Famous Denver Foods

Drawn by the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, waves of Italian, Japanese, Chinese and German immigrants made their way to the American West, bringing their culinary traditions with them. The flavors of Colorado’s neighbor to the south, New Mexico, also blended with the cooking styles of indigenous tribes, creating an eclectic array of culinary influences that can still be seen today in the best of Denver food.

With so many culinary wonders to discover, it’s easy to find good food in Denver. But to find the best places to eat in Denver, having insider knowledge of the best Denver food is indispensable. Food tours in Denver connect you with entertaining guides passionate about sharing their city’s signature food, drinks and stories while showing you what to eat in Denver and where to find it. For those who enjoy a hands-on way to learn about local ingredients and cooking styles, cooking classes in Denver pair you with world-class chefs who can teach you how to make signature regional dishes at home.

Try the best Denver food with a food tour
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Best Mexican Food or Hispanic Food in Denver

1. Arepas at Quiero Arepas 

The Vibe

Quiero Arepas is a vibrant counter-service eatery serving handcrafted Venezuelan arepas from inside a refurbished shipping container. 

What to Order

The fluffy corn cakes come with a variety of tantalizing fillings, from stewed beef or chicken to sweet plantains or seasoned black beans. The pabellón is the national dish of Venezuela, with stewed beef, black beans, sweet plantains and cheese. It makes a delicious introduction to this bold and comforting dish. 

Quiero Arepas | 3200 N. Pecos St., Denver, CO 80211 | $$

a man holding out Venezuelan arepas
via Quiero Arepas

2. Smothered Burrito at Santiago’s

The Vibe

Santiago’s is an unassuming casual Mexican restaurant with a number of locations across Denver. Recognized for its signature chili sauces, this family-friendly establishment is an accessible stop for fresh, authentic Mexican food. 

What to Order

The go-to Denver food at Santiago’s is the customizable selection of burritos. We recommend ordering your favorite fillings smothered in the iconic green chili for satisfying Denver eats. 

Santiago’s | Multiple Locations | $

3. Chilaquiles at La Abeja 

The Vibe

La Abeja is a humble hidden gem in the heart of Denver, offering a dynamic menu of breakfast favorites. This family-owned restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food in Denver from a quaint, no-frills setting in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

What to Order

Although there are plenty of options for a hearty Mexican-inspired breakfast across the Denver food scene, the chilaquiles are a must when visiting La Abeja — with a side of green chili, of course. 

La Abeja Restaurant | 508 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203 | $

Mexican food is some of the best Denver food available
via La Abeja Restaurant

4. Burrito Bowl at Illegal Pete’s 

The Vibe

Illegal Pete’s is a popular Denver food brand with a rebellious spirit and incredible choose-your-own-adventure style burritos and bowls. The beloved community-centered restaurant is a welcoming spot for fun and funky Mexican food, with frequent appearances on lists of favorite places to eat in Denver, Colorado. 

What to Order

With almost limitless possibilities, you can select your favorite proteins and toppings to create a unique burrito bowl that perfectly satisfies. Whatever combination you come up with, make sure to finish it with chile corn and poblano pesto for a bold flavor experience. 

Illegal Pete’s | Multiple Locations | $

5. Authentic Mexican at El Taco de México 

The Vibe

This little yellow taquería is a Denver food icon. El Taco de México recently received a James Beard America’s Classics Award for serving some of the best Mexican food in Denver, from authentic tacos to Denver’s signature smothered burrito. 

What to Order

Breakfast served all day is the perfect reason to dive into a breakfast burrito smothered in green chili at any hour, and nothing warms the soul on a cold Denver day like a bowl of hot pozole. Experience why many call El Taco de México the best Mexican food in Denver while savoring the namesake tacos, especially the cheeksmeat tacos and marinated pork tacos. 

El Taco de México | 714 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204 | $

a plate of soft flour tacos
via El Taco de Mexico 

Best Asian Food in Denver

6. Banh Mi at Ba Le Sandwiches 

The Vibe

It might look modest from the outside, but this French-style bakery serves up some of the most traditional and tasty banh mi in Denver. Due to the city’s thriving Vietnamese population, this cuisine has become an influential contributor to the Denver food scene and a must-try thing to do in Denver. Ba Le Sandwiches is a small, counter-service stop offering Vietnamese favorites along with boba tea and decadent pastries. 

What to Order

There’s a long list of options to choose from at Ba Le Sandwiches, but the popular Vietnamese BBQ pork is a local favorite you have to try. 

Ba Le Sandwiches | 1044 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80219 | $

7. Pho at Pho 95 Noodle House

The Vibe

Just down the street from Ba Le Sandwiches is another top spot for some of the best Vietnamese food in Denver: Pho 95 Noodle House. This low-key establishment is a popular choice for those seeking traditional Vietnamese comfort food. 

What to Order

With options for meat lovers and vegetarians, you can’t go wrong with a hot bowl of any variety of the restaurant’s namesake dish. Try the Pho Bo Vien with meatballs for a classic pho experience. 

Pho 95 Noodle House | 1401 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80219 | $$

Vietnamese pho is a Denver food you may not expect
via Pho 95 Noodle House

8. Pad Thai at Liang’s Thai Food

The Vibe

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it street corner stand is home to some of the best Thai food in Denver and an icon of the Denver food scene. The tiny green and silver stand has built a strong reputation for its authentic entrées including curries, rice and noodle dishes. 

What to Order

We love a classic, and the pad thai at Liang’s Thai Food does not disappoint with the bold flavors and textures you would expect from authentic Thai cuisine. Taste any dish from Liang’s and you’ll understand why this little stand is known for some of the best Thai food in Denver. 

Liang’s Thai Food | California St. & 16th St. Mall, Denver, CO 80202 | $$

9. Soup Dumplings at Lao Wang 

The Vibe

Some of the best Chinese food in Denver can be found in unassuming restaurants like Lao Wang Noodle House. What some might call a hole in the wall turns out to be one of the locals’ favorite places to eat in Denver, with outstanding potstickers, noodles and soup dumplings. 

What to Order

The soup dumplings at Lao Wang are picturesque pockets filled with a hot, flavorful broth and savory stuffing steamed to perfection. One bite and you’ll know why many consider Lao Wang some of the best Chinese food in Denver.

Lao Wang Noodle House | 945 S. Federal Blvd. Ste. D, Denver, CO 80219 | $$

hot Taiwanese style soup dumplings steaming in a basket
via Lao Wang Noodle House

10. Sushi at Uchi Denver 

The Vibe

Something about the Denver food scene draws incredibly talented chefs, with a number of highly acclaimed restaurateurs sharing their skills and vision with boundary-pushing establishments throughout the city. Uchi Denver showcases technique and ingredients with exquisite sushi, sashimi and a wide array of original creations. This revered restaurant presents some of the best Asian food in Denver. 

What to Order

Ordering omakase leaves your dining experience to the talented sushi chef, who will prepare a specially-selected tasting menu just for you. Stop in for happy hour to sample some of the best Asian food in Denver. Try a cool yokai berry and a hot sake or the decadent foie waffle. 

Uchi Denver | 2500 Lawrence St., Denver, CO 80205 | $$$

Best Italian Food in Denver  

11. Italian at Tavernetta 

The Vibe

Tavernetta is an upscale reflection of the Italian influence on Denver’s culinary scene with a sleek and inviting dining room and elevated Italian cooking. True to the tenets of Italian cuisine, the food at Tavernetta showcases simple ingredients, masterfully prepared and presented. It's the perfect spot for a date idea in Denver.

What to Order

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong at Tavernetta, which boasts some of the best Italian food in Denver from handmade pastas to savory meats and succulent seafood. Popular standouts include the branzino, rigatoni with lamb ragú and seasonal specials paired with a glass of wine. 

Tavernetta | 1889 16th St., Denver, CO 80202 | $$$

Tavernetta Italian is some of the best Denver food
via Tavernetta

12. Sourdough Toast at Dio Mio 

The Vibe

Dio Mio is a sleek, counter-service restaurant specializing in fresh, handmade pasta and Italian comfort. With an open kitchen, you can watch the chefs handcraft pasta and prepare each delicious plate. 

What to Order

Although Dio Mio is known for its handmade pastas and wine list, the standout Denver food that you should definitely try is the house sourdough appetizer with cured meats and a 15-year balsamic — a sweet and savory starter unlike any other. 

Dio Mio | 3264 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205 | $$$

Best Signature Food in Denver

13. Green Chili at Sam’s No. 3 

The Vibe

Sam’s No. 3 embodies the spirit of the quintessential American full-service diner and has become a staple for Denver food with three locations around the city. The menu is huge with plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids and cocktails. Started by Greek immigrant Sam Armatas in 1927, Sam’s No. 3 carries on a family legacy and has become a go-to favorite for some of the best food in Denver, Colorado.

What to Order

The extensive menu at Sam’s No. 3 features American, Greek and Mexican-inspired diner classics from breakfast plates to soups, salads, sandwiches and more, but the true star is the green chili — a ubiquitous Denver food you’ll find in bowls, oozing over hamburgers and smothering hefty burritos. Order a cup, bowl or pint of Sam’s famous green chili on its own or savor it over a burger, quesadilla or omelet for a must-try Denver food experience.

Sam’s No. 3 | Multiple Locations | $$

a smothered burrito cut in half
via Sam's No. 3

14. Mexican Hamburger at La Fogata 

The Vibe

With two locations in Denver, La Fogata blends sleek modern design with bold colors and organic touches that showcase their vibrant Mexican cuisine. Across the menu, you’ll find beloved Mexican dishes, burrito specials and combination plates. 

What to Order

Although the La Fogata menu features a number of mouth-watering choices, you have to try the Mexican hamburger, a signature Denver food. This Den-Mex icon consists of a grilled hamburger patty nestled with refried beans inside a rolled flour tortilla, then bathed in green chili and melted cheese. It’s a must-try Denver food. 

La Fogata Mexican Restaurants | Multiple Locations | $$

15. Fry Bread Tacos at Tocabe

The Vibe

Tocabe seeks to tell the story of American Indian culture through native recipes and ingredients. This American Indian-owned-and-operated restaurant infuses cultural elements with a contemporary atmosphere while showcasing indigenous cuisine. 

What to Order

Especially if you have never tried American Indian cooking, you must order the Indian taco. With this essential Denver food, your choice of toppings sits atop Tocabe’s signature fry bread for a taco experience unlike any other. 

Tocabe | Multiple Locations | $$

Fry bread tacos at Tocabe are an incredible Denver food
via Tocabe

16. Colorado Mountain Pie at Beau Jo’s

The Vibe

With a location tucked nearby in the historic suburb of Arvada, just a short drive from downtown Denver, Beau Jo’s is one of the only places to satisfy a craving for Colorado-style pizza. Beau Jo’s is cozy and familiar but also a little bit quirky, with bright, airy spaces and a bathtub salad bar. 

What to Order

The thick, sweetened crust and hearty pile of toppings give Colorado pizza the nickname of Mountain Pie, a unique Denver food distinct from other styles of pizza pie. Whether you are refueling from a day in the great outdoors or getting ready for a night on the town, choose from any of Beau Jo’s signature creations (we love the Sky Hawk!) or build your own for iconic Denver eats that will keep you going all day or night. 

Beau Jo’s | Multiple Locations | $$

17. Steubie Snacks at Steuben’s

The Vibe

Steuben’s offers an updated take on classic American dining and is a staple of the Denver food scene. Named after a historic Boston family establishment from 1945, the restaurant strives to be a happy place where diners can relax and enjoy regional American fare at its finest for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

What to Order

While perusing the menu of comfort classics like fried chicken, pot roast and lobster rolls, you will find a unique appetizer dish known as Steubie Snacks. The result of a happy accident, Steubie Snacks are braised pork shoulder pieces, deep-fried and dredged in powdered sugar. These addicting sweet and savory bites are a must-try Denver food. 

Steuben’s Uptown | 523 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80203 | $$

fried pork pieces with powdered sugar in a bowl
via Steuben's Uptown

18. Denver Omelet at Sam’s No. 3 

The Vibe

Denverites have strong opinions about their eponymous omelet, and so does Sam’s, serving it with cheese despite the original recipe omitting the beloved ingredient. Just a few blocks from Sam’s No. 3’s Curtis Street location is the Denver Omelet Plaque, a nod to the famous Denver food’s origin story. 

What to Order

A classic Denver omelet combines egg, ham, bell pepper, onion and cheese. Some say it originated as a sandwich or was adapted by Chinese laborers from the Cantonese egg foo yung using local ingredients. Whichever story you prefer, a Denver omelet at Sam’s should be on your bucket list for what to eat in Denver. 

Sam’s No. 3 | 1500 Curtis St., Denver, CO 80202 | $$

19. The Franklin at Denver Biscuit Company 

The Vibe

Denver Biscuit Company frequents Denver must-eat lists with its towering biscuit sandwiches that seem practically as tall as the Rockies themselves. The beloved breakfast café welcomes diners with bright colors, a cozy, eclectic style and a menu brimming with Southern breakfast classics. 

What to Order

With biscuit in the name, how could you not order one of those warm, fluffy buttermilk delights? Get a taste of everything with The Franklin, a pillowy biscuit stuffed with buttermilk fried chicken, bacon and cheese smothered in sausage or mushroom gravy. This hearty breakfast sandwich is so popular it has become an iconic Denver food. 

Denver Biscuit Company | Multiple Locations | $$

Denver Biscuit Company serves some of the best food in Denver
via Denver Biscuit Company

20. Farm to Table Cuisine at Annette

The Vibe

Annette perfectly balances a sleek, contemporary design with organic elements like natural light, wood and greenery to create a perfect setting for its farm-to-table cuisine. This renowned restaurant of the Denver food scene showcases regional ingredients elegantly prepared. 

What to Order

With a James Beard award winner at the helm, every choice is a good one on the Annette menu. Because the restaurant focuses heavily on local ingredients, the best choices are the ones that incorporate what is in season, but standby favorites include the vibrant carrot and radish escabeche and rich grilled beef tongue and marrow toast. 

Annette | 2501 Dallas St. Ste. 108, Aurora, CO 80010 | $$

Best Denver Foods for Meat Lovers

21. Rocky Mountain Oysters at Buckhorn Exchange 

The Vibe

Located in the city’s oldest neighborhood, Buckhorn Exchange serves hearty game meat with a side of history. This National Historic Landmark and Western Museum is distinguished as Denver’s oldest restaurant, feeding hungry patrons since 1893. The restaurant brims with artifacts and nods to its past while showcasing local wild game animals, an essential Denver food you will find across the menu. 

What to Order

Adventurous diners have a lot of options for game and exotic meats on the menu at Buckhorn Exchange including elk, smoked buffalo sausage and rattlesnake, but daring diners will want to order Colorado’s most famous dish of fried bull testicles. Commonly known as Rocky Mountain oysters, this iconic Denver food is served with a bold horseradish sauce. 

Buckhorn Exchange | 1000 Osage St., Denver, CO 80204 | $$$$

a rustic restaurant dining room decorated with animals
via Buckthorn Exchange

22. Elk Jalapeño Cheddar Dog at Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs 

The Vibe

“Biker Jim” Pittenger is not your average chef, although he has rubbed elbows with culinary icons like Anthony Bourdain and is recognized around the country for his gourmet dogs. Drawing inspiration from local game and ingredients, Biker Jim’s dogs are as colorful and intriguing as their creator, using exotic meats like ostrich, jackalope or wild boar. Toppings feature flavors from the Sonoran desert to Coney Island. You can find Biker Jim’s iconic gourmet dogs at brick-and-mortar locations or at one of his Denver food carts.

What to Order

With names like El Diablo and Drunk Pirate, you’ll probably want to try everything on the menu, but the dog that makes the most recommended Denver food list is the Elk Jalapeño Cheddar Dog. 

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs | Multiple Locations | $$

23. Bison at Appaloosa Grill 

The Vibe

Restaurant and live music venue Appaloosa Grill, also known as “The Horse,” is located on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. The ambiance blends old-world decor such as sturdy hardwood, soft lantern lighting and iron accents with a modern steakhouse menu. 

What to Order

Bison, one of Colorado’s most notable game meats, is an iconic Denver food that makes appearances across the menu in dishes ranging from Italian bison meatballs and bison chili to burgers, pastrami and of course, bison steak. To experience the natural flavors of the meat, choose your favorite cut from T-bone, filet or bone-in New York strip for a classic steakhouse-style bison dinner. 

Appaloosa Grill | 535 16th St., Ste. 110, Denver, CO 80202 | $$$

Bison meatballs at Appaloosa Grill are a signature Denver food
via Appaloosa Grill

24. Game Meat Tartare at Spuntino 

The Vibe

Housed inside a vibrant red brick building, Spuntino has been recognized as some of the best Italian food in Denver. Welcoming diners with warm, dark wood interiors, an expansive bar and covered patio seating, the Spuntino menu features cozy Italian favorites such as burrata di bufala, handmade pasta and braised pork.

What to Order

The Colorado wilderness provides ample game meat to savor while visiting the Mile High City. There’s no better way to experience the unadulterated flavor of the meat than with game meat tartare, a signature Denver food. The Alce Crudo at Spuntino showcases Rocky Mountain elk accentuated with ginger, garlic and toasted masala aioli. 

Spuntino | 2639 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211 | $$$

25. Cowboy Cuisine at The Fort

The Vibe

A short drive from the city and into Red Rocks country, The Fort hearkens back to the days of the Wild West, serving historic cowboy cuisine —  an integral part of the story of Denver food. Visiting The Fort is an experience in itself. It’s a full-scale adobe replica of a famous 19th-century trading fort. 

What to Order

The menu is inspired by historic recipes from trappers, traders and American Indian communities featuring buffalo, game meats and homestyle desserts. For a taste of Denver food from the past, try the peanut butter stuffed jalapeños escabeche or bison tongue. Hungry travelers can sample these dishes and then some with the hearty Historian’s Platter.

The Fort | 19192 CO-8, Morrison, CO 80465 | $$$

a platter peanut butter stuffed peppers and sausages from The Fort
via The Fort

26. Colorado Lamb at Rioja 

The Vibe

The fresh, sleek ambiance at Rioja reflects the restaurant’s approach to cuisine: bright Mediterranean ingredients influenced by local and seasonal products. Rioja offers an upscale yet approachable experience of gourmet Denver food. 

What to Order

Denver is a mecca for premium and game meats, with Colorado Lamb being highly prized among them. Inspired by Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines, Rioja and lamb are a match made in heaven. The Colorado lamb loin is expertly paired with colorful accompaniments that highlight the rich flavor of the lamb. 

Rioja |1431 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80202 | $$$

Best Burgers in Denver

27. Burgers at The Cherry Cricket 

The Vibe

A self-proclaimed “burger dive,” The Cherry Cricket has been serving delicious Denver food since 1945. The colorful interior invokes memories of simpler times in a bygone era, with plenty of space at the bar to enjoy a beer with good friends. 

What to Order

Burger lovers will be in paradise at The Cherry Cricket with its multiple award-winning burgers and lots of toppings for customizing your own perfect burger. Pair the People’s Choice-winning 720 Jammin’ Poblano Burger with a local beer for an unbeatable Denver food combo. 

The Cherry Cricket | Multiple Locations | $$

a cheeseburger with onion rings and bottles of condiments
via The Cherry Cricket

28. JCB at My Brother’s Bar

The Vibe

There are so many amazing burgers in Denver that we had to include a second stop at My Brother’s Bar. Considered the oldest bar in Denver, operating since 1873, this storied establishment serves up some of the best food in Denver along with a full bar and rotating selection of beers on draft. 

What to Order

Another contender for the title of Best Burger in the Denver food scene, we suggest you order the JCB with luscious jalapeño cream cheese and decide for yourself. 

My Brother’s Bar | 2376 15th St., Denver, CO 80202 | $$

Best Ice Cream and Desserts in Denver

29. Salted Oreo Ice Cream at Little Man Ice Cream 

The Vibe

Right next to Linger, you can’t miss the iconic milk-jug-shaped scoop shop, Little Man Ice Cream. Channeling nostalgia for the mid-20th century, Little Man Ice Cream serves whimsical Denver food, from cups and cones to sundaes and shakes. 

What to Order

While you can build your own ice cream masterpiece with Little Man’s wide range of flavors and toppings, for an unforgettable Denver food experience, we recommend the salted Oreo ice cream with its perfect blend of salty and sweet.  

Little Man Ice Cream | 2620 16th St., Denver, CO 80211 | $$

a large cylindrical building in a downtown setting that reads Little Man Ice Cream
via Little Man Ice Cream

30. Peach Galette at Wooden Spoon Café and Bakery 

The Vibe

This European-style bakery and café is a picturesque stop for pastries, coffee or a light lunch. With a wide window for viewing all the delicious sweets and chalkboard signs with the daily offerings, Wooden Spoon Café and Bakery is a charming place to pick up breakfast or enjoy a coffee and pastry.

What to Order

The peach galette blends classic French pâtisserie with local Denver food by incorporating regional Palisade peaches for a sweet and flaky treat.

Wooden Spoon Café and Bakery | 2418 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211 | $

31. Craft Beer Ice Cream at Sweet Action Ice Cream

The Vibe

While Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival, colorful and quaint Sweet Action Ice Cream serves ice cream concoctions incorporating local brews, creating an iconic Denver food experience. The first beer-and-ice-cream creation was a Vanilla Porter made in partnership with Breckenridge Brewery in 2009, and the list of boozy flavors has continued to grow ever since. 

What to Order

The flavors change from time to time, so your best chance of getting a beer-inspired scoop is to visit during or around the Great American Beer Festival. You can always find all kinds of fun and intriguing flavors on the Sweet Action menu, though. 

Sweet Action Ice Cream | 52 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 | $

Sweet Action Ice Cream serves some of the best sweet dessert food
via Sweet Action Ice Cream

32. Cinnamon Rolls at Butcher Block Café 

The Vibe

The family-owned Butcher Block Café oozes with small-town charm, serving homestyle meals including hearty breakfast plates and diner-style burgers that have become a staple of the Denver food scene. 

What to Order

The Butcher Block Café is renowned for its homemade cinnamon rolls, so whatever you decide to order, make sure to add a soft, gooey cinnamon roll for dessert. 

The Butcher Block Café | Multiple Locations | $

33. Ice Cream Flight at High Point Creamery

The Vibe

With so many innovative ice cream shops, it’s clear that some of the best food in Denver, Colorado is dessert. High Point Creamery, a colorful, eclectic ice cream shop, has made a name for itself in the Denver food scene and beyond with its innovative and indulgent flavor combinations. 

What to Order

You’ll want to try as many flavors as possible, so make sure to get the flight with up to six choices of ice creams to sample.

High Point Creamery | Multiple Locations | $

a platter of five small ice cream dishes and one dark sauce from High Point Creamery
via High Point Creamery

Best Unique Dining Experiences in Denver

34. Linger 

The Vibe

Housed in a former mortuary, the lively, popular Denver food “eatuary” layers macabre remnants of its past with posh modern decor. Linger features a rooftop lounge and global small plates that make a perfect combination for weekend late-night food in Denver with friends. 

What to Order

One of the best things about small plates is getting to taste a wide variety of dishes, each with its own unique flavors and textures. Sample the diverse selection of fluffy bao with the Bao Bun Trio. Try a tangy Peruvian ceviche. Bite into a crispy potato masala dosa, and savor a pho summer roll with 48-hour short ribs for a well-rounded international taste of the Linger menu.

Linger | 2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO 80211 | $$

35. Local Trout at Lucile’s Creole Café 

The Vibe

Lucile’s Creole Café offers two signature Denver food favorites, brunch and Rocky Mountain trout, with a Creole twist. The decor channels the unmistakable feel of New Orleans, and the menu is brimming with Creole breakfast classics. 

What to Order

Enjoy local Rocky Mountain trout Creole-style when you order the Eggs Pontchartrain, a Louisiana twist on a classic eggs Benedict. When it comes to breakfast or brunch, Lucile’s is one of the must-eat places in Denver. 

Lucile’s Creole Café | Multiple Locations | $$

Lucile's Creole Cafe serves Denver food New Orleans style
via Lucile's Creole Cafe

36. Vegetarian and Vegan at Root Down 

The Vibe

The enigmatic Root Down combines funky, mid-century style with colorful, organic decor to create a uniquely artistic ambiance. The menu draws from seasonal flavors with global influences for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, proving you don’t have to be a meat eater to enjoy good food in Denver.

What to Order

Although the menu features both meat and vegetable-focused offerings, the vegetarian cuisine shines, from the veggie burger sliders with jalapeño jam and Colombian arepas to the vegan fried tofu “paneer” and roasted kabocha pie. 

Root Down | 1600 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO 80211 | $$

37. Sugar Steak at Bastien’s Restaurant 

The Vibe

Known as home of the sugar steak, Bastien’s is a classic Denver steakhouse and local favorite for its signature sweet and savory rub. The unique yurt-like setting distinguishes it from your average steakhouse with soft lighting and a rustic yet sophisticated ambiance. 

What to Order

Although the menu includes tantalizing options of seafood, burgers and specials, the go-to choice when dining at Bastien’s for a classic Denver food experience is the restaurant’s signature sugar rub on ribeye or New York strip. You can also try the famous sugar rub on a juicy burger or steak sandwich. 

Bastien’s Restaurant | 3503 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206 | $$$

a juicy steak, baked potato and sauteed vegetables
via Bastien's Restaurant

38. Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace 

The Vibe

The Brown Palace is a four-star hotel with classical, sweeping architecture and an eight-story atrium that never ceases to impress. Delight in a traditional English tea in the heart of the hotel while listening to the soft sounds of the grand piano — a unique Denver food experience.

What to Order

Choose from specially curated packages featuring a tea of your selection along with dainty finger sandwiches, preserves, classic tea pastries and homemade scones with Devonshire cream. Some packages include a glass or bottle of wine and salted dark chocolate truffles. The wide selection of teas ranges from green, black and herbal teas to specialty blends. The Earl Grey lavender is a cozy complement to the classic English spread.

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa | 321 17th St., Denver, CO 80202 | $$$

Best Beer, Cocktails or Coffee in Denver

39. Coffee at Prodigy Coffeehouse 

The Vibe

Coffee is a big deal in Denver, but Prodigy Coffeehouse sets itself apart as a craft coffeehouse that mentors young adults through its non-profit apprenticeship program. The shop is a cozy place to chat with friends, read a book or get some work done while enjoying a signature brew. 

What to Order

The specialty menu is always a good place to start, but we love the housemade chai or a classic, creamy latte. 

Prodigy Coffeehouse | 3801 E. 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80205 | $

exterior view of Prodigy Coffee House with parked bikes and outdoor seating
via Prodigy Coffee House

40. German Cuisine at Prost Biergarten 

The Vibe

With a long history of German heritage influencing the Denver food scene, it’s no surprise to find an impressive biergarten in the heart of the city. With large family-style picnic tables and plenty of nods to the motherland, Prost Biergarten serves classic German staples that pair perfectly with a pint of beer. 

What to Order

When it comes to German food, it doesn’t get much better than a fresh, hot pretzel and a hearty sausage washed down with your favorite German-style beer. 

Prost Brewing Co. & Biergarten Denver | 2540 19th St., Denver, CO 80211 | $$

41. Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails at Welton Room 

The Vibe

The trendy Welton Room is an innovative cocktail bar expanding the boundaries of the Denver food scene. The chic venue serves specially crafted cocktails that indulge all the senses. With the addition of an upcoming lush lounge, the Welton Room also plans to serve modern small plates inspired by global cuisines that we can’t wait to try!

What to Order

The Welton Room is renowned for its liquid nitrogen cocktails that add a touch of whimsy and mystique to their contemporary beverages. The Popsicle conjures fond memories of a warm summer day with notes of elderflower, sweet strawberry and fresh lemon, and the Oaxaca Vibes whisks you away to a Mexican riviera, bursting with the flavors of pineapple, yuzu and mezcal. 

Welton Room | 2590 Welton St. #103, Denver, CO 80205 | $$

red cocktails with red popsicles turned upside-down in them
via Welton Room

From hearty game meats and nostalgic diners to innovative fine dining and creative ice creams, Denver food is as unique and adventurous as the people who live there. With a rich history and wide range of cultural influences, the vibrant Denver food scene thrives on diversity, heritage and innovation. These delicious Denver foods highlight the storied past and exciting future of food in the Mile High City. 

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