29 Fun Date Ideas in Glasgow for 2024

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Date ideas in Glasgow.

Given the sheer number of date ideas Glasgow has to offer, you could spend your days trying out every single one of them. Glasgow has it all, from romantic nooks and crannies to graffiti-covered arcade areas, quirky drinking spots and adult playgrounds to fine-dining restaurants.

Whatever you have in mind for your next date in Glasgow, worry not, because we’ve got you covered in this handy guide. As we outline 29 of the best date ideas Glasgow can offer, leave behind your worries and nerves, and let the fun begin.

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Fun Date Ideas in Glasgow for Foodies

1. Cooking Class

In relationships, bonds are usually strengthened over a shared experience. Cooking classes in Glasgow are all about engaging and interacting with your partner as you learn something new together and make shared memories. Sign up for a fun cooking class with Cozymeal and at the end of the day, you two lovebirds can sit and enjoy the food you’ve made together, savouring precious moments at your own pace. 

Cooking classes are a fantastic date idea in Glasgow for couples who love food.
via Cozymeal

2. Private Chef Meal

Some of the best date ideas Glasgow has to offer are not just about showering the other person with care and attention. It’s about seeking a milestone together, and the private chefs in Glasgow offer an intimate dining experience for a perfect date. The exclusivity and pampering that come from having a meal prepared specially to suit your tastes is truly unforgettable, letting you embark upon a memorable culinary journey together. 

3. Online Mixology Classes

If you’re looking for something different to do on your date night in Glasgow, a mixology class offers just the kick you need. Plus, online mixology classes are a unique twist to traditional outings and bring all the romance of date right to the comfort of your home. Interact or collaborate with skilled mixologists as you explore local flavors and a wide range of mixing techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Learn to mix your own cocktails with a mixology class.
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4. Streetfood at Dockyard Social

Getting some good quality food is a great way to spend your date night, but how about being served by carefully selected food vendors who offer the biggest and best flavours from around the world under one roof in a delightful atmosphere? A trip to Dockyard Social is one of the best date ideas Glasgow has to offer — quick bites, street food, fast food and bar facilities as well as vegan-friendly options for lunch and dinner. 

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5. Flight Club Glasgow

“What could be better than playing darts on a date night?” you ask? Well, if you’re ready to supercharge your special evening by combining the fun of social darts with some of the best cocktails, brunch options, delicious food and weekend DJs partying all night in a beautiful bar setting, then the Flight Club is where you’ll be. You cannot miss out on indulging in these fun date ideas Glasgow offers to fun-seeking foodie lovebirds.

Date night ideas don't come much better than an evening at Flight Club.
via Flight Club Glasgow

Date Night Ideas in Glasgow

6. Fayre Play

The nightlife in Glasgow is a treat to experience and Fayre Play is the ultimate offering of fun for couples looking to have a really good date night in Glasgow. You’ll find locally inspired fair games, the finest food Glasgow has to offer and delicious cocktails rolled into a package that will have you getting competitive as the night rolls on.

7. R-Cade

The best thing about exploring date ideas in Glasgow is the diversity of things to do. A prime example of this is R-Cade. This family-friendly retro gaming arcade by day transforms into a BYOB party venue by night. Moreover, it offers the most delicious instant ramen in a unique twist to a classic arcade setting, making it a must-visit spot for lovebirds seeking exciting places to spend quality time together.

Spend an evening enjoying retro entertainment together at R-Cade.
via R-Cade

8. The Stand Comedy Club

If you fancy some good food over drinks and a good laugh with your date night partner, The Stand is the perfect choice for your evening entertainment. Date ideas in Glasgow are abundant but the comedy scene is genuine only in selected clubs. At The Stand, the wide range of acts is loyal to its crowd in an intimate setting, creating the perfect ambience to spend time with your special one.

9. Red Sky Bar

Some of the best moments are made when you’re in for a lovely surprise and a trip to Red Sky Bar is nothing short of one of Glasgow’s greatest date ideas. The vistas are astounding, covering land and sea and injecting a different energy into your outing. You’ll find a host of delicacies in this cultural hotpot with drinks tailored to your tastes. If you’re staying late, you’ll even get to catch a DJ in action every weekend, blasting with energy that will have you dancing through the night. 

A night enjoying the views from Red Sky Bar is a superb date idea in Glasgow.
via Red Sky Bar

10. Escape Reality Glasgow

One of the many perks of doing a fun activity as a couple is how you grow and bond while sharing thoughts and emotions and making it through a given situation. Head to Escape Reality and find one of the most immersive date night ideas in Glasgow. You’ll have to navigate your way around an escape room, solving clues and riddles as you battle against time to make it out in one piece. Well, not literally, but it's worth every moment spent together.

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Free and Cheap Date Ideas in Glasgow

11. Latin Dance Class

If you haven’t danced in the streets of Glasgow, you haven’t really experienced the joy of a Latin date. And if you’re haunted by the fear of not knowing how to dance, sign up for one of many Latin Dance classes through Facebook. You could check out the city’s best dance studios, however, online dance groups are the easiest means of learning new moves with like-minded enthusiasts. Whether it is salsa, tango or bachata, you’ll have a wild time with your date learning to Latin dance together.

Learn to dance, Latin style!
via Canva

12. Waxy O' Connor's

Take a trip to one of the quirkier bars in Glasgow — Waxy O' Connor's. Expect delicious Irish style food, Guinness (poured properly!) and warm vibes thanks to the décor, defined by stained-glass windows and gorgeous carpentry. Check the website to see what's happening; whether you and your date are into sports, live music or just a cosy drink together, this is a date idea in Glasgow that you should definitely consider.

13. Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Another one of those solid and cheap date ideas in Glasgow that you can experience while sightseeing the town, with outdoor treasure hunts, you can soak in some daylight, solve riddles and work with other groups to get to the final treasure. Unlike indoor escape rooms or treasure hunt events, moving outdoors is fun and engaging with clues hidden in statues and buildings; there’s also the possibility of losing direction and meeting new people as you try to get back on track! 

Outdoor treasure hunts are one of the best date ideas Glasgow has to offer outdoor enthusiasts.
via Canva

14. Mountain Bike Trails

For those of you who love spending time in nature, biking along scenic mountain trails at your own pace is one of the best free date ideas Glasgow offers. While there are a couple of good biking trails in Glasgow, Cathkin Braes offers options for easy and intermediate levels. Panoramic views are the norm as you keep going higher on an uncultivated land, untouched by development or tourists. The forest offers refreshing vistas and the birds are forever chirping to an unheard melody, making your first date a definite success.

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15. Botanic Gardens of Glasgow

Picture this as one of your date ideas in Glasgow: an afternoon spent exploring the Botanic Gardens of Glasgow. Enter without paying for a ticket and lose yourself on the beautiful pathways with lush greenery. Every moment is magic whether you're whispering sweet nothings or stealing kisses in secluded corners. As the sun sets, watch the gardens in the Kibble Palace come alive with soft, romantic lighting, setting the stage for an unforgettable date night immersed in nature's embrace.

Visit the Botanic Gardens of Glasgow.
via Botanic Gardens of Glasgow

First Date Ideas in Glasgow

16. Super Bario

Head over to Super Bario, a super-cool arcade bar tucked away in an inconspicuous space boasting classic old games like Mortal Kombat, Pinball and Pac-Man, coupled with an excellent range of spirits and beers, sourced both locally and further afield. Although a little short on floor space, Super Bario offers a first date idea in Glasgow with all the comfort and fun you need to get to know your partner better.

17. Mowgli Glasgow

If you’re seeking somewhere that can start your date with a big bang, Mowgli is the place to be. Serving Indian cuisine, this stunning spot in the city centre is truly a ‘wow’ date idea in Glasgow, perfect for first-time lovebirds. You’ve got hanging fairy lights, swoon-worthy décor and a huge tree to marvel at — and it’s all indoors. The food doesn’t disappoint either, making this a date with a lot of firsts for those who haven’t tried Indian cuisine before.

For a Glasgow date idea with the
via Mowgli Glasgow

18. Powerboat Trips

Oh, it's nothing fancy, just a little water stroll across the Clyde River, sightseeing the shipbuilding area and gaining a whole new perspective of this wonderful city through a powerboat water cruise. Couples looking for something sweet can power down the Clyde and make a trip to the Krispy Kreme donut factory, before finishing on a romantic high by watching the sun set. This fast-paced cruise will help you leave your worries behind as you cut through the serene waters for an evening well spent.

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19. Vodka Wodka

If a casual drink to break the ice is the sort of first date idea in Glasgow that you have in mind, then head to Vodka Wodka. Known for its beer garden, into-the-night party vibes and wide selection of cocktails, it’s a great spot for both parties to relax and get to know each other, without the oppressive silence that seems to force awkward small talk! 

Break the ice with a specialty cocktail.
via Vodka Wodka

Indoor Date Ideas in Glasgow

20. Trampoline Park

Life is full of ups and downs, but this date idea in Glasgow definitely counts as an up. At Flip Out Glasgow, you’ll spend your time bouncing, spinning and flapping around at the mercy of your date. You might feel a little sore at the end of the day but the variety of trampoline options is sure to keep you both on your toes.

21. The Big Feed

Ready to spice up your date night with an epic food fest? If so, look no further than The Big Feed. The best date ideas in Glasgow aren’t just about creating unforgettable moments together; they can also include sharing some unforgettable food! With a mix of local favourites and global flavours, you're in for a treat. You’ll find some of the most delectable delicacies unique to The Big Feed, including the popular Shrimp Wreck, Nomad Pizza, The Prosecco Chaps and more. Enjoy the cosy vibes, tasty bites and endless conversations, and see why everyone’s raving about this popular Glasgow establishment.

Visit The Big Feed for a choice of incredible global cuisine.
via The Big Feed

22. The Burrell Collection in Glasgow

Looking for a date idea that's as unique as your connection? If so, The Burrell Collection in Glasgow has got you covered. Take a stroll hand in hand through a stunning modernist building deep in the heart of Pollok Country Park. You'll be surrounded by captivating art from across the globe, sparking conversations and creating memories together. The hieroglyphic carvings, the Christian iconography and the cuneiform tablets — amongst many other sights—will quickly reveal the Burrell Collection as one of the best date ideas in Glasgow. 

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23. Stack & Still

Are you still having trouble choosing from our list of date ideas in Glasgow? Stack & Still will help you make up your mind. Perfect for a daytime date where an unforgettable breakfast in Glasgow is the order of the day, dive into a world of pancake possibilities and pick from a tempting array of toppings. It's not just a meal, it's an adventure — laid-back, enjoyable and completely unique. And guess what? It’s smack-bang in the middle of Glasgow, so it will be super convenient for your itinerary.  

For breakfast date ideas in Glasgow, Stack & Still is tough to beat.
via Stack & Still

24. Mini Golf

Shake things up with one of the best indoor date ideas in Glasgow — Mini Golf. Come rain or shine, picture you and your date sharing laughs over tricky shots and celebrating those lucky hole-in-ones. It's not just a game; it's a chance to connect, giggle and create memories that'll last. Don't let the weather dampen your plans — grab your date and putt your way to a memorable indoor adventure in Glasgow.

25. Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

A trip to Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is a date idea in Glasgow well worth considering. This haven of creativity and inspiration is waiting to be explored with your special someone. You will lose yourselves across four floors of vibrant contemporary art, sparking conversations and sharing laughs as you discover new favourites together. Trust us, a date at GoMA is sure to be a masterpiece.

Admire the displays together at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.
via Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

26. Glasgow Science Centre

This isn’t a suggestion for a nerdy date in a science centre, but one of the many classic date ideas Glasgow has to offer in the iconic Glasgow Tower. Set your love soaring as you and your plus-one take in the city’s skyline from atop a rotating, free-standing structure equivalent to the height of 30 double-decker buses. Capture Glasgow in all its glory with the surroundings and the River Clyde weaving through the landscape, offering solace to the observer for a date night well spent.

Romantic Date Ideas in Glasgow

27. Spa at Blythswood Square

Ready to turn up the romance in Glasgow? Treat yourselves to the ultimate relaxation with a couple's massage and spa day at the Spa at Blythswood Square. Imagine you and your partner, side by side, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a tranquil oasis. It's more than just pampering; it's a chance to deepen your connection and create unforgettable moments together. So why wait? Choose this as one of your date ideas in Glasgow and let love bloom in the heart of the city.

A couple's massage has to be one of the most romantic date ideas Glasgow has to offer.
via Spa at Blythswood Square

28. House For an Art Lover

Set within the beautiful gardens of the city's Bellahouston Park, House For an Art Lover is home to an art gallery, exhibition space, events venue, café and artists' studios. It also serves as a wedding venue — testament to the romance that hangs palpably in the air here. As the name suggests, it is a haven for those who appreciate the results of creative expression, perfect if you and your date share an interest in the arts and are looking for a romantic date idea in Glasgow. You'll be able to explore the art on display with help from an audio guide, before stopping in the café for lunch or Afternoon Tea.

29. Sloans’ Ceilidh

Does dancing your heart out sound like the perfect romantic date idea in Glasgow? Well, now you can. Experiencing the heart and soul of Scotland at Sloans' Ceilidh in Glasgow is a must if you’re here to be romantic. It's not going to be just any Friday night out—it's a lively celebration of traditional Scottish dancing and music. And when you're ready for a break, treat yourself to some hearty Scottish grub and drinks. It's the ideal recipe for a memorable date night in Glasgow.

Dance the night away together at Sloan's Celidh
via Sloan's Celidh

A treasure trove of things to do, places to explore, experiences to soak in and memories to be made, there are lots of date ideas in Glasgow to be considered. Explore the nearby countryside, explore its burgeoning culinary scene, witness incredible urban vistas or dance the night away at one of the city’s countless bars.

Whichever date idea in Glasgow suits you and your partner best, with the varied selection above, you and your date can cherish your time together as you embark upon an itinerary of love. The only question remaining, is what will the two of you try first?

For even more ways to explore Glasgow and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.