33 Fun Charleston Date Ideas for 2024

Published on March 22, 2024 | 0 Comments
A couple hugging in a vineyard

If you're looking for Charleston date ideas, you're in luck as there are many memorable things to do here with your other half. Whether you and your partner are locals or just passing through, you'll be able to make lasting memories while exploring this city that's full of Southern charm.

From leisurely strolls walking hand-in-hand along the Pitt Street Bridge to indulging in award-winning fine dining experiences or shopping around farmers markets, this list features Charleston date ideas for every type of couple.


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Date Ideas in Charleston for Foodies

1. Try a Cooking Class

Cooking classes offer a unique way to grow closer to your partner while learning a new skill together. With this Charleston date idea, you can break free from your tradition of going to the same few restaurants and look at dinner as more of an experience. All cooking classes in Charleston boast a multi-course menu and are led by world-class chefs, allowing you and your partner to learn from the best of the best.

A cooking class is a fun Charleston date idea
via Cozymeal

2. Embark on a Food Tour

Discover the unique culinary scene with food tours in Charleston that are run by guides who are experts on local cuisine. Let them do the work in choosing the best dishes to taste while you relax and try new things. This Charleston date idea is perfect for those looking to expand not only their palate but also their knowledge of the culture and history of the city.

3. Explore the Food Truck Scene

If street food is the way to your date’s heart, checking out some Charleston Food Trucks is a must-do Charleston date idea. From falafels to vegan burgers, there are plenty of options for every mood. To take this Charleston date idea to the next level, you could even embark on a progressive dinner and get a different course at each truck.

People in front of food trucks
via Charleston Food Trucks

4. Visit a Winery on Wadmalaw Island

Date ideas in Charleston, SC can hardly get better than sipping on the finest wines and sampling cheese under the enchanting trees of Deep Water Vineyard. Located on Wadmalaw Island, the winery comprises 48 acres that you can explore before doing a wine tasting. There are also local food trucks and live music to enhance your experience further. This Charleston date idea is the perfect escape for couples with a thirst not just for wine, but also for magical landscapes.

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5. Check Out Local Farmers Markets

What better way to make a foodie’s day than to take them to the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market so that they can pick out their favorite local and fresh foods? After indulging in the vibrant atmosphere and delicious treats, surprise your partner with a charming picnic by the waterfront to make this Charleston date idea even more perfect. 

You can also take your market haul home for a cozy afternoon of sampling the best bites the region has to offer. If you want to enjoy a similar Charleston date idea again, there are lots of other farmers markets across the city to check out. 

Going to the farmers market is a great Charleston date idea to find local produce
via Canva

Date Night Ideas in Charleston

6. Attend an Improv Show

For an inexpensive Charleston date idea that is sure to end in uproarious laughter, check out Theater 99. Improv shows provide a shared experience that breaks the ice effortlessly, fostering a relaxed atmosphere for laughter and connection. With built-in entertainment and no pressure to keep the conversation flowing, it's a surefire way to have a fun and memorable date together. Crowd participation is optional but will likely improve your experience and leave you with stories to joke about years down the road. 

7. Experience Live Jazz Music With Dinner

Fine dining paired with live jazz music makes for an elegant Charleston date idea. Serving up imaginative dishes and unparalleled hospitality, Charleston Grill at The Charleston Place is guaranteed to impress your partner. Immerse yourselves in soulful melodies and an intimate ambiance as you savor each other's company.

A woman singing with a jazz band
via The Charleston Place

8. Enjoy Bowling and Brews

There is hardly a more classic date night idea in Charleston, SC than a night out at the bowling alley. Grab your partner and head on over to The Alley for a few drinks and a few hours knocking down some pins. This casual Charleston date idea is also perfect for when you’re short on first date ideas.

9. Experiment With Candle Making

Taking your date to a candle-making workshop at Candlefish gives you the opportunity to strike a careful balance of scents to create your perfect, personalized candle fragrance. What makes this Charleston date idea even more special is that you each get to take your own unique candles home that you can light when you want to feel closer to your partner or be reminded of this special date.

Candle making is a good Charleston date idea for creative couples
via Candlefish

10. Shop at Charleston Night Market

The Charleston Night Market is one of the largest and most diverse art markets in the country, exclusively offering handmade and local products. Holding hands, strolling around and peering into each shop is an exciting activity as you never know what you’ll find and come to cherish. This Charleston date idea is perfect for couples looking to get their fix of creativity, culture and discovery.

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11. Imbibe at a Rooftop Bar

Sipping on one of the signature cocktails at The Rooftop at the Vendue while you and your date watch the sunset over the city skyline is one of the most romantic and laid-back date ideas in Charleston. The relaxed atmosphere also lends itself well to casual and spontaneous interactions, making it easy to connect and have fun without any pressure.

A couple having a glass of champagne on a rooftop at night
via The Rooftop at the Vendue

Outdoor Date Ideas in Charleston

12. Sail on Schooner Pride

A Charleston date idea that’s as unique as it is extraordinary is a trip on the Schooner Pride. Hop aboard this classic three-mast sailboat for a magical moonlight sail through Charleston Harbor. The Schooner Pride is reminiscent of something you’d see in “Pirates of the Caribbean” but, instead of stealing from you, they offer you beer and wine while you watch the city go by. 

13. Watch for Dolphins

One of the most special and memorable Charleston date ideas is a dolphin-watching tour with Captain Cocktail Cruises. Bring your own drinks and snacks for this hour-and-a-half-long excursion through Charleston Harbor and Shem Creek. For people who don't frequent the coast, seeing a pod of dolphins dancing and leaping playfully very well could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dolphins in the water with a boat in the background
via Canva

14. Stroll the Pitt Street Bridge

Walking along the Pitt Street Bridge is one of the most low-key Charleston date ideas. This casual walk provides a romantic backdrop for you and your partner to have deep conversations and enjoy each other's company. This activity is also perfect if you want to bring man’s best friend along on your date.

15. Catch a Soccer Game

If having a beer and watching a game is more up your date’s alley, take them to a Charleston Battery match. Watching a live game is a truly exhilarating experience. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the sport, the passion and intensity of this Charleston date idea are infectious, encouraging exciting conversations and moments of genuine connection. Even if you don’t know exactly what’s going on, the cheering from the loyal fans will leave you feeling energized.   

Soccer players playing a game
via Charleston Battery

16. Explore the City Through Geocaching

Grab your phone and put on your walking shoes for this Charleston date idea. Geocaching is essentially modern-day treasure hunting where you use clues and GPS coordinates to find containers and write your names in the log book inside. Sometimes geocaches will even have trinkets in them that you replace with one of your own.

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17. Tube on the Edisto River

Just an hour outside Charleston, you can unwind with a relaxing float down the river by booking a tubing trip via Edisto River Adventures. After your float, you can spend some time playing games and meeting new people back at the on-shore ‘Outpost’ area.

This is one of the best things to do in Charleston, SC for couples, so grab another duo and make it a double (or triple) date! There’s hardly anything more refreshing than cruising down the river and sipping a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Tubing down the Edisto River is a relaxing Charleston date idea
via Edisto River Adventures

Romantic Date Ideas in Charleston

18. Recreate The Notebook’s Rowboat Scene at Cypress Gardens

If you’ve ever seen “The Notebook” then you know about the iconic rowboat scene, but you may not know that it was filmed at the Cypress Gardens. Your partner won’t easily forget this charming and nostalgic Charleston date idea, especially if you playfully splash them with some water and quote your favorite lines from the movie.

19. Explore the Charleston Tea Garden

For a free and romantic Charleston date idea, take a tour of the Charleston Tea Garden, which is America’s only tea garden. After learning about the tea-making process, you can amble together throughout the grounds to appreciate the hundreds of tea bushes.

An old fashioned house surrounded by trees
via Charleston Tea Garden

20. Relax With a Spa Day

Unwinding and letting the massage therapist work all the tension out of your body at Salt Spa is one of the most relaxing and romantic Charleston date ideas. Pair your couples massage with a visit to the infrared sauna to complete your wellness visit and leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and utterly pampered.

21. Horseback Ride Together

Looking for a Charleston date idea that strikes a careful balance between adventure and romance? Then taking a guided horseback tour at the Middleton Place Equestrian Center will definitely appeal to you. During the tour, you can discover the beauty of the area while spending time with your loved one and improving your riding skills.

Horseback riding is a great Charleston date idea if you want to explore nature
via Canva

22. Decompress With a Staycation

Escape from the grind of your day-to-day life with a staycation at Wentworth Mansion. With original fireplaces, afternoon wine with hors d'oeuvres and both a spa and fine-dining restaurant onsite, you’ll have no need or desire to leave. This Charleston date idea is perfect for couples who love a little luxury.

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23. Marvel at the Oak Tree on John’s Island

At 400 to 500 years old, a visit to Angel Oak on John’s Island is a visit to one of the oldest living things in the country. This free Charleston date idea is likewise a great picnic date idea, though it is good to know that while you cannot lounge under its majestic branches, you can enjoy a picnic at nearby tables and still admire its grandeur. Cherished as a “Lowcountry Treasure,” the Angel Oak stands as a symbol of natural beauty and is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

A large old tree
via Canva

24. Admire a Sunset From Charleston Harbor

Taking in the beauty of a sunset always makes for a wholesome moment with your partner, but if you do it from the charming Charleston Harbor, you’ve got yourself one of the most romantic Charleston date ideas. Walk hand in hand along the waterfront and take a seat to look at the horizon while the vibrant colors of the sunset all come together to make a breathtaking background for your date.

Adventurous Date Ideas in Charleston

25. Break Things and Relieve Stress

No matter what’s been bugging you lately, a trip to The Break Room may be just what the doctor ordered. This Charleston date idea will not only be entertaining as you watch your date smash a plate with a bat but will also be healing as you can de-stress from the week. 

Going to a smashroom is the perfect Charleston date idea to relieve stress
via The Break Room

26. Dare To Go on a Ghost and Dungeon Tour

This Charleston date idea is not for the faint of heart! Being one of the first towns established in America means that there is a definitively spooky history tied to it. A tour with Bulldog Tours will take you through the haunted streets and into the dungeons where stories of death will have you holding your date’s hand tightly.

27. Test Your Limits at an Adventure Park

This Charleston date idea encourages you to climb high and push yourself out of your comfort zone. At Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, you and your date can traverse the jungle gym-like obstacles suspended in the air and work your way up through the different difficulty levels. You’ll leave feeling a bit tired but very empowered and with a new perspective on how you and your partner handle challenging situations.

A man ziplining between the trees
via Canva

28. Lace up and Hit the Ice

Open year-round, going to the Carolina Ice Palace is the perfect Charleston date idea for when the weather is less than favorable but you still want to do something adventurous. This activity is also perfect to add to your list of winter date ideas for when you want to pretend you’re in a winter wonderland. Maybe even fake a stumble so that your loving partner can come quickly to your aid and hold you close.

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Indoor Date Ideas in Charleston

29. Craft Unique Cocktails at Home

This Charleston date idea is ideal for couples who want to try something new from the comfort of their own home. Trying your hand at crafting unique cocktails with an online mixology class offers you the chance to learn how to mix your favorite drinks or discover some unique cocktail or mocktail recipes. Some classes even ship out kits with some of the necessary ingredients and tools so you don’t need to buy everything yourselves.

Making cocktails at home is the ideal Charleston date idea for a night in
via Canva

30. Encounter Aquatic Life at the South Carolina Aquarium

Proudly exclaiming that you found Nemo and Dory while simultaneously being speechless as you stare at the graceful movements of the jellyfish is what you’re in for with this Charleston date idea. Embrace your childlike wonder at the South Carolina Aquarium as you discover new species and some of the marine life’s hidden treasures.

31. See a Play at a Historic Theater

If your date has an affinity for the arts, then you have to catch a play at the Dock Street Theatre. Established in 1736, it is touted as the first theater in the United States built solely for theatrical performances. This Charleston date idea is rich with history and is sure to keep your other half entertained. 

A man and woman performing at the theater
via Dock Street Theatre

32. Go to the Movies 

The award-winning Terrace Theater is the best place in Charleston to take your partner out for popcorn and a movie. Aside from the ever-important comfortable theater seating, they offer beer, wine and gelato to enjoy with the movie and there are even board games in the waiting area. With its carefully-curated nostalgic vibe, this Charleston date idea sets the stage for a memorable evening with your loved one.

33. Test Your Wits at an Escape Room

Working together to solve clues and make your grand escape from a themed room at Break Out Charleston is the perfect Charleston date idea for a double date. Each puzzle takes you through multiple rooms for more variety. This layout also keeps you guessing which door is the last one.

Tackling an escape game is one of the most fun Charleston date ideas
via Break Out Charleston

As one of the oldest cities in America, it’s not surprising that there is no shortage of things to do in Charleston, SC for couples. This charming city boasts expansive waterfront views, countless outdoor activities and tours that allow you to appreciate the city’s history. This list of 33 Charleston date ideas offers an abundance of captivating options that cater to a diverse range of interests, ensuring couples can create unforgettable memories together.

For even more ways to explore Charleston and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.