Chef Anup

Chef Anup

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Chef Anup's work can be found all over NYC. After graduating culinary school in 2002, the chef started his cooking career at the original Boqueria. Chef Anup also made his mark at Tertulia Restaurant and El Colmado before opening his own eatery in Manhattan. A well-rounded chef with menus that touch Spanish, French, Indian and other cuisines, Chef Anup is well-versed in many cooking techniques and is looking forward to passing some of that knowledge onto his guests.

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Mark J.


24 Feb 2017

I really enjoyed the time spent with Chef Anup. His clear descriptions of technique were very thorough and answered any questions I had. In particular, I had a question of the lamb shank. Where to procure them and how to cook them. He explained that you can braise them long and slow for hours, but also, to save time, but not as a short cut, can get the exact same result cooking them in a pressure cooker for 25 minutes. It was as if he pulled the curtain back and exposed me to  some true tricks of the trade, as well as time management. Which who hasn't ever said, There's just not enough time. Now, no excuses. You really won't believe the combination of flavors from this menu that you will achieve in such a short time and effort.